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Title Author(s) ISBN Subject
50 plus one: best franchises to own Shapiro, Michael 9781933766256 Franchises (Retail trade); New business enterprises; New business enterprises--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
50 plus one: fascinating myths & legends Alenstein, A.J. 9781933766140 Curiosities and wonders; Legends; Mythology
50 plus one: great books you should have read (and probably didn’t) Walsh, George 9781933766089 Books and reading; Reading interests
50 plus one: greatest cities in the world you should visit Christopher, Paul J. 9781933766010 Cities and towns; Cities and towns--Guidebooks; Travel; Travel--Guidebooks
50 plus one: greatest modern heroes Otto, Lucas 9781933766133 Civilization, Modern; Civilization, Modern--20th century; Heroes
50 plus one: greatest sports heroes of all times (North American Edition) Christopher, Paul J.;Smith, Alicia Marie 9781933766096 Athletes; Athletes--United States--Biography; Sports; Sports--United States; United States
50 plus one: life lessons to teach your children Munson, Joan Simeo;Heinz, Ann Simeo 9781933766232 Family & Relationships
50 plus one: part-time businesses you can start…today Rath, Tom 9781933766126 Home-based businesses; Part-time employment
50 plus one: questions to ask your doctor Drake, Elizabeth 9781933766072 Health; Physician and patient; Medicine, Popular
50 plus one: questions when buying a car Edwards, Stephen 9781933766058 Automobiles--Purchasing; Consumer education
50 plus one: tips for being more competitive in business Lackner, Greg 9781933766157 Competition; Success in business
50 plus one: tips for going green Smith, Alicia Marie 9781933766201 Ecology; Environmental protection--Citizen participation; Environmentalism; Environmentalism--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Organic living
50 plus one: tips to building a retirement nest egg Magoon, Linda M. 9781933766027 Finance, Personal; Retirement income--Planning
50 plus one: tips to organizing a successful social event Hutchins, Heather 9781933766119 Entertaining
50 plus one: tips when hiring & firing employees Magoon, Linda M.;De St. Aubin, Donna 9781933766034 Employee selection; Employee selection--United States--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Employees--Dismissal of.; Employees--Dismissal of--United States--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Labor laws and legislation; Labor laws and legislation--United States--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Personnel management; Personnel management--United States--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; United States
50 plus one: ways to improve your study habits Edwards, Stephen 9781933766041 Study skills
Analysis and uses of financial statements Shim, Jae K. 9780852976524 Financial statements
Applied lending techniques, 2nd edition Rouse, C. N. 9780852975374 Banks and banking; Banks and banking--Great Britain; Great Britain; Loans; Loans--Great Britain
The art of mathematics in business: analyzing facts and figures for smart business decisions Shim, Jae K. 9781906403324 Business mathematics; Cash flow; Loans--Forecasting
Asset management in theory and practice Hughes, Duncan 9780852976203 Asset-liability management; Port folio mangement
Bank finance Coyle, Brian 9780852974582 Bank; Banks and banking; Bank loans
Bankers’ lending techniques, 2nd edition Rouse, C. N. 9780852975879 Banks and banking; Banks and banking, International; Banks and banking--Great Britain; Great Britain
Book one – strategy: the shareholder value series Checkley, Keith 9780852976418 Consolidation and merger of corporations; Corporations--Valuation; Financial services industry--Management; Stocks; Stockholders
Book two – management: the shareholder value series Hawes, Terry;Checkley, Keith 9780852976661 Consolidation and merger of corporations; Corporations--Valuation; Financial services industry--Management; Stocks; Stockholders
The business of banking, fourth edition Lipscombe, Geoffrey;Pond, Keith 9780852976715 Banks and banking, British
The businessman’s cash flow handbook : cash, credit and collections Cloud, Jeannette 9781906403010 Cash Management; Cashflow
The Capital Markets and Financial Management in Banking Hudson, Robert;Colley, Alan;Largan, Mark 9781888998665 Bank; Bank management; Capital market; Finance management
Capital structuring Coyle, Brian 9780852974599 Capital market; Corporations--Finance
Cash collection & transmission Coyle, Brian 9780852974483 Cash management; Collecting of accounts
Cash flow control Coyle, Brian 9780852974476 Cash flow; Cash management; Corporations--Cash position; Management--risk management--cash flows--payments--financial institutions--organization--liquidity--control--financial reports--auditing
Cash flow forecasting and liquidity Coyle, Brian 9780852974469 Cash flow; Cash management; Corporations--Cash position; Management--risk management--cash flows--structure--budgets--funds--economic forecasting--decision making
Cash is still king Chccklcy, Keith 9780852974742 Business & Economics--Investments & Securities--General; Cash flow; Cash flow--Great Britain; Cash management; Cash management--United States--Case studies; Corporations--Cash position; Great Britain; United States
