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Title e-ISSN Subject
The AAG Review of Books 2325-548x Geography; Geography--Book reviews
a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 2151-7290 Autobiography
Accounting Education 1468-4489 Accounting--Study and teaching; Business ethics--Study and teaching
Accounting Forum 1467-6303 Accounting--Australia; Accounting; Australia
Accounting History Review 1466-4275 Business history; Accounting--History; Finance--History; Accounting; Finance
Accounting in Europe 1744-9499 Accounting--Europe
Acta Borealia Online 1503-111X Norway--Antiquities; Norway--History; Arctic regions--Antiquities; Arctic regions--History
Acta Linguistica Hafniensia: International 1949-0763 Linguistics
Action in Teacher Education 2158-6098 Teachers--Training of; United States
Action Learning: Research & Practice 1476-7341 Learning; Organizational Innovation; Staff Development--methods; Active learning; Management
Activities, Adaptation & Aging 1544-4368 Aged; Health Services for the Aged; Recreation; Geriatric nursing; Older people--Care; Older people--Rehabilitation
Adelphi Series 1944-558X Strategy; Military art and science--History--20th century; Military art and science--History--21st century; Military history, Modern--20th century; Military history, Modern--21st century; World politics
Administrative Theory & Praxis 1949-0461 Public administration
Adoption Quarterly 1544-452X Adoption
Advances in Mental Health 1837-4905 Mental health--Australia; Mental health services--Australia; Mental health planning--Australia; Mental health personnel--Australia; Mental illness--Australia
Africa Education Review 1753-5921 Education; Education--Africa
Africa Journal of Management 2332-2381 Africa; Management; Management Africa; Management science; Management science Africa
African and Black Diaspora: An Internationational 1752-864X African diaspora
African Geographical Review 2163-2642 Africa--Geography; Africa--Description and travel
African Historical Review 1753-2531 Africa; Africa--History; South Africa--History
African Identities 1472-5851 National characteristics, African; African; African History; African Studies; Human Migration
African Journal of AIDS Research 1727-9445 AIDS (Disease)--Africa; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome--Africa; AIDS (Disease); Africa
African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education 2469-7656 Educational innovations; Mathematics--Study and teaching (Secondary); Science--Study and teaching (Secondary); Technology--Study and teaching (Secondary); Southern Africa
African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development 2042-1346 Creative ability in technology; Economic development; Research, Industrial; Technological innovations; Africa; Developing countries
African Journalism Studies 1942-0773 Press--Africa, Southern; Journalism--Africa, Southern; Journalism; Press; Africa; Media and communication studies; Southern Africa
African Security 1939-2214 Security, International--Africa; Africa--Foreign relations; Diplomatic relations; Security, International; Africa
African Security Review 2154-0128 National security--South Africa; South Africa--Defenses; Africa, Southern--Defenses; South Africa--Military policy; Africa, Southern--Military policy; Military policy; Military readiness; National security; Southern Africa; South Africa
African Studies 1469-2872 African diaspora
Agenda 2158-978X Women--South Africa; Feminism--South Africa; Feminism; Women; South Africa
Aging & Mental Health 1364-6915 Aged--psychology--periodicals; Mental Health--periodicals; Mental Health Services--periodicals; Aging--psychology--periodicals; Aged, 80 and over--psychology--periodicals; Aging--Psychological aspects; Geriatric psychiatry; Older people--Mental health; Older people--Psychology; Psychiatry; Psychology; Gerontology
Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition 1744-4128 Aging--psychology; Neuropsychology; Cognition; Cognition Disorders; Geriatrics; Cognition in old age; Cognitive neuroscience; Neuropsychology; Older people--Psychology
Agrekon 2078-0400 Agriculture--Economic aspects; South Africa
AICCM Bulletin 2204-4183 Cultural property--Protection; Art objects--Conservation and restoration; Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material; Art objects--Conservation and restoration; Cultural property--Protection
Al-Masaq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean 1473-348X Civilization; Islamic civilization; Islamic Empire; Mediterranean Region
Amerasia Journal - Asian Americans; Asian Americans--Periodicals; United States--Minorities--Periodicals; Asia--Emigration and immigratio
American Communist History 1474-3906 Communism--United States--History; Communism; United States
American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 2160-0562 Hypnotism--Therapeutic use; Hypnosis; Hypnotism--Therapeutic use; Hypnose
American Journal of Distance Education 1538-9286 Distance education--United States; Distance education; United States
American Journal of Family Therapy 1521-0383 Family Therapy; Marital Therapy; Family; Counseling; Family psychotherapy; Family Psychology
American Journal of Health Education 2168-3751 Health education--United States; School hygiene--Study and teaching--United States; School Health Services; Health education; School hygiene--Study and teaching; United States
American Journalism 2326-2486 Journalism--United States--History--Periodicals; Journalism--History--Periodicals; Journalism--United States--Periodicals; Journalism; United States
American Nineteenth Century History 1743-7903 United States--History--19th century; United States
American Review of Canadian Studies 1943-9954 Canadian Studies; Canada
Anatolia - An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research 2156-6909 Tourism; Hospitality industry--Research; Tourism--Research
Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities 1469-2899 Literature--History and criticism; Literature; Philosophy; Political science
Annals of Leisure Research 2159-6816 Leisure; Recreation
Annals of Science 1464-505X Science; Technology; Science--History; Technology--History
Annals of the American Association of Geographers 2469-4460 Geography
Annals of the International Communication Association 2380-8977 Communication
ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles 1940-3364 American literature; English philology; Motion pictures; American literature--History and criticism
Anthropological Forum 1469-2902 Ethnology
Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia 1558-092X Anthropology; Antiquities; Manners and customs; Eurasia; Eurasia--Antiquities; Eurasia--Social life and customs
Anthropology & Medicine 1469-2910 Anthropology--periodicals; Medicine--periodicals; Medical anthropology
Anthropology Now 1949-2901 Anthropology; Culture; Ethnology
Anthropology Southern Africa 2332-3264 Anthropology--Africa, Southern; Ethnology--Africa, Southern; Africa, Southern--Social life and customs; Anthropology; Ethnology; Manners and customs; Southern Africa
Anthrozoos 1753-0377 Human-animal relationships; Pets--Social aspects; Pet owners--Psychological aspects; Animals and civilization; Animal Rights; Animal Welfare; Animals, Domestic; Bonding, Human-Pet
Anxiety, Stress & Coping 1477-2205 Anxiety--periodicals; Stress--periodicals; Adaptation, Psychological--periodicals; Anxiety--Research
Aphasiology 1464-5041 Aphasia
Applied Developmental Science 1532-480X Developmental psychology; Child & Adolescent Psychology; Child Development
Applied Economics 1466-4283 Economics; Great Britain
Applied Economics Letters 1466-4291 Economics; Economics, Mathematical
Applied Environmental Education & Communication 1533-0389 Environmental education
Applied Mathematical Finance 1466-4313 Business mathematics
Applied Measurement in Education 1532-4818 Academic Testing; United States; Educational tests and measurements--United States
Applied Neuropsychology Adult 2327-9109 Adult; Diagnostic Imaging; Nervous System Diseases--diagnosis; Nervous System Diseases--therapy; Neuropsychological Tests; Brain--Imaging; Brain--Physiology; Nervous system--Diseases--Diagnosis; Nervous system--Diseases--Treatment; Neuropsychology
Applied Neuropsychology: Child 2162-2973 Brain--Imaging; Brain--Physiology; Nervous system--Diseases--Diagnosis; Nervous system--Diseases--Treatment; Neuropsychology; Pediatric neuropsychology
Archaeological Journal 2373-2288 Antiquities; Archaeology; Middle Ages; Great Britain
Architectural Theory Review 1755-0475 Architecture; Australia; Architecture--Australia
Architecture and Culture 2050-7836 Architecture; Civilization
Archives & Records: The Journal of the Archives & Records Association 2325-7989 Archives & Records Association (United Kingdom & Ireland); Archives; Records--Management
Archives of Suicide Research 1543-6136 Suicide
Argumentation and Advocacy 2576-8476 Forensics (Public speaking); Retorica
Armed Conflict Survey 2374-0981 International relations; Social conflict; War; World politics; World politics--21st century
Arms & Armour 1749-6268 Royal Armouries (Great Britain); Armor; Weapons
The Art Bulletin 1559-6478 Art
Art Education 2325-5161 Art--Study and teaching
Art in Translation 1756-1310 Art; Art--History
Art Journal 2325-5307 Art; Art--Study and teaching; Arts, visual and performing
Art Therapy 2159-9394 Art Therapy; Complementary Therapies; Art therapy
Arts Education Policy Review 1940-4395 Art; Arts; Arts--Study and teaching
Asia Pacific Business Review 1743-792X Business enterprises; Commerce; Economic history; Asia; East Asia; Pacific Area; Business enterprises--East Asia; Business enterprises--Pacific Area; Asia--Commerce; East Asia--Economic conditions; Pacific Area--Commerce; Pacific Area--Economic conditions
The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 1740-9314 Anthropology; Ethnology; Oceania; Southeast Asia; Anthropology--Oceania; Ethnology--Oceania; Anthropology--Southeast Asia; Ethnology--Southeast Asia
Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy 2150-7708 Counseling; Psychotherapy
Asia Pacific Journal of Education 1742-6855 Education; Asia; Pacific Area; Singapore; Education--Singapore; Education--Asia; Education--Pacific Area
Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration 2327-6673 Politics and government; Public administration; China--Hong Kong; Pacific Area; Public administration--Pacific Area; Hong Kong (China)--Politics and government; Pacific Area--Politics and government
Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development 2165-0993 Social service; Social work administration; Asia; Australia; Social service--Asia; Social work administration--Asia; Social work administration--Australia
Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research 1741-6507 Tourism; Asia; Pacific Area; Tourism--Asia; Tourism--Pacific Area
Asia Pacific Law Review 1875-8444 Law; Asia; Oceania; Law--Asia; Law--Oceania
Asia Pacific Review 1469-2937 Asian cooperation; Pacific Area cooperation; East Asia; Pacific Area; East Asia--Foreign relations; Pacific Area--Foreign relations; East Asia--Strategic aspects; Pacific Area--Strategic aspects
Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies 2330-6351 Language and languages; Pacific Area; Translating and interpreting; Translating and interpreting--Pacific Area
Asian Affairs 1477-1500 Asia, Central; Central Asia
Asian Affairs: An American Review 1940-1590 Asia; Social Sciences--Political Science; Social Sciences--Regional and International Studies
Asian Anthropology 2168-4227 Anthropology; Asia; Anthropology--Asia
Asian Englishes 2331-2548 English language; English language--Dialects; English language--Southeast Asia; English language--Dialects--Southeast Asia
Asian Ethnicity 1469-2953 Ethnology; Ethnicity; Ethnic relations; Asia; Ethnicity--Asia; Ethnology--Asia; Asia--Ethnic relations
Asian Geographer 2158-1762 Geography; Asia; Geography--Asia
Asian Journal of Communication 1742-0911 Communication; Mass media; Asia; Communication--Asia; Mass media--Asia
Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 2576-5957 Islamic countries; Middle East
Asian Journal of Political Science 1750-7812 Politics and government; Political science; Asia; Political science; Asia--Politics and government
Asian Journal of Technology Innovation 2158-6721 Technological innovations; Technology
Asian Journal of Women's Studies 2377-004X Feminism; Women; Asia; Women--Asia; Feminism--Asia
Asian Philosophy 1469-2961 Philosophy, Asian; Asia; Religion & Philosophy (General)
Asian Population Studies 1744-1749 Population; Asia; Asia--Population
Asian Security 1555-2764 International relations; Military readiness; National security; Strategic aspects of individual places; Asia; National security--Asia; International relations; Asia--Strategic aspects; Asia--Defenses
Asian Studies Review 1467-8403 Arts and Humanities--General and Others; Business, Economy and Management--Economics; Business, Economy and Management--General and Others; Social Sciences--Political Science; Social Sciences--Regional and International Studies; Social Sciences--Sociology
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics 2164-2257 Accounting; Economics
Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education 1469-2945 Teachers--Training of; Teacher Education; Asia Pacific; Australasia; Pacific Area; Teachers--Training of--Australasia; Teachers--Training of--Pacific Area
Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 1469-297X Education, Higher--Evaluation; Tests; Higher Education; Academic Testing
Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice 1465-329X Education--Evaluation; Educational tests and measurements
Astropolitics 1557-2943 Astronautics and civilization; Astronautics and state; Space warfare
Atlantic Journal of Communication 1545-6889 Communication Theory; Communication
Atlantic Studies: Global Currents 1740-4649 History; Globalization; Intellectual life; Literature; Atlantic Ocean Region; Atlantic Ocean Region--History; Atlantic Ocean Region--Intellectual life; Atlantic Ocean Region--In literature
Attachment & Human Development 1469-2988 Human Development; Family Relations; Object Attachment; Parent-Child Relations; Attachment behavior; Developmental psychology
Auditory Perception & Cognition 2574-2450 Auditory perception; Cognition
Australasian Journal of Philosophy 1471-6828 Philosophy; Psychology
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art 2203-1871 Art; Art, Australian; New Zealand; Art, Australian; Art--New Zealand
Australian Archaeology 2470-0363 Aboriginal Australians--Antiquities; Antiquities; Excavations (Archaeology); Australia; Australia--Antiquities
Australian Feminist Law Journal 2204-0064 Feminism; Sex discrimination against women; Women--Legal status, laws, etc; Australia; Women--Legal status, laws, etc.--Australia; Feminism--Australia
Australian Feminist Studies 1465-3303 Feminism; Women's studies; Australia; Feminism; Australia; Feminism--Australia; Women's studies--Australia
Australian Geographer 1465-3311 Australian languages; Linguistics
Australian Historical Studies 1940-5049 History; History--Theory and criticism; Colonisation--Theory; Race relations; Australia--History; New Zealand--History
Australian Journal of Human Rights 2573-573X Human rights; Australia; Human rights--Australia
Australian Journal of International Affairs 1465-332X Diplomatic relations; Politics and government; Australia; East Asia; East Asia--Politics and government; Australia--Foreign relations
Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties 1940-4166 Geography; Travel; Australia; Australia--Description and travel
Australian Journal of Linguistics 1469-2996 Australian languages; Linguistics
Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs 2333-6498 Marine resources; Shipping ; Maritime law; Australia; Marine resources--Australia; Shipping--Australia; Maritime law--Australia
Australian Journal of Political Science 1363-030X Australasia--Politics and government; Political science; Politics and government; Australasia
The Australian Library Journal 2201-4276 Libraries; Library science; Australia; Libraries--Australia
Australian Planner 2150-6841 History; Australia; New Zealand; Australia--History; New Zealand--History
Australian Psychologist 1742-9544 Psychology; Australia
Australian Social Work 1447-0748 Social Work--Australia; Social service; Social Work; Australia;Social service--Australia
Azania:Archaeological Research in Africa 1945-5534 Antiquities; Africa, East; Africa, East--Antiquities
Baptist Quarterly 2056-7731 Baptists; Religions
Basic and Applied Social Psychology 1532-4834 Social psychology; Psychology, Social
Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression 1943-4480 Terrorism; Terrorism--Psychological aspects; Violence
Bilingual Research Journal 1523-5890 Education, Bilingual; Languages, Modern--Study and teaching; Minorities--Education; United States; Education, Bilingual--United States; Minorities--Education--United States; Languages, Modern--Study and teaching--United States
Biodemography and Social Biology 1948-5573 Evolution; Sociobiology; Evolution; Demography; Sociobiology; Demography; Biological Evolution; Demography; Human biology--Social aspects; Sociobiology;
The Black Scholar 2162-5387 African Americans; African Americans--Race identity
Black Theology: An International Journal 1743-1670 Black theology; Blacks--Religion
Body,Movement & Dance in Psychotherapy 1743-2987 Dance therapy; Mind and body therapies
British Journal for the History of Philosophy 1469-3526 Philosophy; Philosophy--History
British Journal of Educational Studies 1467-8527 Education; Great Britain; Education--Great Britain
British Journal of Guidance & Counselling 1469-3534 Counseling; Vocational Guidance; Educational counseling; Vocational guidance; Gesprekstherapie; Great Britain; Educational counseling--Great Britain; Vocational guidance--Great Britain
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 1469-3542 Study skills; Great Britain; Middle East; Middle East--Study and teaching--Great Britain
British Journal of Religious Education 1740-7931 Christian education; Religious education; Great Britain
British Journal of Sociology of Education 1465-3346 Educational sociology; Great Britain; Educational sociology--Great Britain
Bronte Studies 1745-8226 Bronte family; Bronte Society
Building Research & Information 1466-4321 Building; Building--Research
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 1472-7234 Economic history; Economics; Indonesia; Indonesia--Economic conditions
Bulletin of Spanish Studies 1478-3428 Civilization; Portuguese philology; Spanish philology; Latin America; Portugal; Spain; Spanish philology; Portuguese philology; Spain--Civilization; Latin America--Civilization; Portugal--Civilization
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1938-3282 Government--Periodicals; Nuclear Energy--Periodicals; Politics--Periodicals; Science--Periodicals; Nuclear energy; Nuclear energy--Government policy; Nuclear energy--Periodicals; Nuclear energy--Government policy
Business History 1743-7938 Business; Commerce; Industries; Business History; Business--Periodicals; Industries--History--Periodicals; Commerce--History
California Archaeology 1947-4628 Archaeology; California; Archaeology--California
