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No. Title Online ISSN Keyword (Search within this list below by typing your keywords in above box)
1 African Journalism Studies 1942-0773 Journalism--Africa, Southern; Press--Africa, Southern; Journalism; Press; Southern Africa
2 American Journalism 2326-2486 Journalism--United States--History; Journalism-- History; Journalism--United States; Journalism; United States
3 Annals of the International Communication Association 2380-8977 Communication; Mass communications
4 Argumentation and Advocacy 2576-8476 Literature--General; Retorica; Forensics (Public speaking)
5 Asian Journal of Communication 1742-0911 Communication--Asia; Mass media--Asia; Communication; Mass media; Asia
6 Atlantic Journal of Communication 1545-6889 Communication Theory; Communication
7 Capitalism Nature Socialism 1548-3290 Capitalism; Ecology; Environmental policy; Socialism
8 Celebrity Studies 1939-2400 Fame; Celebrities
9 Chinese Journal of Communication 1754-4769 Communication--China; Communication; China
10 Chinese Literature Today 2156-8634 Chinese literature--20th century--History and criticism; Chinese literature--21st century--History and criticism; Chinese literature
11 Communicatio: South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research 1753-5379 Communication
12 Communication & Critical/Cultural Studies 1479-4233 Communication; Communication and culture
13 Communication Booknotes Quarterly 1532-6896 Communication; Mass media; Telecommunication
14 Communication Education 1479-5795 Communication in education; Oral communication; Oral communication--Study and teaching; Speech
15 Communication Law and Policy 1532-6926 Mass media--Law and legislation--United States; Freedom of speech--United States; Mass media policy--United States
16 Communication Methods and Measures 1931-2466 Communication--Methodology; Communication--Research; Communication--Study and teaching
17 Communication Monographs 1479-5787 Communication; Speech; Speech Disorders
18 Communication Quarterly & Communication Research 1746-4102 Communication
19 Communication Reports 1745-1043 Communication--Methodology; Communication--Research; United States; Communication--Research--United States
20 Communication Research Reports 1746-4099 Communication--Research; Communication--Methodology; Communication--Research--United States
21 The Communication Review 1547-7487 Communication
22 Communication Studies 1745-1035 Communication; Oratory
23 Communication Teacher Online 1740-4630 Communication; Oral communication--Study and teaching
24 Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 1469-3666 Broadcasting--Australia; Broadcasting; Mass media; Motion pictures; Australia
25 Critical Arts 1992-6049 Mass media--South Africa; Mass media and the arts--South Africa; Mass media; Mass media and the arts; South Africa
26 Critical Discourse Studies 1740-5912 Critical discourse analysis
27 Critical Studies in Media Communication 1479-5809 Mass media
28 Cultural Studies 1466-4348 Culture; Popular culture
29 Cultural Trends 1469-3690 Arts--Great Britain; Arts--Great Britain—Statistics; Arts; Great Britain
30 Culture, Theory and Critique 1473-5776 Humanities
31 de arte 2471-4100 Arts and Humanities--Performing Arts, Travel and Leisure
32 Digital Journalism 2167-082X Digital media; Online journalism
33 Feminist Media Studies 1471-5902 Women; Sex role; Gender identity; Feminism and mass media; Feminist criticism; Mass media and sex; Mass media and women; Feminisme; Culture and media
34 First Amendment Studies 2168-1430 Freedom of speech; Freedom of speech--United States
35 French Screen Studies (Formerly known as Studies in French Cinema, 2001-2019) 1758-9517 Motion pictures--France--History; Motion pictures; France
36 Health Communication 1532-7027 Communication in medicine; Health in mass media; Communication; Health
37 Howard Journal of Communication 1096-4649 Communication
38 Information, Communication and Society 1468-4462 Computers and civilization; Information society; Information technology--Social aspects; Telematics
39 Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 1469-8447 Culture; Asia--Civilization; Asia--Social life and customs
40 International Journal of Cultural Policy 1477-2833 Cultural policy; Culture; Policies
41 International Journal of Listening 1932-586X Listening; Oral communication
42 International Journal of Strategic Communication 1553-1198 Communication
43 International Journal on Media Management 1424-1250 Mass media; Mass media and technology; Mass media--Management
44 Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 1469-929X Postcolonialism; Post-Colonial literatures; English
45 Javnost - The Public 1854-8377 Communication; Social history; Sociology
46 Journal for Cultural Research 1740-1666 Culture; Ethics; Intellectual life; Values
47 Journal for the History of Rhetoric (Formerly known as Advances in the History of Rhetoric, 1900-2019) 1936-0835 Rhetoric--History; Rhetoric
48 Journal of Applied Communication Research 1479-5752 Communication--Research; Communication--Social aspects
