Taylor & Francis e-Books

Title ISSN Subject
Abnormal Psychology 9780203496480 Neurology; Psychology, Pathological
Adolescents in Contemporary Indonesia 9780203522073 Teenagers--Indonesia; Youth--Indonesia
The Age of Intelligent Cities: Smart Environments and Innovation-for-all Strategies 9781315769349 City planning--Environmental aspects; City planning--Technological innovations; Information networks--Social aspects; Business & Economics--General; Business & Economics--Development--Business Development; Business & Economics--Development--Sustainable Development
The Anatomy of Drama (Routledge Revivals) 9781315858241 Drama--Technique; Drama--History and criticism
An Anthropology of Money 9781315453453 Money; Money--History
ASEAN’s Diplomatic and Security Culture: Origins, Development and Prospects 9780700716524 ASEAN; National security--Southeast Asia; Southeast Asia--Politics and government; Southeast Asia--Foreign relations; Diplomatic relations; National security; Politics and government; Southeast Asia
Ashgate Series in Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Studies : Race, Romanticism, and the Atlantic 9781315603384 English literature--19th century--History and criticism; English literature; Politics and literature--Colonies--Great Britain; Race in literature; Romanticism--English-speaking countries; Slavery in literature; Great Britain
Asia and the Middle-Income Trap 9781315677606 Asia--Commerce--21st century; Asia--Economic policy--21st century; Economic development--Asia--21st century; Income--Asia; Technological innovations--Economic aspects--Asia
Assessment Center Perspectives for Talent Management Strategies, 2nd ed 9781315746265 Assessment centers (Personnel management procedure); Personnel management; Personnel management
Attachment: Expanding the Cultural Connections 9780415990592 Attachment behavior -- Cross-cultural studies; Intimacy (Psychology) -- Cross-cultural studies; Attachment behavior; Intimacy (Psychology)
Biochar for Environmental Management: Science and Technology 9781844076581 Charcoal; Environmental management; Soil amendments
Biochar in European Soils and Agriculture 9781315884462 Ashes as fertilizer--Europe; Soil amendments--Europe; Biochar; Carbon dioxide mitigation--Europe; Carbon sequestration--Europe
Biomass Assessment 9781315066417 Biomass energy--Africa, Southern; Biomass energy--Africa, Southern--Remote sensing; Biomass energy; Biomass energy--Remote sensing; Business & Economics--Real Estate--General; Fuelwood; Fuelwood--Africa, Southern; Southern Africa
Building a People-Oriented Security Community the ASEAN way 9780203104842 ASEAN; Non-state actors (International relations)--Southeast Asia; Regionalism (International organization)--Southeast Asia; Security, International--Social aspects--Southeast Asia
Cancer and the Family Life Cycle 9780203782514 Adaptation, Psychological; Cancer--Social aspects; Cancer--Patients--Family relationships; Cancer--Psychological aspects; Family Relations; Health & Fitness--Diseases--Cancer; Neoplasms--psychology
Chinese Business in the Making of a Malay State, 1882-1941: Kedah and Penang 9780415301763 Business and politics--History; Business and politics; Business networks--China--History; Business networks--History; Business networks; China; Chinese--Economic conditions; Economic history; Ethnic relations; Family-owned business enterprises--China--History; Family-owned business enterprises--History; Family-owned business enterprises; Kedah--Economic conditions; Kedah--Ethnic relations; Kedah--Politics and government; Kedah; Malaysia--Kedah; Politics and government
Chinese Indonesians Reassessed 9780203095362 Chinese; Chinese--Indonesia; Chinese--Indonesia--Religion; Chinese--Indonesia--Social conditions--21st century; Chinese--Religion; Chinese--Social conditions; Indonesia
City Futures in the Age of a Changing Climate 9781315765969 Urban ecology (Sociology); Urbanization--Environmental aspects; Cities and towns--Growth--Environmental aspects; Urban policy--Environmental aspects; Sustainable urban development; City planning--Environmental aspects; Architecture--Urban & Land Use Planning
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 2nd Edition: 100 Key Points and Techniques 9781315762470 Cognitive therapy
Community Seed Banks 9780415708050 Seeds--Harvesting--Citizen participation; Germplasm resources, Plant; Germplasm resources conservation--Citizen participation; Nature--Natural Resources
Comparative Social Welfare : Social Welfare in Asia 9781315670577 Political Scence--Public Policy--Social Services & Welfare; Public welfare--Asia--Cross-cultural studies; Public welfare; Social security; Social service--Asia--Cross-cultural studies; Social security--Asia--Cross-cultural studies; Social Science--Human Services; Social service; Asia
Contemporary Issues in Cultural Heritage Tourism 9780203583685 Heritage tourism; Turismo cultural
Contemporary Library Architecture 9780203584033 Library architecture; Library buildings--Design and construction
Contemporary Social Work Studies : Working with Ethnic Minorities and Across Cultures in Western Child Protection Systems 9781315393148 Child Welfare--ethnology; Cultural Competency; Ethnic Groups; Social Work--methods
Contemporary Urban Landscapes of the Middle East 9781138849594 City planning -- Middle East; Urban landscape architecture -- Middle East; City planning; Urban landscape architecture; Middle East
Crafting Scholarship in the Behavioral and Social Sciences: Writing, Reviewing, and Editing 9781315766089 Social sciences -- Authorship; Social science literature -- Editing; Social sciences -- Research
Crime and Crime Reduction 9780203097694 Gangs; Criminal psychology; Crime; Crime prevention
