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Accessing Healthcare: Responding to diversity Healy, McKee 9780198516187 Minorities--Medical care; Transcultural medical care
Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity: Research and Public Policy (2nd edn) Babor, Caetano et al 9780199551149 Alcoholic beverages--Government policy; Alcoholism--Government policy; Alcoholism--Prevention
Antenatal and Neonatal Screening (2nd edn) Wald, Leck 9780192628268 Newborn infants--Diseases--Diagnosis; Pregnancy--Complications--Diagnosis; Prenatal diagnosis
Anthropology and Public Health: Bridging Differences in Culture and Society (2nd edn) Hahn, Inborn 9780195374643 Anthropology, Cultural; Community Health Planning; Developing Countries; Health Services, Indigenous; Public Health Practice; Public health--Anthropological aspects--Developing countries; Public health--Developing countries
Applied Epidemiology: Theory to practice (2nd edn) Brownson, Petitti 9780195187410 Epidemiology; Epidemiology--Research--Methodology; Epidemiologic Methods; Health Policy; Quality of Health Care
Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence Singer, Willett 9780195152968 Longitudinal method; Social sciences--Research
Asbestos and Its Diseases Craighead, Gibbs 9780195178692 Asbestos--adverse effects; Asbestos--Carcinogenicity; Asbestos--Health aspects; Asbestos--Toxicology; Asbestosis; Asbestosis--etiology; Lung Neoplasms--etiology; Occupational Exposure--adverse effects; Pleural Neoplasms--etiology
Basic Environmental Health Yassi, Kjellström et al 9780195135589 Environmental health
A Biologic Approach to Environmental Assessment and Epidemiology Smith & Kriebel 9780195141566 Environmental Exposure; Environmental Monitoring; Environmental risk assessment; Environmental toxicology; Epidemiologic Methods; Hazardous Substances; Models, Biological; Risk Assessment
BSE: risk, science and governance" van Zwanenberg, Millstone 9780198525813 Bovine spongiform encephalopathy--Government policy--Great Britain; Disease Outbreaks--veterinary--Great Britain; Encephalopathy, Bovine Spongiform--epidemiology--Great Britain; Encephalopathy, Bovine Spongiform--prevention & control--Great Britain; Public Policy--Great Britain
Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (3rd edn) Schottenfeld, Fraumeni 9780195149616 Cancer--Epidemiology; Cancer--Prevention; Neoplasms--epidemiology; Neoplasms--prevention & control
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in England and Wales: Trends and Risk Factors Swerdlow, Silva et al 9780192627483 Cancer--Mortality--England--Statistics; Cancer--Mortality--Wales--Statistics; Cancer--England--Epidemiology; Cancer--England--Statistics; Cancer--Wales--Epidemiology; Cancer--Wales--Statistics
Challenging Inequities in Health: From Ethics to Action Evans, Whitehead et al 9780195137408 Health promotion--Moral and ethical aspects--Cross-cultural studies--Congresses; Medical ethics--Cross-cultural studies--Congresses; Public health--Moral and ethical aspects--Cross-cultural studies--Congresses
The Case-Control Method: Design and Applications Armenian 9780195187113 Case-control method; Case-Control Studies
Child Labour: A Public Health Perspective Fassa et al (eds) 9780199558582 Child labor
Child Public Health (2nd edn) Blair, Stewart-Brown et al 9780199547500 Children--Health and hygiene--Great Britain; Child health services--Great Britain
Childhood Cancer in Britain: Incidence, survival, mortality" Stiller 9780198520702 Child--Great Britain; Cancer in children--Great Britain--Epidemiology; Cancer in children--Great Britain--Statistics; Cancer in children--Mortality--Great Britain; Neoplasms--epidemiology--Great Britain; Neoplasms--mortality--Great Britain; Survival Rate--trends--Great Britain--Statistics
Childhood Obesity Prevention: International Research, Controversies and Interventions O'Dea & Eriksen (eds) 9780199572915 Adolescent; Child; Obesity--prevention & control; Obesity in children--Prevention; Socioeconomic Factors
Chronic Pain Epidemiology: From Aetiology to Public Health Croft et al (eds) 9780199235766 Chronic Disease--epidemiology; Chronic Disease--prevention & control; Chronic pain--Epidemiology; Pain--epidemiology; Pain--prevention & control
Clinical Trials: Design, Conduct and Analysis Meinert 9780195035681 Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic--United States; Clinical Trials, Phase IV as Topic--United States; Clinical trials; Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic--United States
Concepts of Epidemiology: Integrating the ideas, theories, principles and methods of epidemiology (2nd edn) Bhopal 9780199543144 Epidemiology
