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Title Year ISBN Subject
The 8th International Conference On Robotic, Vision, Signal Processing & Power Application2014978-981-4585-42-2 CUPUM; CUPUM 2015; Geo-Information Science; Planning Support Systems (PSS); Smart Cities; Spatial Planning; Urban Analytics
14th International Conference on Theory and Application of Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing – ICAFS-20202021978-3-030-64058-3Artificial intelligence; Computational intelligence; Fuzzy systems; Soft computing
ACL Injury and Its Treatment2016978-4-431-55858-3ACL augmentation; Anterior cruciate ligament;; Bone-patella tendon-bone Double-bundle ACL reconstruction; Single-bundle ACL reconstruction; Triple-bundle ACL reconstruction
Action Control1985978-3-642-69746-3Control (Psychology); Human behavior; Intentionalism; Motivation (Psychology); Performance; Philosophy; Self-control; Will
Advanced Approaches to Intelligent Information and Database2014978-3-319-05503-9 Computational Intelligence; Intelligent Database Systems; Intelligent Information Systems
Advanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine, and Land Applications II2016978-3-319-48141-8Materials science; Composite materials; Aerospace technology; Maritime technology; Ground transport technology
Advanced Data Mining and Applications: 10th International Conference, ADMA 2014, Guilin, China, December 19-21, 2014. Proceedings2014978-3-319-14717-8Web service; Cloud service; Crowdsourcing; Data mining; Dynamic databases; Ensemble learning; Image hashing; Improved genetic algorithm; Multi-database mining; Multiparty; Ontology; Parallel Data mining; Pattern recognition; Privacy; Recommender system safety; Social media; Spatio-temporal patterns; Stream data mining; Support vector machine
Advanced Mechatronics Solutions2016978-3-319-23923-1 Automatic Control; Intelligent Computing; Mechatronics; Mechatronics 2015; Nanotechnology; Robotics
Advances in Big Data2017978-3-319-47898-2ANNS; Autonomous, Online, Incremental Learning In Big Data; Big Data Analytics; Big Data And Cloud Computing; Big Data Streams Analytics; Cognitive Modeling And Big Data; Deep Neural Network Learning; Deep Reinforcement Learning; Evolutionary Systems And Big Data; Evolving Systems For Big Data Analytics; Fuzzy Data Analysis Information Propagation Analysis; INNS-BigData 2016; Learning Algorithms Streaming Data; Neuromorphic Hardware; Online Learning; Online Social Networks; Recommendation Systems/Collaborative Filtering For Big Data; Systems Neuroscience; Scalable Algorithms For Big Data
Advances in Digital Science2021978-3-030-71782-7Computational intelligence; Data engineering
Advances in Neural Networks: Computational and Theoretical Issues2015978-3-319-18164-6 23rd Workshop Italian Neural Networks; Computational Intelligence; Machine Learning; Neural Networks; SIREN Proceedings; Social Signal Processing
Advances in Structural Engineering2015978-81-322-2193-7 Bridge Engineering; Composite Materials; Earthquake Engineering; Finite Element Methods; SEC 2014; Soil-Structure Interaction; Structural Dynamics; Structural Mechanics; Structural Vibration Control
Advances in Visual Computing2015978-3-319-27863-6Hybrid system; Medical imaging; Optimization; Pattern recognition; Automated image analysis; Computer graphics; Computer vision Health care; Image processing Machine learning; Magnetic resonance imaging; Medical image software; Multi-agent; Ontology; Simulated annealing; SPARQL; Video games; Virtual reality; Warehouse network modeling
Anesthesia Student Survival Guide2016978-3-319-11083-7 Anesthesia; Case studies; Clerkship; Introduction; Rotation; Student; USMLE Step 2; USMLE Step 3
Anticipation: Learning From the Past2015978-3-319-19446-2 Anticipation; Cognitive Systems; Perception; Soviet Anticipation Research; Soviet Neuropsychological Theories
Application of Hydrothermal Reactions to Biomass Conversion2014978-3-642-54458-3Bio-Derived Chemicals; Biomass Conversion; Carbohydrates; High-Temperature Water; Hydrothermal Carbonization; Hydrothermal Gasification Hydrothermal; Liquefaction Hydrothermal Raction; Lignocelluloses; Sewage Sludge
Applied Survival Analysis Using R2016978-3-319-31245-3Censoring; Partial likelihood; Proportional hazards; Survival data; Truncation; Competing risks analyses; Confidence intervals; Product-limit Kaplan-Meier estimator; Nelson-Aalen nonparametric estimator; Survival curves; Log-rank test; Prentice-modification of Gehan test
