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Gale E-books –

Gale offers an extensive list of eBooks in many of the most popular subject areas. Gale’s own history of publishing award-winning titles and our partnership with leading publishers (Springer, Sage, Elsevier, ABC Clio, IGI Global, and many others) bring a unique experience to your students and faculty on our GVRL eBook platform. Below you will find a list of featured Academic eBook collections. Trial access until the end of November 2014.

Bentham Science –

Bentham Science is an international STM publisher fulfilling the information needs of the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical research Communities. We are publishers of many high impact factor Journals and eBooks, leading titles include Current Gene Therapy (Impact Factor 4.906), Current Alzheimer Research (Impact Factor 3.796), Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 3.715), the top journal in its field endorsed by several Nobel Laureates, Current Molecular Medicine (Impact Factor 3.612), Current Drug Targets (Impact Factor 3.597), Current Cancer Drug Targets (Impact Factor 3.582), Current Drug Metabolism (Impact Factor 3.487), Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 3.453), Current Pharmaceutical Design (Impact Factor 3.288) and Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 3.186). Trial access until November 27th, 2014.

The Marketing and Management Collection –

The Marketing and Management Collection includes over 600 specially prepared audio-visual lectures, organised into 60 comprehensive series and delivered a) principals, managers and advisors from the business world and b) leading academics. It makes available a wide range of detailed, practical knowledge on subjects as diverse as Change Management, Strategy as Practice, Organizational Behaviour, Business Ethics, Information Technology, Bargaining and Negotiations, Business Continuity and Risk Management, Data Mining, Branding and Product Specialisation in Hotels, Retail Marketing, Bayesian Analysis, Sport Marketing, Practical Pricing and Revenue Management, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Export Marketing to name just a few series. Trial access until the end of year 2014.

The Biomedical & Life Sciences –

The Biomedical & Life Sciences provides immediate access to over 1,100 seminar style talks, each specially commissioned from leading world experts, including Nobel Laureates. These are the same types of scientists you would invite as guest speakers or hear at a conference. Trial access until the end of year 2014.

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