Emerald Insight

Title ISSN Subject
Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administracion 1012-8255 Finance;Finance--Latin America; Management; Management--Latin America; Latin America
Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal 0951-3574 Accounting; Auditing; Liability (Law)
Accounting Research Journal 1030-9616 Accounting--Research
Advances in Autism 2056-3868 Autism
Advances in Dual Diagnosis 1757-0972 Diagnosis, Dual (Psychiatry); Dual diagnosis--Mental health services; Substance abuse
Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities 2044-1282 Learning disabled--Mental health services--Great Britain; Learning Disorders; Mental Health; Great Britain
African Journal of Economic and Management Studies 2040-0705 Africa; Africa--Economic conditions; Africa--Social conditions; Economic history; Management; Social conditions
Agricultural Finance Review 0002-1466 Agricultural credit; Agricultural credit--United States; Agricultural insurance; Agricultural insurance--United States; Agriculture--Taxation; Agriculture--Taxation--United States; United States
Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology 0002-2667 Aeronautics--Systems engineering; Aerospace industries; Astronautics--Systems engineering; Airplanes--Equipment and supplies; Space vehicles--Equipment and supplies; Aerospace industries
American Journal of Business 1935-5181 Business; Industrial management; Management
Annals in Social Responsibility 2056-3515 Social ethics; Social justice
Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials 0003-5599 Corrosion and anti-corrosives
Archnet-IJAR 2631-6862 Architecture; Architecture--Environmental aspects; Architectural design; City planning; Urbanisme
Arts and the Market 2056-4945 Arts--Marketing
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 1355-5855 Asia; Business logistics--Asia; Business logistics--Pacific Area; Marketing; Marketing--Asia; Marketing--Pacific Area; Pacific Area
Asian Education and Development Studies 2046-3162 Asia; Education; Education--Asia
Asian Review of Accounting 1321-7348 Accounting; Asia
Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration 1757-4323 Asia; Industrial management; Industrial management--Asia; Industrial management--Pacific Area; Pacific Area
Aslib Journal of Information Management 2050-3806 Great Britain; Information science; Libraries; Libraries--Great Britain
Assembly Automation 0144-5154 Assembly-line methods--Automation; Industrial engineering
Baltic Journal of Management 1746-5265 Baltic States; Management; Management--Baltic States
Benchmarking: An International Journal 1463-5771 Benchmarking (Management); Total quality management
The Bottom Line 0888-045X Librarians--Economic conditions; Library finance
British Food Journal 0007-070X Food adulteration and inspection; Food industry and trade; Food--Marketing; Great Britain
Built Environment Project and Asset Management 2044-124X Construction industry--Management; Engineering--Management
Business Process Management Journal 1463-7154 Industrial management; Reengineering (Management); Total quality management
Career Development International 1362-0436 Career development; Executives--Training of
China Agricultural Economic Review 1756-137X Agriculture; Agriculture and state; Agriculture--Economic aspects; Agriculture--Economic aspects--China; Agriculture and state--China; Agriculture--China; China
China Finance Review International 2044-1398 Finance--China; Investments, Foreign--China; China; China--Economic policy; Economic policy; Finance; Investments, Foreign
Chinese Management Studies 1750-614X Industrial management; Industrial management--China; Management; China
Circuit World 0305-6120 Electric circuits; Electronic circuits
Collection and Curation 2514-9326 Collection development (Libraries)
COMPEL 0332-1649 Electrical engineering--Mathematics; Electronics--Mathematics
Competitiveness Review 1059-5422 Commercial policy; Competition; Competition, International; Competition--United States; Economic policy; United States; United States--Economic policy; United States--Commercial policy
Construction Innovation 1471-4175 Construction industry--Data processing; Construction industry--Information technology; Information storage and retrieval systems--Engineering
Continuity and Resilience Review 2516-7502 Business planning; Crisis management; Emergency management
Corporate Communications: An International Journal 1356-3289 Communication; Communication in management
Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society 1472-0701 Corporate governance; Corporate governance--United States; United States
Critical perspectives on International Business 1742-2043 International business enterprises--Social aspects; Globalization
Cross Cultural & Strategic Management 2059-5794 International business enterprises--Management--Social aspects; Management; Management--Cross-cultural studies; Management--Social aspects
Data Technologies and Applications 2514-9288 Electronic information resources; Information science; Knowledge management
Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal 1477-7282 Employees--Training of; Employees--Training of--Great Britain; Great Britain; Training
Digital Library Perspectives 2059-5816 OCLC; Data curation; Digital libraries; Digital preservation; Institutional repositories; Libraries--Automation; Microcomputers
Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance 2398-5038 Information policy; Information technology; Mass media; Telecommunication
Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal 0965-3562 Disaster relief; Emergency management
Drugs and Alcohol Today 1745-9265 Alcoholism; Alcoholics--Services for; Alcoholics--Services for--Great Britain; Drug abuse; Drug addicts--Services for--Great Britain; Great Britain; Social Problems; Substance-Related Disorders
Education + Training 0040-0912 Education; Great Britain; Technical education; Technical education--Great Britain
The Electronic Library 0264-0473 Libraries--Automation; Library science--Data processing; Microcomputers; Minicomputers
Employee Relations 0142-5455 Industrial relations
Engineering Computations 0264-4401 Computer graphics; Engineering design--Data processing
Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management 0969-9988 Architectural practice--Management; Construction industry--Management; Engineering--Management; Management
English Teaching: Practice & Critique 1175-8708 English language--Study and teaching
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal 2040-7149 Age discrimination; Discrimination in employment; Equality; Race discrimination; Sex discrimination; Women--Employment
EuroMed Journal of Business 1450-2194 Business; Europe; Europe--Commerce--Mediterranean Region; Industrial management--Mediterranean Region; Mediterranean Region; Mediterranean Region--Commerce--Europe
European Business Review 0955-534X Europe; Europe--Economic integration--Management; International business enterprises--Management; International economic integration--Management
European Journal of Innovation Management 1460-1060 Technological innovations--Management
European Journal of Marketing 0309-0566 Marketing
European Journal of Training and Development 2046-9012 Employees--Development; Employees--Training of
Evidence-based HRM: a Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship 2049-3983 Personnel management
Facilities 0263-2772 Facility management; Plant engineering
Foresight 1463-6689 Forecasting--Study and teaching
Gender in Management 1754-2413 Women executives
Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication 2514-9342 Communication; Information science; Information storage and retrieval systems; Knowledge management; Libraries; Libraries--Information technology
Grey Systems: Theory and Application 2043-9377 Cybernetics; System theory; Systems engineering
Health Education 0965-4283 Great Britain; Health education; Health education--Great Britain; United Kingdom
Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning 2042-3896 Education, Higher; Vocational education
History of Education Review 0819-8691 Australia; Education; Education--Australia--History; Education--History; Education--New Zealand--History; New Zealand
Housing, Care and Support 1460-8790 Housing projects; Public housing; Social service; Social Work--organization & administration; United Kingdom
Human Resource Management International Digest 0967-0734 Personnel management
Indian Growth and Development Review 1753-8254 Economic development; Economic development--India; Economic history; India; India--Economic conditions
Industrial and Commercial Training 0019-7858 Employees--Training of.; Personnel management
Industrial Lubrication and Tribology 0036-8792 Lubrication and lubricants; Tribology
Industrial Management & Data Systems 0263-5577 Business; Electronic data processing; Industrial management; Great Britain
Industrial Robot 0143-991X Machinery in the workplace; Robots, Industrial
Information and Computer Security 2056-4961 Computer security; Data transmission systems--Security measures
Information and Learning Sciences 2398-5348 Information science; Library science
Information Discovery and Delivery 2398-6247 Document delivery; Library administration; Library cooperation
Information Technology & People 0959-3845 Human-computer interaction; Information technology; Management information systems
Interactive Technology and Smart Education 1741-5659 Educational technology; Interactive multimedia
International Journal of Accounting & Information Management 1834-7649 Accounting--Data processing; Finance; Information technology; Management information systems
International Journal of Bank Marketing 0265-2323 Bank marketing; Marketing
International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation 2398-4708 Structural engineering
International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology 0955-6222 Textile industry; Textile industry--Technological innovations; Textile research
International Journal of Comparative Education and Development 2309-4907 Comparative education
International Journal of Conflict Management 1044-4068 Conflict management; Diplomatic negotiations in international disputes; Industrial relations; Negotiation; Social conflict
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 0959-6119 Hospitality industry--Management
International Journal of Culture Tourism and Hospitality Research 1750-6182 Culture and tourism; Hospitality industry; Tourism; Tourism--Social aspects
International Journal of Development Issues 1446-8956 Economic development
International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment 1759-5908 Disaster relief; Emergency management
International Journal of Educational Management 0951-354X Education; School management and organization
International Journal of Emergency Services 2047-0894 Emergency management--Research
International Journal of Emerging Markets 1746-8809 Business enterprises--Finance; Commerce; Investments
