Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I access electronic journal collections and online databases?
Access to online journals and databases is available through Wi-Fi or hotspot connection, cable connection in public terminals (workstations), or Direct Access. Access within UGM campus can be executed directly through the journal link address or online database or from the library website by clicking the “e-resources” button, or from the banner/flash appearing at the Library Homepage.

What is Direct Access?
Direct Access is a platform provided for remote or off campus access to online journals/e-books/databases subscribed by UGM through Single Sign On (SSO) with UGM e-mail accounts. Through Direct Access everyone affiliated with UGM can access online resources subscribed by the University from anywhere anytime.

What is the URL of Direct Access?
Please click here for the Direct Access link

How many items of print books can I borrow from the library?
You can borrow up to 10 copies of print books per loan.

How long can I borrow the collections?
Our borrowing period is 10 days.

How many times can I renew the borrowed item(s)?
The borrowed item(s) can be renewed once; but when the item(s) is reserved by others, renewal is not allowed.

Can I renew my loan online?
Yes, the system enables doing renewal online via OPAC.

How much does it cost for the due loan?
Fine for due loan is IDR 1,000/copy.

Where should I pay the fine?
You can come to the loan/renewal counter at the library.

What should I do to connect to the Internet/Wi-Fi in the library?
Please follow these steps:

  • Activate the Wi-Fi in your device.
  • Choose UGM-Hotspot and try to connect
  • If the connection failed, please try another access point such as eduroam.
  • If still failed, then please restart your device.
  • When restarting your device does not work, please contact the IT Helpdesk at L6 Floor 2

Why is my device unable to connect to the Wi-Fi in the library?
There may be some technical problems, please check these:

  • You have not activated Wi-Fi function in your device.
  • The quota of maximum Wi-Fi users has probably been reached. If you can not connect to the Wi-Fi access due to this problem, you can try again to connect after some time.

Several devices (e.g. notebook) need to be restarted to connect to Wi-Fi access. This often solves most of the problems.