Approach to Internal Medicine2016978-3-319-11821-5 Diagnosis; Emergency medicine; Examination preparation; Internal medicine; Medication treatmen
ArcGIS for Environmental and Water Issues2018978-3-319-61158-7Geographical information systems; Hydrology; Environmental monitoring; Regional economics; Spatial economics; Geographical Information Systems/Cartography; Hydrogeology; Hydrology/Water Resources; Monitoring/Environmental Analysis; Regional/Spatial Science; Identifier
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing2014978-3-319-07176-3 Bioinformatics; Clustering and classification; Data mining; Heterogeneous (hybrid) systems; Image processing; Machine learning; Multi-core processing; Neural networks; Pattern recognition; Peer-to-peer networks; Support vector machines; Survival analysis; Visualization
Artificial Intelligence: Methods and Applications2014978-3-319-07064-3 Web mining; Web searching and information discovery; answer set programming; augmented reality; bioinformatics; data analytics; formal methods; human-computer interaction (HCI); intelligent agents; modal and temporal logics; recommender systems; sensor networks; supervised learning; support vector machines; visual inspection
Atlas of Geriatric Dermatology2014978-1-4471-4579-0 Geriatric Dermatolgy
Atlas of Musculoskeletal Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions2014978-3-319-01748-8 Bone Tumors; Diagnosis; Multidisciplinary Approach; Sarcoma; Soft Tissue Tumors
AUC 20192021978-981-15-5608-1Asia; Cities and towns Asia Growth Congresses; Cities and towns Growth; City planning; Climatic changes; Conference papers and proceedings; Congress; Regional planning; Sustainable development; Sustainable urban development; Sustainable urban development Asia Congresses; Urban economics; Urbanization; Urbanization Asia Congresses
Balancing Development and Sustainability in Tourism Destinations2017978-981-10-1718-6Development and Tourism; Islam and Tourism; Tourism and Hospitality; Tourism and Sustainability; Tourism in Southeast Asia; Tourist Behaviour; Tropical Tourism
Basic Concepts in Clinical Biochemistry: A Practical Guide2018978-981-10-8186-6Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology; Biochemistry, general; Biotechnology; boratory Medicine; dical Biochemistry
Behavioral Interactions, Markets, and Economic Dynamics2016978-4-431-55501-8 Behavioral economics; Behavioral finance; Happiness; Risk; Time discounting
Biomaterials and Medical Devices2016978-3-319-14845-8 Biomimetic Bioceramics; In Vitro Cytotoxicity; Nano-hybrid Organic-inorganic Biomaterials; Natural-based Biocomposites; Natural-based Resource; Orthopedics and Dentistry Applications; Tissue Bank
Biomedical Engineering: Frontier Research and Converging2016978-3-319-21813-7 Cellular Models Of Neurodegenerative Diseases; Emerging Theranostics; Hybrid Nanoparticles; Mechanical Models Of Cells; Mechanosensory Mechanisms; Molecular Imaging In Cancer; Peptide-Based Biomaterials; Teleoperated And Assistive Systems; Tissue EngineeringMultifunctional Nanomedicine; Vaccine Nanoparticles
Biomedical Informatics2014978-1-4471-4474-8 Bioinformatics; Biomedical Decision Making; Clinical Decision-Support Systems; Clinical Research Informatics; Consumer Health Informatics; Electronic Health Record Systems; Health Information; Imaging Informatics; Information Technology Policy; Patient Monitoring Systems; Patient-Centered Care; Personal Health Records; Software Engineering for Health Care; Telehealth
Biotremology: Studying Vibrational Behavior 2019978-3-030-22293-2Animal Anatomy; Animal Ecology; Animal Physiology; Behavioral Sciences; Biological and Medical Physics, Biophysics; Biomedical and Life Sciences; Evolutionary Biology; Histology; Life Sciences; Morphology
Blockchain Basics2017978-1-4842-2604-9Blockchain; Distributed systems; Peer-to-peer systems; distributed ledger technologies; distributed consensus; consentaneous; Raft; Paxos; hash puzzle; proof of work; proof of ownership; immutable ledger; Sybil attack; cryptography; asymmetric cryptography; private public key cryptography; cryptographic hash function; hash pointers; cryptographic currencies; double spending