International Journal of Energy Sector Management 1750-6220 Power resources--Management
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research 1355-2554 Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Ethics and Systems 2514-9369 Economic development--Moral and ethical aspects; Economic policy--Moral and ethical aspects; Social change--Moral and ethical aspects
International Journal of Event and Festival Management 1758-2954 Current events--Management; Fasts and feasts--Management; Festivals--Management
International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship 1756-6266 Businesswomen; Entrepreneurship--Sex differences
International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 0952-6862 Health services administration; Medical care--Quality control; Quality Assurance, Health Care
International Journal of Health Governance 2059-4631 Medical care--Evaluation; Medical care--Quality control; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Quality of Health Care--standards; Treatment Outcome
International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis 1753-8270 City planning; Housing--Finance; Housing--Valuation; Residential real estate
International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare 2056-4902 Delivery of Health Care; Discrimination in medical care; Human Rights; Human rights--Health aspects; Minorities--Medical care; Social medicine
International Journal of Information and Learning Technology 2056-4880 Education, Higher--Computer network resources; Education, Higher--Information technology; Library information networks
International Journal of Innovation Science 1757-2223 Creative ability in business; Creative ability in business--Management; Decision making; Technological innovations
International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics 1756-378X Artificial intelligence; Cybernetics
International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems 2049-6427 Mechanical engineering--Robots; Robots--Control systems; Robotics; Space vehicles--Command control systems; Submersibles
International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management 1753-8394 Banks and banking--Religious aspects--Islam; Finance; Finance--Middle East; Finance--Religious aspects--Islam; Islam; Middle East
International Journal of Law and Management 1754-243X Labor laws and legislation; Labor laws and legislation--Great Britain--Cases; Trade regulation; Trade regulation--Great Britain--Cases; Great Britain
International Journal of Lean Six Sigma 2040-4166 Production management--Quality control; Six sigma (Quality control standard); Total quality management
International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies 2046-8253 Education--Study and teaching; Learning; Teaching
The International Journal of Logistics Management 0957-4093 Business logistics; Physical distribution of goods--Management
International Journal of Managerial Finance 1743-9132 Corporations--Finance
International Journal of Managing Projects in Business 1753-8378 Project management
International Journal of Manpower 0143-7720 Labor economics; Personnel management
International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education 2046-6854 Educational leadership; Mentoring in education; Teachers--In-service training; Teachers--Training of
International Journal of Migration Health and Social Care 1747-9894 Emigration and immigration--Social aspects; Immigrants--Health and hygiene; Immigrants--Services for; Integration of migrants; Migration control; Migration policy; Public health; Refugees--Health and hygiene; Social policy; Social work with immigrants
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow 0961-5539 Fluid dynamics--Mathematics; Heat--Transmission--Mathematics
International Journal of Operations & Production Management 0144-3577 Industrial management; Production management
International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior 1093-4537 Industrial organization (Economic theory); Organization; Organizational behavior; Organizational Studies
International Journal of Organizational Analysis 1934-8835 Management; Organization
International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications 1742-7371 Application software--Development; Computer network architectures; Computer network protocols; Mobile computing; Ubiquitous computing
International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing 1750-6123 Drug Industry; Healthcare industry; Marketing of Health Services; Pharmaceutical industry; Pharmaceutical industry--Marketing
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management 0960-0035 Physical distribution of goods--Management
International Journal of Prisoner Health 1744-9200 Prisoners--Health and hygiene; Prisoners--Medical care; Prisoners--Mental health
International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 1741-0401 Industrial productivity; Management; Personnel management
International Journal of Public Leadership 2056-4929 Executive ability; International officials and employees; Public administration
International Journal of Public Sector Management 0951-3558 Government business enterprises--Management
International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management 0265-671X Quality control
International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences 1756-669X Customer services
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 0959-0552 Physical distribution of goods--Management; Retail trade--Management