49 Journal of Australian Studies 1835-6419 Australia--Civilization; Australia--Intellectual life; Civilization; Intellectual life; Australia
50 Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 1550-6878 Radio broadcasting; Television broadcasting
51 Journal of Children and Media 1748-2801 Mass media--Social aspects; Mass media--Social aspects; Mass media and youth; Mass media and children
52 Journal of Cultural Economy 1753-0369 Economics--Sociological aspects; Ethnology
53 Journal of Family Communication 1532-7698 Communication in families; Families
54 Journal of Health Communication 1087-0415 Communication in medicine; Public health; Communication; Information; Health education; Communication Studies (General)
55 Journal of Intercultural Communication Research 1747-5767 Communication
56 The Journal of International Communication Communication in international relations; Communication, International
57 Journal of International and Intercultural Communication 1751-3065 Communication, International; Intercultural communication
58 Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 1469-9575 Latin America--Civilization; Civilization; Latin America
59 Journal of Media and Religion 1534-8415 Mass media--Religious aspects
60 Journal of Media Economics 1532-7736 Mass media--Economic aspects--United States; Mass media policy; Mass media; Mass media policy
61 Journal of Media Ethics 2373-700X Journalistic ethics; Mass media--Moral and ethical aspects
62 Journal of Popular Film and Television 1930-6458 Motion pictures; Television broadcasting
63 Journal of Public Relations Research 1532-754X Public relations; Public relations--Research
64 Journal of Radio and Audio Media 1937-6537 Digital audio broadcasting; Radio broadcasting
65 Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 1469-9818 Popular culture--Spain--History; Spain--Civilization; Spain--Intellectual life; Spain--Politics and government; Civilization; Intellectual life; Politics and government; Popular culture; Spain
66 Journal of Visual Literacy 2379-6529 Visual learning;Visual literacy; United States; Education
67 Journalism History 2641-2071 Humanities (General); History (General)
68 Journalism Practice 1751-2794 Journalism
69 Journalism Studies 1469-9699 Journalism--Study and teaching; Journalism
70 Mass Communication and Society 1532-7825 Mass media--Social aspects; Mass media and culture; Communication--Social aspects; Communication and culture; Journalism--Social aspects; Communication and culture; Journalism--Social aspects; Mass media and culture;Mass media--Social aspects
71 Media History 1469-9729 Mass media--History; Press--History; Journalism--History; Journalism; Mass media; Press
72 Media Practice and Education 2040-0926 Education in mass media--; Mass media--Research; Communication--Study and teaching; Media programs (Education); Communication--Study and teaching; Education in mass media; Mass media--Research; Media programs (Education)
73 Media Psychology 1532-785X Media--Journals; Psychology--Journals; Psychology
74 New Review of Film & Television Studies 1740-7923 Film criticism; Motion pictures--Evaluation; Television criticism; Television; Film criticism; Motion pictures--Evaluation
75 Parallax 1460-700X Culture; Popular culture--Study and teaching
76 Popular Communication 1540-5710 Mass media; Popular culture
77 Postcolonial Studies 1466-1888 Postcolonial
78 Qualitative Research Reports 1745-9443 Communication
79 Quarterly Journal of Speech 1479-5779 Public speaking; Speech
80 Quarterly Review of Film & Video 1543-5326 Motion pictures; Television broadcasting; Video recordings
81 Research on Language & Social Interaction 1532-7973 Communication; Linguistics; Sociolinguistics
82 Rethinking Marxism 1475-8059 Communism; Marxisme
83 Review of Communication 1535-8593 Communication
84 Rhetoric Review 1532-7981 Rhetoric
85 Rhetoric Society Quarterly 1930-322X Rhetoric; Languages (General)
86 Russian Journal of Communication 1940-9427 Communication--Russia; Communication--Research; Communication; Russia
87 Social Semiotics 1470-1219 Critical theory; Functionalism (Linguistics); Semiotics--Social aspects
88 Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture, and Society 1548-3843 United States--Race relations; African Americans; African Americans--Social conditions; Race relations; United States
89 South Asian Popular Culture 1474-6697 Popular culture--South Asia; Popular culture; South Asia
90 Southern Communication Journal 1930-3203 Oral communication
91 Studies in European Cinema 2040-0594 Motion pictures--Europe; Motion pictures; Europe
92 Technical Communication Quarterly 1542-7625 Technical writing; Technical writing--Study and teaching
93 Text and Performance Quarterly 1479-5760 Oral communication; Literature--History and criticism; Literature
94 Visual Communication Quarterly 1555-1407 Visual communication
95 Western Journal of Communication 1745-027 Oral communication
96 Women's Studies in Communication 2152-999X Communication--Sex differences