Cambridge Journal of Education 1469-3577 Education--Research; Education--Study and teaching; Teachers--Training of; Education (General); Great Britain; Teachers--Training of--Great Britain; Education--Study and teaching; Education--Research
Cambridge Review of International Affair 1474-449X International relations
Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 2157-0817 International relations; Canada--Foreign relations--1945; Canada--Foreign economic relations; Diplomatic relations; International economic relations; Canada
Canadian Journal of African Studies / La Revue Canadienne des etudes Africaines 1923-3051 Africa--Study and teaching--Canada; Study skills; Canada; Africa
Canadian Journal of Art Therapy: Research, Practice and Issues 2377-360X Art therapy; Art therapy--Canada; Complementary Therapies; Canada
Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d'etudes du developpe 2158-9100 Economic history--1945; International economic relations; Technical assistance, Canadian--Developing countries; Canada--Foreign economic relations; Canada--Economic conditions; Economic history; International economic relations; Technical assistance, Canadian; Canada; Developing countries
Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 2333-1461 Caribbean Area--Study and teaching; Latin America--Study and teaching
Canadian Slavonic Papers/Revue Canadienne des Slavistes 2375-2475 Slavic philology
Capitalism Nature Socialism 1548-3290 Capitalism; Ecology; Environmental policy; Socialism
Caribbean Quarterly 2470-6302 Literature; West Indies--Civilization; Civilization; West Indies; Caribbean literature; English; History (The Americas)
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 1544-4554 Classification; Library Technical Services; Cataloging; Classification--Books
Celebrity Studies 1939-2400 Fame; Celebrities
Central Asian Survey 1465-3354 Politics and government; Religion; Central Asia; Asia, Central; Asia, Central--Politics and government; Asia, Central--History; Asia, Central--Religion; Asia, Central--Economic conditions
Central Europe 1745-8218 Europe, Central--Politics and government; Europe, Central--History; Europe, Central--Languages; Politics and culture--Europe, Central; Language and languages; Politics and government; Politics and culture; Central Europe
Challenge 1558-1489 Classification; Library Technical Services; Cataloging; Classification--Books
Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning 1939-9146 Education; Education, Higher. United States; Education, Higher
Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education 1469-3585 English language--Study and teaching; English literature--Study and teaching
Child & Family Behavior Therapy 1545-228X Behavior Therapy--Periodicals; Family Therapy--Periodicals; Child; Infant; Behavior therapy; Child psychotherapy; Family psychotherapy
CHILD & YOUTH SERVICES 1545-2298 Adolescent; Child Health Services; Child Welfare; Adolescence; Child health services; Child welfare; Youth--Services for
Child Care in Practice 1476-489X Child care; Child health services; Child welfare
Child Neuropsychology 1744-4136 Adolescent psychology; Child development; Child psychology; Neuropsychology
Childhood Education 2162-0725 Child Psychology; Education; Kindergarten
Childhood in the Past 2040-8528 Children; Children--Social aspects; Children--Social conditions; Children--History
Children's Geographies 1473-3277 Human Geography; Children & Childhood; Geographical perception in children
China Economic Journal 1753-8971 Economic history; Economic policy; China; China--Economic conditions--2000; China--Economic policy--2000
China Journal of Social Work 1752-5101 Public welfare; Social policy; Social service; China; China--Social policy
The Chinese Economy 1558-0954 Economic history; Economics; China; China--Economic conditions
Chinese Education & Society 1944-7116 Education; Education--Social aspects; China; Education--China; Education--Social aspects--China
The Chinese Historical Review 2048-7827 History; China; China--Politics and government; China--History; Arts and Humanities--History
Chinese Journal of Communication 1754-4769 Communication--China; Communication; China
Chinese Law & Government 1944-7051 China; East Asia; Law; Politics and government; Law--China; China--Politics and government--1949; Political conditions
Chinese Sociological Review 2162-0563 Sociology; China; Sociology--China
Chinese Studies in History 1558-0407 History; China; China--History
Christian Higher Education: An International Journal of Research, Theory and Practice 1539-4107 Christian universities and colleges
Citizenship Studies 1469-3593 Citizenship; Civil rights; Human rights; Political participation
City: Analysis of Urban Trends,Culture,Theory, Policy, Action 1470-3629 Cities and towns; City planning; Urban renewal
Civil Wars 1743-968X Civil war; Ethnic relations; War
Classroom Discourse 1946-3022 Discourse analysis
The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas 1939-912X Education; Education, Secondary; Junior high schools
Clinical Gerontologist 1545-2301 Geriatrics; Geriatric psychiatry; Geriatrics; Older people--Mental health services; Older people--Psychology; Social work Serials; Social work ejournals; Gerontology ejournals
The Clinical Neuropsychologist 1744-4144 Mental Disorders; Neuropsychology
Clinical Psychologist 1742-9552 Clinical psychology; Psychology, Clinical
The Clinical Supervisior 1545-231X Organization and Administration; Psychotherapy; Social Work, Psychiatric; Psychotherapists--Supervision of; Psychotherapy--Study and teaching
Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice 1752-1890 Executive coaching; Personal coaching
Cognition & Emotion 1464-0600 Cognition; Emotions; Cognitive Science; Cognition; Emotions and cognition; Psychology; Cognitive Science
Cognition and Instruction 1532-690X Cognition in children; Learning; Education
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 1651-2316 Behavior therapy; Cognitive therapy; Human Behavior; Cognitive Science
Cognitive Neuropsychiatry 1464-0619 Cognition Disorders; Psychotic Disorders; Neuropsychology
Cognitive Neuropsychology 1464-0627 Neuropsychology
Cognitive Neuroscience 1758-8936 Mental Processes; Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms; Cognitive Science; Cognitive neuroscience
Cold War History 1743-7962 Cold War; World politics--1945-1989
Collection Management 1545-2549 Library Science; Library Collection Development; Collection management (Libraries); Management
College & Undergraduate Libraries 1545-2530 Academic libraries; Undergraduate libraries; United States; Academic libraries--United States; Undergraduate libraries--United States
College Teaching 1930-8299 College teaching
COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management 2168-930X Information science; Science; Science indicators; Social sciences
Colonial Latin American Review 1466-1802 Civilization; Latin America; Latin America--Civilization; Latin America--History--To 1830
Comedy Studies 2040-6118 Comedy; Comedy--History and criticism
Communicatio: South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research 1753-5379 Communication
Communication & Critical/Cultural Studies 1479-4233 Communication; Communication and culture
Communication Booknotes Quarterly 1532-6896 Communication; Mass media; Telecommunication
Communication Education 1479-5795 Communication in education; Oral communication; Oral communication--Study and teaching; Speech
Communication Law and Policy 1532-6926 Mass media--Law and legislation--United States; Freedom of speech--United States; Mass media policy--United States
Communication Methods and Measures 1931-2466 Communication--Methodology; Communication--Research; Communication--Study and teaching
Communication Monographs 1479-5787 Communication; Speech; Speech Disorders
Communication Quarterly & Communication Research 1746-4102 Communication
Communication Reports 1745-1043 Communication--Methodology; Communication--Research; United States; Communication--Research--United States
Communication Research and Practice 2206-3374 Communication; Communication and traffic; Communication--Research; Mass media
Communication Research Reports 1746-4099 Communication--Research; Communication--Methodology; Communication--Research--United States
The Communication Review 1547-7487 Communication
Communication Studies 1745-1035 Communication; Oratory
Communication Teacher Online 1740-4630 Communication; Oral communication--Study and teaching
Community College Journal of Research & Practice 1521-0413 Community colleges; United States; Community colleges--United States
Community Development 1944-7485 Community development
Community, Work & Family 1469-3615 Communities; Women--Employment--Social aspects; Work and family
Comparative American Studies An International Journal 1741-2676 United States--Relations; United States--Civilization; United States--Study and teaching; Civilization; International relations; Study skills; United States
Comparative and Continental Philosophy 1757-0646 Art--Philosophy; Literature--Philosophy; Philosophy, Comparative; Philosophy, European
Comparative Education 1360-0486 Comparative education; Education
Comparative Legal History 2049-6788 Comparative law; Law
Comparative Strategy 1521-0448 Internationale conflicten; Conflictmanagement; International relations; Military policy; National security; Security, International; Strategy
Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education 1469-3623 Comparative education
Computer Assisted Language Learning 1744-3210 Language and languages--Computer-assisted instruction
Computer Science Education 1744-5175 Computer science--Study and teaching
Computers In The Schools 1528-7033 Computer-assisted instruction; Education--Data processing; United States; Education--United States--Data processing; Computer-assisted instruction--United States
Conflict, Security & Development 1478-1174 Economic development; Pacific settlement of international disputes; Security, International; World politics
Congress & the Presidency: A Journal of Capital Studies 1944-1053 United States--Congress; Presidents--United States; United States--Politics and government; Politics and government; Presidents; United States
Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites 1753-5522 Excavations (Archaeology)--Collection and preservation; Cultural property--Protection; Cultural property--Protection; Excavations (Archaeology)--Collection and preservation
Construction Management & Economics 1466-433X Construction industry--Finance; Construction industry--Management; Management
Consumption Markets and Culture 1477-223X Consumers--Attitudes; Consumption (Economics)--Social aspects; Marketing--Social aspects
Contemporary British History 1743-7997 Great Britain; Great Britain--History--Elizabeth II, 1952; Great Britain--History--20th century
Contemporary Buddhism 1476-7953 Buddhism; Buddhism--History--20th century
Contemporary Chinese Thought 1558-0997 Philosophy; Philosophy--China--History
Contemporary French & Francophone Studies 1740-9306 Culture--Study and teaching--France; France--Civilization; Civilization; Culture--Study and teaching; French literature; France
Contemporary Italian Politics 2324-8831 Politics and government; Political science; Italy
Contemporary Japan 1869-2737 Japan; Japan--Study and teaching—Germany
Contemporary Justice Review 1477-2248 Criminology; Environmental policy; Restorative justice; Social justice
Contemporary Music Review 1477-2256 Music; Music Composition; Music--20th century
Contemporary Politics 1469-3631 World politics
Contemporary Psychoanalysis 2330-9091 Psychoanalysis
Contemporary Security Policy 1743-8764 World politics; Arms control; Disarmament
Contemporary Social Science 1745-0152 Civilization, Modern; Social sciences; Civilization, Modern--21st century
Contemporary South Asia 1469-364X South Asia
Contemporary Theatre Review 1477-2264 Theater
Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 1469-3666 Broadcasting--Australia; Broadcasting; Mass media; Motion pictures; Australia
Counseling Outcome Research and Evaulation 2150-1386 Counseling; Psychology
Counselling Psychology Quarterly 1469-3674 Counseling--Periodicals; Counseling psychology; Psychology; Mental Health Services
The Court Historian (The International Journal of Court Studies) 2056-3450 Kings and rulers; Courts and courtiers; Kings and rulers; Palaces; Europe; Palaces--Europe--History
Creative Industries Journal 1751-0708 Creative ability; Cultural industries
Creativity Research Journal 1532-6934 Creative ability
Criminal Justice Ethics 1937-5948 Criminal justice, Administration of; Social ethics; Social justice; United States
Criminal Justice Studies 1478-6028 Justice, Administration of; United States; Justice, Administration of--United States
Critical African Studies 2040-7211 Africa--Social aspects--Research; Africa--Economic aspects--Research; Africa--Political aspects--Research
Critical Arts 1992-6049 Mass media--South Africa; Mass media and the arts--South Africa; Mass media; Mass media and the arts; South Africa
Critical Asian Studies 1472-6033 Asian Studies; Asia
Critical Discourse Studies 1740-5912 Critical discourse analysis
Critical Horizons (A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory) 1568-5160 Critical theory; Criticism; Social sciences--Philosophy; Critical theory
Critical Inquiry in Language Studies 1542-7595 Language and languages--Study and teaching
Critical Military Studies 2333-7494 Militarism--Research; Military policy; National security; Strategy--Research
Critical Policy Studies 1946-018X Local government; Great Britain
Critical Review 1933-8007 Libertarianism--United States
Critical Review of International Social & Political Philosophy 1743-8772 Policy sciences--Philosophy; Political science--Philosophy; Social sciences--Philosophy
Critical Studies in Education 1750-8495 Education
Critical Studies in Media Communication 1479-5809 Mass media
Critical Studies on Security 2162-4909 International relations; Security, International
Critical Studies on Terrorism 1753-9161 Terrorism
Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory 1748-8605 Politics and government; Socialism; Socialisme; Communisme; Eastern Europe; Soviet Union
Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 1939-9138 Fiction; Fiction--20th century--History and criticism
Cultural and Social History 1478-0046 Culture; Historical sociology; Social history; Culture--Social aspects
Cultural Studies 1466-4348 Culture; Popular culture
Cultural Trends 1469-3690 Arts--Great Britain; Arts--Great Britain—Statistics; Arts; Great Britain
Culture and Education: Cultura y Educacion 1578-4118 Children--Language; Communication; Language arts; Teaching; Spain; Children--Spain--Language; Language arts--Spain; Communication--Spain
Culture and Organization 1477-2760 Organization; Culture; Management
Culture and Religion 1475-5629 Religion and culture
Culture, Theory and Critique 1473-5776 Humanities
Current Issues in Criminal Justice 2206-9542 Criminals; Criminology; Australia; Criminals--Australia
Current Issues in Language Planning 1747-7506 Language planning; Language policy; Sociolinguistics
Current Issues in Tourism 1747-7603 Tourism
Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa 2159-9130 Southern African literature (English); Southern African literature (English)--History and criticism
Curriculum Inquiry 1467-873X Curriculum planning; Curriculum Planning & Development
Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education 2574-299x Physical education and training
Dance Chronicle 1532-4257 Dancing; Dance
Dance Education in Practice 2373-4841 Dance--Study and teaching
de arte 2471-4100 Arts and Humanities--Performing Arts, Travel and Leisure
Deafness & Education International 1557-069X Deaf--Education; Deaf--Rehabilitation; Deafness; Teachers of the deaf
Death Studies 1091-7683 Attitude to Death; Death; Education; Terminal Care; Bereavement--Psychological aspects; Death--Moral and ethical aspects; Death--Psychological aspects; Terminal care
Defence and Peace Economics 1476-8267 Disarmament--Economic aspects; Military readiness--Economic aspects
Defence and Security Analysis 1475-1801 Military policy; National security; World politics
Defence Studies 1743-9698 Defensive (Military science); Military art and science; Military policy; War; Terrorism, Insurgency & Political Violence
Democracy and Security 1555-5860 Democracy; National security
Democratization 1743-890X Democracy; Democratization; Economic history
Design and Culture 1754-7083 Design--Philosophy; Design--Social aspects
The Design Journal 1756-3062 Design; Decorative arts
Development in Practice 1364-9213 Technical assistance--Developing countries; Economic assistance--Developing countries; Developing countries--Economic conditions
Development Southern Africa 1470-3637 Economic development; Economic history; Southern Africa
Developmental Neuropsychology 1532-6942 Neuropsychology; Child & Adolescent Psychology; Neuropsychology
Deviant Behavior 1521-0456 Deviant behavior
Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education 1559-5706 Immigrants--Education; Minorities--Education
Digital Creativity 1744-3806 Artificial intelligence; Computer-assisted instruction; Educational technology; Intelligent tutoring systems
Digital Journalism 2167-082X Digital media; Online journalism
Diplomacy & Statecraft 1557-301X World politics; Diplomacy; International relations
Disability & Society 1360-0508 Disabled Persons; Education, Special; Rehabilitation; People with disabilities--Social conditions; Rehabilitation; Special education
Discourse Processes 1532-6950 Discourse analysis
Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 1469-3739 Aspect social; Education; Education--Social aspects; Multicultural education; Education (General); Australia; Education--Australia
disP -The Planning Review 2166-8604 City planning; Land use--Planning; Regional planning; Switzerland; Land use--Switzerland--Planning; Regional planning--Switzerland
Distance Education 1475-0198 Distance education; University extension--Australia; University extension; Correspondence schools and courses--Australia
Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory 2159-9149 Social history
Dix-Neuf: Journal of the Society of Dix-Neuviemistes 1478-7318 Study skills; French literature; France; French literature--19th century; France--Study and teaching
Dress (The Journal of the Costume Society of America) 2042-1729 Costume; United States; Costume--United States
Dutch Crossing (Journal of Low Country Studies) 1759-7854 Dutch language; Dutch literature; Dutch literature--History and criticism
Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict 1746-7594 Asymmetric warfare; Criminology
Early Child Development and Care 1476-8275 Child development; Children--Services for
Early Education & Development 1556-6935 Child Care; Child Development; Child Psychology; Child, Preschool--education; Early childhood education; Education, Preschool; United States; Child development--United States; Child psychology; Education, Preschool--United States; Early childhood education--United States
Early Medieval China 1946-7842 Social conditions; China; China--History--221 B.C.-960 A.D.; China--Social conditions--221 B.C.-960 A.D.