Critical Issues in Schoolbased Mental Health 9781138025004 School children--Mental health services--United States; School health services--United States; School psychology--United States; School children--Mental health services; School health services; School psychology; United States
Croatia and the European Union : Changes and Development 9781315575124 Croatia -- Politics and government -- 1990-; Democratization -- Croatia; Democratization; European Union; Politics and government; Croatia
Cultural Policy: Management, Value and Modernity in the Creative Industries 9780203583951 Cultural industries--Government policy; Cultural policy
Culturally Responsive Leadership in Higher Education 9781138854796 Culturally relevant pedagogy--United States; Culturally relevant pedagogy; Education--Higher; Educational equalization--United States; Educational equalization; Educational leadership--Social aspects--United States; Educational leadership--Social aspects; Universities and colleges--Administration; Universities and colleges--United States--Administration; United States
The Culture of Copying in Japan 9780415307529 Civilization--Foreign influences; Japan--Civilization--Foreign influences; Japan; Material culture--Japan; Material culture; Technological innovations--Japan; Technological innovations
Cyberbullying through the New Media 9780203799079 Bullying in schools; Cyberbullying; Cyberbullying--Prevention; Psychology--Social Psychology
Cyberpsychology and New Media 9780203796610 Cyberspace--Psychological aspects; Internet--Psychological aspects; Internet--Social aspects; Internet users--Psychology; Psychology--Computer network resources
Democracy, Corruption and the Politics of Spirits in Contemporary Indonesia 9781315773803 Corruption; Corruption--Indonesia; Democracy; Democracy--Indonesia; Ethnology; Ethnology--Indonesia; Indonesia--Politics and government--1998- ; Parapsychology and anthropology; Parapsychology and anthropology--Indonesia; Political culture; Political culture--Indonesia; Political Science--Public Policy--Cultural Policy; Politics and government; Social Science--Anthropology--Cultural; Social Science--Popular Culture; Spiritualism--Political aspects--Indonesia; Indonesia
Digitized Lives: Culture, Power, and Social Change in the Internet Era 9780203374672 Internet--Social aspects; Information technology--Social aspects; Social change
Disability Advocacy Among Religious Organizations 9780789032898 Church work with people with disabilities; Legal assistance to people with disabilities; Religion--Christian Life--Social Issues; Religion--Christianity--General
Displaced by Disaster: Recovery and Resilience in a Globalizing World 9780203728291 Architecture--Urban & Land Use Planning; Cross-Cultural Comparison; Disaster Planning--organization & administration; Disaster relief; Disaster Victims; Emergency housing; Emergency management; Environmental disasters; Environmental refugees; Refugees; Relief Work--organization & administration
Document Delivery Services 9781315863368 Academic libraries; Academic libraries--United States; Document delivery; Document delivery--United States; United States
Drama and Social Justice 9781315755977 Social justice; Theater and society
Eco-Urbanity 9781315811840 Sustainable development; Urban ecology (Sociology)
The New Economic Diplomacy 9781315555188 International economic relations; International cooperation; Commercial policy; Negotiation in business; Decision making; International economic relations -- Case studies
Economics of the Oceans: Rights, Rents and Resources 9780203083611 Marine resources development--Law and legislation; Marine resources conservation--Law and legislation; Marine resources; Law of the sea--Economic aspects
Education Policy and Contemporary Theory 9781315818429 Educational change--Philosophy; Education--Administration--General; Education and state--Philosophy; Education--Research; Education--Essays; Education--Organizations & Institutions; Education--Reference; Education--Educational Policy & Reform--General
Education, Religion and Diversity 9781315815220 Didactics of religion; Human rights; Religious education; Religious education--Great Britain; Sociology of religion; Great Britain
Educational Technology Program and Project Evaluation 9781315724140 Computer-assisted instruction--Evaluation; Education--Administration--General; Education--Organizations & Institutions; Educational technology--Evaluation; Project management; School management and organization
Elements of Ecological Economics 9780203857045 Sustainable development; Climatic changes; Environmental economics; Food supply
The Emergence of the Digital Humanities 9780203093085 Digital communications; Education, Higher--Effect of technological innovations on; Humanities--Electronic information resources; Humanities--Computer network resources
Environmental Impact Assessment 9780203409978 Environmental impact analysis
Environmental Modelling with GIS and Remote Sensing 9780203302217 GIS, Remote Sensing & Cartography; Environmental Modelling; ENVIROnetBASE; SCI-TECHnetBASE; ENVIRONMENTALSCIENCEnetBASE; STMnetBASE
Equity, Opportunity and Education in Postcolonial Southeast Asia 9781315815145 Education--Administration--General; Education--Educational Policy & Reform--General; Educational equalization; Educational equalization--Southeast Asia; Southeast Asia
Errors in Language Learning and Use 9781315842912 Language and languages--Study and teaching--Error analysis
The Essence of Multivariate Thinking, Themes and Methods, Basic Themes and Methods, 2nd Edition 9781315832746 Mathematics--Applied; Mathematics--Probability & Statistics--General; Multivariate analysis; Psychology--Mathematical models