Compliance and regulation in the international financial services industry: turning compliance into a competitive advantage Callioni, Patrick 9781906403027 Corporate governance--Law and legislation; Financial services industry--Law and legislation; International finance--Law and legislation
Corporate bonds and commercial paper Coyle, Brian 9780852974568 Bonds; Capital market; Risk management
Corporate credit analysis Coyle, Brian 9780852974513 Business & Economics--Finance; Corporations--Cash position; Corporations--Finance; Credit--Management
Country banks of england and wales: private provincial banks and bankers 1688-1953, volume 1 Dawes, Margaret;Ward-Perkins, C. N. 9780852976173 Banks and banking; Banks and banking--England--History; Banks and banking--Wales--History; England; Wales
Currency futures Coyle, Brian 9780852974353 Financial futures; Foreign exchange futures
Currency options Coyle, Brian 9780852974346 Financial futures; Options (Finance)
Currency swaps Coyle, Brian 9780852974360 Currency swaps; Swaps
Dictionary of financial formulas and ratios Magoon, Linda M. 9781906403034 Finance; Finance--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international accounting terms Clark, John 9780852975756 Accounting; Accounting--Dictionaries; International business enterprises--Accounting; International business enterprises--Accounting--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international banking and finance terms Clark, John 9780852976326 Banks and banking; Banks and banking--Dictionaries; Finance; Finance--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international business law Otto, Lucas 9780852976586 Commercial law; Commercial law--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international business terms Coyle, Brian 9780852975749 Business; Business--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international economics terms Clark, John 9780852976852 Banks and banking, International; Banks and banking, International--Dictionaries; International economic relations; International economic relations--Dictionaries; International finance; International finance--Dictionaries; Securities; Securities--Dictionaries; Stock exchanges; Stock exchanges--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international insurance and finance terms Clark, John 9780852976319 Insurance; Insurance--Dictionaries; International finance; International finance--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international investment and finance terms Coyle, Brian 9780852975770 English language--Business English; English language--Business English--Dictionaries; Finance; Finance--Dictionaries; International finance; International finance--Dictionaries; Investments--Dictionaries; Investments, Foreign; Investments, Foreign--Dictionaries; Investments; Stock exchanges--Financial market--Dictionaries
Dictionary of international trade finance Hammett, Mike;Clark, John 9780852975763 International finance; International finance--Dictionaries; International trade; International trade--Dictionaries
Economic analysis for business and strategic decisions Shim, Jae K. 9780852976562 Decision making--Mathematical models; Industrial management--Mathematical models; Managerial economics
Equity finance Coyle, Brian 9780852974537 Business enterprises--Finance; Stocks
FRAs and interest-rate futures Coyle, Brian 9780852974445 Interest rate futures
Foreign exchange markets Coyle, Brian 9780852974339 Business & Economics--Finance; Foreign exchange market; International finance
Framework for credit risk management Coyle, Brian 9780852974490 Credit--Management; Risk management
Government bonds Coyle, Brian 9780852974551 Government securities
Hedging currency exposures Coyle, Brian 9780852974384 Business & Economics--Finance; Foreign exchange futures; Foreign exchange options; Hedging (Finance)
Hedging interest-rate exposures Coyle, Brian 9780852974452 Hedging (Finance); Interest rate risk
Honey… who shrunk our money? Arnold, Curtis 9780852976609 Finance, Personal; Inflation (Finance; Inflation (Finance)--United States; Investments; Investments--United States; Personal finance; Saving and investment; Saving and investment--Effect of inflation on; United States
How to protect yourself from identity theft Drake, Elizabeth 9781906403041 Identity theft--Prevention
Hybrid financial instruments Coyle, Brian 9780852974575 Convertible securities
Interest-rate options Coyle, Brian 9780852974421 Interest rate futures; Options (Finance)
Interest-rate swaps Coyle, Brian 9780852974438 Interest rate swaps
The international dictionary of accounting acronyms Morris, Thomas W. 9781888998474 Accounting--Acronyms; Business & Economics / General; Reference / General
International dictionary of artificial intelligence, new edition Raynor, William J. 9780852976579 Artificial intelligence; Artificial intelligence--Dictionaries
The international dictionary of derivatives, Secound edition Kiam, Alex 9781906403058 Derivative securities; Derivative securities--Dictionaries; Investments; Investments--Dictionaries
The international dictionary of personal finance Rider, A J 9781906403065 Finance, Personal; Finance, Personal--Dictionaries
The international handbook of computer networks Qureshi, Anique;Levine, Marc H.;Shim, Jae K.;Siegel, Joel G.;Brauchler, Jeffrey;Siegel, Roberta M. 9781858820590 Computer networks; Computer networks--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