Early Modern French Studies 2056-3043 Civilization; French literature; France; French literature--17th century--History and criticism; France--Civilization--17th century
Early Popular Visual Culture 1746-0662 Cinematography; Entertainment events; Image transmission; Photography; Popular culture; Visual communication; Cinematography--History; Visual communication--History; Image transmission--History; Photography--History; Popular culture--History; Entertainment events--History
Early Years 1472-4421 Early childhood education; Early childhood educators--Training of; Early childhood teachers--Training of
East African Literary and Cultural Studies 2327-7416 Africa--Civilization; Africa, East--Civilization; Africa, East--Intellectual life; Africa, East; Africa, Eastern--Civilization; Africa, Eastern--Intellectual life; Africa, Eastern; Africa; African literature; African literature; Arts--Africa, East; Arts--Africa, Eastern; Arts; Civilization; Eastern Africa; Intellectual life
East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal 1875-2152 East Asia; Science; Science--East Asia; Technology; Technology--East Asia
East European Jewish Affairs 1743-971X Ethnic relations; Jews; Eastern Europe; Soviet Union; Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Jews--Former Soviet republics; Jews--Soviet Union; Jews--Europe, Eastern; Former Soviet republics--Ethnic relations; Soviet Union--Ethnic relations; Europe, Eastern--Ethnic relations
East European Politics 2159-9173 Politics and government; Eastern Europe; Europe, Eastern--Politics and government
Eastern European Economics 1557-9298 Economic history; Economics; Eastern Europe; Central Europe; Eastern Europe; Europe, Eastern--Economic conditions; Europe, Central--Economic conditions
Eating Disorders 1532-530X Eating disorders
Ecological Psychology 1532-6969 Behavior; Ecology; Environment; Psychology; Environmental psychology; Animal Behavior
Ecology of Food & Nutrition 1543-5237 Ecology; Food; Nutrition
Economic and Political Studies 2470-4024 Europe, Eastern--Politics and government
Economic Geography 1944-8287 Economic geography; Human geography
Economic History of Developing Regions 2078-0397 Africa, Southern--Economic conditions; Economic history; Developing countries; Developing countries--Economic conditions; Southern Africa
Economic Systems Research 1469-5758 Economics; Economics, Mathematical; Input-output analysis
Economics of Innovation and New Technology 1476-8364 Technological innovations--Economic aspects
Economy and Society 1469-5766 Economics; Economics--Sociological aspects; Social sciences
Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education 1475-7575 Education; Education--Great Britain; Education, Elementary; Education, Primary; Great Britain
Education Economics 1469-5782 Educational Administration; Education--Economic aspects
Educational Action Research 1747-5074 Action research; Action research in education; Education--Research; Social sciences--Research
Educational and Development Psychologist 2059-0784 Action research in education; Education--Research
Educational Assessment 1532-6977 Educational tests and measurements; Educational tests and measurements--United States; Academic Testing; United States
The Educational Forum 1938-8098 Education
Educational Gerontology 1521-0472 Aged; Geriatrics--education; Adult education; Older people--Education; Adult Education; Gerontology
Educational Media International 1469-5790 Audio-visual education; Teaching--Aids and devices
Educational Philosophy and Theory 1469-5812 Education; Education--Philosophy; Teaching
Educational Psychologist 1532-6985 Psychology, Educational; Psychology, Educational; Educational psychology
Educational Psychology 1469-5820 Psychology, Educational; Educational psychology
Educational Psychology in Practice 1469-5839 Psychology, Educational; Educational psychology
Educational Research 1469-5847 Education; Education--Great Britain; Education--Research; Great Britain
Educational Research & Evaluation 1744-4187 Education; Education--Evaluation
Educational Review 1465-3397 Education; Education--Research--Research
Educational Studies 1465-3400 Education
Educational Studies Online: The Journal of the American Educational Studies Association 1532-6993 Education; Education--Book reviews
Emerging Markets Finance & Trade 1558-0938 Balkan Peninsula; Balkan Peninsula--Commerce; Balkan Peninsula--Foreign economic relations; Central Europe; Commerce; Eastern Europe; Europe, Central--Commerce; Europe, Central--Foreign economic relations; Europe, Eastern--Commerce; Europe, Eastern--Foreign economic relations; International economic relations; Turkey; Turkey--Commerce; Turkey--Foreign economic relations
Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties 1741-2692 Behavior disorders in children; Child psychiatry
English Academy Review: A Journal of English Studies 1753-5360 English language; English literature; English language--Africa; South African literature (English); South African literature (English)--20th century; Africa
English in Education 1754-8845 English language--Study and teaching
English Studies 1744-4217 English literature--Study and teaching; English philology
English Studies in Africa 1943-8117 American literature; English language; English language--Africa; English language--Study and teaching; English literature; English literature--History and criticism; Africa
Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 1464-5114 Entrepreneurship; Industrial promotion; Regional planning; Economics
Environmental Archaeology (The Journal of Human Palaeoecology) Online 1749-6314 Animal remains (Archaeology); Environmental archaeology; Environmental archaeology--Methodology; Methods and techniques of archaeology; Palaeo-ecology; Plant remains (Archaeology)
Environmental Claims Journal 1547-657X Liability for environmental damages; Liability for environmental damages--United States; United States
Environmental Communication 1752-4040 Communication in the environmental sciences
Environmental Education Research 1469-5871 Environmental education--Research; Environmental Education
Environmental Politics 1743-8934 Environmental policy; Environmentalism
Environmental Sociology 2325-1042 Environmental sociology
Equity & Excellence in Education 1547-3457 Educational equalization; Segregation in education; United States; Educational equalization--United States; Segregation in education--United States
Ethics & Behavior 1532-7019 Behavior; Ethics; Professional ethics; Ethics
Ethics and Education 1744-9650 Moral education
Ethics and Social Welfare 1749-6543 Public welfare--Moral and ethical aspects; Social service--Moral and ethical aspects
Ethics, Policy & Environment 1469-6703 Environmental ethics; Environmental policy
Ethnic and Racial Studies 1466-4356 Ethnic groups; Race relations; Ethnic, cultural, racial issues/studies
Ethnoarchaeology (Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Experimental Studies) 1944-2904 Ethnoarchaeology
Ethnography & Education 1745-7831 Ethnology; Ethnology--Methodology
Ethnomusicology Forum 1741-1920 Ethnomusicology; Ethnomusicology--Great Britain; Folk music; Folk music--Great Britain; Great Britain
Ethnopolitics 1744-9065 Ethnic relations--Political aspects; Geopolitics; International relations and culture
Ethnos 1469-588X Anthropology; Archaeology; Ethnology
Eurasian Geography and Economics 1938-2863 Economics; Economic history; Eurasia; Eurasia--Geography; Eurasia--Economic conditions; Geography; Former Soviet republics--Geography; Former Soviet republics--Economic conditions; Geography; Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics
European Accounting Review 1468-4497 Accounting; Accounting--Europe; Accounting & Tax; Europe
European Competition Journal 1757-8396 Antitrust law; Antitrust law--European Union countries; Competition, Unfair; Competition, Unfair--European Union countries; European Union countries; Restraint of trade; Restraint of trade--European Union countries
European Early Childhood Education Research Journal 1752-1807 Early childhood education; Early childhood education--Europe; Early childhood education--Research; Europe
European Education 1944-7086 Education; Europe; Education--Europe
European Journal for Sport and Society 2380-5919 Sports; Sports--Social aspects
European Journal of Behavior Analysis 2377-729X Behavioral assessment
European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology 2325-4815 Culture; Political sociology
European Journal of Developmental Psychology 1740-5610 Developmental psychology
European Journal of English Studies 1744-4233 English language; English language--Study and teaching; English language--Study and teaching--Europe; Europe; English language--Europe; English literature; English literature--Study and teaching; English literature--Study and teaching--Europe; English literature--Europe
The European Journal of Finance 1466-4364 Finance; International finance; Europe; Finance--Europe
European Journal of Higher Education 2156-8243 Education, Higher; Education, Higher--Europe; Europe
European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling 1469-5901 Psychotherapy; Counseling; Mental health counseling; Psychotherapy
European Journal of Social Work 1468-2664 Europe; Social service; Social service--Vocational guidance; Social service--Vocational guidance--Europe; Social service--Europe
European Journal of Special Needs Education 1469-591X Special education; Europe; Special education--Europe
European Journal of Teacher Education 1469-5928 Teachers--Training of; Teachers--Training of--Europe; Formation des enseignants; Teacher Education; Europe
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought 1469-5936 Economic history; Economics
The European Legacy 1470-1316 Scholarly periodicals; Social sciences; Philosophy; Culture; Intellectual life; Europe; Europe--History; Europe--Intellectual life
European Planning Studies 1469-5944 Europe; Regional economics; Regional planning; Regional planning--Europe
European Politics and Society 2374-5126 Europe--Politics and government--1989; Europe--History--1989; Europe--Social conditions--21st century
European Review of History 1469-8293 Europe; Europe--History
European Review of Social Psychology 1479-277X Psychology, Social; Social psychology
European Romantic Review 1740-4657 European literature; Romanticism; Europe; Romanticism--Europe; European literature--18th century--History and criticism; European literature--19th century--History and criticism; Europe--History--1789-1900
European Security 1746-1545 Military policy; National security; National security--Europe; Politics and government; Europe; Europe--Military policy; Europe--Politics and government--1989
European Societies 1469-8307 Social conditions; Sociology; Europe; Sociology--Europe; Europe--Social conditions--20th century
European Sport Management Quarterly 1746-031x Sports administration
Europe-Asia Studies 1465-3427 Europe, Eastern; Eurasia; Former Soviet republics; Soviet Union--History
Exceptionality 1532-7035 Child, Exceptional; Neurologic Manifestations; Exceptional children; Special education
Exemplaria: Medieval / Early Modern / Theory 1753-3074 European literature--Renaissance; Literature, Medieval; Middle Ages; Literature, Medieval--History and criticism; European literature--Renaissance, 1450-1600--History and criticism
Experimental Aging Research 1096-4657 Aging; Research; Psychology; Geriatric Medicine; Gerontology
The Explicator 1939-926X American literature; English literature; English literature--History and criticism; American literature--History and criticism
Fabrications: The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand 2164-4756 Architecture; Architecture--History; Architecture--New Zealand; Australia; New Zealand
Family & Community History 1751-3812 Family--sociology; Communities; Families; Sociology; Family--History; Community--History; Sociology; Great Britain--History; Great Britain--Social life and customs
Fashion Practice 1756-9389 Clothing trade; Fashion; Fashion design; Textile industry
Fashion Theory 1751-7419 Clothing and dress--Social aspects; Costume; Costume--History; Costume design; Fashion; Fashion & Style
Fat Studies 2160-486X Body weight--Psychological aspects; Obesity--Social aspects; Overweight persons
Feminist Economics 1466-4372 Feminist economics; Women--Economic conditions; Women--Social conditions; Economics; Feminism
Feminist Media Studies 1471-5902 Women; Sex role; Gender identity; Feminism and mass media; Feminist criticism; Mass media and sex; Mass media and women; Feminisme; Culture and media
Feminist Modernist Studies 2469-293X Feminism; Modernism (Literature); Women's studies
Financial Analyst Journal 1938-3312 Investment analysis
First Amendment Studies 2168-1430 Freedom of speech; Freedom of speech--United States
First World War Studies 1947-5039 World War (1914-1918); 1914-1918
Folk Life (Journal of Ethnological Studies) 1759-670X Folklore; Manners and customs; Great Britain; Ireland; Wales--Folklore; Folklore--Great Britain; Folklore--Ireland; Great Britain--Social life and customs; Ireland--Social life and customs
Folklore 1469-8315 Folklore; Manners and customs; Mythology & Folklore
Food & Foodways 1542-3484 Food; Food habits
Food, Culture and Society 1751-7443 Food; Food habits
Forum for Development Studies 1891-1765 Developing countries
Forum for Social Economics 1874-6381 Economics; Economics--Sociological aspects
French Screen Studies 1758-9517 Motion pictures--France--History; Motion pictures; France
Gender and Development 1364-9221 Women--Developing countries; Developing countries
Gender and Education 1360-0516 Sex discrimination in education; Sex role--Study and teaching; Women--Education; Education (General); Gender Studies
Gender, Place & Culture 1360-0524 Feminism; Human geography
Gender, Techology and Development 0973-0656 Sex role--India; Sex role; Women in development--India; Women in development; Women--Effect of technological innovations on--India; Women--Effect of technological innovations on; Women; India
Geografisk Tidsskrift-Danish Journal of Geography 1903-2471 Geography
Geografiska Annaler B 1468-0467 Human geography
Geographical Review 1931-0846 Geography
Geography 0016-74XX Geography
The Geography Teacher 1752-6884 Geography--Study and teaching
GeoHumanities 2373-5678 Arts and geography; Human geography
Geopolitics 1557-3028 Boundary disputes; Geopolitics; Sovereignty; Geopolitics
German Politics 1743-8993 Association for the Study of German Politics; Politics and government; Germany
The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory 1930-6962 Germanic philology
Gerontology & Geriatrics Education 1545-3847 Geriatrics--education; Geriatrics--Study and teaching; Gerontology--Study and teaching
Gifted and Talented International 2470-9565 Gifted children; Gifted children--Education
Global Change, Peace & Security 1478-1166 Peaceful change (International relations); Security, International; World politics; World politics--1989
Global Crime 1744-0580 Organized crime; Transnational crime; Transnational organized crime; Organized crime
Global Economic Review 1744-3873 East and West; Economic history; Economic history--1990; International economic relations
Global Food History 2054-9555 Food habits; Food habits--History
Global Society 1469-798X International relations; World politics; World politics--1989
Globalisation, Societies and Education 1476-7732 Education and state; Education--Economic aspects; Education--Social aspects; Educational sociology; Globalization--Social aspects; International education
Globalizations 1474-774X Globalization
Green Letters 2168-1414 Ecocriticism
Griffith Law Review 1839-4205 Law; Law--Australia; Law reviews; Law reviews--Australia; Australia
Health Communication 1532-7027 Communication in medicine; Health in mass media; Communication; Health
Health marketing quarterly 1545-0864 Marketing of Health Services; Medical care--Marketing; Medical instruments and apparatus industry
Health Psychology Review 1743-7202 Clinical health psychology
Heritage & Society (formerly Heritage Management) 2159-0338 Cultural property--Protection; Cultural property--Social aspects; Historic preservation
High Ability Studies 1469-834X Gifted children; Gifted persons
Higher Education Research and Development 1469-8366 Education, Higher; Education, Higher--Australia; Australia
Hispanic Research Journal (Iberian and Latin American Studies) 1745-820X Spanish literature--History and criticism; Portuguese literature--History and criticism; Latin American literature--History and criticism; Spanish language; Portuguese language; Catalan language; Spain--Civilization; Portugal--Civilization; Latin America--Civilization
The Historian, Journal of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society 1540-6563 History
The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice 1756-7513 Cultural property--Protection; Historic preservation
Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 1465-3451 Broadcasting; Broadcasting--History; Motion pictures; Motion pictures--History
Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History 1940-1906 Social sciences
History & Technology, an International Journal 1477-2620 Technology; Technology--History; Technology--Social aspects
History and Anthropology 1477-2612 Anthropology; History
History and Philosophy of Logic 1464-5149 Logic
History Australia 1833-4881 Australia; Australia--History
History of Economics Review 1838-6318 Economics; Economics--History
History of Education 1464-5130 Education History; Education
History of European Ideas 1873-541x Europe; Europe--History; Europe--Intellectual life; Intellectual life
The History of the Family 1873-5398 Families; Families--History
History of Photography 2150-7295 Photography;Photography--History
History of Retailing and Consumption 2373-5171 Consumption (Economics); Consumption (Economics)--History; Retail trade; Retail trade--History
History: Reviews of New Books 1930-8280 History; History--Book reviews
Holocaust Studies 2048-4887 Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945); Holocaust
Home Cultures 1751-7427 Architecture and society; Architecture and society--Great Britain; Great Britain
Housing and Society 2376-0923 Housing; Housing--Study and teaching
Housing Policy Debate 2152-050X Housing policy; Housing policy--United States; Housing--Finance; Housing--United States--Finance; United States
Housing Studies 1466-1810 Housing; Housing & Housing Policy
Housing, Theory & Society 1651-2278 City planning; Housing; Housing--Economic aspects; Housing policy
Howard Journal of Communication 1096-4649 Communication
Human Performance 1532-7043 Performance--Psychological aspects; Human capital; Human capital--United States; Labor supply; Labor supply--United States; Psychology, Applied; Employee Performance Evaluation; United States
Human Resource Development International 1469-8374 Manpower planning; Personnel management
Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance 1544-4376 Organization and Administration; Social Work; Social service; Social work administration
Ibsen Studies 1741-8720 Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906; Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906--Criticism and interpretation
Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 1547-3384 Ethnic groups; Ethnic relations; Ethnicity; Group identity; Race relations
Identity 1532-706X Identity (Psychology); Individuality; Self
Imago Mundi 1479-7801 Cartography; Early maps; History (General); Geography & Cartography
Immigrants & Minorities: Historical Studies in Ethnicity, Migration and Diaspora 1744-0521 Emigration and immigration; Minorities
India Review 1557-3036 India
Indonesia and the Malay World 1469-8382 Indonesia; Malaysia
Industrial Archaeology Review 1745-8196 Industrial archaeology
Industry & Innovation 1469-8390 Industrial management; Industrial policy; Industries; Innovation
Infant Observation 1745-8943 Child & Adolescent Psychology; Child development; Infant psychology
Information and Communications Technology Law 1469-8404 Computers and civilization; Information society; Information technology--Social aspects; Telematics
Information, Communication and Society 1468-4462 Information technology--Economic aspects; Information technology--Political aspects; Information technology--Social aspects; Internet; World Wide Web
The Information Society 1087-6537 Information science
Innovation and Development 2157-9318 Sustainable development; Technological innovations
Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching 1750-1237 Language and languages--Study and teaching; Innovation
Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice 2204-0226 Research, Industrial; Research, Industrial--Asia; Technological innovations; Technological innovations--Asia; Technological innovations--Pacific Area; Asia; Pacific Area
Innovation: The European Journal of Social Sciences 1469-8412 Social sciences
Innovations in Education & Teaching International 1470-3300 Staff and Educational Development Association; Educational technology; Instructional systems; Programmed instruction; Higher Education
Inquiry 1502-3923 Philosophy; Social Sciences; Philosophy; Social sciences--Philosophy
Intellectual History Review 1749-6985 Intellectual life; Intellectual life—History
Intelligence & National Security 1743-9019 Espionage; Intelligence service; National security
Interactive Learning Environments 1744-5191 Educational technology
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 1469-8447 Culture; Asia--Civilization; Asia--Social life and customs
Intercultural Education 1469-8439 Multicultural education; Cultural pluralism; Ethnic relations; Minorities--Social conditions; Social policy
Interiors 2041-9120 Interior architecture; Interior decoration
International Journal Of Hospitality & Tourism Administration 1525-6499 Hospitality industry--Management; Tourism--Management
International Critical Thought 2159-8312 Critical thinking; Current events
International Economic Journal 1743-517X Economic history; Economics; International economic relations; Korea (South); Korea (South)--Economic conditions--1960
International Feminist Journal of Politics 1468-4470 Feminist theory; Gender identity; Political science; Sex role; Women; Women's Studies
International Forum of Psychoanalysis 1651-2324 Psychoanalysis
International Gambling Studies 1479-4276 Gambling industry; Gambling--Research
International History Review 1949-6540 History
The International Information & Library Review 1095-9297 Information science; Library science
International Interactions 1547-7444 International cooperation--Research; International organization--Research; International relations--Research
International Journal for Academic Development 1470-1324 College teaching; Education, Higher--Aims and objectives
International Journal of Advertising 1759-3948 Advertising
International Journal of Aerospace Psychology 2472-1832 Aerospace Medicine; Ergonomics; Aeronautics--Human factors; Aviation psychology
International Journal of Architectural Heritage: Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration 1558-3066 Architecture--Conservation and restoration; Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration; Historic preservation
International Journal of Art Therapy 1745-4840 Art therapy
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 1747-7522 Bilingualism; Education, Bilingual
International Journal of Children's Spirituality 1469-8455 Religion & Philosophy (General); Children & Childhood; Children--Religious life; Youth--Religious life
International Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis 1744-5183 Hypnosis; Hypnotism--Therapeutic use; Hypnose
International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice 2157-6475 Crime; Criminal justice, Administration of
International Journal of Construction Education and Research 1550-3984 Building--Study and teaching (Higher); Construction industry
International Journal of Cultural Policy 1477-2833 Cultural policy
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education 1465-346X Learning Disabilities; Education, Special; Disabled Persons; Learning Disorders; Education, Special; Disabled; People with disabilities; People with disabilities--Education; Special education; Disability Studies; People with disabilities--Education; People with disabilities; Special education
International Journal of Early Years Education 1469-8463 Child development; Child psychology; Early childhood education; Education, Preschool
International Journal of Electronic Commerce 1557-9301 Electronic commerce
International Journal of Environmental Studies 1029-0400 Environmental policy; Environmental sciences
International Journal of Forensic Mental Health 1932-9903 Forensic Psychiatry; Criminal Psychology; Criminal psychology; Forensic psychiatry
International Journal of Group Psychotherapy 1943-2836 Psychotherapy, Group; Group psychotherapy
International Journal of Health Promotion and Education 2164-9545 Health Promotion; Health Education; Health education; Public health
International Journal of Heritage Studies 1470-3610 Civilization; Cultural property--Protection; Culture--Study and teaching; Historic preservation; Nature conservation
International Journal of Housing Policy 1473-3269 Europe; Housing; Housing--Europe; Housing policy
The International Journal of Human Rights 1744-053X Civil rights; Human rights
International Journal of Inclusive Education 1464-5173 Inclusive education; Mainstreaming in education
International Journal of Intelligence & Counterintelligence 1521-0561 Business intelligence; Intelligence service; Military intelligence; Espionage
International Journal of Leadership in Education 1464-5092 Education; Educational leadership
International Journal of Lifelong Education 1464-519X Adult education; Continuing education
International Journal of Listening 1932-586X Listening; Oral communication
International Journal of Mental Health 1557-9328 Mental health; Psychiatry
International Journal of Multilingualism 1747-7530 Multilingualism
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 1095-9270 Underwater archaeology
International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 2040-0934 Digital media; Performance art
International Journal of Philosophical Studies 1466-4542 Philosophy; Philosophy--History
International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 2169-2335 Philosophy and religion
International Journal of Play 2159-4953 Play
International Journal of Political Economy 1558-0970 Political science; Political Economy
The International Journal of Psychoanalysis 1745-8315 Psychoanalysis
International Journal for the Psychology of Religion 1532-7582 Psychology, Religious; Religious Psychology
International Journal of Public Administration 1532-4265 Public administration
International Journal of Qualititative Studies in Education 1366-5898 Education--Research
International Journal of Regional and Local History 2051-4549 Cities and towns; Cities and towns--History; Local government; Local government--History; Local history
International Journal of Research and Method in Education 1743-7288 Education; Education--Research
International Journal of School & Educational Psychology 2168-3611 Educational psychology; Science--Study and teaching
International Journal of Science Education 1464-5289 Science--Study and teaching.
