UGM Library and Archives Welcomes Advisor and Global Relations from NUS: The Beginning of a Major Collaboration?

Opening opportunities for international collaboration, UGM Library and Archives received a visit from the National University of Singapore.

Yogyakarta, May 29, 2024 – The Library and Archives of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) welcomed a special guest, Mrs. Lee Cheng Ean, who is the Immediate Past University Librarian and currently serves as Advisor and Global Relations at the National University of Singapore. This visit is a valuable opportunity for both institutions to share knowledge and explore potential collaborations in the future. It can strengthen the commitment of UGM's Library and Archives to achieve Sustainable Development Goals number 17.

In the morning session, Mrs. Ean engaged in an in-depth discussion about the rare collections and the Hatta Collection owned by the UGM Library and Archives. Held in the Archives Meeting Room, the event was attended by the Management Team, Rare Collections Managers, and the Public Relations Team of the UGM Library and Archives. The discussion was also attended by members of the UGM Library and Archives Committee and the Head of the UGM Department of History, as internal partnership synergy within an institution is necessary to achieve common goals.

The discussion provided valuable insights and knowledge on the efforts of preservation and management of the historical collections at the UGM Library and Archives. After the discussion, Mrs. Ean conducted a survey of the rare collections room, providing an opportunity to see firsthand the condition and management of these collections.

This opportunity was also used by the UGM Library and Archives to introduce their new project called “Lawang Sajarah”. This project aims to enhance public access and understanding of history and cultural heritage in Indonesia and the world through the rare collections owned by the UGM Library and Archives.

In the afternoon session, the activities continued with a knowledge-sharing session conducted in a hybrid format, combining offline participation in the Library and Archives Seminar Room and online participation via a zoom meeting. This session successfully attracted more than 100 participants, demonstrating the enthusiasm and high interest from academics and information practitioners. During this session, Mrs. Ean shared knowledge and experiences regarding library management at the National University of Singapore. The sharing session provided inspiration and new insights for the participants.

“Mrs. Ean's experience at NUS is highly valuable for us to explore because she is an expert in the

field of Information and Libraries. I believe our colleagues will gain new insights from Mrs. Ean.” said Arif Surachman, SIP., M.B.A., Head of UGM Library and Archives.

With this activity, it is hoped that many collaboration opportunities will be created in the future between Universitas Gadjah Mada and the National University of Singapore in supporting the 17th goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is Partnership for the Goals. This collaboration is expected to strengthen international networks and cooperation, support the development of knowledge and cultural preservation, and enhance contributions to sustainable development.

UGM Library and Archives extends its gratitude to Mrs. Lee Cheng Ean for her visit and to all parties who participated in this activity. May this initial step serve as a strong foundation for broader and beneficial collaboration in the future.

(Contributor: Wasilatul Baroroh)