Library Membership

Library user ethics

  • Dressing appropriately
  • Storing bags in the locker in particular rooms
  • Not taking photos in the Thesis and Dissertation room
  • Not using robots/crawlers or other systematic content download tools to download data/online databases provided by the library
  • Respecting other users

Responsibilities of library users

  • Complying with UGM Library rules
  • Checking in to the visitor data computer
  • Being responsible for collections damaged/lost during the loan
  • Maintaining the security of facilities provided by the library
  • Keeping the belongings in the locker
  • Eating and drinking in certain areas.

Membership – UGM

  • Showing a valid Student Card (KTM) and / or Employee Card or photocopy of the appointment decree for UGM academic and professional staff
  • Valid during the active study period
Membership rights
  • Borrowing the textbooks (maximum 10 copies)
  • Utilising the collections including references, audiovisuals, periodicals, theses and dissertations
  • Participating in various discussion programs, film screenings, workshops and other library activities
  • Participating in user education and information literacy programs held regularly by the library
  • Getting assistance from librarians in searching information and collections in the library
  • Utilising WiFi and internet access
  • Utilising facilities of individual study rooms, discussion rooms, and seminar rooms.
Membership clearance

The membership will be checked to issue a clearance letter. This can be done by the library staff by showing the student card.

Submission of final papers

UGM students will need to submit a soft copy of their papers/thesis/dissertation completed with official authorisation. Starting from May 1, 2015 the submission is an online self-service submission via

Membership – Public

Library users from outside UGM are not entitled to become members of the library, however, they can access collections and facilities subject to the following conditions:

  • Having a Reading Card (Reader’s Ticket) which can be obtained by showing a valid identification card and completing the Reading Card Registration Form (FO-UGM-PUS-01-03), as well as submitting two 2x3 cm color photographs. The reading card is valid for 3 months. The request for Reading Card is charged as shown in this service rate
  • Having an Entry Permit that can be obtained by showing a valid identification card and completing the Entry Permit Form.

Membership – Kartu Sakti

All UGM community can obtain additional member cards called "KARTU SAKTI",

Kartu Sakti – Benefits
  • Visiting main libraries at State Universities in FKP2TN members for FREE
  • Using all collections/information in the library members of FKP2TN according to local regulations
  • Utilising services and collections onsite only (no borrowing facilities). Members of FKP2TN can have KARTU SAKTI.
Kartu Sakti – Membership requirements
  • Registered as an academic community from tertiary institutions as members of FKP2TN
  • Kartu Sakti can be issued by libraries registered as FKP2TN members
  • Pay administrative costs of Rp15,000.00 (fifteen thousand rupiah)/person
  • Submit 2 x 3 cm photographs (2 sheets)
  • The card cannot be used by others
  • The card is valid for 3 (three) months, starting from the date of issue
  • Please contact the library information desk to obtain Kartu Sakti
  • Further information on FKP2TN and a list of FKP2TN members can be found at