International Journal of Science Education, Part B Communication and Public 2154-8463 Communication in science; Science--Study and teaching
International Journal of Social Research Methodology 1464-5300 Sociology-- Research
International Journal of Sociology 1557-9336 Sociology
International Journal of Spa and Wellness 2472-1743 Health resorts. Health resorts--Management.Lifestyles--Health aspects.Self-care,Health.Well-being
International Journal of Sport Policy 1940-6959 Sports administration; Sports and state; Sports--Political aspects; Great Britain
International Journal of Strategic Communication 1553-1198 Communication
International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 1747-0234 Church history; Theology
International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology 1745-2627 Ecology; Economic development--Environmental aspects; Sustainable development
International Journal of Systemic Therapy 1540-4080 Couples Therapy; Family psychotherapy; Family Therapy; Systemic therapy (Family therapy)
International Journal of Testing 1532-7574 Psychological Tests; Educational Measurement; Evaluation Studies as Topic; Educational tests and measurements; Psychological tests; Academic Testing
International Journal of the Economics of Business 1466-1829 Business; Economics
International Journal of the History of Sport 1743-9035 Sports; Sports--History
International Journal of the Legal Profession 1469-9257 Lawyers; Practice of law
The International Trade Journal 1521-0545 Commerce; International economic relations; International trade
International Journal of Training Research Occupational training; Occupational training--Australia; Technical education; Technical education--Australia; Vocational education; Vocational education--Australia; Australia
International Journal of Urban Sciences 2161-6779 Cities and towns; Cities and towns--Korea (South); Korea (South); Urban ecology (Sociology); Urban ecology (Sociology)--Korea (South)
International Journal of Water Resources Development 1360-0648 Water resources development
International Journal of African Renaissance Studies 1753-7274 African diaspora; Africans; Africa
International Journal on Media Management 1424-1250 Mass media; Mass media and technology; Mass media--Management
International Multilingual Research Journal 1931-3160 Multilingualism
International Peacekeeping 1743-906x United Nations; United Nations--Peacekeeping forces; International police; Peacekeeping forces
International Planning Studies 1469-9265 City planning; Planning; Social planning
International Public Management Journal 1559-3169 Public administration
International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 1747-7611 Environmental education; Geography--Study and teaching
International Review of Applied Economics 1465-3486 Economics
International Review of Law, Computers & Technology 1364-6885 Computers--Law and legislation; Information storage and retrieval systems--Law; Law--Computer network resources; Technology and law
International Review of Public Administration 2331-7795 Public administration
International Review of Retail Distribution & Consumer Research 1466-4402 Consumers--Research; Physical distribution of goods; Retail trade
International Review of Sociology 1469-9273 Sociology
International Spectator 1751-9721 World politics; World politics--1945-1989
International Studies in Catholic Education 1942-2547 Catholic Church; Catholic Church--Education; Catholic schools; Catholic universities and colleges; Education
International Studies in Sociology of Education 1747-5066 Educational sociology
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 1469-9281 Philosophy and science; Science--Philosophy
International Studies of Management & Organization 1558-0911 Management; International Business
Internet Reference Services Quarterly 1540-4749 Internet; Library information networks; Reference services (Libraries)
The Interpreter and Translater Trainer 1757-0417 Translators--Training of
Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 1469-929X Postcolonialism; Post-Colonial literatures; English
Investigations in Mathematics Learning 2472-7466 Learning disabilities; Mathematics--Study and teaching
Investment Analysts Journal 2077-0227 Finance; Investment analysis; Investments; Investments--Africa, Southern; Southern Africa
Iran 2396-9202 History of Asia; Iran--Periodicals; Iran--Civilization; Iran--History; Iran
Irish Educational Studies 1747-4965 Education; Education--Ireland; Ireland
Irish Political Studies 1743-9078 Politics and government; Ireland
Irish Studies Review 1469-9303 English literature--Irish authors; English literature--Irish authors--History and criticism; Irish literature; Irish literature--History and criticism; Irish periodicals; Ireland
Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations 1469-9311 Islam; Islam--Relations--Christianity; Christianity; Christianity and other religions--Islam; Interfaith relations
Israel Affairs 1743-9086 Israel; Israel--History--1993
Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs 2373-9789 Diplomatic relations; Israel; Israel--Foreign relations
Italian Culture 1559-0909 Arts, Italian; Civilization; Italian philology; Italy; Italy--Civilization
Italian Studies 1748-6181 Intellectual life; Italian literature; Study skills; Italy; Italian literature--History and criticism; Italy--Intellectual life; Italy--Study and teaching
The Italianist Online 1748-619X Italian language; Italian literature; Italy; Italian literature--History and criticism
Japan Forum 1469-932X Geography of Asia; Japan
The Japanese Political Economy 2329-1958 Economic history; Japan; Japan--Politics and government--Economic aspects; Japan--Economic conditions
Japanese Studies 1469-9338 Study skills; Japan; Japan--Study and teaching
Javnost - The Public 1854-8377 Communication; Social history; Sociology
Jazz Perspectives 1749-4079 Jazz
Jewish Culture and History 2167-9428 Jews; Jews--Social life and customs; Judaism--Customs and practices; Jodendom
Journal for Cultural Research 1740-1666 Culture; Ethics; Intellectual life; Values
Journal for Maritime Research 1469-1957 Naval history; Navigation; Great Britain; Navigation--History; Great Britain--Navigation
Journal for Specialists in Group Work 1549-6295 Group counseling; Group psychotherapy
Journal for the Study of Education and Development: Infancia y Aprendizaje 1578-4126 Education; Educational psychology; Teaching
Journal for the Study of Spirituality 2044-0251 Spirituality
Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education 1935-7400 College athletes--Education; College sports; United States; College sports--United States
Journal of Access Services 1536-7975 Libraries, Digital; Digital libraries
Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning 1754-0402 Adventure education; Outdoor education
Journal of Advertising 1557-7805 Advertising; Advertising--Research
Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology 2053-9339 Aesthetics; Phenomenology; Phenomenology and art
Journal of African Business 1522-9076 Commerce; Economic history; Africa; Africa--Commerce; Africa--Economic conditions
Journal of African Cultural Studies 1469-9346 Africa; Africa--Civilization; Culture; Social sciences; African languages; Literature (form); Languages of sub-Saharan Africa; Civilization
Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage 2161-9468 African diaspora--Antiquities
Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma 1545-083x Aggression; Crime Victims; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic; Violence; Offenses against the person; Trauma
Journal of Aging & Social Policy 1545-0821 Aged; Health Policy; Public Policy; Older people; Older people--Government policy; Older people--Government policy--United States; Older people--Medical care; Older people--Medical care--United States; Older people--United States; United States
Journal of Aging and Environment (formerly Journal of housing for the elderly) 1540-353x Older people--Housing; Older people--Dwellings
The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 1750-8622 Agricultural education; Agricultural extension work; Europe; Agricultural education--Europe; Agricultural extension work--Europe
Journal of Applied Communication Research 1479-5752 Communication--Research; Communication--Social aspects
Journal of Applied School Psychology 1537-7911 Special education
Journal of Applied Security Research 1936-1629 Police, Private--Training of; Police, Private--Training of--United States; Private security services; United States
Journal of Arabian Studies 2153-4780 Arabian Peninsula
The Journal of Architecture 1466-4410 Architecture; City planning
Journal of Architectural Conservation 2326-6384 Architecture--Conservation and restoration; Architecture--Conservation and restoration--Great Britain; Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration--Great Britain; Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration; Great Britain
Journal of Architectural Education 1531-314x Architecture
Journal of Archival Organization 1533-2756 Archives--Processing
The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society 1930-7799 Performing arts; Performing arts--Law and legislation; United States; Performing arts--United States; Performing arts--Law and legislation--United States
Journal of Asian Public Policy 1751-6242 Economic history; Economic policy; Government policy; Asia; Asia--Economic conditions; Asia--Economic policy; Asia--Government policy
Journal of Asia-Pacific Business 1528-6940 Business; Commerce; Industrial management; Asia; Pacific Area; Industrial management--Asia; Industrial management--Pacific Area; Asia--Commerce; Pacific Area--Commerce
Journal of Australian Studies 1835-6419 Australia--Civilization; Australia--Intellectual life; Civilization; Intellectual life; Australia
Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies 1944-8961 Politics and government; Balkan Peninsula; Middle East; Balkan; Balkan Peninsula--Politics and government; Middle East--Politics and government
Journal of Baltic Studies 1751-7877 Baltic States
Journal of Behavioral Finance 1542-7579 Finance--Psychological aspects; Behavioral Finance; Capital market--Psychological aspects; Finance--Psychological aspects
Journal of Beliefs & Values 1469-9362 Religions--Study and teaching; Religious education; Theology; Values
Journal of Biological Education 2157-6009 Biology--Study and teaching
Journal of Bisexuality 1529-9724 Bisexuality; Bisexual men; Bisexual women; Bisexuality in literature; Bisexuality in motion pictures; Bisexuals--Social conditions; Sexual orientation--Social aspects; Bisexuality in literature--Book reviews; Bisexuality in motion pictures
Journal of Borderlands Studies 2159-1229 Borderlands; International relations; Mexico; North America--Mexican-American Border Region; United States; Mexican-American Border Region; United States--Relations--Mexico; Mexico--Relations--United States
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 1550-6878 Radio broadcasting; Television broadcasting
Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship 1547-0644 Business libraries; Financial libraries
Journal of Business To Business Marketing 1547-0628 Marketing; Industrial marketing
Journal of Change Management 1479-1811 Management; Organizational change--Management
Journal of Child & Adolescent Mental Health 1728-0591 Mental Disorders; Adolescent; Mental Health Services; Adolescent Psychiatry; Child; Adolescent psychiatry; Child psychiatry; South Africa
Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling 2372-7829 Adolescent; Adolescent psychiatry; Adolescent psychiatry--South Africa; Child; Child psychiatry; Child psychiatry--South Africa; Counseling; Psychology, Adolescent; Psychology, Child; South Africa
Journal of Child Psychotherapy 1469-9370 Psychotherapy--in infancy & childhood--Periodicals; Child psychology; Child psychotherapy; Child & Adolescent Psychology; Mental Health Services
Journal of Child Sexual Abuse 1547-0679 Child Abuse, Sexual; Child molesters--Rehabilitation; Child sexual abuse; Child sexual abuse--Prevention; Sexually abused children--Rehabilitation
Journal of Children and Media 1748-2801 Mass media--Social aspects; Mass media--Social aspects; Mass media and youth; Mass media and children
Journal of China Tourism Research 1938-8179 Tourism; Tourism--China; China
Journal of Chinese Cinema 1750-807X Drama & Theater Arts; Motion pictures; China; Taiwan. Motion pictures--China; Motion pictures--Taiwan
Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies 1476-5292 Business, Economy and Management--Economics; Economic history; China; China--Economic conditions
Journal of Civil Society 1744-8697 Civil society; International relations
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology 1744-411x Neurosciences; Neuropsychology; Psychophysiology
Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology 1537-4424 Adolescent Psychology; Child Psychology; Psychology, Clinical; Adolescent psychiatry; Child psychiatry; Child & Adolescent Psychology
Journal of Cognition and Development 1532-7647 Human Development; Child Development; Cognition; Concepts; Visual perception; Cognitive Science
Journal of Cognitive Psychology 2044-592X Cognitive psychology
Journal of College and Character 1940-1639 Education, Higher--Aims and objectives; Education, Higher--Aims and objectives--United States; Education, Higher--Social aspects; Education, Higher--Social aspects--United States; United States
Journal of College Reading and Learning 2332-7413 Reading; Reading (Higher education)
Journal of College Student Psychotherapy 1540-4730 Psychotherapy; Students--psychology; College students--Mental health services
Journal of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics 1743-9094 Commonwealth; Politics and governmentComparative government; Commonwealth countries; Commonwealth countries--Politics and government
Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage 2051-820X Archaeology--Social aspects; Community archaeology
Journal of Community Practice 1543-3706 Community development; Community organization; Social work administration
Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis 1572-5448 Policy sciences--Comparative method; Social policy--Comparative method
Journal of Conflict Archaeology 1574-0781 Battlefields; Excavations (Archaeology); Battlefields--History; Arts and Humanities--History
Journal of Constructivist Psychology 1521-0650 Personal Construct Theory; Constructivism (Psychology); Personal construct theory
Journal of Consumer Health On The Internet 1539-8293 Computer Communication Networks; Community Participation; Delivery of Health Care; Health--Computer network resources; Internet
Journal of Contemporary African Studies 1469-9397 Africa
Journal of Contemporary Asia 1752-7554 Asian Studies; Asia
Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe 2573-9646 Politics and government; Social conditions; Central Europe; Eastern Europe; Germany; Germany--Politics and government--1990-; Germany--Social conditions--1990-; Europe, Central--Politics and government--1989-; Europe, Eastern--Politics and government--1989
Journal of Contemporary China 1469-9400 Politics and government; China; China--Politics and government--1976-2002; China--Politics and government--2002-
Journal of Contemporary European Studies 1478-2790 Area studies, Europe
Journal of Contemporary Religion 1469-9419 Religions; Religions--History--20th century
The Journal of Continuing Higher Education 1948-4801 Adult education; Evening and continuation schools; University extension; United States; Evening and continuation schools--United States; Adult education--United States; University extension--United States
Journal of Convention & Event Tourism 1547-0156 Lifestyle; Convention facilities--Management; Exhibitions--Management; Hospitality industry--Management; United States; Exhibitions--United States--Management
Journal of Corporate Law Studies 1757-8426 Corporation law; Great Britain; Corporation law--Great Britain
Journal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy 2326-7178 Counseling; Counselors; Counselors--Training of
Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy 1533-2683 Couples Therapy; Marital Therapy; Marital psychotherapy
Journal of Creativity In Mental Health 1540-1391 Psychotherapy; Mental Health; Counseling; Counseling--Study and teaching
Journal of Crime and Justice 2158-9119 Crime; Criminal justice, Administration of; Criminal psychology; Police; United States; Crime--United States; Criminal justice, Administration of--United States; Police--United States
Journal of Criminal Justice Education 1745-9117 Criminal justice, Administration of--Study and teaching; Criminology--Study and teaching; United States; Criminal justice, Administration of--Study and teaching--United States; Criminology--Study and teaching--United States
Journal of Critical Realism 1572-5138 Critical realism
Journal of Cultural Economy 1753-0369 Economics--Sociological aspects; Ethnology
Journal of Cultural Geography 1940-6320 Cultural geography; Material culture; United States; Cultural geography--United States; Material culture--United States
Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising 2164-7313 Advertising; Advertising--Research; Comparative advertising; United States; Advertising--United States
Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy 2156-8154 Education--Curricula; Teaching; United States; Education--Curricula--United States; Teaching--United States
Journal of Curriculum Studies 1366-5839 Curriculum Planning & Development; Education--Curricula
Journal of Dance Education 2158-074X Dance--Study and teaching; United States; Dance--Study and teaching--United States
Journal of Development Effectiveness 1943-9407 Economic development; Economic history; Developing countries; Developing countries--Economic conditions
Journal of Development Studies 1743-9140 Economic development; Economic history. Economic history--1945; Developing countries; Developing countries--Economic conditions
Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education 2332-7383 Educational technology; Teachers--Training of--Data processing; United States; Teachers--Training of--United States--Data processing
Journal of Disability & Religion 1522-9122 Disabled Persons--psychology; Disabled Persons--rehabilitation; Pastoral Care; Religion and Medicine; Church work with people with disabilities; People with disabilities--Religious life
Journal of Divorce & Remarriage 1540-4811 Divorce; Divorce--psychology; Marriage; Marriage--psychology; Divorce--Law and legislation; Remariage; United StatesDivorce--Law and legislation--United States
Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education 1745-5642 Early childhood teachers--Education
Journal of Early Christian History 2471-4054 Christian literature, Early; Church history; Church history--Primitive and early church; Fathers of the church; Theology--Early church; Church history--Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600; Theology--History--Early church, ca. 30-600
Journal of Eastern African Studies 1753-1063 Eastern Africa; Africa, Eastern
Journal of East-West Business 1528-6959 East-West trade; International business enterprises; Investments, Foreign
The Journal of Economic Education 2152-4068 Economics--Study and teaching; United States; Economics--Study and teaching--United States
Journal of Economic Issues 1946-326X Economic policy; Economics
Journal of Economic Methodology 1469-9427 Economics--Methodology; Economics
Journal of Economic Policy Reform 1748-7889 Economic policy; Policy sciences; Developing countries; Developing countries--Economic policy
Journal of Ecotourism 1747-7638 Ecotourism
Journal of Education and Work 1469-9435 Education--Economic aspects; Labor supply--Effect of education on
Journal of Education for Business 1940-3356 Business education
Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR) 1532-7671 Children with social disabilities--Education; United States; Children with social disabilities--Education--United States
Journal of Education for Teaching 1360-0540 Teachers; Teachers--Training of; Great Britain; Teachers--Training of--Great Britain
Journal of Education Policy 1464-5106 Education; Education and state
Journal of Educational Administration and History 1478-7431 School management and organization; School management and organization--Great Britain; Great Britain
Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation 1532-768X Educational consultants; Psychological consultation; School psychology
The Journal of Educational Research 1940-0675 Education; Psychology, Educational
Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect 1540-4129 Elder Abuse; Older people--Abuse of; Social work with older people; United States; Older people--Abuse of--United States; Social work with older people--United States
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties 1745-7297 Elections; Political parties; Public opinion; Great Britain; Elections--Great Britain; Public opinion--Great Britain; Political parties--Great Britain
Journal of Electronic Resources In Medical Libraries 1542-4073 Libraries, Medical; Information Systems; Computer Communication Networks; Library Materials; Medical libraries; Medicine--Electronic information resources
Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship 1941-1278 Acquisitions (Libraries); Collection management (Libraries); Libraries and electronic publishing; Electronic information resources--Management
Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law 2376-4538 Energy policy; Natural resources--Law and legislation; Power resources--Law and legislation
The Journal of Environmental Education Online 1940-1892 Environmental education
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 1360-0559 City planning; Regional planning; Great Britain ; City planning--Great Britain; Regional planning--Great Britain
Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning 1522-7200 Environmental policy; Europe; Environmental policy--Europe
Journal of Ethnic And Cultural Diversity In Social Work 1531-3212 Social work with minorities; United States; Social work with minorities--United States
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 1469-9451 Assimilation (Sociology); Emigration and immigration; Ethnic relations; Race relations; Human Migration; Ethnic & Cultural Studies
Journal of Ethnicity In Criminal Justice 1537-7946 Crime and race; Discrimination in criminal justice administration; United States; Discrimination in criminal justice administration--United States; Crime and race--United States
Journal of European Integration 1477-2280 European federation; International economic integration; Political science; Europe; Europe--Economic integration
Journal of European Public Policy 1466-4429 Political planning; Politics and government; European Union countries; Political planning--European Union countries; European Union countries--Politics and government
Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work 2640-8074 Social Work; Research; Evidence-based practice; Evidence-based social work; Social service
The Journal of Experimental Education 1940-0683 Education; Psychology, Experimental; Psychology, Educational; Education--Experimental methods
Journal of Family Communication 1532-7698 Communication in families; Families
Journal of Family Social Work 1540-4072 Family social work; Family social work--United States; United States
Journal of Family Studies 1839-3543 Family; Families
Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody & Child Development 2690-4594 Custody of children; Violence--Psychological aspects
Journal of Feminist Family Therapy 1540-4099 FamilyTherapy; Women--psychology; Women'sRights; Familypsychotherapy; Feministtherapy
Journal of Field Archaeology 2042-4582 Archaeology; Archaeology--Methodology; Methods and techniques of archaeology
Journal of Food Products Marketing 1540-4102 Food industry and trade; Food industry and trade--United States; Food--Marketing; Marketing; United States
