Membership Section

Membership (Internal Users)
Smartcard issued by the University serves as a library membership card for students, teaching staff, researchers as well as administrative staff. Activation for the card is needed for smartcard holder in order to be able to borrow the book from the library. Service for library membership card activation is provided at the Membership Section which is located at Library Building L1 Floor 1.

Membership (External Users)
UGM Library welcomes external users (visitors) to access and utilize information resources provided while they are in UGM campus. Access and utilization are limited to library use only; loan of library holdings is not intended for external users. The Library will issue visit permit for external users on daily basis at the cost of IDR 5,000/day for diploma/undergraduate student or IDR 10,000/day for postgraduate student; but those who will be frequent visitors the Library will issue a Reader’s Ticket valid for 3 months at the cost of IDR 50,000 for diploma/undergraduate student or IDR 100,000.00 for posgraduate student. The ticket can be renewed as needed.

Loan Clearance
Letter of loan clearance is issued for students prior to graduation to ensure no one keeps the library collection once he/she has finished their study at UGM.

Services across Libraries for Members of State Higher Education Library Cooperation Forum (FKP2TN)
UGM Library is a member of FKP2TN, a forum that consists of libraries of state higher education (universities, colleges, etc) in Indonesia. Library users, holders of KARTU SAKTI (a card issued to anyone under FKP2TN affiliation), are welcome to get services offered by members of the forum. KARTU SAKTI can be obtained at the Infodesk Counter located at the lobby of UGM Library Floor 1.