Coronary Heart Disease Epidemiology: From aetiology to public health (2nd edn) Marmot, Elliott 9780198525738 Community Health Services; Coronary Disease--epidemiology; Coronary heart disease--Epidemiology; Other Subjects Risk Factors
Critical Appraisal of Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials (3rd edn) Elwood 9780198529552 Clinical trials--Evaluation; Clinical trials; Clinical Trials; Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiologic Studies; Epidemiology--Research--Evaluation; Epidemiology--Research--Methodology
A Decade of HAART: The Development and Global Impact of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Whiteside, Ghaziani et al 9780199225859 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome--drug therapy; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome--epidemiology; AIDS (Disease)--Chemotherapy--History; Anti-HIV Agents--therapeutic use; Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active; Cohort Studies; Highly active antiretroviral therapy--History; HIV infections--Chemotherapy--History; HIV Infections--drug therapy; HIV Infections--epidemiology; World Health
The Development of Modern Epidemiology: Personal reports from those who were there Holland, Olsen et al 9780198569541 Epidemiologists--Biography; Epidemiology--History; Epidemiology--history; Epidemiology--Personal Narratives; International Epidemiological Association--History; International Epidemiological Association
Diabetes Public Health: From Data to Policy Narayan et al (eds) 9780195317060 Diabetes--Epidemiology; Diabetes--Treatment
Drinking, Conduct Disorder, and Social Change" Kunitz, Levy 9780195136159 Alcoholism--Psychological aspects; Antisocial personality disorders; Navajo Indians--Alcohol use; Navajo Indians--Social conditions
Drug Policy and the Public Good (1st edn) Babor, Caulkins et al 9780199557127 Drug and Narcotic Control; Drug control; Public Policy; Substance abuse--Government policy; Substance-Related Disorders
Economic Evaluation in Child Health Ungar 9780199547494 Child health services--Economic aspects; Pediatrics--Economic aspects
The Economics of New Health Technologies: Incentives, organization, and financing" Costa-Font, Courbage et al 9780199550685 Economics, Medical; Medical technology--Economic aspects; Technology, Medical--economics
Effective Sexual Health Interventions: Issues in Experimental Evaluation Stephenson, Imrie et al 9780198508496 Clinical Trials--methods; Diseases--prevention & control; Evaluation Studies; Reproductive health; Sexology; Sex Behavior; Sex Education--methods; Sexual health; Sexually Transmitted
Epidemiologic Analysis: A Case-Oriented Approach Selvin 9780195146189 Epidemiology--Statistical methods
Epidemiologic Methods in Physical Activity Studies Lee 9780195183009 Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology; Health Status; Motor Activity; Physical fitness--Health aspects; Physical Fitness
Epidemiologic Methods: Studying the Occurrence of Illness Koepsell, Weiss 9780195150780 Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology--Methodology
Epidemiologic Principles and Food Safety Lasky 9780195172638 Epidemiologic Studies; Epidemiology; Food Contamination--prevention & control; Food Handling--methods; Food supply; Food--Safety measures; Food--Toxicology
Epidemiological Methods in Life Course Research Pickles, Maughan et al 9780198528487 Data Interpretation, Statistical; Epidemiologic Methods, Epidemiology--Longitudinal studies; Life cycle, Human--Health aspects; Lifestyles--Health aspects; Life change events--Health aspects; Models, Statistical; Risk Assessment
Epidemiology and the People’s Health: Theory and Context Krieger 9780195383874 Epidemiology; Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology--Methodology
Eras in Epidemiology: The Evolution of Ideas Susser, Stein 9780195300666 Epidemiology--history
Ethics and Epidemiology (2nd edn) Coughlin, Beauchamp et al 9780195322934 Codes of Ethics; Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology--ethics; Epidemiology--Moral and ethical aspects; Ethics, Medical; Health Services Research--ethics; Social Medicine--ethics
Ethnicity, Race, and Health in Multicultural Societies: Foundations for better epidemiology, public health, and health care Bhopal 9780198568179 Continental Population Groups; Epidemiologic Methods; Ethnic Groups; Health Services Accessibility; Health Status; Minorities--Health and hygiene; Minorities--Medical care; Socioeconomic Factors
Evaluating Health Promotion: Practice and Methods (3rd edn) Thorogood & Coombes (eds) 9780199569298 Health Promotion--standards; Health promotion--Evaluation; Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)--methods; Program Evaluation--methods