Ethnomusicology 9780415879774 Ethnomusicology; Ethnomusicology--Bibliography
The EU and World Regionalism : The Makability of Regions in the 21st Century 9781315616285 Diplomatic relations; European Union countries--Foreign relations; European Union countries--Politics and government; European Union countries; Interregionalism--European Union countries; Interregionalism; Politics and government; Regional disparities--European Union countries; Regional disparities; Regional economics--European Union countries; Regional economics; Regional planning--European Union countries; Regional planning
Event Design: Social perspectives and practices 9780203761908 Business & Economics--Facility Management; Special events industry; Special events--Management; Special events--Planning
Extractive Metallurgy of Rare Earths 9780203413029 Rare earth metals--Metallurgy; Technology & Engineering--Metallurgy
Factor Analysis 9781315735740 Factor analysis; Psychology--Mathematical models; Social sciences--Mathematical models
Family-Based Prevention Programs for Children and Adolescents 9781848724846 Dysfunctional families -- Services for; Families -- Health and hygiene; Families -- Psychological aspects; Parent and child; Problem children -- Services for
Foreign Correspondents and International Newsgathering: The Role of Fixers 9781315848471 Foreign news; Language & Disciplines--Journalism; Reporters and reporting; Television broadcasting of news; Translating and interpreting
Forensic Science 9781138794108 Crime--Sociological aspects; Criminologie--Aspect social; Forensic sciences
New Frontiers in HRD 9780415312370 Manpower planning; Manpower policy
On the Frontlines of the Welfare State : How the Fire Service and Police Shape Social Problems 9781315647975 Social problems; Social policy; Public administration
Gender, Islam and Democracy in Indonesia 9780203891759 Social Science--Women's Studies; Women; Women--Government policy--Indonesia; Women--Indonesia; Women--Political activity; Women--Political activity--Indonesia; Women in Islam; Women in Islam--Indonesia; Women--Government policy; Indonesia
Global Governance, Poverty and Inequality 9780415780483 Business; Economic aspects; Economic assistance; Equality--Economic aspects; Equality; Government policy; International agencies; Poverty; Poverty--Government policy; Poverty--International cooperation
Global Indonesia 9780203079805 Commerce; Globalization--Indonesia--History; Globalization; Indonesia--Commerce--History; Indonesia--History; Political Science--Globalization; Indonesia
Global Justice and the Politics of Information: The struggle over knowledge 9781315756325 Globalization--Social aspects; Information society--Social aspects; Social Science--General
Global Media Giants 9781315682334 Mass media--Economic aspects; Mass media--Management; Mass media and globalization
Globalization and Popular Music in South Korea 9781315733081 Music and globalization; Music and globalization--Korea (South); Popmusik; Popular music; Popular music--Korea (South)--History and criticism; Korea (South)
Google and the Culture of Search 9780203846261 Google; Information technology--Social aspects; Internet searching--Social aspects; Internet users--Psychology; Web search engines--Social aspects
The Government and Politics of Lebanon 9780203746424 Lebanon--Politics and government; Politics and government; Lebanon
Green Infrastructure for Landscape Planning: Integrating Human and Natural Systems 9781315856780 City planning--Environmental aspects; Ecological landscape design; Environmental engineering; Municipal engineering; Sustainable urban development; Urban ecology (Sociology)
Handbook of Bioenergy Crops 9781844078547 Energy crops
Handbook of Consumer Behavior, Tourism, and the Internet 9780203062616 Electronic Commerce; Internet marketing--Handbooks, manuals, etc; Internet marketing; Internet; Marketing; Tourism--Computer network resources--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Tourism--Computer network resources; Tourism--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Tourism; Tourisme--Ressources; Internet
The Haze Problem in Southeast Asia 9781315717814 Air--Pollution--Political aspects--Southeast Asia; Air--Pollution--Political aspects; Environmental protection--Political aspects--Southeast Asia; Environmental protection--Political aspects; Haze--Environmental aspects--Southeast Asia; Haze--Environmental aspects; Southeast Asia
Heritage Planning: Principles and Process 9781315779850 Cultural policy; Cultural property--Protection--Planning; Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration--Planning; Historic preservation--Planning; Historic sites--Conservation and restoration--Planning
Heritage Tourism 9781315882093 Heritage tourism
Higher Education in Southeast Asia: Blurring Borders, Changing Balance 9780203828540 Private universities and colleges--Southeast Asia; Education, Higher--Southeast Asia; Education and state--Southeast Asia
A History of Money 9780203347065 Credit; Credit--History; Money; Money--History
Humanist Realism for Sociologists 9781315628431 Humanism; Humanistic ethics; Social sciences and ethics; Sociology -- Moral and ethical aspects
Identity and Cultural Diversity: what social psychology can teach us 9780203710142 Cultural pluralism; Emigration and immigration--Social aspects; Ethnicity; Group identity; Immigrants--Cultural assimilation; Multiculturalism; Nationalism
The Impact of the First World War on International Business 9781315680750 Polemology
Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: Cultural Heritage, Politics and Labour Migration 9781315815879 Indonesia--Relations--Malaysia; Malaysia--Relations--Indonesia; Malay Archipelago--Civilization
