Information and Analysis Graphic: The Latest Challenge to Library World

Wednesday, 30 November 2016, was a chance for UGM librarian forum to hold a national seminar entitled ‘’Cross-profession Collaboration for Information Access and Institution Visibility Enhancement, presented Mr. Ismail Fahmi (Co-founder of Awesometrics and Developer of Indonesia OneSearch (IOS), Widyawan (Director of UGM Directorate of Information Resources and System), and Mr. Arif Surachman (Head of Database & Library Network Division). The event was directly opened by Head of UGM Library, Mrs. Nawang Purwanti, as she particularly invited librarians from all over Indonesia who came to UGM, to be able to optimize library by collaborating with Information Technology Team and Leader, and civitas academica of higher education.

Cross-profession collaboration seemed apparent in terms of library and librarian field development. Ismail Fahmi mentioned the latest library innovation, Indonesia OneSearch (IOS) spearheaded by National Library is a form of librarian, TI (Technology Information), and library management partnership. IOS is a bright spot of knowledge management in extremely large data sets (BigData). It consists of collections which spread among school library (61,621), universities (1,106), Public (2,354), and Private (1,186). Until now, National Library is the greatest contributor with total of 784,998 collections, followed by 188,323 collections owned by Regional Library and Archives Agency, and other hundreds of collections are restored. Those huge amount of data will be depicted, remodeled and presented in form of Knowledge Graphic and Text Analysis that can be used to depict knowledge and information in libraries all over Indonesia.

In regional and local scope, as stated by Mr. Widyawan (Director of DSSDI UGM), collaboration was implemented by DSSDI (Directorate of Information and Resource System) with working unit within UGM as UGMFramework 2.0 in form of information system integration and mobile technology, research publication, online courses, and et cetera. Meanwhile, together with some universities, they developed a voluntarily and limited access member repository partnership entitled Indonesia Education and Research Network (IdREN).

In the last session, Arif Surachman delivered some forms of collaborative works between library field and Campus Information Technology, competence of each role which are librarian competence and Information Technology staff competence.

The participants from all over higher educations in Indonesia were ecstatic on its collaboration and delivered good news on library. Library of Lambung Mangkurat Unviersity, Banjarmasin, has been joined IOS. Meanwhile, library of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM has been starting to move towards digital library, and library of Andalas University is optimistic on information resources spread in all over places in Indonesia.

Those series of conversations showed that the effort of librarian and library is not an individual work any longer as it moved into wider knowledge and information management work, without restricted by a mere library wall and involved various of profession to reach latest innovation in library world as it enters era of BigData.(Cahya)

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