Journal of Foodservice Business Research 1537-8039 Food service management; Food service--Marketing; Restaurant management; Restaurants--Marketing
Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology 1478-9957 Forensic psychiatry; Forensic psychology
Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 1522-9092 Forensic psychology; Forensic psychology--Research
Journal of Further and Higher Education 1469-9486 Postsecondary education; Education; Education, Higher; Great Britain; Education, Higher--Great Britain; Postsecondary education
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health 1935-9713 Homosexuality--psychology; Bisexuality--psychology; Mental Disorders; Mental Health; Psychotherapy; Bisexuality; Gays--Mental health; Homosexuality; Lesbians--Mental health; Psychotherap
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services 1540-4056 Social work with gays; Social work with lesbians
The Journal of General Psychology 1940-0888 Psychology
The Journal of Genetic Psychology 1940-0896 Behavior; Psychology, Child; Psychology, Comparative; Child psychology; Education; Psychology
Journal of Genocide Research 1469-9494 Genocide
Journal of Geography 1752-6868 Geography; Geography--Study and teaching
Journal of Geography in Higher Education 1466-1845 Geography--Study and teaching (Higher); Higher Education; Geography & Cartography
Journal of Geoscience Education (formerly Journal of Geoscience) 2158-1428 Geology; Geology--Study and teaching
Journal of Gerontological Social Work 1540-4048 Geriatrics; Social Work; Social work with older people; Social work with older people--United States; United States
Journal of Glbt Family Studies 1550-4298 Gays--Family relationships; Lesbians--Family relationshipsSexual minorities--Family relationships; Bisexuals--Family relationships; Transgender people--Family relationships
Journal of Global Ethics 1744-9634 International relations--Moral and ethical aspects; Social ethics
Journal of Global Fashion Marketing: Bridging Fashion and Marketing 2325-4483 Fashion; Fashion merchandising
Journal of Global Information Technology Management 2333-6846 Information resources management; Information technology--Management
Journal of Global Marketing 1528-6975 Export marketing; Marketing
Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science 2163-9167 Marketing
Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics 2150-4865 Art, Modern; Art, Modern--21st century; Comic books, strips, etc; Graphic novels; Popular culture; Comicroman; Comic
Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy 1528-6916 Chaplaincy Service, Hospital; Hospital Departments; Pastoral Care; Chaplains, Hospital; Pastoral medicine
Journal of Health Communication 1087-0415 Communication in medicine; Public health; Communication; Information; Health education; Communication Studies (General)
Journal of Heritage Tourism 1747-6631 Heritage tourism
The Journal of Higher Education 1538-4640 Education; Education, Higher
Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 1469-9508 Education Policy; Higher Education; Education, Higher--Administration; Universities and colleges--Administration
The Journal of Holocaust Research 2578-5656 Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
Journal of Homosexuality 1540-3602 Homosexuality; Gays--Sexual behavior; Gender identity--Research; Sex role--Research; Male homosexuality--Research; Lesbianism--Research; Sexual minorities--Research; Transsexualism--Research; Gender identity--Research; Sex role--Research; Gays--Sexual behavior; Gay culture--Social aspects; Homophobia--Social aspects; Gay liberation movement--Social aspects; Gay rights--Social aspects
Journal of Hospital Librarianship 1532-3277 Information Services; Libraries, Hospital--organization & administration; Medical Informatics; Hospital libraries--Administration; Medical informatics
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education 2325-6540 Hotel management--Study and teaching; Restaurant management--Study and teaching; Tourism--Study and teaching
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management 1936-8631 Hospitality industry--Marketing; Leisure industry--Marketing
Journal of Housing Research 2691-1337 Housing; Housing--United States; Housing--United States--Finance; Housing--Finance; Housing policy; Housing policy--United States; Mortgages; Mortgages--United States; United States; USA
Journal of Human Behavior In The Social Environment 1540-3556 Human behavior; Social psychology; Social service
Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 1945-2837 Developmental psychology--Social aspects; Developmental psychology; Social sciences
Journal of Human Resources In Hospitality & Tourism 1533-2853 Hospitality industry--Personnel management
Journal of Human Rights 1475-4843 Human rights
Journal of Human Trafficking 2332-2713 Human trafficking; Slavery
Journal of Iberian & Latin American Studies 1469-9524 Civilization; Civilization, Hispanic; Latin American literature; Portuguese literature; Spanish literature; Latin America; Portugal; Spain; Spanish literature--History and criticism; Portuguese literature--History and criticism; Latin American literature--History and criticism; Portugal--Civilization
Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research 2151-9668 Latin America; Portugal; Spain
Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 1556-2956 Emigration and Immigration; Refugees; Social Conditions; Social Work; Immigrants--Social conditions; Refugees--Social conditions; Social work with immigrants; United States; Immigrants--United States--Social conditions; Refugees--United States--Social conditions; Social work with immigrants--United States
Journal of Imperial & Commonwealth History 1743-9329 Commonwealth (Organization); British colonies; Commonwealth countries; Commonwealth countries--History; Great Britain--Colonies--History
Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy 1940-9214 Psychotherapy; Adolescent; Child; Infant; Psychotherapy
Journal of Information Technology & Politics 1933-169x Information technology--Political aspects; Internet in public administration; Political participation--Computer network resources; United States; Information technology--Political aspects--United States; Political participation--United States--Computer network resources; Internet in public administration--United States
Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research 2333-6897 Information technology; Information technology--Management
Journal of Intelligence History 2169-5601 Espionage; Intelligence officers; Military intelligence; Espionage--History
Journal of Interactive Advertising 1525-2019 Advertising; Internet advertising; Marketing
Journal of Intercultural Communication Research 1747-5767 Communication
Journal of Intercultural Studies 1469-9540 Cross-cultural studies; Intercultural communication
Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 1535-0932 Intergenerational relations
The Journal of International Communication 2158-3471 Communication in international relations; Communication, International
Journal of International and Intercultural Communication 1751-3065 Communication, International; Intercultural communication
Journal of International Consumer Marketing 1528-7068 Foreign trade promotion; Marketing research
Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing 1528-6983 Food supply
The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 1469-9559 International trade; Commerce international; Economic development
Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy 1548-1476 Wildlife conservation--Government policy; Wildlife conservation (International law)
Journal of Internet Commerce 1533-287x Online-Handel; Electronic commerce
Journal of Inter-Organizational Relationships 1540-7039 Interorganizational relations; Marketing channels; Marketing channels--United States; Organizational behavior; Organizational effectiveness; United States
Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 1750-2985 Economic assistance; International cooperation; Intervention (International law); Nation-building; Postwar reconstruction
Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology 1556-1828 Coastal archaeology; Island archaeology; Archaeology; Coastal Areas; Islands
Journal of Israeli History 1744-0548 history of Asia; Jews; Zionism; Zionisme; Israel; Middle East--Palestine; Zionism--History; Jews--Palestine--History; Israel--History
Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema 1756-4913 Motion pictures; Japan; Korea (South); Motion pictures--Japan; Motion pictures--Korea (South)
Journal of Jewish Education 1554-611X Jewish religious education; Jews--Education--United States; Jews--Education; United States
Journal of Landscape Architecture 2164-604X Landscape architecture
Journal of Language, Identity & Education 1532-7701 Language and education; Multicultural education
Journal of Language, Literature and Culture 2051-2864 Philology; Philosophy, Modern; Language and culture; Literature
Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 1469-9575 Latin America--Civilization; Civilization; Latin America
Journal of Latinos and Education 1532-771X Hispanic Americans--Education; Hispanic Americans--Ethnic identity; Latin Americans--Education; Latin Americans--Ethnic identity; Education (General)Latino Studies
Journal of Legal History 1744-0564 International law; Law; Law--History
Journal of Legislative Studies 1743-9337 Legislation--Research; Legislative bodies; Legislative power
Journal of Leisure Research 2159-6417 Leisure
Journal of Lesbian Studies 1540-3548 Homosexuality, Female; Gay and lesbian studies; Lesbianism
Journal of Lgbt Youth 1936-1661 Sexual minority youth--Education; Sexual minority youth
Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling 1553-8338 Bisexuality; Bisexuals--Counseling of; Bisexuals--Counseling of--United States; Counseling; Cross-dressers--Counseling of--United States; Gays--Counseling of; Gays--Counseling of--United States; Homosexuality; Lesbians--Counseling of; Lesbians--Counseling of--United States; Transsexualism; United States;
Journal of Library & Information Services In Distance Learning 1533-2918 Libraries and distance education
Journal of Library Administration 1540-3564 Library administration
Journal of Library Metadata 1937-5034 Electronic information resources; Library metadata; Library metadata--United States; United States
Journal of Library Resource Sharing 1540-3572 Document delivery; Interlibrary Loans; Information Services; Library information networks
Journal of Literary Studies 1753-5387 Criticism; Literature; Literature--History and criticism
Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping 1532-5032 Traumatology; Adaptation, Psychological; Bereavement; Interpersonal Relations; Life Change Events; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic; Bereavement; Mental Health Services; Adjustment (Psychology); Interpersonal relations; Life change events; Loss (Psychology); Post-traumatic stress disorder
Journal of Management Information Systems 1557-928X Management information systems
Journal of Map And Geography Libraries 1542-0361 Geographic information systems; Geography libraries; Map collections
Journal of Marketing Communications 1466-4445 Communication in marketing; Marketing
Journal of Marketing For Higher Education 1540-7144 College publicity; College students--Recruiting; Education, Higher--Marketing; United States; Education, Higher--United States--Marketing; College publicity--United States
Journal of Marketing Management 1472-1376 Marketing--Management
Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice 1944-7175 Marketing; Marketing research
Journal of Mathematical Sociology 1545-5874 Sociology; Sociology--Mathematical models; Mathematical Sociology
Journal of Media and Religion 1534-8415 Mass media--Religious aspects
Journal of Media Business Studies 2376-2977 Mass media and business
Journal of Media Economics 1532-7736 Mass media--Economic aspects--United States; Mass media policy; Mass media; Mass media policy
Journal of Media Ethics 1532-7728 Journalistic ethics; Mass media--Moral and ethical aspects
Journal of Media Law 1757-7640 Mass media--Law and legislation; Telecommunication--Law and legislation
Journal of Medieval History 1873-1279 Middle Ages
Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies 1754-6567 Civilization; Iberians; Europe--Iberian Peninsula; Portugal; Spain; Iberians--History; Iberian Peninsula--Civilization; Spain--Civilization--711-1516; Portugal--Civilization--To 1500; Spain--Civilization
Journal of Mega Infrastructure and Sustainable Development 2472-4750 Infrastructure (Economics)--Planning; Public utilities--Planning; Public works--Planning
Journal of Mental Health 1360-0567 Mental Disorders; Mental Health; Mental Health Services; Mental health; Mental health services; Psychiatry; Psychology
Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities 1931-5872 Mental Disorders; Autistic Disorder; Developmental Disabilities--Periodicals; Autism--Research; Intellectual disability; Psychiatry--Research
The Journal of the Middle East and Africa 2152-0852 Africa; Middle East
Journal of Military Ethics 1502-7589 Military ethics
Journal of Modern Chinese History 1753-5662 China; China--History--20th century
The Journal of Modern Craft 1749-6780 Decorative arts; Handicraft; Industrial arts; Design
Journal of Modern Italian Studies 1469-9583 Civilization; Italy; Italy--Civilization--19th century; Italy--Civilization--20th century; Italy--History--19th century; Italy--History--20th century
Journal of Modern Jewish Studies 1472-5894 Jews; Jews--Study and teaching; Judaism; Jewish Life & Spirituality; Jewish Studies
Journal of Moral Education 1465-3877 Moral development; Moral education
Journal of Motor Behavior 1940-1027 Motor Activity; Motor Skills; Human mechanics; Movement, Psychology of
Journal of Multicultural Discourses 1747-6615 Language and languages; Multiculturalism; Language and languages--Cross-cultural studies
Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development 1747-7557 Cultural pluralism; Multilingualism
Journal of Museum Education 2051-6169 Museums--Educational aspects
Journal of Musical Arts in Africa 2070-626X Music; Africa; South Africa; Music--Africa--History and criticism; Music--South Africa
Journal of Musicological Research 1547-7304 Music; Musicology; Musicology & Ethnomusicology
Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 1469-9591 Islam; Muslims; Religious minorities; Muslims; Non-Islamic countries; Muslims--Non-Islamic countries
Journal of New Music Research 1744-5027 Music; Musicology
Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing 1540-6997 Marketing; Nonprofit-Marketing; Government marketing; Nonprofit organizations--Marketing
Journal of North African Studies 1743-9345 North Africa
Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 1540-8558 Criminal Psychology; Criminology; Rehabilitation; Corrections; Corrections--United States; Criminals--Rehabilitation; United States
Journal of Organizational Behavior Management 1540-8604 Behavior Therapy; Motivation; Personnel Management; Organizational behavior; Management
The Journal of Pacific History 1469-9605 Pacific Islands History; Pacific Studies; Pacific Area; Pacific Ocean--Islands of the Pacific; Pacific Area--History; Islands of the Pacific--History
Journal of Palestine Studies 1533-8614 Jewish-Arab relations; Middle East situation; Palestine question
Journal of Paper Conservation 2057-1682 Books--Conservation and restoration; Paper--Preservation
Journal of Pastoral Theology 2161-4504 Pastoral theology
Journal of Peace Education 1740-021X Peace; Peace--Study and teaching
The Journal of Peasant Studies 1743-9361 Peasants; Sociology, Rural
Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management 1557-7813 Sales management; Selling
Journal of Personality Assessment 1532-7752 Psychology; Personality assessment; Projective techniques; Personality
Journal of Physical Education Recreation & Dance 2168-3816 Dancing; Physical Education and Training--Periodicals; Dance; Physical education and training; Recreation
Journal of Poetry Therapy 1567-2344 Poetry as Topic; Psychotherapy; Poetry--Therapeutic use
Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism 2159-5364 Intelligence service; Police; Terrorism--Prevention
Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events 1940-7971 Consumption (Economics)--Social aspects; Tourism--Research
Journal of Political Ideologies 1469-9613 Ideology; Ideology--History; Political science; Political science--History; Political science--Philosophy; Right and left (Political science); Right and left (Political science)--History; Political Science & Studies
Journal of Political Marketing 1537-7865 Campaign management; Political campaigns; Marketing--Political aspects
Journal of Political Power 2158-3803 Power (Social sciences); Political science; Power (Philosophy)
Journal of Political Science Education 1551-2177 Political science--Study and teaching
Journal of Popular Film and Television 1930-6458 Motion pictures; Television broadcasting
The Journal of Positive Psychology 1743-9779 Psychology; Behavioral Medicine; Happiness--Psychological aspects; Positive psychology; Quality of life--Psychological aspects
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 1557-7821 Economics; Keynesian economics
Journal of Postcolonial Writing 1744-9863 English literature; English literature--History and criticism; Literature, Modern; Literature, Modern--History and criticism; Postcolonialism in literature; Postcolonialism in literature
Journal of Poverty 1540-7608 Poor; Poor--United States; Poverty; Poverty--United States; Public welfare--United States; Public welfare; United States
Journal of Private International Law 1757-8418 Conflict of laws; Legal polycentricity
Journal of Professional Counseling: Practice, Theory & Research 2168-9156 Counseling; Educational counseling
Journal of Progessive Human Services 1540-7616 Radicalism; Radicalism--United States; Social service; Social service--United States; United States
Journal of Promotion Management 1540-7594 Marketing; Advertising; Consumers; Marketing--Management; Motivation research (Marketing); Sales promotion
Journal of Property Research 1466-4453 Land use; Land use--Great Britain; Real estate business; Real estate business--Great Britain; Great Britain
The Journal of Psychology 1940-1019 Psychology
Journal of Psychology in Africa 1815-5626 Blacks--Psychology; Ethnopsychology; Psychology; Sub-Saharan Africa; Latin America; Psychology--Africa, Sub-Saharan; Ethnopsychology--Africa, Sub-Saharan; Blacks--Latin America--Psychology; Psychology--Latin America; Ethnopsychology--Latin America
Journal of Psychosocial Oncology 1540-7586 Neoplasms--psychology; Social Environment; Social Support; Cancer--Psychological aspects; Cancer--Social aspects
Journal of Public Affairs Education 2328-9643 Policy sciences--Study and teaching; Public administration--Study and teaching
Journal of Public Child Welfare 1554-8740 Child welfare; Child welfare--United States; United States
Journal of Public Relations Research 1532-754X Public relations; Public relations--Research; Public Relations
Journal of Quality Assurance In Hospitality & Tourism 1528-0098 Hospitality industry; Quality assurance; Tourism
Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 1744-5035 Linguistics--Statistical methods
Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City 2688-4682 Ethnic relations; Race relations; Sociology, Urban
Journal of Radio and Audio Media 1937-6537 Digital audio broadcasting; Radio broadcasting
Journal of Real Estate Literature 1573-8809 Real estate business
Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management 2691-1205 Real Estate; Real estate investment; Real estate investment--United States; Portfolio management; Portfolio management--United States; United States
Journal of Real Estate Research 2691-1175 Real estate business; Real estate business--Research; Real estate business--Research--United States; Real estate investment; Real estate investment--United States; United States; USA
Journal of Relationship Marketing 1533-2675 Customer services--Quality control; Marketing--Management; Relationship marketing
Journal of Religion & Spirituality In Social Work: Social Thought 1542-6440 Christian sociology; Church and social problems; Church and social problems--Catholic Church; Church and social problems--United States; United States
Journal of Religion, Spirituality & Aging 1552-8049 Church work with older people; Gerontology; Older people--Psychology; Older people--Religious life; Older people--Social conditions
Journal of Religious & Theological Information 1528-6924 Religion--Bibliography--Methodology; Theological libraries; Theology--Bibliography--Methodology
Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 1469-672X Reproduction; Child Psychology; Women--psychology; Human reproduction--Psychological aspects; Infant psychology; Pregnancy--Psychological aspects
Journal of Research in Childhood Education 2150-2641 Child Development; Education; Learning; Research Design; Child; Infant; Journals; Education--Evaluation; Education--Research
Journal of Research on Christian Education 1934-4945 Christian education; Christian education--Research
Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness 1934-5739 Education--Research
Journal of Research on Technology in Education 1945-0818 Computers in education; Computer-assisted instruction; Distance education; Educational technology; Internet in education
Journal of Risk Research 1466-4461 Risk management; Technology--Risk assessment
Journal of Russian & East European Psychology 1558-0415 Mental Disorders; Psychiatry; Psychology
Journal of School Choice 1558-2167 School choice--United States
Journal of School Violence 1538-8239 School environment; School violence—Prevention
Journal of Science Teacher Education 1573-1847 Science teachers--Training of
Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy 1521-0715 Marriage; Sexual Dysfunction, Physiological--therapy; Marital psychotherapy; Paraphilias; Psychotherapy; Sexual disorders
Journal of Sexual Aggression 1742-6545 Sex crimes; Sex offenders; Aggression; Child Abuse, Sexual
Journal of Sexual Health & Compulsivity 1532-5318 Addiction & Compulsive Behavior; Disruptive, Impulse Control, and Conduct Disorders; Recovery Counseling; Behavior, Addictive; Sex Addiction; Sexual Behavior--psychology; Sexual Dysfunctions, Psychology
The Journal of Slavic Military Studies 1556-3006 Military art and science; Military readiness; Slavic Studies; Military History & Science; Eastern Europe; Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Military art and science--Former Soviet republics; Military art and science--Europe, Eastern; Former Soviet republics--Defenses; Europe, Eastern--Defenses
Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship 2169-2610 Entrepreneurship; Small business; Small business--Canada; Canada
Journal of Small Business Management 1540-627X Small business--Management
Journal of Social Entrepreneurship 1942-0684 Social entrepreneurship.
The Journal of Social Psychology 1940-1183 Psychology, Social; Social psychology
Journal of Social Service Research 1540-7314 Social Work; Social service. Social service--Research.
Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 1469-9621 Public welfare--Law and legislation--Great Britain; Family; Jurisprudence; Social Welfare.rotection sociale. Public welfare--Law and legislation ; Europe; Great Britain
Journal of Social Work Education 2163-5811 Social Work--education; Social work education; United States
Journal of Social Work In End-of-Life & Palliative Care 1552-4264 Social Work; Terminal Care--psychology; Palliative Care--psychology; Social work with older people; Social work with the terminally ill.
Journal of Social Work Practice 1465-3885 Social service--Case studies Social service--Psychological aspects--Periodicals; Social service--Book reviews--Periodicals.