Where's the Evidence? Debates in Modern Medicine Silverman, Sackett 9780192630889 Medicine; Medicine--Research
Evidence for Population Health Heller 9780198529743 Epidemiologic Measurements; Evidence-based medicine; Public Health; Population--Health aspects; Public health--Research--Methodology; Public Policy
Evidence-Based Public Health (2nd edn) Brownson et al 9780195397895 Evidence-based medicine; Public health; Public Health Administration
Evidence-based Public Health: Effectiveness and efficiency Killoran, Kelly 9780199563623 Evidence-based medicine--Great Britain--Evaluation; Evidence-based medicine; Evidence-Based Practice--Great Britain; National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Great Britain); National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Great Britain); Program Evaluation--Great Britain; Public health administration--Great Britain--Evaluation; Public Health Administration--Great Britain; Public health--Research--Methodology
Exposure Assessment in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Nieuwenhuijsen 9780198528616 Environmental Exposure; Environmental Health; Environmentally induced diseases--Epidemiology; Health risk assessment; Occupational Diseases--epidemiology; Risk Assessment
Family matters: Designing, analysing and understanding family based studies in life course epidemiology" Lawlor, Mishra 9780199231034 Disease Susceptibility--epidemiology; Epidemiology; Families--Health and hygiene--Longitudinal research; Family; Longitudinal Studies; Public health--Longitudinal research; Research Design; Risk Assessment
Field Epidemiology (3rd edn) Gregg 9780195313802 Epidemics; Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology--organization & administration; Epidemiology
Food Policy: Integrating health, environment and society Lang, Barling et al 9780198567882 Nutrition policy--Great Britain; Public health--Great Britain
Genetics and Public Health in the 21st Century: Using Genetic Information to Improve Health and Prevent Disease Khoury, Burke et al 9780195128307 Epidemiology, Molecular; Genetic Engineering; Genetic Predisposition to Disease--prevention & control; Genetic screening; Genetic Screening; Genetics, Biochemical; Health Planning; Human Genome Project Medical genetics; Preventive Medicine; Public health; Public Health
Geographical and Environmental Epidemiology Elliott, Cuzick et al 9780192622358 Environmental Exposure--congresses; Environmental Health--congresses; Epidemiologic Methods--congresses; Epidemiology; Medical geography
Getting Health Reform Right: A Guide to Improving Performance and Equity Roberts, Hsiao et al 9780195371505 Developing countries; Health care reform; Health care reform--Developing countries; Medical care; Medical care--Developing countries; Medical policy; Medical policy--Developing countries; Public health; Public health--Developing countries
Global Inequalities at Work: Work's Impact on the Health of Individuals, Families, and Societies" Heymann 9780195150865 Industrial hygiene; Occupational Health; Other Subjects World health; World Health
Global Occupational Health Guidotti (ed) 9780195380002 Industrial hygiene; Occupational Health; Other Subjects World health; World Health
Global Public Health: A New Era (2nd edn) Beaglehole, Bonita 9780199236626 Public health; World health
Globalization and Health Kawachi, Wamala 9780195172997 Globalization--Health aspects; Population Dynamics; Socioeconomic Factors; World health; World Health
The Guide to Community Preventive Services: What works to promote health? Task Force on Community Preventive Services, Zaza et al 9780195151091 Community health services--United States; Health promotion--United States; Preventive health services--United States
Health Care Regulation in America: Complexity, Confrontation, and Compromise Field 9780195159684 Delivery of Health Care--legislation & jurisprudence--United States; Government Regulation--United States; Health Care Sector--legislation & jurisprudence--United States; Medical policy--United States
Health Impact Assessment Kemm, Parry et al 9780198526292 Health risk assessment
Health Measurement Scales: A practical guide to their development and use (4th edn) Streiner, Norman 9780199231881 Health status indicators--Measurement; Health surveys; Medical care--Evaluation; Public health--Evaluation
The Health of Populations: General Theories and Practical Realities Kunitz 9780195308075 Culture; Epidemiology; Industrialization--Health aspects; Public health--Economic aspects; Public health--History; Public health--Social aspects; Public Health; Social Environment
Health Promotion for Pharmacists (2nd edn) Blenkinsopp, Panton et al 9780192630445 Health Behavior; Health promotion; Health Promotion; Pharmaceutical Services; Pharmacist and patient; Primary Prevention; Risk Factors