Infrastructural Lives: Urban Infrastructure in Context 9781315775098 Infrastructure (Economics)--Social aspects; Municipal services; Sociology, Urban; Urban economics
Integrated Water Resource Planning: Achieving Sustainable Outcomes 9781315771816 Architecture--Urban & Land Use Planning; Water quality management; Water resources development--Planning; Water-supply--Planning
International Approaches to Real Estate Development 9781315774350 Business & Econimics--Finance; Business & Econimics--Real Estate; Real estate development
International History and International Relations 9780415481786 International relations
Interpersonal Communication 9780415207935 Interpersonal communication
The Interpretation of Ritual 9780415330251 Ritual
Interpreting Consumer Choice 9780415477604 Consumer behavior; Consumers' preferences; Consumers--Attitudes
An Introduction to Cyberpsychology 9781315741895 Cyberspace--Psychological aspects; Telematics--Social aspects; Virtual reality--Psychological aspects
Introduction to Energy Analysis 9781138671140 Energy conservation; Energy transfer; Power resources
An Introduction to the Green Economy: Science, Systems and Sustainability 9781315884486 Sustainable development; Environmental economics; Environmental policy--Economic aspects; Ecology--Economic aspects; Business & Economics--Industrial Management; Business & Economics--Management; Business & Economics--Management Science; Business & Economics--Organizational Behavior
The Korean Wave 9781315859064 Digital media--Korea (South); Digital media; Korea (South); Korea (South)--Popular culture; Mass media--Korea (South); Mass media--Social aspects; Mass media--Technological innovations--Korea (South); Mass media--Technological innovations; Mass media; Popular culture
K-pop - The International Rise of the Korean Music Industry 9781315773568 Korea (South); Popular music; Popular music -- Korea (South) -- History and criticism
Land Degradation and Society 9781315685366 Agricultural conservation--History; Agricultural conservation; Land degradation--History; Land degradation; Land use--History; Land use
Large-scale Forest Restoration 9780203071649 Forest restoration; Landscape ecology
Learning Counseling and Problem-Solving Skills 9781315801759 Counseling; Counseling--Programmed instruction; Problem solving; Problem solving--Programmed instruction
Literacy in the Digital University: Critical perspectives on learning, scholarship and technology 9780203074510 Academic writing--Computer-assisted instruction; Digital communications; Education, Higher--Effect of technological innovations on; Learning and scholarship--Technological innovations
Living Languages: An Integrated Approach to Teaching Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools 9780203809389 Interdisciplinary approach in education; Language and languages--Study and teaching (Primary); Language and languages--Study and teaching (Primary)--Audio-visual aids; Project method in teaching
Macroeconomic Policies in Indonesia 9781315756981 Banks and banking--Indonesia; Finance--Indonesia; Financial crises--Indonesia; Indonesia--Economic policy; Monetary policy--Indonesia
The Making of Neoliberal Turkey 9781315562766 History--Middle East--General; Neoliberalism--Turkey; Neoliberalism; Political culture--Turkey; Political culture; Politics and government; Social conditions; Turkey--Politics and government--1980- ; Turkey--Social conditions--20th century; Turkey--Social conditions--21st century; Turkey
Making Progress in Housing: A Framework for Collaborative Research 9781315832609 Housing--Research
Marine Policy 9780415633079 Law of the sea
The Marital-Relationship Therapy Casebook 9780876307335 Marital psychotherapy--Case studies
Maritime Security between China and Southeast Asia 9781315249698 China--Foreign relations--Southeast Asia; China; Diplomatic relations; Political Science--Government--International; Political Science--International Relations--General; Security, International--Southeast Asia; Security, International; South China Sea--Strategic aspects; South China Sea; Southeast Asia--Foreign relations--China; Southeast Asia; Strategic aspects of individual places
Masterplanning the Adaptive City: Computational Urbanism in the Twenty-First Century 9780203428054 City planning--Data processing; Urbanization--History--21st century
Media Cultures : Reappraising Transnational Media 9781315511931 Communication, International; Intercultural communication; Mass media; Popular culture
Mediating Human Rights 9781315863061 Human rights--Social aspects--Great Britain; Law--Communications; Law--General; Law--Media & the Law
Medical Tourism 9780415665759 Medical care--Quality control; Medical tourism; Medical tourism--Law and legislation
Mental Mechanisms 9780805863338 Cognition--physiology; Cognitive neuroscience--Philosophy; Memory--physiology; Philosophy
Message Production 9780203810996 Interpersonal communication; Communication interpersonnelle; Psychology -- Cognitive Psychology; Science -- Cognitive Science
Migrant Workers and ASEAN 9781315512457 ASEAN; Foreign workers, Southeast Asian; Foreign workers, Southeast Asian -- Legal status, laws, etc; Business & Economics/Labor; Political Science/Labor & Industrial Relations
Migration and Agriculture 9781138962231 Agricultural laborers--Mediterranean Region; Foreign workers--Mediterranean Region
Militainment, Inc. 9780415999779 Mass media and war--United States; Militarism--Social aspects--United States; Popular culture--United States; United States--Social conditions--1980-;United States--Social life and customs--1971-; War and society--United States; War in mass media