Journal of Social Work Practice In The Addictions 1533-2578 Substance-Related Disorders--therapy; Social Work; Counseling; Alcoholism--Treatment; Drug abuse counseling; Drug abuse--Treatment ;Social work with alcoholics; Social work with drug addict
Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 1743-9639 Economic history; Geopolitics; Politics and government; Balkan Studies; Balkan Peninsula; Black Sea Region; Geopolitics--Balkan Peninsula; Geopolitics--Black Sea Region; Balkan Peninsula--Economic conditions--20th century; Balkan Peninsula--Politics and government--1989-; Black Sea Region--Economic conditions--20th century; Black Sea Region--Politics and government--20th century
Journal of Southern African Studies 1465-3893 Southern Africa; Social sciences; History of Africa; African studies
Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 1469-9818 Popular culture--Spain--History; Spain--Civilization; Spain--Intellectual life; Spain--Politics and government; Civilization; Intellectual life; Politics and government; Popular culture; Spain
Journal of Spanish Language Teaching 2324-7800 Spanish language--Study and teaching
Journal of Spirituality In Mental Health 1934-9645 Pastoral counseling; Psychology; Religion & Philosophy (General)
Journal of Sport & Tourism 1029-5399 Sports and tourism; Sports & Leisure (General)
Journal of Strategic Marketing 1466-4488 Marketing; Marketing--Decision making; Marketing--Management
Journal of Strategic Studies 1743-937x Military policy; Strategy; World politics
Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice 1949-6605 Counseling in higher education; Student affairs administrators; Student affairs services; Universities and colleges; United States; Student affairs services--United States; Student affairs administrators--United States; Universities and colleges--United States; Counseling in higher education--United States
Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment 2043-0809 Environmental economics; Social responsibility of business; Sustainable development--Accounting; Sustainable development--Finance; Sustainable development--International cooperation
Journal of Sustainable Tourism 1747-7646 Sustainable development; Tourism; Volunteer Tourism
Journal of Teaching In International Business 1528-6991 Business education; International business enterprises--Study and teaching
Journal of Teaching In Social Work 1540-7349 Social work education; United States; Social work education--United States
Journal of Teaching In Travel & Tourism 1531-3239 Tourism--Research; Tourism--Study and teaching (Higher)
Journal of Technology In Human Services 1522-8991 Social Work; Computers; Health Services; Internet; Human services--Data processing; Human services--Information services; Social service--Data processing
Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice 2051-1795 Textile crafts; Textile design; Textile fabrics
Journal of the African Literature Association 2167-4744 African literature
Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 1945-2330 Art--Conservation and restoration; Museum conservation methods; Paper--Preservation
Journal of the American Planning Association 1939-0130 City planning; Planning; Urban planning; Regional planning; Programme planning; Economic planning; Social planning; Urban Planning & Development
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 1469-9648 Economic history; International economic integration; Asia; Pacific Area; Asia--Economic conditions--1945; Pacific Area--Economic conditions; Asia--Economic integration; Pacific Area--Economic integration
Journal of the British Archaeological Association 1747-6704 British Archaeological Association; Archaeology; Antiquities; Archaeology; Archeologie; Great Britain; Great Britain--Antiquities
Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 2332-0486 Phenomenology
Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association 2224-7963 Pentecostal churches--Missions; Pentecostalism; Theology; Europe; Pentecostalism--Europe; Pentecostalism--History
Journal of the History of the Neurosciences 1744-5213 Neurology--history; Neurosciences--history; Neurosciences
Journal of the Indian Ocean Region 1948-108x Social conditions; Research; Economic policy; Politics and government; Strategic aspects of individual places; Indian Ocean Region; Indian Ocean Region--Social conditions; Indian Ocean Region--Economic policy; Indian Ocean Region--Research; Indian Ocean Region--Politics and government; Indian Ocean Region--Strategic aspects
Journal of the Institute of Conservation 1945-5232 Art--Conservation and restoration; Monuments--Conservation and restoration; Paper--Preservation
Journal of the International Council for Small Business 2643-7023 Small business; Sustainable development
Journal of the Learning Sciences 1532-7809 Education; Education--United States; Learning; United States
Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 1543-2939 Sports--Philosophy
Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change 1747-7654 Heritage tourism; Tourism
Journal of Tourism History 1755-1838 Tourism; Tourism--History
Journal of Transnational Management 1547-5786 International business enterprises--Management
Journal of Trauma & Dissociation 1529-9740 Dissociative Disorders--therapy; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic--diagnosis; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic--psychology; Dissociative disorders; Multiple personality; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Psychic trauma
Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing 1540-7306 Tourism
Journal of Trust Research 2151-559x Interpersonal relations; Organizational behavior; Trust
Journal of Urban Affairs 1467-9906 Cities and towns; City planning; Urban policy; Changement social; United States; Cities and towns--United States; City planning--United States; Urban policy--United States
Journal of Urban Design 1469-9664 City planning
Journal of Urban Technology 1466-1853 Cities and towns; Cities and towns--Effect of technological innovations on
Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainabilty 1754-9183 City planning; Sociology, Urban; Sustainable urban development
Journal of Visual Art Practice 1758-9185 Aesthetics; Art--Philosophy; Art--Study and teaching; Visual Arts Education
Journal of Visual Literacy 2379-6529 Visual learning;Visual literacy; United States; Education
Journal of Vocational Education and Training 1747-5090 Technical education; Vocational education
Journal of War & Culture Studies 1752-6280 War; War (Philosophy)
Journal of Web Librarianship 1932-2917 Electronic journals--Management; Internet; Library science; Web librarianship; Wikis (Computer science); World Wide Web
Journal of Wetland Archaeology 2051-6231 Archaeology; Water-saturated sites (Archaeology); Wetlands
Journal of Wine Research 1469-9672 Viticulture; Viticulture--Great Britain; Wine and wine making; Great Britain
Journal of Women & Aging 1540-7322 Aging; Women; Women's Health Services; Older women; Older women--United States; Social work with older people; Social work with older people--United States; Social work with women; Social work with women--United States; United States
Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education 2637-9120 Women in higher education
Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 1554-4788 Women--Government policy; Women--Political activity; Women's rights
Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health 1555-5259 Occupational Health Services; Employee assistance programs
Journal of Youth Studies 1469-9680 Youth; Youth--Social aspects
Journal on the Use of Force and International Law 2053-1710 Intervention (International law); Just war doctrine; War (International law)
Journalism History 2641-2071 Humanities (General); History (General)
Journalism Practice 1751-2794 Journalism
Journalism Studies 1469-9699 Journalism--Study and teaching; Journalism
Judicial Review 1757-8434 Judicial review; Judicial review--Great Britain; Jurisprudence; Great Britain
Jung Journal 1934-2047 Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961; Jungian psychology; Psychoanalysis and culture
Jurisprudence 2040-3321 Jurisprudence; Law--Philosophy
Justice Evaluation Journal 2475-1987 Criminal justice, Administration of; Criminology; Law enforcement
Justice Quarterly 1745-9109 Criminal justice, Administration of; Criminal justice, Administration of--United States; United States
Justice System Journal 2327-7556 Court administration; Justice, Administration of; United States; Justice, Administration of--United States; Court administration--United States
Kappa Delta Pi Record 2163-1611 Education; Education--United States; United States
The Keats-Shelly Review 2042-1362 Keats, John,--1795-1821; Shelley, Percy Bysshe,--1792-1822; English poetry--19th century--History and criticism; Poets, English--19th century--Biography; Romanticism--England; Keats, John,--1795-1821; Shelley, Percy Bysshe,--1792-1822; English poetry
King's Law Journal 1757-8442 International law; Law; Law--Great Britain; Law reviews; Law reviews--England; England; Great Britain
KIVA: Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History 2051-6177 Anthropology; Antiquities; Archaeology; Indians of North America; New Southwest; Anthropology--Southwest, New; Indians of North America--Southwest, New; Southwest, New--Antiquities; Southwest, New--History
Konsthistorisk Tidskrift 1651-2294 Art
Labor History 1469-9702 Labor; Labor History; Labor movement; Labor movement--United States; Labor unions; Labor unions--United States--History; Labor--United States--History; Organized Labor; United States
Labour & Industry: A Journal of the Social and Economic Relations of Work 2325-5676 Industrial relations; Work
Landscape History 2160-2506 Human geography; Landscapes; Landscapes--History; Land settlement patterns; Land settlement patterns--History
Landscape Research 1469-9710 Land use--Planning; Landscapes
Landscapes 2040-8153 Landscapes; Landscapes--Social aspects; Landscapes--History; Landscape archaeology; Europa; Irland
Language & History 1759-7544 Linguistics; Linguistics--History
Language & Intercultural Communication 1747-759X Intercultural communication; Language and culture
Language Acquisition 1532-7817 Language acquisition; Linguistics
Language and Education 1747-7581 Native language--Study and teaching; Language and education; Language and languages--Study and teaching
Language Assessment Quarterly 1543-4311 Language and languages--Ability testing; Language and languages--Examinations
Language Awareness 1747-7565 Language awareness
Language Cognition and Neuroscience 2327-3801 Language; Cognition; Brain--physiology; Linguistics; Neurosciences; Psycholinguistics
Language Learning and Development 1547-3341 Children--Language; Language acquisition--Research
Language Learning Journal 1753-2167 Language and languages--Study and teaching
Language Matters 1753-5395 Africa, Southern--Languages; Language and languages; Southern Africa
Language, culture and Curriculum 1747-7573 Language and languages; Language and languages--Study and teaching
Laterality: Asymmetries of Brain, Behaviour, and Cognition 1464-0678 Functional Laterality; Cerebral dominance; Laterality; Psychology
Latin American and Carribean Ethnic Studies 1744-2230 Ethnicity; Caribbean Area; Latin America; Ethnicity--Latin America; Ethnicity--Caribbean Area
Latin American Business Review 1528-6932 Latin America; Economic history; Commerce; Latin America; Latin America--Economic conditions; Latin America--Commerce
Law & Literature 1541-2601 Law and literature
Law and Financial Markets Review 1752-1459 Commercial Law; Financial Markets; Capital market--Law and legislation; Corporations--Finance--Law and legislation; England; Corporations--Finance--Law and legislation--England; Capital market--Law and legislation--England
Law and Humanities 1752-1491 Social Sciences & Humanities (General); Law; Humanities; Law and art; Law and literature
Law Innovation and Technology 1757-997X Technology and law; Technology--Law and legislation
The Law Teacher 1943-0353 Law; Great Britain; Law--Great Britain
Leadership & Policy in Schools 1744-5043 Educational leadership; School management and organization
Learning Media & Technology 1743-9892 Distance education; Educational technology; Internet in education; Teaching--Aids and devices; Television in education
Learning: Research and Practice 2373-5090 Learning; Learning--Research
Legal Ethics 1757-8450 Legal ethics
Legal Pluralism and Critical Social Analysis 2770-6877 Customary law; Ethnological jurisprudence; Law and the social sciences; Legal polycentricity
Legal Reference Services Quarterly 1540-949x Legal research--Study and teaching; Legal research; United States; Legal research--United States; Legal research--Study and teaching--United States
Leisure Sciences 1521-0588 Leisure; Social Sciences & Humanities (General); Sports & Leisure (General)
Leisure Studies 1466-4496 Leisure; Recreation
Leisure/Loisir 2151-2221 Recreation--Ontario; Recreation--Government policy--Ontario; Recreation; Recreation--Government policy; Ontario
Levant: The Journal of the Council for British Research in the Levant 1756-3801 Antiquities; Middle East; Middle East--Antiquities
Life Writing 1751-2964 Autobiography; Biography as a literary form
Lit: Literature Interpretation Theory 1545-5866 Literature; Literature--History and criticism
Literacy Research & Instruction 1938-8063 Children--Books and reading; Literacy; Reading
Lithic Technology 2051-6185 Antiquities, Prehistoric; Stone implements; Tools, Prehistoric; Archeology
Liturgy 1557-3001 Catholic Church; Liturgics; Catholic Church--Liturgy
Local Development & Society 2688-3600 Geography; Planning; Urban & Environment
Local Environment 1469-6711 Environmental policy; Region
Local Government Studies 1743-9388 Local government; Local government--Great Britain; Great Britain
Loisir et Societe / Society and Leisure 1705-0154 Leisure--Social aspects
The London Journal: A Review of Metropolitan Society Past and Present 1749-6322 Civilization--history; Civilization; England--London; London (England)--Civilization
Luxury 2051-1825 Consumption (Economics); Consumption (Economics)--History; Culture; Culture--History; Luxury; Luxury--History
Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies 1752-0851 Economic policy; Finance; Monetary policy; Developing countries; Monetary policy--Developing countries; Finance--Developing countries; Developing countries--Economic policy
Management & Organizational History 1744-9367 Management; Organizational behavior; Management--History; Organizational behavior--History
Managing Sport and Leisure 2375-0480 Sports administration; Leisure--Management
The Mariner's Mirror 2049-680x Great Britain. Royal Navy; Naval art and science; Naval history; Great Britain. Royal Navy--History
Maritime Affairs:Journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India 1946-6609 Merchant marine; Navigation; India; Merchant marine--India--History; Navigation--India
Maritime Policy & Management 1464-5254 Transport maritime; Marine resources; Policy sciences; Shipping--Management; Maritime services; Maritime transport; Ports
Marketing Education Review 2153-9987 Marketing--Study and teaching; United States; Marketing--Study and teaching--United States
Marriage & Family Review 1540-9635 Family; Marriage; Families; Mariage; Aspect psychosocial; United States; Families--United States; Marriage--United States
Mass Communication and Society 1532-7825 Mass media--Social aspects; Mass media and culture; Communication--Social aspects; Communication and culture; Journalism--Social aspects; Communication and culture; Journalism--Social aspects; Mass media and culture;Mass media--Social aspects
Material Religion 1751-8342 Art and religion; Religion; Religious articles; Religion
Mathematical Population Studies 1547-724x Demography--Mathematical models; Demography--Mathematics
Mathematical Thinking and Learning 1532-7833 Mathematics--Study and teaching
Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development 1947-6302 Aptitude Tests; Counseling; Educational Measurement; Vocational Guidance; Educational counseling; Educational tests and measurements
Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research & Perspective 1536-6359 Research Design; Biometry; Measurement; Social sciences--Mathematical models; Social sciences--Methodology; Social sciences--Statistical methods; Academic Testing
Media Asia 2377-6277 Mass media; Mass communication; Communication research; Asia; Mass media--Asia
Media History 1469-9729 Mass media--History; Press--History; Journalism--History; Journalism; Mass media; Press
Media Practice and Education 2040-0926 Education in mass media--; Mass media--Research; Communication--Study and teaching; Media programs (Education); Communication--Study and teaching; Education in mass media; Mass media--Research; Media programs (Education)
Media Psychology 1532-785X Media--Journals; Psychology--Journals; Psychology
Medical Anthropology 1545-5882 Medical anthropology
Medical Reference Services Quarterly 1540-9597 Information Services; Information Systems; Libraries, Medical; Library Services; Medicine--Information services; Reference services (Libraries)
Medicine Conflict & Survival 1743-9396 Social Medicine; War--Periodicals; World Health; War--Medical aspects
Medieval Archaeology 1745-817X Archaeology; Antiquities; Archaeology, Medieval; Middle Ages; Great Britain; Archaeology, Medieval--Great Britain; Great Britain--Antiquities
Medieval Mystical Theology 2046-5734 Eckhart, Meister, -1327; Mysticism--Middle Ages; Eckhart, Meister, -1327--Criticism and interpretation; Mysticism--History--Middle Ages, 600-1500
Medieval Sermon Studies 1749-6276 Sermons, Medieval; Sermons, Medieval--History; Sermons, Medieval--Bibliography
Mediterranean Historical Review 1743-940x Mediterranean Region; Mediterranean Region--History
Mediterranean Politics 1743-9418 Politics and government; Mediterranean Region; Mediterranean Region--Politics and government--1945
Memory 1464-0686 Memory
Mental Health, Religion & Culture 1469-9737 Culture; Mental Health; Religion; Religion and Medicine; Religion and Psychology; Cultural psychiatry; Medicine--Religious aspects; Mental health--Religious aspects; Mentally ill--Pastoral counseling of; Psychiatry and religion; Religion and culture; Religion & Philosophy (General)Psychiatry; Psychology; Cultural Studies
Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning 1469-9745 Mentoring in education; Tutors and tutoring; Education
Metaphor and Symbol 1532-7868 Metaphor; Semiotics
Middle East Critique 1943-6157 Politics and government; Middle East; Middle East--Politics and government
Middle East Development Journal 1793-8171 Economic forecasting; Economic forecasting--Middle East; Economic forecasting--Africa; Economic history; Africa; Africa--Economic conditions--1960; Middle East; Middle East--Economic conditions--1979-
Middle Eastern Literatures 1475-2638 Arabic literature; Middle Eastern literature; Arabic & Middle Eastern Literature; Arabic literature--History and criticism; Middle Eastern literature--History and criticism
Middle Eastern Studies 1743-7881 Middle East
Middle School Journal 2327-6223 Middle schools; United States; Middle schools--United States
Midland History 1756-381X Midlands--Historia--(Tidskrift); England--Midlands; Midlands (England)--History
Migration and Development 2163-2332 Emigration and immigration; Emigration and immigration--Economic aspects
The Military Balance 1479-9022 Armed Forces
Military Behavioral Health 2163-5803 Combat--Psychological aspects; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Soldiers--Psychological aspects; Soldiers--Mental health services; Veterans--Mental health services
Military Psychology 1532-7876 Psychology, Military; Armed Forces; Psychology, Military; United States; United States--Armed Forces
Mind, Culture, and Activity 1532-7884 Cognition; Cognition and culture
Ming Studies 1759-7595 China; China--History--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644
Mobilities 1745-011x Communication; Population geography; Tourism; Transportation
Modern and Contemporary France 1469-9869 France; Since 1700; France--History--18th century; France--History--1789-; France--History--20th century
Monumenta Serica: Journal of Oriental Studies 2057-1690 Study skills; China; China--Study and teaching
Mortality 1469-9885 Mortality; Vital Statistics; Attitude to Death; Bereavement; Death; Thanatology; Undertakers and undertaking
Multicultural Education Review 2377-0031 Education; Multicultural education
Multicultural Perspectives 1532-7892 Multicultural education; Multiculturalism; Ethnic & Cultural Studies
Museum History Journal 1936-9824 Museum techniques; Museums; Museums--History; Museum techniques--History
Museum International 1468-0033 Museums
Museum Management and Curatorship 1872-9185 Museum curators; Museums--Administration
Museums & Social Issues (A Journal of Reflective Discourse) 2051-6193 Museums--Political aspects; Museums--Public relations; Museums--Social aspects.