International handbook of computer security Shim, Jae K. 9780852976791 Business enterprises--Computer networks--Security measures; Business enterprises--Computer networks--Security measures--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Computer networks--Security measures; Computer networks--Security measures--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Computer security; Computer security--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Data protection; Data protection--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
The international handbook of Islamic banking and finance Jackson-Moore, Elisabeth 9781906403317 Banks and banking; Banks and banking--Islamic countries; Banks and banking--Religious aspects--Islam; Finance; Finance--Islamic countries; Finance--Religious aspects--Islam; Islamic countries
Introduction to currency risk Coyle, Brian 9780852974322 Business & Economics--Finance; Foreign exchange; Risk management
Introduction to interest-rate risk Coyle, Brian 9780852974391 Interest rate risk; Interest rates--risk management
Investing in traded options Linggard, Robert 9781906403256 Investments; Options (Finance)
Investment portfolio planning Popplewell, Keith 9780852975503 Finance, Personal; Finance, Personal--Great Britain; Great Britain; Investments; Investments--Great Britain
Law relating to financial services, 6th edition Roberts, Graham 9780852977798 Financial services industry--Law and legislation; Financial services industry--Law and legislation--Great Britain; Great Britain
Leasing Coyle, Brian 9780852974629 Leases--Finance; Asset-backed financing
Management accountant’s: standard desk reference Shim, Jae K 9781906403072 Managerial accounting; Managerial accounting--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
The managers guide to understanding commercial contract negotiation (commercial contracts for managers series) Adoranti, Frank 9780852977200 Commercial law; Contracts; Negotiation in business
The managers guide to understanding commonly used contract terms: boilerplate clauses (commercial contracts for managers series) Adoranti, Frank 9780852977583 Clauses (Law); Commercial law; Contracts; Standardized terms of contract
The managers guide to understanding confidentiality agreements (commercial contracts for managers series) Adoranti, Frank 9780852977576 Covenants not to compete; Covenants not to compete--Popular works; Trade secrets; Trade secrets--Popular works
The managers guide to understanding indemnity clauses (commercial contracts for managers series) Adoranti, Frank 9780852977606 Clauses (Law); Contracts; Indemnity against liability
The managers guide to understanding tenders (commercial contracts for managers series) Adoranti, Frank 9780852977613 Contracts; Corporation law; Letting of contracts; Tenders
Measuring credit risk Coyle, Brian 9780852974506 Credit--Management; Credit scoring systems; Risk management
Mergers and acquisitions Coyle, Brian 9780852974605 Consolidation and merger of corporations; Corporate reorganizations
Modern accounting in financial services: accountancy for banking students, 5th edition Edwards, J. R.;Mellett, H. J. 9780852976104 Accounting; Banks and banking
Modern microeconomics Kumar, Brajesh 9781906403300 Microeconomics
Money markets Coyle, Brian 9780852974414 Money market
Mortgages and investment planning Popplewell, Keith 9780852975480 Great Britain; Investments; Investments--Great Britain; Mortgages; Mortgages--Great Britain
Operational resilience: the art of risk management Brookbanks, Mike;Gandy, Tony;Pourquery, Pierre 9780852976913 Risk management
Options Perera, Shanta 9780852976425 Options (Finance)
Overview of the markets Coyle, Brian 9780852974520 Capital market
Pension planning and divorce Popplewell, Keith 9780852975466 Divorce settlements; Divorce settlements--Great Britain; Great Britain; Pensions--Law and legislation; Pensions--Law and legislation--Great Britain
Reputational risk: A question of trust Atkins, Derek;Bates, Ian;Drennan, Lynn 9780852977637 Business ethics; Corporate image; Prestige; Risk management
Retail banking, new edition Pond, Keith 9780852977774 Banks and banking; Great Britain; Banks and banking--Great Britain
Retirement income planning Popplewell, Keith 9780852975473 Annuities; Annuities--Great Britain; Great Britain; Pensions; Pensions--Great Britain
Risk free technology: how small to medium businesses can stem huge losses from poorly performing IT systems Nault, Charles L. 9781906403096 Business--Data processing--Security measures; Business enterprises--Computer networks--Security measures; Emergency management
Successful spread betting Harvey, Geoff 9781873668580 Speculation; Spread betting
Timing the market: how to profit in bull and bear markets with technical analysis, revised edition Arnold, Curtis M. 9780852976555 Investments; Investment analysis
Valuation & investment appraisal Geddes, Ross 9780852976340 Investments; Investment analysisGreat Britain; Great Britain--Investments: Real property--Valuation; Real estate investment; Real estate investment--Great Britain; Real property--Valuation; Real property--Valuation--Great Britain
The value of nothing: mastering business valuations Roche, Julian 9780852976876 Business enterprises--Valuation; Valuations
Venture capital & buyouts Coyle, Brian 9780852974612 Business & Economics--Finance--General; Consolidation and merger of corporations; Venture capital
It's when you sell that counts, third edition Cassidy, Donald 9780852976869 Speculation; Stocks