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy 9780415445016 Cognitive Therapy--methods; Depressive Disorder--therapy; Mind-Body Therapies; Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
Mobility and Locative Media 9781138778139 Communication--Social aspects; Mass media--Social aspects; Social Science--General; Social Science--Sociology--General
The Monarchical Republic of Early Modern England : Essays in Response to Patrick Collinson 9781315555508 Great Britain--Politics and government--1485-1603; Great Britain; Monarchy--Great Britain--History; Monarchy; Politics and government; Republicanism--Great Britain--History; Republicanism
Moral Development 9781315871226 Moral Development; Psychology--Developmental--Child; Family & Relationships--Ethics & Morals; Family & Relationships--Child Development; Family & Relationships--Life Stages--General; Psychology--Developmental--General; Psychology--Developmental--Lifespan Development; Psychology--General
Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning 9780203831076 Motivation in education; Learning; Academic achievement
Museum as Process: Translating Local and Global Knowledges 9781315766935 Communication in ethnology; Cultural property--Protection--Social aspects; Ethnological museums and collections--Social aspects; Indigenous peoples--Antiquities--Collection and preservation--Social aspects; Intercultural communication; Museums and community; Museums--Social aspects
Museum Communication and Social Media 9780415833189 Communication in museums; Museums--Public relations; Museums--Social aspects; Social media
Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices 9781315597034 Catholic Church--Relations--Islam; Catholic Church; Catholics--Indonesia--Java; Catholics; Indonesia--Java; Interfaith relations; Islam--Relations--Catholic Church; Islam; Java (Indonesia)--Religious life and customs; Muslims--Indonesia--Java; Muslims; Pilgrims and pilgrimages--Indonesia--Java; Pilgrims and pilgrimages
Muslim Education in the 21st Century: Asian perspectives 9781315817873 Comparative education; Education Curricula; Educational change--Asia; Islamic education--Asia; Social Science--Islamic Studies; Social Science--Regional Studies
Neoliberalism and the Political Economy of Tourism 9781472465016 Neoliberalism; Tourism
The Object of Copyright 9780415737203 Authorship--History; Copyright--Art; Copyright--History; Law--Intellectual Property--Copyright; Law--General; Literary Criticism--Semiotics & Theory
Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability, 3rd Edition 9781315819181 Business & Economics--Development / Sustainable Development; Business & Economics--General; Business & Economics--Organizational Behavior; Business planning; Organizational change; Social responsibility of business; Sustainable development
The Organization of Political Interest Groups 9781315817583 Political Science--Constitutions; Political Science--General; Political Science--Political Process--Political Parties; Pressure groups--Australia--History; Pressure groups--Cross-cultural studies; Pressure groups--Great Britain--History; Pressure groups--United States--History; Pressure groups; Australia; Great Britain; United States
When Organization Fails: Why Authority Matters 9781315815176 Communication in organizations; Leadership
Parenting Beliefs, Behaviors, and Parent-Child Relations 9780203942901 Indians; Childhood Needs; Parent Attitudes; Beliefs; Child Rearing; Puberty; Psychology; Sexuality; Foreign Countries; Adolescents; Family Relationship; Cross Cultural Studies; Economic Progress; Adolescent Development
Participation in Health and Welfare Services : Professional Concepts and Lived Experience 9781315628554 Patient participation; Social service; Welfare recipients
Participatory Action Research: Theory and Methods for Engaged Inquiry 9780203107386 Action research; Participant observation; Social sciences--Research--Methodology
Peasants and Globalization 9780203891834 Economics; Globalization
The Pedestrian and the City 9780415814393 City traffic--Planning; Pedestrian areas--Planning; Pedestrian traffic flow--Planning; Pedestrians; Streets--Planning
The People, Place, and Space Reader 9780415664967 Environmental psychology; Human ecology; Public spaces; Social ecology; Urban ecology (Sociology)
Phonological Skills and Learning to Read 9781138907454 Child psychology; Reading, Psychology of.; Reading (Early childhood); Reading--Phonetic method
The Physical University: Contours of space and place in higher education 9781315813776 College buildings; College campuses; School sites; Space (Architecture)
Place-making and Urban Development 9780415709569 Business & Economics--Development--Business Development; Business & Economics--Development--Sustainable Development; Business & Economics--General; City planning; Community development; Environmental psychology; Public spaces; Urban ecology (Sociology)
Plagiarism, the Internet, and Student Learning: Improving Academic Integrity 9780203928370 Internet research--Moral and ethical aspects; Plagiarism
Planning and Design for Future Informal Settlements: Shaping the Self- Constructed City 9781315765938 Architecture--Urban & Land Use Planning; City planning--Developing countries; Squatter settlements--Developing countries; Urban policy--Developing countries
Planning for a Sustainable Environment 9781315070315 Sustainable development -- Great Britain; Environmental policy -- Great Britain; Sustainable development; Environmental policy; Great Britain
