Circulation Service Guidelines


Self-service borrowing

UGM Library provides open loan textbook services. Users can directly visit the collection rooms and independently search our collections through shelves or OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and check out via self-service machine.

How to use self-service machine:
  1. Take the book you would like to borrow
  2. Bring the book to the self-service machine
  3. Scan your student ID Card or Gama Card on the scan reader
    scan id
  4. Scan the barcode of the book
    scan book id
  5. Save and then print out the borrowing receipt
    print out
  6. Take out the printed receipt as your evidence
  7. Put the stamp sign of book return due date on the due date receipt attached on the last page of the book
  8. Do the verification process by the checker office

Returning the loaned book

You can return the book by coming to the librarian on the circulation service desk. The loaned book has to be returned according to the due date written on the due date receipt in a good condition as the first time you borrow. If the due date written on the due date receipt is different from the due date on the computer, then you can follow the due date written on the receipt.

Renewing the borrowing period

If the book loan period is due when you actually still need the book, you can extend for another for 10 days. The period of book loan is unable to be extended when there is another user who request it. You can do the renewing process by coming to the circulation service desk.

Book Borrowing Period Online Extension through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
  1. The online renewal can only be done before the book loan period is due which is maximum a day before the due date. If the book loan period is already due, then the extension process must be done by the librarian. You can only renew the book borrowing period once.
  2. Users can login by using their OPAC username and password which are sent through emails when they do the membership activation process.
  3. After the login is successful, click the checkbox before the book title you would like to renew, then click “renew” on the application menu. However, some conditions apply, as follows:
    1. If there is an overdue in returning the book, and it is recorded as borrowing fine, then you have to settle the administration by paying the borrowing fine. The payment can be done to the librarian in charge.
    2. If the book is already requested by another user, the renewal cannot be done.
Missing or broken items

If the borrowed book that is missing or broken, it becomes the responsibility of the user. The broken item has to be repaired at its best. For the missing book, the borrower should follow the rules:

  1. The borrower has to replace the missing book with the new one. The replacement book has to be in the same title, and with the same author and publisher. However, it is permissible if the new book is in a different edition and year of publication, as long as it is the newer version.
  2. When the borrower cannot find the same book and there is another exemplar of the missing book in the library, then the borrower has to make one hard copy of it.
  3. If the borrower is unable to do neither the condition of point a nor b, the borrower has to find another book with exactly or almost the same subject to the missing book even if the title, author, and publisher are different from the missing book. Besides, this book has to be in the same physical characteristics with the replaced/the missing book, such as the total pages, the size of the book, and others.