Health Statistics: Shaping policy and practice to improve the population's health Friedman, Hunter et al 9780195149289 Data Collection--methods; Health Surveys; Medical statistics; Statistics
Health Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: An economic and policy perspective Smith & Hanson (eds) 9780199566761 Delivery of Health Care--economics; Health Policy--economics; Health Care Sector--economics; Internationality; World Health
Healthier Societies: From Analysis to Action Heymann, Hertzman et al 9780195179200 Epidemiology; Medical geography; Medical policy--Social aspects; Social change; Social medicine
Healthy Respect: Ethics in Health Care (2nd edn) Downie, Calman et al 9780192624086 Medical ethics
High Stakes: The Critical Role of Stakeholders in Health Care Shore 9780195326253 Economic Competition--United States; Health Care Sector--organization & administration--United States; Health Services Needs and Demand--United States; Interpersonal Relations--United States; Medical care--United States; Medical policy--United StatesNegotiating--United States
The HIV Pandemic: Local and Global Implications Mays, Beck et al 9780199237401 AIDS (Disease); AIDS (Disease)--International cooperation; HIV Infections; HIV infections--International cooperation
Human Genome Epidemiology: Building the evidence for using genetic information to improve health and prevent disease (2nd edn) Khoury, Bedrosian et al 9780195398441 Genetic Diseases, Inborn--epidemiology; Genetic disorders--Epidemiology; Genetic Predisposition to Disease--epidemiology; Genetic Testing; Genetics, Medical--methods; Genome, Human; Genomics; Genomics; Medical genetics--Methodology
Human Tissue Research Lenk et al (eds) 9780199587551 Biomedical engineering--Law and legislation--Europe; Biomedical engineering--Moral and ethical aspects; Tissue engineering--Law and legislation--Europe; Tissue engineering--Moral and ethical aspects; Tissue engineering--Research
The Incidence and Economic Burden of Injuries in the United States Finkelstein, Corso et al 9780195179484 Accidents--Economic aspects--United States; Accidents--economics--United States; Accidents--United States--Epidemiology; Health Expenditures--United States; Wounds and injuries--Economic aspects--United States; Wounds and Injuries--economics--United States; Wounds and Injuries--epidemiology--United States; Wounds and injuries--United States--Epidemiology
An Insider's Guide to Clinical Trials Meinert 9780199742967 Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic--United States; Clinical Trials, Phase IV as Topic--United States; Clinical trials; Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic--United States
International Co-operation in Health McKee, Garner et al 9780192631985 Public health--International cooperation; World health
International Smoking Statistics: A collection of historical data from 30 economically developed countries (2nd edn) Forey, Hamling et al 9780198508564 Cigarette industry--Developed countries--Statistics; Smoking--Developed countries--Statistics; Smoking--statistics
Interpreting Epidemiologic Evidence: Strategies for Study Design & Analysis Savitz 9780195108408 Bias (Epidemiology) Epidemiologic Research Design; Epidemiology--Technique
An Introduction to Clinical Governance and Patient Safety Haxby et al (eds) 9780199558612 Clinical competence--Great Britain; Clinical Governance--Great Britain; Health services administration--Great Britain; Medical care--Great Britain--Quality control
An Introduction to Health Planning for Developing Health Systems (3rd edn) Green 9780198571346 Health planning--Developing countries; Health Planning--organization & administration; Delivery of Health Care--organization & administration; Developing Countries; National health services--Developing countries
Law in Public Health Practice (2nd edn) Goodman, Hoffman et al 9780195301489 Public health laws--United States; Public health personnel--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States; Public health--United States
A Life Course Approach to Chronic Disease Epidemiology (2nd edn) Kuh, Ben Shlomo et al 9780198578154 Chronic diseases--Etiology; Chronic diseases--Risk factors
A Life Course Approach to Women's Health Kuh, Hardy 9780192632890 Epidemiology--Longitudinal studies; Health promotion; Lifestyles--Health aspects--Longitudinal studies; Women--Health and hygiene; Women--Health risk assessment
Lessons from Problem-based Learning Van Berkel et al (eds) 9780199583447 Education, Medical--methods--Netherlands; Medicine--Study and teaching; Problem-based learning; Problem-Based Learning--methods--Netherlands; Schools, Medical--Netherlands; Universiteit Maastricht. Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences
The Limits of Consent: A socio-ethical approach to human subject research in medicine Corrigan, McMillan et al 9780199231461 Human experimentation in medicine--Moral and ethical aspects; Human Experimentation--ethics; Informed consent (Medical law) Informed Consent--ethics; Research Subjects--legislation & jurisprudence
Making Data Talk: The Science and Practice of Translating Public Health Research and Surveillance Findings to Policy Makers, the Public, and the Press" Nelson, Hesse et al 9780195381535 Communication in public health; Health Education--methods; Health education; Information Dissemination--methods; Public Health
Making Sense of Data: A Self-Instruction Manual on the Interpretation of Epidemiological Data (3rd edn) Abramson, Abramson 9780195145250 Data Interpretation, Statistical--Programmed Instruction; Epidemiologic Methods--Programmed Instruction; Epidemiology--Statistical methods--Problems, exercises, etc.; Epidemiology--Statistical methods
Measuring Health: A guide to rating scales and questionnaires (3rd edn) McDowell 9780195165678 Health status indicators--Measurement; Health Status Indicators; Health surveys; Health Surveys; Pain Measurement; Psychiatric Status Rating Scales; Psychological Tests; Questionnaires; Social surveys
Meta-Analysis, Decision Analysis, and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (2nd edn) Petitti 9780195133646 Cost effectiveness; Medicine--Decision making; Meta-analysis; Statistical decision
Monitoring the Health of Populations: Statistical Principles and Methods for Public Health Surveillance Brookmeyer, Stroup 9780195146493 Epidemiology; Public health surveillance--Statistical methods; Public health surveillance
Multivariate Methods in Epidemiology Holford 9780195124408 Epidemiology--Statistical methods; Multivariate analysis
National Study of Health and Growth Rona, Chinn 9780192629197 Children--Great Britain--Growth--Longitudinal studies; Children--Health and hygiene--Great Britain--Longitudinal studies
Neighborhoods and Health (1st edn) Kawachi, Berkman 9780195138382 Community health services; Health services accessibility; Medical care--Utilization; Social medicine; Socioeconomic Factors
Neuroepidemiology: From principles to practice Nelson, Tanner et al 9780195133790 Epidemiologic Methods; Nervous System Diseases--epidemiology; Nervous system--Diseases--Epidemiology
Nutrition for Developing Countries (2nd edn) Savage-King, Burgess 9780192622334 Nutrition; Nutrition--Developing countries
Nutritional Epidemiology (2nd edn) Willett 9780195122978 Diet in disease--Research--Methodology; Diet--adverse effects; Epidemiologic Methods; Nutrition surveys--Methodology; Nutrition--Research--Methodology; Nutrition; Nutritionally induced diseases--Epidemiology
Obesity Epidemiology: From Aetiology to Public Health (2nd edn) Crawford et al 9780199571512 Diet; Life Style; Obesity--epidemiology; Obesity--etiology; Obesity--Prevention; Obesity--prevention & control; Overweight persons--Health and hygiene
Obesity Epidemiology Hu 9780195312911 Epidemiologic Methods--United States; Obesity--Complications--United States; Obesity--complications--United States; Obesity--epidemiology--United States; Obesity--Risk factors--United States; Obesity--United States--Epidemiology; Risk Factors--United States
Population Health: Concepts and Methods (2nd edn) Young 9780195158540 Epidemiology; Public health surveillance--Statistical methods; Public health surveillance
The Potential for Health Calman 9780192629449 Great Britain; Health promotion--Great Britain; Health promotion.Public health--Great Britain; Public health
Poverty, Inequality, and Health: An International Perspective" Leon, Walt 9780192631961 Poor--Developing countries--Health aspects--Cross-cultural studies; Poor--Diseases--Cross-cultural studies; Poor--Medical care--Cross-cultural studies; Poor--Medical care--Developing countries--Cross-cultural studies
The Practice of International Health: A Case-Based Orientation Perlman, Roy 9780195310276 International Cooperation--Personal Narratives; Public health case studies; Public Health Practice--Personal Narratives; World health--Case studies; World Health--Personal Narratives
Principles & Practice of Public Health Surveillance (3rd edn) Lee et al 9780195372922 Data Interpretation, Statistical--United States; Disease Outbreaks--prevention & control--United States; Models, Statistical--United States; Population Surveillance--methods--United States; Public health surveillance
Principles in Health Economics and Policy (1st edn) Olsen 9780199237814 Medical economics; Medical policy