Planning Sustainable Cities and Regions: Towards More Equitable Development 9781315764702 Business & Economics--Development--Economic Development; Business & Economics--Development--Sustainable Development; Business & Economics--Environmental Economics; City planning--Environmental aspects; Regional planning--Environmental aspects; Sustainable urban development; Urban economics--Environmental aspects; Urban policy--Environmental aspects
Political Change and Territoriality in Indonesia 9780203116975 Administrative and political divisions.; Central-local government relations--Indonesia.; Central-local government relations.; Decentralization in government--Indonesia.; Decentralization in government.; Indonesia--Administrative and political divisions.; Indonesia--Politics and government--1998-; Indonesian provinces.; Politics and government; Indonesia
Political Economy of Tourism 9780415548021 Tourism; Tourism--Government policy
A Political Sociology of Educational Knowledge : Studies of Exclusions and Difference 9781315528533 Educational sociology; Political sociology; Knowledge, Sociology of; Education -- Curricula -- Political aspects
Post-Tsunami Reconstruction in Indonesia: Negotiating Normativity through Gender Mainstreaming Initiatives in Aceh 9780203694411 Feminism--Indonesia; Project management--Indonesia; Women in development--Indonesia
Postcolonial Comics 9781315817576 Comic books, strips, etc. -- History and criticism; Graphic novels -- History and criticism; Postcolonialism in literature; Comic books, strips, etc.; Graphic novels
Pragmatism in International Relations 9780203885093 International relations; Pragmatism
Principles of Cyberbullying Research 9780415897495 Cyberbullying--Research--Methodology; Bullying--Research--Methodology
Principles of Research in Behavioral Science 9780203085219 Psychology--Research--Methodology
Privatization, Vulnerability, and Social Responsibility : A Comparative Perspective 9781315387543 Privatisations--Aspect social; Public-private sector cooperation--Social aspects; Public welfare; Social service; Women--Social conditions
Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders 9780203416242 Great Britain; Teacher effectiveness -- Great Britain; Teacher effectiveness; Teaching -- Standards -- Great Britain; Teaching -- Standards
The Psychology of Consumer Profiling in a Digital Age 9781138957961 Consumer behavior; Consumer profiling; Marketing--Psychological aspects
Public Space 9780415391085 City planning--Great Britain; City planning--New York (State)--New York; Public spaces--Great Britain; Public spaces--New York (State)--New York; Sociology, Urban--Great Britain; Sociology, Urban
Public Space and Relational Perspectives: New Challenges for Architecture and Planning 9781315750729 Architecture--Urban & Land Use Planning; City planning; Political Science--Public Policy--City Planning & Urban Development; Public spaces
Qualitative Data Analysis 9781138147362 Social sciences--Statistical methods--Computer programs; Social sciences--Data processing
Quality of Life in Cities 9781138790414 Business & Economics--Development / Business Development; Business & Economics--General; Business & Economics--Urban & Regional; City and town life; Quality of life; Sustainable urban development
Quasi-state Entities and International Criminal Justice : Legitimising Narratives and Counter-Narratives 9781315402864 International criminal law; Non-state actors (International relations)
Reading the Popular 9780415596503 Capitalism; Popular culture
Regionalism in Southeast Asia 9780415379625 Regionalism--Southeast Asia--History; Southeast Asia--Foreign relations; Southeast Asia--History--1945-
Religion in Consumer Society 9781315604923 Consumption (Economics)--Religious aspects; Neoliberalism; Religion--History--21st century; Religion and sociology; Religion and state; Religion
Religion, Law and Intolerance in Indonesia 9781315657356 Freedom of religion--Indonesia; Freedom of religion; Indonesia--Religion; Interfaith relations; Islam--Relations; Islam; Religion and politics--Indonesia; Religion and politics; Religion; Religious tolerance--Indonesia; Religious tolerance; Indonesia
Research in the College Context 9781138824768 Education, Higher--Research--Methodology; Qualitative research
Research Methods for Human Resource Management 9781315852300 Business & Economics--Industrial Management; Business & Economics--Management Science; Business & Economics--Management; Business & Economics--Organizational Behavior; Methode; Personnel management--Research; Australian
Research Methods for Public Administrators, 3rd Edition 9781315701134 Public administration--Research--Methodology
Researching with Integrity: The Ethics of Academic Enquiry 9780203886960 Ethical aspects; Research--ethics; Research--Moral and ethical aspects; Research; Scholars--Professional ethics
Rethinking Power, Institutions and Ideas in World Politics 9780415706759 International relations; Political Science--Civics & Citizenship; Political Science--General; Political Science--Political Process--Political Parties; World politics
Revealing Architectural Design: Methods, Frameworks and Tools 9781315852454 Architectural design--Methodology; Architecture--General; Architecture--Design, Drafting, Drawing & Presentation; Architecture--Reference; Design--Methodology
Risk and Crisis Management in the Public Sector, 2nd Edition 9781315816456 Business & Economics--General; Business & Economics--Management; Business & Economics--Public Finance; Crisis management; Policy sciences; Risk management
Risky Genes 9780415502283 Breast--Cancer--Risk factors; Cancer--Risk factors; Jewish women--Health risk assessment; Women--Health risk assessment
The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism 9780415243094 Feminism; Feminism--History
Science and the Internet : Communicating Knowledge in a Digital Age 9781315231099 Science -- Computer network resources; Communication in science; Internet research; Science -- Philosophy & Social Aspects