International Journal of Social Economics 0306-8293 Economics; Social sciences
International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 0144-333X Social policy; Sociology
International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship 1464-6668 Sports--Marketing; Sports sponsorship
International Journal of Structural Integrity 1757-9864 Structural engineering--Research
International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 1467-6370 Education, Higher--Environmental aspects; Environmental management; Sustainable development; Universities and colleges--Environmental aspects
International Journal of Tourism Cities 2056-5607 Cities and towns; Tourism; Tourism and city planning
International Journal of Web Information Systems 1744-0084 Internet; Information storage and retrieval systems; Information technology; World Wide Web
International Journal of Wine Business Research 1751-1062 Marketing; Wine industry
International Journal of Workplace Health Management 1753-8351 Industrial hygiene; Industrial safety
International Marketing Review 0265-1335 Developing countries; Export marketing; Export marketing--Developing countries; Marketing
Internet Research 1066-2243 Computer networks; Internet
Journal for Multicultural Education 2053-535X Multicultural education
Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change 1832-5912 Accounting; Organizational change
Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies 2042-1168 Accounting; Accounting--Developing countries; Accounting--Research; Accounting--Research--Developing countries; Developing countries
The Journal of Adult Protection 1466-8203 Abused elderly--Protection; Abused men--Protection; Abused women--Protection; Battered Women; Crime Victims; Disabled Persons; Elder Abuse; Patient Advocacy; People with disabilities--Protection; Spouse Abuse
Journal of Advances in Management Research 0972-7981 Management--Research
Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research 1759-6599 Aggressiveness; Conflict management; Family violence; Violence; War and society
Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies 2044-0839 Agricultural industries; Agricultural industries--Developing countries; Developing countries
Journal of Applied Accounting Research 0967-5426 Accounting; Accounting--Great Britain; Great Britain
Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education 1758-1184 Education, Higher--Research; Education, Higher--Research--Wales; Wales
Journal of Asia Business Studies 1558-7894 Asia; Asia--Commerce; Asia--Economic conditions--21st century; Asia--Foreign economic relations; China; China--Commerce; Commerce; Economic history; International economic relations
Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 0885-8624 Industrial marketing; Marketing
Journal of Business Strategy 0275-6668 Business; Management
Journal of Children's Services 1746-6660 Child development; Child development--Great Britain; Child care services; Child care services--Great Britain; Social work with children; Social work with children--Great Britain; Great Britain
Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies 1754-4408 Business enterprises; Business enterprises--China; China; China--Economic conditions; China--Foreign economic relations; Economic history; International economic relations
Journal of Communication Management 1363-254X Communication; Communication in management; Communication in marketing
Journal of Consumer Marketing 0736-3761 Marketing
Journal of Contemporary Marketing Science 2516-7480 Marketing; Marketing research; Marketing research--21st century
Journal of Corporate Real Estate 1463-001X Real estate business; Corporations--Real estate investments
Journal of Criminal Psychology 2009-3829 Criminal psychology
Journal of Criminological Research Policy and Practice 2056-3841 Criminology; Criminal justice, Administration of
Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development 2044-1266 Cultural property--Protection; Historic preservation; Sustainable development
Journal of Documentation 0022-0418 Documentation
Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences 1026-4116 Arab countries; Industrial management; Industrial management--Arab countries
Journal of Economic Studies 0144-3585 Economics
Journal of Educational Administration 0957-8234 Australia; Education; School management and organization; Universities and colleges--Australia--Administration; Universities and colleges--Administration
Journal of Enabling Technologies 2398-6263 Disabled Persons--rehabilitation; People with disabilities--Orientation and mobility; People with disabilities--Rehabilitation--Technological innovations; Self-Help Devices; Self-help devices for people with disabilities
Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology 1726-0531 Engineering; Engineering design; Industrial design; Technology
Journal of Enterprise Information Management 1741-0398 Business--Data processing; Business logistics; Management--Data processing; Management information systems
Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy 1750-6204 Business enterprises
Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy 2045-2101 Entrepreneurship--Government policy
Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies 2053-4604 Business enterprises; Business enterprises--China; Business enterprises, Foreign; Business enterprises, Foreign--China; China; China--Commerce; Commerce; Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship--China; Industrial management; Industrial management--China