Principles of Exposure Measurement in Epidemiology: Collecting, Evaluating, and Improving Measures of Disease Risk Factors (2nd edn) White, Armstrong et al 9780198509851 Environmental Exposure; Environmental Monitoring--methods; Epidemiologic Research Design; Epidemiology--Methodology; Risk Assessment--methods
Psychiatric Epidemiology: Searching for the Causes of Mental Disorders Susser, Schwartz et al 9780195101812 Epidemiologic Methods; Mental Disorders--epidemiology; Mental Disorders--etiology; Mental illness--Etiology; Psychiatric epidemiology
Public Health and Primary Care: Partners in Population Health Hill, Griffiths et al 9780198508533 Health Care Reform; Primary care (Medicine); Primary Health Care; Public health
Public Health Branding: Applying marketing for social change Evans, Hastings 9780199237135 Advertising as Topic; Health Promotion; Marketing of Health Services; Other Subjects Persuasive Communication; Public health--Marketing; Public Health
Public Health: An action guide to improving health (2nd edn) Walley, Wright 9780199238934 Health promotion--Developing countries; Medical care--Developing countries; Public health--Developing countries; World health--Developing countries
More than Ramps: A Guide to Improving Health Care Quality and Access for People with Disabilities Iezzoni, O'Day 9780195172768 Health insurance--United States; Patient advocacy--United States; People with disabilities--Medical care--United States; People with disabilities--Services for--United States
Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology Buck Louis & Platt 9780195387902 Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology; Genital Diseases, Female--epidemiology; Infant, Newborn, Diseases--epidemiology; Obstetrics; Perinatology; Pregnancy Complications--epidemiology
Research for Health Policy Bell 9780199549337 Medical policy--Research; Public health--Research
Research Methods in Occupational Epidemiology (2nd edn) Checkoway, Pearce et al 9780195092424 Epidemiologic Methods; Occupational diseases--Epidemiology; Occupational Diseases--epidemiology; Occupational Exposure; Risk Assessment
Risk Communication and Public Health (2nd edn) Bennett, Calman et al 9780199562848 Communication in medicine--Congresses; Health risk assessment--Congresses; Health risk communication--Congresses; Public health--Congresses
Risk, Safety and Clinical Practice: Health care through the lens of risk Heyman, Alaszewski et al 9780198569008 Health Facilities--organization & administration; Health facilities--Risk management; Hospitals--Risk management; Medical care--Safety measures; Risk Management--methods; Safety Management--methods
Rose's Strategy of Preventive Medicine Rose, Khaw et al 9780192630971 Medicine, Preventive; Preventive Medicine--methods
Safe and Healthy School Environments Frumkin, Geller et al 9780195179477 Environmental Health--Child--United States; Environmental Pollution--prevention & control--United States; Food Services--organization & administration--Child--United States; Safety Management--organization & administration--Child--United States; School environment--United States; School hygiene--United States; Schools--organization & administration--United States; Schools--United States--Safety measures
Screening: Evidence and practice Raffle, Gray 9780199214495 Health Policy; Mass Screening--ethics; Mass Screening--organization & administration; Medical screening
Setting Limits Fairly: Can we learn to share medical resources? Daniels, Sabin 9780195149364 Medical economics--Moral and ethical aspects; Right to health; Social medicine
Shattered Dreams? An Oral History of the South African AIDS Epidemic Oppenheimer, Bayer 9780195307306 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome--history--South Africa--Interview; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome--history--South Africa--Personal Narratives; AIDS (Disease)--South Africa--History; Disease Outbreaks--history--South Africa--Interview; Disease Outbreaks--history--South Africa--Personal Narratives; History, 20th Century--South Africa--Interview; History, 20th Century--South Africa--Personal Narratives; HIV Infections--history--South Africa--Interview; HIV Infections--history--South Africa--Personal Narratives; Nurses--South Africa--Interview; Nurses--South Africa--Personal Narratives; Oral history--South Africa; Physicians--South Africa--Interview; Physicians--South Africa--Personal Narratives
Sick Societies: Responding to the global challenge of chronic disease Stuckler & Siegal 9780199574407 Chronic Disease; Chronic diseases--Developing countries--Epidemiology; Chronic diseases--Developing countries--Prevention; Cost of Illness; Health Policy; Risk Factors; World Health