Secularisation, Pentecostalism and Violence : Receptions, Rediscoveries and Rebuttals in the Sociology of Religion 9781315225166 Religion and sociology; Secularism
The Shadow of Kenyan Democracy : Widespread Expectations of Widespread Corruption 9781315552958 Corruption--Kenya--Public opinion; Democracy--Kenya; Democracy; Kenya--Politics and government--2002-; Kenya; Politics and government; Public opinion--Kenya; Public opinion
Sharing the City 9781853833236 City planning--Developing countries--Citizen participation; Community development--Developing countries; Political participation--Developing countries
Small Animal Clinical Oncology 9781315381855 Pet medicine; Technology & Engineering--Agriculture--Animal Husbandry; Veterinary oncology
Smart Cities 9780203076224 Cities and towns--Growth; City planning--Technological innovations; City planning; Sustainable development; Urbanisme--Innovations; Urbanisme
Sociable Cities, 2nd Edition: The 21st-Century Reinvention of the Garden City 9781315758367 Architecture--Urban & Land Use Planning; City planning; Garden cities; Howard, Ebenezer, Sir, 1850-1928; New towns
Social Development and Social Work Perspectives on Social Protection 9781315770796 Public welfare; Social policy; Social security; Social service
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises : Nordic Perspectives 9781315621982 Scandinavia--Social policy; Social entrepreneurship--Scandinavia; Social entrepreneurship; Social policy; Welfare state--Scandinavia; Welfare state; Scandinavia
Social Protection in Developing Countries: Reforming Systems 9780203082294 Developing countries--Economic policy; Developing countries--Social policy; Public welfare--Developing countries; Social security--Developing countries
Social Rights in the Welfare State : Origins and Transformations 9781315524337 Equality--Europe; Equality; Europe--Social policy; Social policy; Social rights--Europe; Social rights; Welfare state--Europe; Welfare state; Europe
Social Theory : A Textbook 9781315657998 Sociology--History; Sociology--Philosophy; Social sciences--Philosophy
Social Theory : Classical and Contemporary - A Critical Perspective 9781315647487 Sociology--Classification; Sociology--Methodology; Sociology--Philosophy
Soil Management 9780203770962 Soil management
Soil Science 9781315844855 Soil Science
Solar, Wind and Land: Conflicts in Renewable Energy Development 9781315770079 Energy development -- Environmental aspects; Energy policy -- Environmental aspects; Renewable energy sources
Sourcebook for Political Communication Research: Methods, Measures, and Analytical Techniques 9781315782713 Communication in politics--Research
Spatial Analysis in Health Geography 9781315610252 Medical geography--Statistical methods
State Terrorism and Political Identity in Indonesia 9780415371520 Indonesia--Politics and government--1966-1998; State-sponsored terrorism--Indonesia; Political atrocities--Indonesia
Statistical Concepts, 4th 9780203137802 Education--Statistics; Psychology--Statistics; Social Science--Statistics; Statistics
Statistical Power Analysis for the Social and Behavioral Sciences: Basic and Advanced Techniques 9780203127698 Business & Economics--Statistics; Education--Statistics; Probabilities; Psychology--Statistics; Social sciences--Statistical methods; Statistical power analysis
Statistical Power Analysis: A Simple and General Model for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests, Fourth Edition 9781315773155 Statistical hypothesis testing; Statistical power analysis
Statistics Explained 9781315797564 Psychometrics; Social Sciences--methods; Statistics as Topic; Statistik
Using Statistics in Small-Scale Language Education Research 9780203526927 Applied linguistics--Research; Applied linguistics--Statistical methods; Computational linguistics; Corpora (Linguistics; Linguistics--Statistical methods; Foreign Language Study--Multi-Language Phrasebooks; Language Arts & Disciplines--Alphabets & Writing Systems; Language Arts & Disciplines--Grammar & Punctuation; Language Arts & Disciplines--Linguistics--General; Language Arts & Disciplines--Readers; Language Arts & Disciplines--Spelling
The Street 9780415527101 City planning; Public spaces; Streets
Student's Guide to Writing Dissertations and Theses in Tourism Studies and Related Disciplines 9780203078785 Dissertations, Academic--Authorship; Tourism--Research--Methodology
Suicidal Behaviour: Underlying dynamics 9781315760841 Suicidal behavior--Risk factors
Sustainable Food Systems: Building a New Paradigm 9780203083499 Food supply--Environmental aspects; Food security; Social Science--Agriculture & Food; Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable Tourism 9781138173101 Ecotourism; Tourism--Environmental aspects
Sustainable Tourism Futures 9780203884256 Ecotourism
Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education: A Critical Approach 9780203875919 College teaching; College teachers--Professional relationships
The Technological State in Indonesia 9780203084120 Authoritarianism; Authoritarianism--Indonesia; High technology--Government policy; High technology--Government policy--Indonesia; Indonesia; Indonesia--Politics and government--1966-1998; Politics and government; Technocracy; Technology and state; Technology and state--Indonesia
The Theory, Principles and Management of Taxation 9780203797914 Taxation; Tax administration and procedure
The Transformation of the International Order of Asia: Decolonization, the Cold War, and the Colombo Plan 9781315777894 Asia--Foreign economic relations; Asian cooperation; Cold War--Economic aspects--Asia; Colombo Plan; Decolonization--Asia; Economic assistance--Asia; Economic development--Asia; History--Asia--General; History--General; History--World