Journal of European Real Estate Research 1753-9269 Commercial real estate; Commercial real estate--Europe; Europe;
Journal of Facilities Management 1472-5967 Facility management
Journal of Family Business Management 2043-6238 Housing; Housing--Europe; Housing--Finance; Real property--Economic aspects; Real property--Economic aspects--Europe
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management 1361-2026 Marketing; Fashion merchandising
Journal of Financial Crime 1359-0790 Commercial crimes; Commercial crimes--Prevention; Fraud; Fraud--Prevention; White collar crimes
Journal of Financial Economic Policy 1757-6385 Banks and banking; Economic policy
Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction 1366-4387 Construction; Construction industry--Finance; Real estate business--Finance
Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance 1358-1988 Banking law; Banks and banking--State supervison; Financial institutions--Law and legislation; Financial services industry--State supervision; Independent regulatory commissions
Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting 1985-2517 Accounting--Research; Finance--Research
The Journal of Forensic Practice 2050-8794 Evidence-Based Practice; Forensic psychiatric nursing; Forensic psychiatry
Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research 2049-8799 Aliens; Labor and globalization; Labor mobility
Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing 2398-5364 Contracting out; Production management
Journal of Global Responsibility 2041-2568 Ethics; Human rights; Social entrepreneurship; Social responsibility of business
Journal of Health Organization and Management 1477-7266 Europe; Great Britain; Health services administration; Organization and Administration
Journal of Historical Research in Marketing 1755-750X Marketing
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights 2514-9792 Hospitality industry; Tourism
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology 1757-9880 Hospitality industry; Tourism
Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2042-6747 Business logistics; Disaster relief; Emergency management; Humanitarian assistance--Management
Journal of Indian Business Research 1755-4195 Business--Research; Business--Research--India; India
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 1477-996X Communication; Communication--Moral and ethical aspects; Information society--Moral and ethical aspects; Information superhighway--Social aspects; Information technology--Moral and ethical aspects
Journal of Integrated Care 1476-9018 Community Health Planning; Community health services; Community health services--Great Britain; Great Britain; Health Policy; Health Services Research; Integrated delivery of health care; Integrated delivery of health care--Great Britain; Social Work--organization & administration; United Kingdom
Journal of Intellectual Capital 1469-1930 Intellectual capital
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities and Offending Behaviour 2050-8824 Great Britain; Learning disabilities; Learning disabilities--Great Britain; Offenders with mental disabilities; Offenders with mental disabilities--Great Britain
Journal of International Education in Business 2046-469X Business education; Business--Study and teaching (Higher); Foreign study
Journal of International Trade Law and Policy 1477-0024 Commerce international; Droit commercial international; Foreign trade regulation; International trade
Journal of Investment Compliance 1528-5812 Institutional investments--Law and legislation; Institutional investments--Law and legislation--United States; Securities; Securities--United States; United States
Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research 1759-0817 Accounting--Research; Accounting--Research--Islamic countries; Islam; Islamic countries
Journal of Islamic Marketing 1759-0833 Commerce; Islam; Islamic countries; Islamic countries--Commerce; Islamic countries--Marketing; Marketing; Marketing--Islamic countries
Journal of Knowledge Management 1367-3270 Knowledge management
Journal of Management Development 0262-1711 Executives--Training of; Management--Study and teaching; Middle managers--Training of
Journal of Management History 1751-1348 Management; Management--History
Journal of Managerial Psychology 0268-3946 Industrial management--Psychological aspects; Management--Psychological aspects; Organizational behavior; Psychology, Industrial
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 1741-038X Computer integrated manufacturing systems; Manufacturing processes--Automation
The Journal of Mental Health Training Education and Practice 1755-6228 Mental health personnel; Mental health personnel--Training of; Mental health services; Mental Health Servic es--organization & administration;Staff Development
Journal of Modelling in Management 1746-5664 Business--Computer simulation; Business--Mathematical models; Industrial management--Computer simulation; Industrial management--Mathematical models
Journal of Money Laundering Control 1368-5201 Money laundering; Money laundering investigation
Journal of Organizational Change Management 0953-4814 Management; Organization; Organizational change
Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance 2051-6614 Organizational effectiveness; Personnel management
Journal of Organizational Ethnography 2046-6749 Business anthropology; Corporate culture; Organizational sociology