Silent Victories: The History and Practice of Public Health in Twentieth Century America Ward, Warren 9780195150698 History, 20th Century--United States; Public Health--History--United States; Public health--United States--History--20th century
Sleep, Health and Society: From Aetiology to Public Health Cappuccio et al (eds) 9780199566594 Fatigue--complications; Sleep Deprivation--complications; Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders--epidemiology; Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders--prevention & control; Sleep deprivation; Sleep--Health aspects
Social Determinants of Health (2nd edn) Marmot, Wilkinson 9780198565895 Medical policy--Social aspects; Public health--Social aspects; Social medicine
Social Inequalities in Health: New evidence and policy implications Siegrist, Marmot 9780198568162 Equality--Health aspects; Health Services Accessibility--economics; Health services accessibility; Health Services Needs and Demand--economics; Health Status; Medical policy--Social aspects; Public Policy; Social medicine; Socioeconomic Factors
Social Injustice and Public Health Levy, Sidel 9780195171853 Public health--Social aspects; Social justice; Social medicine
Social Marketing and Public Health: Theory and practice French, Blair-Stevens et al 9780199550692 Health behavior; Health Promotion--methods; Health promotion; Social marketing; Social Marketing
Social Networks and Health: Models, Methods, and Applications Valente 9780195301014 Health Behavior; Health Status; Models, Psychological; Social networks--Health aspects; Social Support
Spatial Epidemiology: Methods and Applications Elliott, Wakefield et al 9780198515326 Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology; Medical geography
Sports Injury Research Verhagen, van Mechelen 9780199561629 Athletic Injuries--epidemiology; Athletic Injuries--etiology; Athletic Injuries--prevention & control; Cost-Benefit Analysis; Research--methods; Sports injuries--Research
Statistical Analysis of Epidemiologic Data (3rd edn) Selvin 9780195172805 Epidemiology--Statistical methods
Teaching Epidemiology: A guide for teachers in epidemiology, public health and clinical medicine (3rd edn) Saracci, Trichopoulos et al 9780199239481 Epidemiology; Epidemiologic Methods; Epidemiology--Methodology
Terrorism and Public Health: A balanced approach to strengthening systems and protecting people Levy, Sidel 9780195325256 Disaster medicine; Emergency management; Emergency medical services; Health planning; Public health; Terrorism--Health aspects; Terrorism--Prevention; Weapons of mass destruction--Health aspects
Textbook of Cancer Epidemiology (2nd edn) Adami, Hunter et al 9780195311174 Cancer--Epidemiology; Neoplasms--epidemiology
Tobacco: Science, policy and public health (2nd edn) Boyle et al (eds) 9780199566655 Public Policy; Tobacco use--Government policy; Tobacco use--Health aspects; Tobacco; Tobacco Use Disorder--complications; Tobacco--Toxicology
The Trust Crisis in Healthcare: Causes, Consequences, and Cures Shore 9780195176360 Delivery of Health Care--United States; Medical care--United States; Patient Satisfaction--United States; Physician-Patient Relations--United States; Trust--United States; Trust--United States
Unequal Opportunity: Health Disparities Affecting Gay and Bisexual Men in the United States Wolitski, Stall et al 9780195301533 Bisexuality--United States; Bisexuals--Medical care--United States; Discrimination in medical care--United States; Gays--Medical care--United States; Health services accessibility--United States; Health Status--United States; Homosexuality, Male--United States; Prejudice--United States; Sexually Transmitted Diseases--United States; Socioeconomic Factors--United States
Urban Health: Combating Disparities with Local Data Whitman et al 9780199731190 Community Health Services--Chicago; Health Surveys--Chicago; Health surveys--Illinois--Chicago; Healthcare Disparities--Chicago; Models, Organizational--Chicago; Urban Health Services--Chicago; Public health--Illinois--Chicago
Using Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Improve Health Care: Opportunities and barriers Neumann 9780195171860 Cost effectiveness; Medical care, Cost of; Medical care--Cost effectiveness
War and Public Health (2nd edn) Levy, Sidel 9780195311181 Public Health; War and society; War--Medical aspects; War
Work, Worklessness, and the Political Economy of Health Bambra 9780199588299 Health--Social aspects; Medical economics--Political aspects; Work--Health aspects; Unemployment--Health aspects; Unemployed--Health and hygiene; Employees--Health and hygiene
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