Tourism and Indigenous Peoples 9781138134027 Cultural relations; Ethnic relations; Indigenous peoples--Ethnic identity; Tourism--Social aspects
Tourism and Politics 9780080450759 Tourism--Political aspects
Tourism Supply Chain Management 9780203804391 Business logistics; Hospitality industry--Management; Supply chain management; Tourism; Tourism--Management; Tourist Industry; Travel and Tourism
Trading in Knowledge 9781849773447 Intellectual property (International law); Sustainable development
Transgression: Towards an expanded field of architecture 9781315744919 Architectural practice; Architecture and society; Architecture--Philosophy
Transnational Social Work and Social Welfare : Challenges for the Social Work Profession 9781315691794 Internationality; Public welfare; Social service; Social Welfare; Social Work
Trust, Tourism Development and Planning 9780203537817 Tourism--Planning; Tourism--Government policy; Tourism--Political aspects; Trust--Political aspects; Transparency in government
Understanding Employee Engagement: Theory, Research, and Practice 9780203385944 Employees--Attitudes; Employees--Psychology; Employee motivation
Understanding Urban Metabolism: A Tool for Urban Planning 9781315765846 City planning--Environmental aspects; Human ecology; Sustainable urban development
Unrespectable Radicals? : Popular Politics in the Age of Reform 9781315548975 Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1760-1820; Politics and government; Radicalism -- Great Britain -- History -- 18th century; Radicalism; Radicals; Radicalism -- Great Britain -- History -- 19th century; Radicals -- Great Britain -- History -- 18th century; Radicals -- Great Britain -- History -- 19th century; Great Britain
Urban Access for the 21st Century: Finance and Governance 9781315857497 Urban transportation policy--Developing countries; Urban transportation--Economic aspects; Urban transportation--Finance; Urban transportation; Urbanization
Urban Sustainability in Theory and Practice: Circles of sustainability 9781315765747 Business & Economics--Development--Sustainable Development; City planning--Environmental aspects; Political Science--Public Polic--Environmental Policy; Sociology, Urban; Sustainable urban development; Urban ecology (Sociology)
Urban Theory and the Urban Experience 9780415520690 Architecture--Urban & Land Use Planning; Cities and towns--Philosophy; Cities and towns; Political Science--Public Policy--City Planning & Urban Development; Science--Earth Sciences--Geography; Sociology, Urban; Sociology, Urban--Philosophy
US Foreign Policy and Conflict in the Islamic World : US Foreign Policy and the Horn of Africa 9781315548654 Africa--Horn of Africa; Eritrean-Ethiopian War, 1998-2000; Islam and politics; Islam and politics--Horn of Africa
The Value of Resilience 9781315681924 Business & Economics--Infrastructure; Emergency management; Emergency management--Great Britain; Emergency management--Psychological aspects; Great Britain--Cabinet Office--Civil Contingencies Secretariat; Human security; Human security--Great Britain; Human security--Psychological aspects; Resilience (Personality trait); Social Science--General; Great Britain
Victimology 9781138147324 Europe; Victims of crimes--Europe; Victims of crimes--Legal status, laws, etc; Victims of crimes--Legal status, laws, etc.--Europe; Victims of crimes
Views Beyond the Border Country 9781138158429 Literature and society; Political and social views; Politics and culture; Social problems in literature; Williams, Raymond--Political and social views; Williams, Raymond; Williams, Raymond.--Border country
Violence at Sea 9780415953207 Hijacking of ships; Pirates; Terrorism
Violent Conflicts in Indonesia 9780203099292 Conflict management--Indonesia; Ethnic conflict--Indonesia; Political violence--Indonesia; Social conflict--Indonesia; Violence--Indonesia
Violent Globalisms : Conflict in Response to Empire 9781315548111 Diplomatic relations; Hegemony; Hegemony--United States; Terrorism--Government policy; Terrorism--Government policy--United StatesWar on Terrorism, 2001-2009; United States--Foreign relations--2001-; United States
War, Nationalism and Peasants: Java Under the Japanese Occupation, 1942-45 9781315698274 History--Asia--Southeast Asia; Indonesia--History--Japanese occupation, 1942-1945; Java (Indonesia)--History; Nationalism; Nationalism--Indonesia--Java; Peasants; Peasants--Indonesia--Java; Indonesia; Indonesia--Java
War, the State and International Law in Seventeenth-Century Europe 9781315547688 Europe--Foreign relations--Law and legislation--History--17th century; International relations; International relations--History--17th century; State governments and international relations; State governments and international relations--Europe--History--17th century; Europe
Wilderness Therapy for Women 9781560246824 Adventure therapy; Feminist therapy; Wilderness survival
Women, Islam and Modernity 9780203391389 Indonesia--Social life and customs; Manners and customs; Sexual abstinence--Religious aspects--Islam; Single women--Indonesia--Social conditions; Single women--Indonesia; Single women--Social conditions; Single women; Indonesia
Women, Sexual Violence and the Indonesian Killings of 1965-66 9781315818795 Indonesia--History--Coup d'état, 1965; Political violence--Indonesia; Women political prisoners--Abuse of--Indonesia; Women--Violence against--Indonesia
Work Pressures : New Agendas in Communication 9781315675749 Job stress; Information technology -- Management; Communication in organizations; Work-life balance