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Scholarship presentation

Book ReLaunch and Discussion

Be precise and concise, explain your thesis in 3MT

Oxford Scholarship Online and Oxford Journals Quizzes

There are only a few days left to enter the first round of our two quizzes: the Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) Quiz, and the Oxford Journals Quiz. The quizzes are for members of libraries who subscribe to OSO and/or Oxford Journals, and they are designed to help you promote usage of these resources.

Both quizzes launched on 1st September last year, and offer your members several chances to win an iPod shuffle, plus the opportunity to win the grand prize of an iPad mini or £250/US$350 worth of OUP books of their choice. The first round of the quiz closes on 31st January, with the second round launching straight after, on 1st February. read more

Information and Analysis Graphic: The Latest Challenge to Library World

Wednesday, 30 November 2016, was a chance for UGM librarian forum to hold a national seminar entitled ‘’Cross-profession Collaboration for Information Access and Institution Visibility Enhancement, presented Mr. Ismail Fahmi (Co-founder of Awesometrics and Developer of Indonesia OneSearch (IOS), Widyawan (Director of UGM Directorate of Information Resources and System), and Mr. Arif Surachman (Head of Database & Library Network Division). The event was directly opened by Head of UGM Library, Mrs. Nawang Purwanti, as she particularly invited librarians from all over Indonesia who came to UGM, to be able to optimize library by collaborating with Information Technology Team and Leader, and civitas academica of higher education. read more

Library Meet Academicians All Times via MLibrary

Thursday, September 1th, 2016 at 09:00 to 11:00, the UGM Library benchmarked by Agency for Nuclear Power (BAPETEN), led by Mr. Trianto Setiawan, SE as Head of Sub Division of Scientific Documentation together with 5 (five) staff of sub-section of the software and hardware, librarians, and network. BAPETEN is an agency under the Ministry of RISTEKDIKTI whose function is to supervise the use of nuclear energy. BAPETEN team visitation aimed at knowledge sharing on library management and services. The BAPETEN delegation was welcomed by Mr. Arif Surachman, M.B.A, the Head of Database and Library Network UGM, Mr. Haryanta staff of IT and Digital Resources and Ms. Nur Cahyati Wahyuni ​​(Public Relation). read more

UGM Library Present in all about UGM’s Orientation for New Students of Graduate Study Program

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at the New Graduate Student Orientation Event UGM, Head of UGM Library, Dra. NawangPurwanti, M.Lib introduced UGM Library and gave direction to New Graduate Students. Bringing the theme “Preparing the scholarly leader to the resurrection of technological sovereignty of Indonesia”, UGM expects the New Graduate Student generation to be able to solve to the nation’s problems in the future.

During the panel session of successful learners’ debriefing, Nawang along with two other speakers, Dr. I Made Arsana (Head of the Office of International Affairs UGM) and Mr. M YudhaGhofur, M.Sc (Head of Sub Directorateof Applications and ICT, Directorate of System and Information Resources UGM), explained how to use the services and facilities provided by UGM Library. read more