Music Education Research 1469-9893 Music--Instruction and study; Music--Instruction and study--Research; Music Education & Instruction
Music Reference Services Quarterly 1540-9503 Music; Music libraries; Reference services (Libraries)
Musicology Australia 1949-453X Music; Musicology; Australia; Musicology--Australia
Muziki 1753-593x Musicology; Music; Africa; Musicology--Africa
NABE Journal of Research and Practice 2639-0035 Education, Bilingual
NACLA Report on the Americas 2471-2620 Diplomatic relations; Latin America; United States; Latin America--Foreign relations--United States; United States--Foreign relations--Latin America
NAEA News 2471-7339 National Art Education Association; Art--Study and teaching--United States; Art--Study and teaching--Canada; Art--Study and teaching; Canada; United States
National Identities 1469-9907 Nationalism; Ethnicity; Nationalism
Nationalism & Ethnic Politics 1557-2986 Electronic journals; Ethnic relations; Nationalism; World politics
Ñawpa Pacha (Journal of Andean Archaeology) 2051-6207 Indians of South America--Andes; Archaeology--Andes; Archaeology; Indians of South America; Andes
Neurocase 1465-3656 Mental Disorders--Abstracts; Mental Disorders--Case Reports; Neuropsychology--Case Reports; Neuropsychology--Abstracts; Nervous System Diseases--Abstracts; Nervous System Diseases--Case Reports; Neuropsychology--Case studies; Neuropsychiatry--Case studies
Neuropsychoanalysis 2044-3978 Psychoanalysis; Neurosciences
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 1464-0694 Brain damage--Patients--Rehabilitation; Clinical neuropsychology; Rehabilitation; Neurology; Rehabilitation Therapy
The New Bioethics (A Multidisciplinary Journal of Biotechnology and the Body) 2050-2885 Bioethics; Genetics; Human genetics; Human genetics--Moral and ethical aspects; Reproduction
The New Educator 1549-9243 Education--Study and teaching; Teachers--Recruiting; Teachers--Training of; USA
New Political Economy 1469-9923 Economics; International economic relations
New Political Science 1469-9931 Political science; Social sciences; Political Science & Studies
New Review of Academic Librarianship 1740-7834 Academic libraries; Library science; Great Britain; Academic libraries--Great Britain; Library science--Great Britain
New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship 1740-7885 Children--Books and reading; Children's libraries; Children's literature
New Review of Film & Television Studies 1740-7923 Film criticism; Motion pictures--Evaluation; Television criticism; Television; Film criticism; Motion pictures--Evaluation
New Review of Information Networking 1740-7869 Data transmission systems; Information networks; Information Technology
New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative W 1943-3107 Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.) in literature; Creative writing (Higher education)--Study and teaching
New Zealand Economic Papers 1943-4863 Economic history; Economics; New Zealand; New Zealand--Economic conditions
Nineteenth Century Contexts 1477-2663 English literature; Nineteenth century; Romanticism; English literature--19th century--History and criticism
The Nonproliferation Review 1746-1766 Nuclear nonproliferation
NORA-Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research 1502-394X Feminism; Women's studies
Nordic Journal of Criminology 1651-2340 Crime; Crime prevention; Criminology
Nordic Journal of Human Rights 1891-814X Human rights; Scandinavia; Human rights--Scandinavia
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy 1944-8260 Music therapy; Scandinavia; Music therapy--Scandinavia
Nordic Psychology 1904-0016 Psychology--Scandinavian and Nordic Countries--Periodicals; Psychology; Scandinavia; Psychology--Scandinavia
Nordic Social Work Research 2156-8588 Social service; Social service--Research; Scandinavia; Social service--Research; Social service--Scandinavia
Norma-International Journal of Masculinity Studies 1890-2146 Men's studies; Scandinavia; Men's studies--Scandinavia; Masculinity--Research
Norsk Geografisk Tidsskr 1502-5292 Geography
North American Actuarial Journal 2325-0453 North America; Life insurance--Research--North America
Northern History 1745-8706 Great Britain; Great Britain--History
Norwegian Archaeological Review 1502-7678 Antiquities; Archaeology; Norway; Norway--Antiquities
Ocean Development & International Law 1521-0642 Law of the sea; Marine pollution--Law and legislation; Marine resources conservation--Law and legislation; Marine resources development--Law and legislation; Maritime Law; Marine Conservation
Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning 1469-9958 Open University; Distance education; Great Britain; Distance education--Great Britain
The Oral History Review 1533-8592 Oral history
Oxford Development Studies 1469-9966 Economic development; Economic history; Economic policy; Development Economics; Economic Policy
Oxford German Studies 1745-9214 German literature--History and criticism; German literature
Oxford Review of Education 1465-3915 Education
Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal 1757-8469 Law; Commonwealth countries; Law--Commonwealth countries
The Pacific Review 1470-1332 Politics and government; Pacific Area; Pacific Area--Politics and government
Paedagogica Historica 1477-674X Education; Education—History
PaleoAmerica: A journal of early human migration and dispersal 2055-5571 America; America--Antiquities; Antiquities; Human beings--America--Migrations; Human beings--Migrations; Paleoecology; Paleoecology--Pleistocene; Paleo-Indians; Pleistocene Geologic Epoch
Palestine Exploration Quarterly 1743-1301 Palestine; Antiquities; Excavations (Archaeology); Excavations (Archaeology)--Palestine; Palestine--Antiquities; Middle East--Palestine
Papers in Applied Geography 2375-494X Geography
Parallax 1460-700X Culture; Popular culture--Study and teaching
Parenting 1532-7922 Child rearing; Parent and child; Parenting; Family Studies; Family Psychology
Parliaments, Estates and Representation 1947-248X Legislative bodies; Representative government and representation
Pastoral Care in Education: An International Journal of Personal, Social and Em 1468-0122 Counseling pastoral; School chaplains; Students--Pastoral counseling of; School chaplains; Students--Pastoral counseling of; Teachers--Pastoral counseling of
Patterns of Prejudice 1461-7331 Antisemitism; Discrimination; Antisemitisme; Extremisme
Peabody Journal of Education 1532-7930 Education
Peace Review 1469-9982 Peace; Peace & Conflict Studies
Peacebuilding 2164-7267 Peace; Peace-building
Pedagogies: An International Journal 1554-4818 Teaching
Pedagogy, Culture & Society 1747-5104 Education; Education—Curricula
Peking University Law Journal 2052-5907 Law; Justice, Administration of; International law; Law reviews; China; Law--China; International law--China; Justice, Administration of--China; Law reviews--China
Performance Research 1469-9990 Performing arts
Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies 1752-9182 Client-centered psychotherapy; Counseling; Psychotherapy
Perspectives on Political Science 1930-5478 Political science; Political science literature; Political science--Study and teaching; Political science--Book reviews
Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education 1460-7018 Universities and colleges--Administration; Administration; United States; Universities and colleges--United States--Administration
Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice 1747-6623 Translating and interpreting
Philosophical Explorations 1741-5918 Act (Philosophy); Philosophy of mind
Philosophical Papers 1996-8523 Philosophy; Philosophy, African
Philosophical Psychology 1465-394X Philosophy; Psychology--Methodology; Psychology--Philosophy
Photographies 1754-0771 Photography
Photography and Culture 1751-4525 Photography; Photography, Artistic
Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy 1742-5786 Physical education and training; Europe; Physical education and training--Europe
Plains Anthropologist 2052-546X Indians of North America; Great Plains; Archaeology; Indians, North American; Indians of North America--Great Plains; Great Plains--Antiquities; Antiquities
Planning Perspectives 1466-4518 City planning; Land use--Planning; Planning
Planning Practice and Research 1360-0583 Regional planning; Social policy; Social planning--Research
Planning Theory & Practice 1470-000X City planning; Regional planning
The Polar Journal 2154-8978 Research; Antarctica; Polar regions; Polar regions--Research; Antarctica--Research
Police Practice and Research - An International Journal 1477-271X Crisis management; Crime prevention; Law enforcement; Police; Police administration
Policing & Society 1477-2728 Crime prevention; Police
Policy Studies 1470-1006 Economic policy--Decision making; Policy sciences; Politics and government--Decision making; Great Britain; Great Britain--Economic policy--Decision making; Great Britain--Politics and government--1945---Decision making
Political Communication 1091-7675 Communication in politics; Communication--Political aspects
Political Science 2041-0611 Political science
Political Theology 1743-1719 Christianity and politics; Political theology; Christian socialism
Politics Groups and Identities 2156-5511 Ethnicity; Identity (Psychology); Political psychology; Sex
Politics, Religion & Ideology 2156-7697 Religion and politics; Ideology; Political science; Religion
Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies 1470-1014 Politics and government; Political science; South Africa; South Africa--Politics and government
Popular Communication 1540-5710 Mass media; Popular culture
Popular Music & Society 1740-1712 Music--Social aspects; Popular music; Aspect social; Music
Population Studies 1477-4747 Demography; Population; Demographic research
Porn Studies 2326-8751 Pornography--Social aspects
Post Soviet Affairs 1938-2855 Economic history; Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Former Soviet republics--Economic conditions
Postcolonial Studies 1466-1888 Postcolonial
Post-Communist Economies 1465-3958 Economic history; Post-communism--Economic aspects; Economics; Former Soviet Republics; Soviet Union; Communist countries; Eastern Europe; Russia (Federation); Communist countries--Economic conditions; Soviet Union--Economic conditions; Russia (Federation)--Economic conditions; Europe, Eastern--Economic conditions
Post-Medieval Archaeology 1745-8137 Great Britain—Antiquities; Antiquities; Great Britain
Practical Theology 1756-0748 Theology, Practical; Pastoral theology; Pastoral counseling; Pastoral counseling
Practice - Social Work in Action 1742-4909 Social service
PRACTICE: Contemporary Issues in Practitioner Education 2578-3858 Career development; Education--Study and teaching; Professional education
Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth 1940-4387 Children with disabilities--Education; Problem children--Education; School failure; United States; Problem children--Education--United States; Children with disabilities--Education--United States; School failure--United States
Problems of Economic Transition 1557-931X Eastern Europe economic conditions serials; Economic history; Russia; Economic Policy; Russia (Federation); Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Former Soviet republics--Economic conditions; Russia (Federation)--Economic conditions
Problems of Post-Communism 1557-783X Post-communism
Professional Development in Education 1941-5265 Teachers--In-service training
The Professional Geographer 1467-9272 Geography
Prose Studies 1743-9426 English prose literature; English prose literature--History and criticism
Psychiatry, Psychology and Law 1934-1687 Criminal Psychology--legislation & jurisprudence; Criminal Psychology; Forensic Psychiatry--legislation & jurisprudence; Forensic Psychiatry; Mental Disorders--legislation & jurisprudence; Mental Disorders; Criminal psychology; Forensic psychiatry; Mentally ill offenders; Psychiatry; Psychology; Law
Psychoanalysis, Self and Context 2472-0046 Self Psychology; Psychoanalytic Therapy; Psychoanalysis; Psychotherapy; Self psychology
Psychoanalytic Dialogues 1940-9222 Psychiatry; Psychoanalysis; Psychology; Psychoanalytic Theory; Psychoanalysis; Psychotherapist and patient; Psychology
Psychoanalytic Inquiry 1940-9133 Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalytic Perspectives 2163-6958 Psychoanalytic Theory--Periodicals; Psychotherapy--Periodicals; Psychoanalysis; Psychology and literature; Psychotherapy
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Applications, Theory and Research 1474-9734 Psychoanalysis; Psychotherapy; Psychoanalysis--Treatment
The Psychoanalytic Quarterly 2167-4086 Psychoanalysis; Psychoanalyse
Psychoanalytic Social Work 1522-9033 Psychoanalysis; Social service; Mental Disorders; Social Work, Psychiatric; Social service
The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child 2474-3356 Child Psychiatry; Psychology, Child; Psychoanalysis; Child analysis
Psychodynamic Practice: Individual, Groups & Organisations 1475-3626 Psychodynamic psychotherapy; Mental Health Services
Psychological Inquiry 1532-7965 Psychology
Psychological Perspectives: A Semiannual Journal of Jungian Thought 1556-3030 Psychoanalysis; Psychology
Psychology & Health 1476-8321 Attitude to Health; Public Opinion; Psychology; Clinical health psychology; Health & Medicine (General); Psychology
Psychology & Sexuality 1941-9902 Sex (Psychology)
Psychology, Crime & Law 1477-2744 Criminal psychology; Law--Psychological aspects
Psychosis 1752-2447 Psychotic Disorders--therapy; Psychotic Disorders--etiology; Psychoses
Psychotherapy Research 1468-4381 Psychotherapy; Psychotherapy; Psychotherapy--Research
Psyecology: Revista Bilingue de Psicologia Ambiental/Bilingual Journal of Environmental Psychology 1989-9386 Environmental psychology
Public Archaeology 1753-5530 Archaeology and state; Archaeology--Philosophy; Archaeology--Political aspects; Archaeology--Social aspects
Public Art Dialogue 2150-2560 Public art
Public Integrity 1558-0989 Civil service ethics; Political ethics; Public administration--Moral and ethical aspects; United States; Public administration; Civil service; Moral aspects; Civil service ethics--United States; Public administration--Moral and ethical aspects--United States; Political ethics--United States; Public administration--Moral and ethical aspects
Public Library Quarterly 1541-1540 Library science; Public libraries
Public Management Review 1471-9045 Local government; Public administration; Public Policy & Administration; Management
Public Money & Management 1467-9302 Economic policy; Finance, Public; Great Britain; Finance, Public--Great Britain; Great Britain--Economic policy--1945-1964
Public Performance & Management Review 1557-9271 Civil service--Labor productivity; Government productivity; Public administration; United States; Civil service--Labor productivity--United States; Government productivity--United States; Public administration--United States
Public Services Quarterly 1522-9114 Public services (Libraries); United States; Public services (Libraries)--United States
Publications of the English Goethe Society 1749-6284 Schiller, Friedrich,--1759-1805; England; Literature; Deutsch
Qualitative Reseacrh in Psychology 1478-0895 Psychology--Research; Qualitative research
Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise 1939-845X Health--Research--Methodology; Sports sciences--Research--Methodology; Exercise--Research--Methodology
Qualitative Research Reports 1745-9443 Communication
Quality in Higher Education 1470-1081 Education, Higher--Aims and objectives; Education, Higher--Evaluation; Universities and colleges--Administration; Administration
Quantitative Finance 1469-7696 Business mathematics; Economics; Finance; Finance--Mathematical models; Investments--Mathematics; Banking, Finance & Investing
Quarterly Journal of Speech 1479-5779 Public speaking; Speech
Quarterly Review of Film & Video 1543-5326 Motion pictures; Television broadcasting; Video recordings
Race Ethnicity and Education 1470-109X Blacks--Race identity; Educational equalization; Minorities--Education; Multicultural education; Race awareness; Race relations
Reading & Writing Quarterly 1521-0693 Learning Disabilities; Reading; Writing; Language arts--Remedial teaching; Learning disabilities; Reading disability
Reading Psychology 1521-0685 Reading, Psychology of
Reference Librarian (The) 1541-1117 Library administration; Reference services (Libraries)
Reflective Practice 1470-1103 Career development; Reflection (Philosophy); Self-knowledge, Theory of; Thought and thinking
Reformation 1752-0738 Civilization; Reformation; England; Europe; Great Britain; Tyndale, William,---1536; Reformation--Great Britain; England--Civilization--16th century; Europe--Civilization--16th century
Reformation & Renaissance Review 1743-1727 Reformation; Renaissance; Theology of religions (Christian theology)
Regional & Federal Studies 1743-9434 Federal government; Regional planning; Regionalism
Regional Studies 1360-0591 Regional planning; Land Use Planning; Great Britain; Regional planning--Great Britain
Regional Studies Policy Impact Books 2578-7128 Regional planning -- European Union countries; Politics and government; Regional planning; Europe -- Politics and government -- 21st century; Europe; European Union countries
Religion 1096-1151 Religion; Religions; Theology
Religion & Education 1949-8381 hurch and education; Religion in the public schools; United States; Religion in the public schools--United States; Church and education--United States
Religion, Brain & Behavior 2153-5981 Psychology and religion; Religion and culture
Religion, State & Society: the Keston 1465-3974 Communism and religion;Religion; Communist countries; Eastern Europe; Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Communist countries--Religion; Europe, Eastern--Religion; Former Soviet republics--Religion
Religious Education 1547-3201 Christian education
Representation 1749-4001 Elections
Research in Dance Education 1470-1111 Dance--Study and teaching
Research in Drama Education 1470-112X Drama in education; Drama--Study and teaching
Research in Human Development 1542-7617 Developmental psychology; Human growth
Research in Mathematics Education 1754-0178 Mathematics--Study and teaching
Research in Post-Compulsory Education 1747-5112 Education, Higher--Research; Post-compulsory education--Research
Research in Science & Technological Education 1470-1138 Science--Study and teaching--Research; Science--Study and teaching; Technology--Study and teaching; Technology--Study and teaching--Research
Research on Language & Social Interaction 1532-7973 Communication; Linguistics; Sociolinguistics
Research Papers in Education 1470-1146 Education
Research Technology Management 1930-0166 Research, Industrial--Management; Research and Development; Research, Industrial
Residential Treatment For Children & Youth 1541-0358 Care of the sick; Group homes; Institutional care
Rethinking History 1470-1154 Historiography; History; History (General)
Rethinking Marxism 1475-8059 Communism; Marxisme
Review of African Political Economy 1740-1720 Periodicals--Electronic full-text; Economic history; Social conditions; Africa; Africa--Economic conditions; Africa--Social conditions
Review of Communication Online 1535-8593 Communication
Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies 1556-3022 Culture--Study and teaching; Education
The Review of Faith and International Affairs 1931-7743 Law; Religion and politics
Review of International Political Economy 1466-4526 International economic relations; International finance; International relations
Review of Political Economy 1465-3982 Economics; Political Economy
Review of Social Economy 1470-1162 Economics; Economics--Moral and ethical aspects; Social justice; Economics; Social Sciences & Humanities (General); Economics--Moral and ethical aspects
Review: Literature & Arts of the Americas 1743-0666 Arts, Latin American; Civilization; Latin American literature; Latin America; Latin America--Civilization--1948
Reviews in Anthropology 1556-3014 Anthropology; Anthropology--Book reviews
Revista de Psicologia Social: International Journal of Social Psychology 1579-3680 Social psychology
Revolutionary Russia 1743-7873 Revolution (Soviet Union : 1917-1921); Soviet Union; Soviet Union--History--Revolution, 1917-1921
Rhetoric Review 1532-7981 Rhetoric
Rhetoric Society Quarterly 1930-322X Rhetoric; Languages (General)
Rock Music Studies 1940-1167 Rock music; Rock music--Analysis, appreciation; Rock music--History and criticism
Roeper Review 1940-865x Gifted children--Education; Intellectual Giftedness & Gifted Education
Romance Quarterly 1940-3216 Romance philology
Romance Studies 1745-8153 Romance philology; Romance literature
The Round Table 1474-029X Politics and government; Commonwealth countries; Great Britain; Great Britain--Politics and government--20th century; Commonwealth countries--Politics and government
Rural Society 2204-0536 Rural conditions; Social conditions; Sociology, Rural; Australia; Australia--Rural conditions; Australia--Social conditions
Rural Theology (International, Ecumenical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives) 2042-1273 Pastoral theology--Great Britain; Christian life--Great Britain; Country life--Great Britain--Religious aspects; Christian life; Country life--Religious aspects; Pastoral theology; Great Britain
RUSI Journal 1744-0378 Military defences; Military science; Military policy; Military art and science; Naval art and science
Russian Education & Society 1558-0423 Law; Politics and government; Politics & Government (General); Russia; Law; Russia (Federation); Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Political conditions; USSR; Commonwealth of Independent States; Georgia; Baltic States
Russian Politics & Law 1558-0962 Law; Politics and government; Politics & Government (General); Russia; Law; Russia (Federation); Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Political conditions; Russian Federation; USSR; Commonwealth of independent states; Georgia; Baltic States; Law--Former Soviet republics; Law--Russia (Federation); Former Soviet republics--Politics and government; Russia (Federation)--Politics and government
Russian Social Science Review 1557-7848 Social sciences; USA; Russia; Social sciences--Russia; Social sciences--Russia--History
Russian Studies in History 1558-0881 History; Russia (Federation); Russia (Federation)--History
Russian Studies in Literature 1944-7167 Literature; Literature--History and criticism
Russian Studies in Philosophy 1558-0431 Philosophy; Philosophy, Russian
Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies 1543-1304 South Africa; United States; South Africa--History; United States--History
Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 1651-2030 Insurance--Mathematics; Life insurance--Mathematics
Scandinavian Economic History Review 1750-2837 Economic history; Social conditions; Scandinavia--Economic conditions; Scandinavia--Social conditions
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 1470-1170 Education--Research
Scandinavian Journal of History 1502-7716 Scandinavia--History; Scandinavia; Denmark--History; Finland--History; Norway--History--1814-1972; Sweden--History
Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism 1502-2269 Hospitality industry; Tourism; Business, international; Business; Travel industry; Baltic States; Scandinavia; Hospitality industry--Scandinavia; Hospitality industry--Baltic States; Tourism--Scandinavia; Tourism--Baltic States
Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament 1502-7244 Bible; Old Testament--Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review 1600-0803 Psychoanalysis; Scandinavia; Psychoanalysis--Scandinavia
Scando-Slavica 1600-082x Scandinavian philology; Slavic philology
SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies & Recreation Education 2162-4097 Leisure Management; Leisure--Management; Arts and Humanities--Performing Arts, Travel and Leisure
School Effectiveness and School Improvement 1744-5124 School management and organization; Schools--Evaluation
School Leadership & Management 1364-2626 Education; Educational leadership; School management and organization
School Pychology Review 2372-966X School psychology; Educational psychology
Science activities: Projects and Curriculum Ideas in STEM Classrooms 1940-1302 Science--Study and teaching; Science--Study and teaching (Elementary); Science--Study and teaching (Secondary)
Science & Global Security 1547-7800 Arms control--Verification; Environmental policy
Science & Technology Libraries 1541-1109 Science and technology libraries
Science as Culture 1470-1189 Science--Social aspects; Technology--Social aspects
Scientific Studies of Reading 1532-799X Reading
Scottish Geographical Journal 1751-665X Geography; Geography & Cartography; Scotland;Scotland--Geography
Scrutiny2 - Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa 1753-5409 English philology--Study and teaching (Higher); South Africa; English philology--Study and teaching (Higher)--South Africa; South African literature (English)--Study and teaching (Higher)--South Africa
Security Studies 1556-1852 National security; World politics; Law Enforcement & Intelligence; World politics--1989
Self and Identity 1529-8876 Cognition; Identity (Psychology); Motivation (Psychology); Self; Identity
Senses and Society 1745-8935 Culture; Senses and sensation; Social sciences
Serials Librarian (The): From the Printed Page to the Digital Age 1541-1095 Library Technical Services; Periodicals; Libraries; Serials librarianship
Serials Review 1879-095X Periodicals; Libraries; Periodical reviews; Electronic journals; Periodicals; Serials librarianship; Technical services (Libraries)
The Service Industries Journal 1743-9507 Service industries; Service Industries; Great Britain; Service industries--Great Britain
Services Marketing Quarterly 1533-2977 Marketing; Service industries; Customer Service; Marketing
Settler Colonial Studies 1838-0743 Colonies; Postcolonialism
Seventeenth Century 2050-4616 Seventeenth century
Sex Education:Sexuality, Society and Learning 1472-0825 Sex instruction; Sex (Psychology)
Sexual and Relationship Therapy 1468-1749 Marital psychotherapy; Psychotherapy; Sexual disorders
Shakespeare 1745-0926 Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Sikh Formations:Religion,Culture,Theory 1744-8735 Sikhism; Sikhs
The Sixties 1754-1336 Nineteen sixties; Protest movements
Slavery & Abolition 1743-9523 Slavery; Slaves--Emancipation. Slavery & Abolitionism
Slavic & East European Information Resources 1522-9041 Information services; Publishers and publishing; Eastern Europe; Slavic countries; Publishers and publishing--Europe, Eastern; Publishers and publishing--Slavic countries; Information services--Europe, Eastern; Information services--Slavic countries
Slavonica 1745-8145 Civilization; Slavic philology; Eastern Europe; Slavic countries; Slavic countries--Civilization; Europe, Eastern--Civilization
Small Enterprise Research 1175-0979 Small business--Management; Small business--Research; Australia; New Zealand; Small business--Research--Australia; Small business--Research--New Zealand; Small business--Australia--Management; Small business--New Zealand--Management
Small Wars & Insurgencies 1743-9558 Insurgency; Low-intensity conflicts (Military science)
Smith College Studies In Social Work 1553-0426 Dissertations, Academic; Social problems; Social service; United States; Dissertations, Academic--United States--Abstracts
Soccer and Society 1743-9590 Soccer; Soccer--Social aspects; Soccer; Great Britain; Soccer--Great Britain--Periodicals; Soccer--Social aspects--Great Britain
Social & Cultural Geography 1470-1197 Human geography
Social and Environmental Accountability Journal 2156-2245 Economic development--Environmental aspects--Accounting; Environmental auditing; Social accounting
Social Dynamics 1940-7874 Social sciences; Sociology
Social Epistemology 1464-5297 Knowledge, Sociology of
Social History 1470-1200 Social history
Social Identities 1363-0296 Culture; Ethnicity; Group identity; Political sociology; Nationalism; Ethnic Relations
Social Movement Studies 1474-2829 Collective behavior; Culture--Philosophy; Social movements
Social Neuroscience 1747-0927 Cognitive neuroscience; Neuropsychology; Social psychology; Neurology; Psychology
Social Science Journal 1873-5355 Social sciences
Social Sciences in China 1940-5952 Economic history; Politics and government; Social conditions; China; China--Economic conditions; China--Social conditions; China--Politics and government
Social Semiotics 1470-1219 Critical theory; Functionalism (Linguistics); Semiotics--Social aspects
The Social Studies 2152-405X History--Study and teaching; Social sciences--Study and teaching
Social Work Education 1470-1227 Social work education; Social workers; Travail social; Service social; Education; Great Britain; Social work education--Great Britain; Social workers--Great Britain
Social Work In Health Care 1541-034x Social Work; Social Work, Psychiatric; Medical social work
Social Work In Mental Health 1533-2993 Social Work, Psychiatric; Psychiatric social work
Social Work In Public Health 1937-190x Social Work; Health Policy; Public Policy; Medical policy; Social medicine; USA
Social Work With Groups 1540-9481 Social service; Group psychotherapy; Social group work
Socialism and Democracy 1745-2635 Democracy; Political science; Socialism
Sociological Focus 2162-1128 Sociology
Sociological Quarterly 1533-8525 Sociology; Social problems
Sociological Research 2328-5184 Communism and society; Social policy; Sociology; Soviet Union; Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Soviet Union--Social policy
Sociological Spectrum 1521-0707 Sociology
Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture, and Society 1548-3843 United States--Race relations; African Americans; African Americans--Social conditions; Race relations; United States
Sound Studies 2055-1959 Sound; Sounds; Sounds--Social aspects
South African Geographical Journal 2151-2418 Geography
South African Historical Journal 1726-1686 History; South Africa; South Africa--History
South African Journal of Accounting Research 2376-3981 Accounting; Accounting--Research; South Africa; Accounting--Research--South Africa
South African Journal of African Languages 2305-1159 Language and languages; South African literature; South Africa; South Africa--Languages
South African Journal of International Affairs 1938-0275 Diplomatic relations; International relations; Politics and government; World politics; South Africa; World politics--1945-1989; South Africa--Foreign relations; South Africa--Politics and government--1989-1994
South African Journal of Philosophy 2073-4867 Philosophy
South African Journal on Human Rights 1996-2126 Civil rights; Human rights; South Africa; Human rights--South Africa; Civil rights--South Africa
South African Review of Sociology 2072-1978 Sociology--South Africa; Social conditions; Sociology; South Africa; South Africa--Social conditions
South African Theatre Journal 2163-7660 Performing arts; Theater; South Africa; Theater--South Africa; Performing arts--South Africa
South Asia:Journal of South Asian Studies 1479-0270 Study skills; South Asia; South Asia--Study and teaching
South Asian Diaspora 1943-8184 Emigration and immigration; Politics and government; South Asian diaspora; South Asians--Ethnic identity; South Asia; South Asians--Foreign countries; South Asians--Ethnic identity; South Asia--Politics and government; South Asia--Emigration and immigration
South Asian History and Culture 1947-2501 South Asia
South Asian Popular Culture 1474-6697 Popular culture--South Asia; Popular culture; South Asia
South Asian Review 2573-9476 Civilization; Indic literature; Literature; India; Indic literature--History and criticism; Literature--History and criticism; India--Civilization
South Asian Studies 2153-2699 Antiquities; South Asia; South Asia--Antiquities
South East Asia Research 2043-6874 Southeast Asia
South European Society & Politics 1743-9612 Politics and government; Social conditions; Europe, Southern; Europe, Southern--Politics and government; Europe, Southern--Social conditions
Southeastern Archaeology 2168-4723 Excavations (Archaeology); Indians of North America--Antiquities; Southern States; Excavations (Archaeology)--Southern States; Indians of North America; Southern States; Southern States--Antiquities
Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies 1727-9461 African languages; Afrikaans language; Language and languages; Linguistics; Southern Africa; South Africa; Linguistics--Africa, Southern
Southern Communication Journal 1930-3203 Oral communication
Space and Polity 1470-1235 Decentralization in government; Nationalism; Political geography; Regionalism; Political Science & Studies
Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting/Revista Espanola de Financiacion y Contabilidad 0210-2412 Banks and banking; Banks and banking--Accounting
Spatial Economic Analysis 1742-1780 Economic geography; Economics; Space in economics--Econometric models; Urbanization
Sport in History 1746-0271 Sports; Sports--History
Sport Management Review 1839-2083 Management; Sport; Sports administration
Sport in Society 1743-0445 Sports--Social aspects; Sports--Cross-cultural studies; Sports
Sport, Education and Society 1470-1243 Physical education and training; School sports; Sports
Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 1751-133X Sports--Moral and ethical aspects; Sports--Philosophy
Sports Coaching Review 2164-0637 Coach-athlete relationships; Coaching (Athletics); Sports--Psychological aspects; Sports psychologists
Stanislavski Studies 2054-4170 Stanislavsky, Konstantin, 1863-1938; Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.); Theater; Russia (Federation); Stanislavsky, Konstantin, 1863-1938--Criticism and interpretation; Stanislavsky, Konstantin, 1863-1938--Influence; Theater--Russia (Federation)--History
Statutes & Decisions: The Laws of the USSR and its Successor States 1558-0903 Commonwealth of Independent States; Law; Politics & Government (General); Russia; Soviet Union; Soviet Union--Former Soviet republics; Law--Former Soviet republics; Law--Soviet Union
Strategic Analysis 1754-0054 Military policy; World politics
Strategic Comments (Online) 1356-7888 Strategy; World politics
Strategic Survey 1476-4997 Strategy; World politics
Strategies: A Journal for Physical & Sport Educators 2168-3778 Physical education and training; Physical education for children
Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal 1532-8007 Structural equation modeling; Multivariate analysis; Social sciences--Statistical methods
Studia Neophilologica 1651-2308 Germanic philology; Romance philology
Studia Theologica 1502-7791 Theology; Religion & Philosophy (General)
Studies in Art Education: a Journal of Issues and Research 2325-8039 Education; Art--Study and teaching
Studies in Australasian Cinema 1750-3183 Australian Studies; Motion picture industry; Motion pictures; Australasia; Australia; New Zealand; Motion pictures--Australasia; Motion pictures--Australia; Motion pictures--New Zealand; Motion picture industry--Australia
Studies in Chinese Religions 2372-9996 China; China--Religion; China--Religious life and customs; Religion
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 1521-0731 Social conflict; Terrorisme; Terrorisme international
Studies in Conservation 2047-0584 Antiques--Conservation and restoration; Art objects--Conservation and restoration
Studies in Continuing Education 1470-126X Continuing education; Adult Education
Studies in Documentary Film 1750-3299 Drama & Theater Arts; Documentary films; Motion pictures
Studies in Eastern European Cinema 2040-3518 Motion pictures; Film; Eastern Europe; Motion pictures--Europe, Eastern
Studies in Economics and Econometrics 2693-5198 Econometrics; Economic history; Economics; South Africa; South Africa--Economic conditions
Studies in European Cinema 2040-0594 Motion pictures--Europe; Motion pictures; Europe
Studies in Gender and Sexuality 1940-9206 Sex; Culture; Gender Identity; Psychoanalysis; Sexuality; Sex (Psychology); Sexology; Gender Studies; Sex & Sexuality
Studies in Higher Education 1470-174X Education, Higher
Studies in Political Economy: A Socialist Review 1918-7033 Economic history; Economics; Canada; Canada--Economic conditions
Studies in Psychology: Estudios de Psicología 1579-3699 Psychology
Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema 1750-3140 Motion pictures; Russia (Federation); Soviet Union; Motion pictures--Soviet Union; Motion pictures--Russia (Federation)
Studies in Science Education 1940-8412 Science--education; Mathematics--education; Mathematics--Study and teaching; Science--Study and teaching
Studies in the Education of Adults 1478-9833 Adult education
Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes 1943-2186 Gardens; Landscape architecture; Landscape gardening; Gardens--History; Landscape architecture--History
Studies in Theatre and Performance 2040-0616 Drama; Performing arts; Theater
Studies in Travel Writing 1755-7550 Travel writing
Studying Teacher Education 1742-5972 Education--Study and teaching; Teachers--Training of
Survival 1468-2699 Disarmament; Military policy; Strategy
Symbolae Osloenses 1502-7805 Classical philology
Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures 1931-0676 Philology, Modern
Teacher Development: An international journal of teachers' professonal development 1747-5120 Career development; Teachers--In-service training; Teachers--Training of
The Teacher Educator 1938-8101 Teachers--Training of; Teaching
Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice 1470-1278 Teachers; Teaching
Teaching Artist Journal 1541-180X Art--Study and teaching; Arts Education
Teaching Education 1470-1286 Teachers--Training of United States; Teachers--Training of--United States
Teaching in Higher Education (Critical Perspectives) 1470-1294 College teaching; Education, Higher--Aims and objectives; Education, Higher--Evaluation
Technical Communication Quarterly 1542-7625 Technical writing; Technical writing--Study and teaching
Technical Services Quarterly 1555-3337 Technical services (Libraries)--Technological innovations; Technical services (Libraries)--Automation; Library science--Technological innovations
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 1465-3990 High technology industries--Management; Research, Industrial--Management; Strategic planning; Technological innovations--Management
Technology, Pedagogy and Education 1747-5139 Educational technology; Teachers--Training of; Teachers--Training of--Computer-assisted instruction; Great Britain
Tel Aviv (Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University) 2040-4786 Israel--Antiquities--Periodicals; Excavations (Archaeology)--Israel--Periodicals; Antiquities; Excavations (Archaeology); Israel
Terrae Incognitae (The Journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries) 2040-8706 Explorers, British; Discovery and exploration; America--Discovery and exploration--English; Society for the History of Discoveries; Discoveries in geography; Voyages and travels
Territory, Politics, Governance 2162-268x Geopolitics; Political geography; Regionalism--Political aspects; Territory, National
Terrorism & Political Violence 1556-1836 Terrorism; Violence
Text and Performance Quarterly 1479-5760 Oral communication; Literature--History and criticism; Literature
Textile History 1743-2952 Textile fabrics--History; Textile industry--History; Textile fabrics; Textile industry
TEXTILE: Cloth and Culture 1751-8350 Clothing and dress--Social aspects; Textile fabrics
Textual Practice 1470-1308 Criticism; Criticism, Textual; Literature, Modern; Semiotics; Literature, Modern--20th century--History and criticism
Theatre and Performance Design 2332-2578 Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery
Theatre, Dance and Performance Training 1944-3919 Performing arts; Performing arts--Vocational guidance; Vocational guidance
Theology & Sexuality 1745-5170 Sex--Religious aspects—Christianity
Theology and Science 1474-6719 Medicine--Religious aspects; Religion and science; Theology
Theory Into Practice 1543-0421 Teaching--education; Education--Research; Educational innovations; Education (General)
The Theory and Practice of Legislation 2050-8859 Jurisprudence; Law--Philosophy; Legislation
Theory & Research in Social Education 2163-1654 Social sciences--Study and teaching; Education
Thinking & Reasoning 1464-0708 Reasoning (Psychology); Thought and thinking; Psychology
Third Text 1475-5297 Art; Art and society; Intellectual life; Visual Arts; Developing countries; Art and society; Art--Developing countries--20th century; Developing countries--Intellectual life
Third World Quarterly 1360-2241 Economic history; Politics and government; Developing countries
Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture 1751-6978 Social archaeology; Archaeology; Cognition and culture
Total Quality Management & Business Excellence 1478-3371 Quality control; Total quality management
Tourism Geographies 1470-1340 Ecotourism; Travel
Tourism Planning & Development 2156-8324 Hospitality industry--Management; Strategic planning; Tourism
Tourism Recreation Research 2320-0308 Tourism; India; Tourism--India
Transactional Analysis Journal 2329-5244 Psychology, Social; Psychotherapy, Group; Transactional analysis
Translation Review 2164-0564 Translating and interpreting; Translations
Translation Studies 1751-2921 Translating and interpreting
The Translator 1757-0409 Intercultural communication; Translating and interpreting
Transnational Corporations Review 1925-2099 International business enterprises
Transnational Legal Theory 2041-4013 Comparative law; Conflict of laws; International law; Jurisprudence; International law--Philosophy; Comparative law--Philosophy
Transnational Screens 2578-5265 Transnationalism in motion pictures; Streaming video--Drama--Social aspects
Transport Reviews 1464-5327 Transportation; Transportation engineering
Transportation Planning & Technology 1029-0354 Local transit; Transportation; Transportation and state; Transportation--Research
Turkish Studies 1743-9663 Economic history; Politics and government; Turkey; Turkey--History; Turkey--Economic conditions; Turkey--Politics and government
Urban Geography 1938-2847 Human geography; Urban geography
Urban Policy and Research 1476-7244 City planning; Urban policy; Australia; City planning--Australia; Urban policy--Australia
Urban Research and Practice 1753-5077 Sociology, Urban
Venture Capital 1464-5343 Small business--Finance; Investments; Entrepreneurship; Venture capital; Venture capital--Statistics
Vernacular Architecture 1749-6292 Vernacular architecture; Vernacular architecture--Great Britain; Great Britain
Victims & Offenders 1556-4991 Restorative justice; Criminals; Victims of crimes
Visitor Studies 1934-7715 Museums--Educational aspects; Museums--Environmental aspects; Tourism--Management; Visitors' centers--Evaluation; Nature centers--Evaluation
Visual Anthropology 1545-5920 Visual anthropology; Anthropology
Visual Cognition 1464-0716 Cognition; Vision, Ocular; Visual Perception
Visual Communication Quarterly 1555-1407 Visual communication
Visual Culture in Britain 1941-8361 Art; Art and society; Performing arts; Performing arts--Social aspects; Great Britain; Art--Great Britain--History; Performing arts--Great Britain--History; Art and society--Great Britain; Performing arts--Social aspects--Great Britain
Visual Resources: An International Journal on Images and Their Uses 1477-2809 Art--Audio-visual aids; Art--Documentation
Visual Studies 1472-5878 Visual anthropology; Visual perception; Visual sociology
Voice and Speech Review 2326-8271 Acting--Study and teaching; Speech--Study and teaching; Voice culture
War & Society 2042-4345 International disputes; Social impact; Periodicals; Military history; War ;War and society
Wasafiri 1747-1508 African literature (English)--Black authors; English literature; Oriental literature (English); African literature (English)--Black authors--History and criticism; Caribbean literature (English)--Black authors--History and criticism; Oriental literature (English)--History and criticism
The Washington Quarterly 1530-9177 World politics; World politics--1945-1989; World politics--1989
Water International 1941-1707 Water; Water-supply; Grondwater
West European Politics 1743-9655 Politics and government; Politics; Europe; Europe--Politics and government--1945
Western Journal of Communication 1745-1027 Oral communication
Whitehall Papers 1754-5382 Armed Forces; Military art and science; Naval art and science
Women & Criminal Justice 1541-0323 Female offenders; Sex discrimination in criminal justice administration; Women--Crimes against; Women criminal justice personnel
Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory 1748-5819 Theater; Women; Women in television broadcasting; Women in the motion picture industry; Women in the theater
Women & Therapy 1541-0315 Psychotherapy; Women; Female; Humans; Feminist therapy; Women--Mental health
Women: A Cultural Review 1470-1367 Feminism; Women in popular culture; Women in the performing arts; Women--Social conditions; Great Britain; Women--Great Britain--Social conditions; Feminism--Great Britain; Women in popular culture--Great Britain; Women in the performing arts--Great Britain
Women's History Review 1747-583X Women; Women's studies
Women's Studies in Communication 2152-999X Communication--Sex differences
Women's Studies: An inter-disciplinary journal 1547-7045 Women
Women's Writing 1747-5848 English literature--Women authors; Literature--Women authors; English literature--Women authors--History and criticism
WORD 2373-5112 Language and languages
Word & Image 1943-2178 Arts; Communication in art; Illustration of books; Visual literature; Words in art
Work & Stress 1464-5335 Job Satisfaction; Stress, Psychological; Work; Job stress; Stress (Psychology); Occupational Health & Safety
World Archaeology 1470-1375 Archaeology
World Art 2150-0908 Art; Art, Comparative
World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research 1556-1844 Forecasting; Philosophy
World Leisure Journal 2333-4509 Leisure; Recreation
Yorkshire Archaeological Journal (A Review of History and Archaeology in the County) 2045-0664 Yorkshire (England)--Antiquities; Yorkshire (England)--History; Yorkshire; England--Yorkshire; Yorkshire Archaeological Society
Youth Theatre Journal 1948-4798 Children's theater; Drama in education
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