Journal of Participation and Employee Ownership 2514-7641 Employee ownership; Employee stock options; Management--Employee participation
Journal of Place Management and Development 1753-8335 City planning--Management; Community development--Management; Place marketing; Real estate management
Journal of Product & Brand Management 1061-0421 Advertising--Brand name products; Branding (Marketing); New products--Management; New products--Marketing
Journal of Professional Capital and Community 2056-9548 Interaction analysis in education; School management and organization; Teachers--Professional relationships
Journal of Property Investment & Finance 1463-578X Great Britain; Real estate investment; Real estate investment--Great Britain; Real property--Valuation; Real property--Valuation--Great Britain
Journal of Property Planning and Environmental Law 2514-9407 Environmental law; Planning--Law and legislation; Property
Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management 1096-3367 Budget; Finance, Public; Finance, Public--Accounting
Journal of Public Mental Health 1746-5729 Health Policy; Health Promotion; Mental health; Mental health promotion; Mental illness--Prevention; Public health; United Kingdom
Journal of Public Procurement 1535-0118 Government purchasing
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering 1355-2511 Plant maintenance--Quality control; Total productive maintenance; Total quality management
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 2040-7122 Interactive marketing; Marketing--Management
Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 1471-5201 Entrepreneurship; Marketing
The Journal of Risk Finance 1526-5943 Risk assessment; Risk (Insurance); Risk management
Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management 2053-4604 China; Electronic journals; Science and state; Science and state--China; Technology and state; Technology and state--China
Journal of Service Management 1757-5818 Service industries--Management
Journal of Service Theory and Practice 2055-6225 Management; Management science
Journal of Services Marketing 0887-6045 Customer services; Service industries
Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 1462-6004 Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship--Great Britain; Great Britain; Industrial management; Industrial management--Great Britain; New business enterprises; New business enterprises--Great Britain; Small business; Small business--Great Britain; Small business--Management
Journal of Social Marketing 2042-6763 Social marketing
Journal of Strategy and Management 1755-425X Decision making; Leadership; Management; Strategic planning
Journal of Structural Fire Engineering 2040-2317 Fire prevention; Structural engineering
Journal of Systems and Information Technology 1328-7265 Information storage and retrieval systems; Information technology; Management information systems
Journal of Workplace Learning 1366-5626 Employees--Counseling of; Employees--Training of
Kybernetes 0368-492X Cybernetics; Systems engineering
Leadership & Organization Development Journal 0143-7739 Organizational change
Leadership in Health Services 1751-1879 Canada; Health Services; Health services administration; Health services administration--Canada; Leadership; Medical care
The Learning Organization 0969-6474 Organizational effectiveness; Organizational learning
Library Hi Tech 0737-8831 Information science; Libraries--Automation; Library science--Technological innovations
Library Hi Tech News 0741-9058 Libraries--Automation; Library science--Technological innovations
Library Management 0143-5124 Library administration
Management Decision 0025-1747 Management
Management of Environmental Quality 1477-7835 Environmental Health; Environmental Pollution
Management Research Review 2040-8269 Management; Management--Research
Management Research: Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management 1536-5433 Management
Managerial Auditing Journal 0268-6902 Auditing, Internal; Management audit
Managerial Finance 0307-4358 Business enterprises--Finance; Corporations--Finance
Marketing Intelligence & Planning 0263-4503 Marketing; Marketing research
Measuring Business Excellence 1368-3047 Management; Total quality management
Meditari Accountancy Research 2049-372X Accounting; Finance
Mental Health and Social Inclusion 2042-8308 Mental health
Mental Health Review Journal 1361-9322 Great Britain; Mental health; Mental health services; Mental health services--Great Britain; United Kingdom
Microelectronics International 1356-5362 Electronic packaging; Hybrid integrated circuits; Microelectronics; Semiconductors
Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures 1573-6105 Engineering--Mathematical models; Materials--Mathematical models
Multinational Business Review 1525-383X Comparative accounting; Comparative management; International business enterprises; International business enterprises--Accounting; International business enterprises--Management
Nankai Business Review International 2040-8749 Business enterprises; Business enterprises--China; China; Industrial management; Industrial management--China
Nutrition & Food Science 0034-6659 Dietary Services; Nutritional Physiological Phenomena; Food; Nutrition
On the Horizon 1074-8121 Educational change; Educational planning
Online Information Review 1468-4527 CD-ROMs; Information storage and retrieval systems; Online data processing
Open House International 0168-2601 1900-2099; Architecture Human factors; Architecture, Domestic; Architecture, Domestic 20th century; Architecture, Modern; Architecture, Modern 20th century; Architecture, Modern 21st century
