Individual Academic Consultations (IAC)

What do we provide?

UGM Library provides Individual Academic Consultations (IAC) both in person or online. The IAC is a great way to support students’ academic goals. Whether students are looking for second opinion of your study, papers or thesis, or they just want to totally overhaul their study strategies or they are anywhere in between, they should consider our IAC service.

In our library, we try our best to support students, however, in the work that we cannot solve or not our area/field, we may then refer students to other experts to have further consultations.

Please note that we will treat issues confidentially.

How long are consultations?

Postgraduate consultations are 30 minutes or up to are 1 hour long.

What kinds of Personal support do we offer?
  • Study Tips and Time Management
  • Procrastination and how to solve it
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Note taking and Reading Tips
What kinds of academic support do we offer?
  • Journal submission: How to choose the reliable journal destinations
  • Academic writings
  • Theses/dissertations writing
  • Seeking and searching academic references
  • Conference presentation
  • Theses/dissertation defense rehearsal
What kinds of services can’t we do?
  • Translate an article/abstract from journals or conference proceeding
  • Marking students’ assignments
  • Writing papers/theses/dissertations for students
  • Correct or check grammar and spelling, or offer a proof-reading or editing service
How can I book a consultation?

Please click and we will get back to you shortly