Pacific Accounting Review 0114-0582 Accounting--Pacific Area; Pacific Area
Performance Measurement and Metrics 1467-8047 Information services--Evaluation; Libraries--Evaluation; Library statistics
Personnel Review 0048-3486 Personnel management
Pigment & Resin Technology 0369-9420 Gums and resins; Paint; Paint materials; Pigments
Policing: An International Journal 1363-951X Police
Property Management 0263-7472 Great Britain; Real estate management; Real estate management--Great Britain
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal 1352-2752 Consumers--Research--Methodology; Market surveys--Methodology; Marketing research--Methodology
Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management 1176-6093 Managerial accounting
Qualitative Research in Financial Markets 1755-4179 Capital market
Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal 1746-5648 Business enterprises--Research; Industrial management--Research; Qualitative research
Qualitative Research Journal 1443-9883 Social sciences--Research; Qualitative research
Quality Assurance in Education 0968-4883 Education--Evaluation; Education--Great Britain--Evaluation; Educational accountability; Educational accountability--Great Britain; Great Britain
Quality in Ageing and Older Adults 1471-7794 Aged; Health Services for the Aged; Older people--Care; Public Policy; Quality of Life; Research
Rapid Prototyping Journal 1355-2546 Computer simulation; Rapid prototyping; Systems engineering
Records Management Journal 0956-5698 Records--Management
Reference Services Review 0090-7324 Reference books
Research Journal of Textile and Apparel 1560-6074 Textile fabrics; Textile industry
Review of Accounting and Finance 1475-7702 Accounting; Corporations--Finance
Review of Behavioural Finance 1940-5979 Investments--Decision making; Investments--Psychological aspects
Review of International Business and Strategy 2059-6014 Business; Commerce; Management
Safer Communities 1757-8043 Crime prevention; Crime prevention--Great Britain; Great Britain
Sensor Review 0260-2288 Detectors--Industrial applications; Engineering instruments
Smart and Sustainable Built Environment 2046-6099 Sustainable development
Social Enterprise Journal 1750-8614 England--London; Social entrepreneurship; Social entrepreneurship--England--London
Social Responsibility Journal 1747-1117 Social responsibility of business
Social Studies Research and Practice 1933-5415 Social sciences; Social sciences--Study and teaching
Social Transformations in Chinese Societies 1871-2673 China; China--Hong Kong; China--Social conditions; Hong Kong (China)--Social conditions; Social change; Social change--China; Social change--China--Hong Kong; Social conditions
Society and Business Review 1746-5680 Industries--Social aspects; Social responsibility of business
Soldering & Surface Mount Technology 0954-0911 Solder and soldering; Surface mount technology
South Asian Journal of Business Studies 2398-628X Business--Research; Business--Research--South Asia; International business enterprises--Research; International business enterprises--Research--South Asia; South Asia
Sport Business and Management: An International Journal 2042-678X Sports administration; Sports--Economic aspects
Strategic Direction 0258-0543 Strategic planning
Strategic HR Review 1475-4398 Personnel management
Strategy & Leadership 1087-8572 Industrial management; Planning
Studies in Economics and Finance 1086-7376 Economics; Finance
Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education 2398-4686 Education, Higher--Research; Universities and colleges--Graduate work
Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 1359-8546 Marketing channels--Management; Physical distribution of goods--Management
Sustainability Accounting Management and Policy Journal 2040-8021 Environmental auditing; Social accounting; Social responsibility of business; Sustainable development; Sustainable development--Government policy
Team Performance Management 1352-7592 Employee empowerment; Management--Employee participation; Teams in the workplace
Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities 0964-1866 Community Mental Health Centers; Therapeutic Community; Therapeutic communities
Tizard Learning Disability Review 1359-5474 Learning disabilities; Learning Disorders; Social Work
Tourism Review 1660-5373 Europe; Tourism; Tourism--Europe;Tourism--Switzerland; Switzerland
The TQM Journal 1754-2731 Total quality management
Transforming Government: People Process and Policy 1750-6166 Electronic government information; Internet in public administration
VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems 2059-5891 Libraries--Automation; Information storage and retrieval systems; Knowledge management
Working with Older People 1366-3666 Health Services for the Aged; Geriatrics; Older people--Care; United Kingdom
World Journal of Engineering 1708-5284 Materials science; Engineering; Mechanical engineering
World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development 2042-5961 Entrepreneurship; Sustainable development
World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development 2042-5945 Appropriate technology; Globalization; Sustainable development; Technology transfer
Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes 1755-4217 Hospitality industry; Tourism
Young Consumers 1747-3616 Advertising and children; Child consumers; Television advertising and children