Borneo Studies in History, Society and Culture2017978-981-10-0672-2Borneo studies; Institute of Asian Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Borneo Research Council; Post-war scholarly work on Borneo; Borneo’s social transformation; Anthropological studies in Sabah; Linguistics in Sabah; Ethnomusicological studies in Sabah; Sociological research in Sarawak; Anthropological research in Sarawak; Ethnic identity in West Kalimantan; Social change in West Kalimantan; Social changes and the Tionghua; Dayak and Mel…; Ethnic identities in Central Kalimantan; Identities in Borneo; Gender and urbanisation in Sarawak; Media and Sociocultural Change in Borneo; Material Culture and Museum Collections in Borneo; Material Culture and Museum Collections in Borneo; Environmental studies in Sabah
Breast Disease2016978-3-319-26012-9 Breast cancer, Chemotherapy, Metastasis, Surgery, systemic therapy, adjuvant therapy, radiation therapy, lymphedema, axillary staging, Breast conserving surgery, neoadjuvant chemotherapy, supportive care, mastectomy
Building Resilient Cities in China: The Nexus between Planning and Science2015978-3-319-14145-9Emergency Relief and Management; Geographic Information System; Resilient Urban Space Structure; Transportation Planning; Urban Resiliency; Urban Transition
Cartography--maps Connecting the World2015978-3-319-17738-0 Advanced Cartography; Advances in Cartography; Advances in Mapping; Cartography; GIScience Education; Geoinformation Science; International Cartographic Conference
Challenges and Opportunities in Health Professions Education2022978-981-16-7232-3Electronic books; Medicine Study and teaching (Higher)
Challenges and Opportunities for the World's Forests in the 21st Century2014978-94-007-7076-8 Biofuels; Climate change; Conservation; Forest Resources; Forestry; Forests; Sustainable development
Chemistry of Plant Natural Products: Stereochemistry, Conformation, Synthesis, Biology, and Medicine2015978-3-642-45410-3Biosynthesis of Terpenoids; Diterpenoids; Monoterpenoids; Natural Products; Polyketide Pathway; Sesquiterpenoids; Sesterpenoids; Shikimic Acid Pathway; alkaloids; alternative pharmaceuticals
Clinical Cases in Cardiology: A Guide to Learning and Practice2015978-3-319-19926-9Bradyarrhythmias; Channelopathies; Defibrillators; Heart failure; Home monitoring; Ischemic heart disease; Life-threatening arrhytmias; Resynchronization therapy; Tachyarrhythmias; Valvular heart disease
Clinical Handbook of Obsessive-compulsive and Related2016978-3-319-17139-5 Adult OCD assessment and treatment; Aggressive obsessions and checking in adolescents; BDD in adult populations; Comorbid ASD and OCD in adolescents; Comorbid depression in individuals with OCD; Contamination OCD; Excoriation in adult populations; Extreme family accommodation and OCD; Hoarding disorder in adults; Not-just-right experiences in pediatric populations; Obsessive-compulsive personality disorders; PANDAS in children and adolescents; Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome; Pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorders; Perfectionism in children and adolescents; Scrupulosity; Sexual obsessions; Symmetry; Tourettic OCD; Trichotillomania in adults
Climate Change Research, Policy and Actions in Indonesia2021978-3-030-55536-8Climate change mitigation; Climate change mitigation Indonesia; Climatic changes; Climatic changes Indonesia; Environmental geography; Human geography; Indonesia; Sustainable development
Computability and Complexity: Essays Dedicated to Rodney G. Downey on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday2017978-3-319-50062-1Algorithmic randomness; Computability theory; Generic-case complexity; Parameterized complexity; Turing degrees; Chains/antichains; computable algebra; computable combinatorics; computable model theory; computably enumerable sets; degree spectra; enumeration reducibility; finite state; generic computability; induction; information lossless compressors; injection structures; Lempel-Ziv compression algorithm; matroid; reverse mathematics
Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IV: 4th IFIP TC 12 Conference, CCTA 2010, Nanchang, China, October 22-25, 2010, Selected Papers, Part I2011978-3-642-18333-1GIS; agriculture; communication technology; decision support systems; distributed computing; e-commerce; multi-agent systems; precision farming; quality assurance; sensor networks; simulation models; telemetry
A Concise Guide to Endodontic Procedures2015978-3-662-43730-8Endodontic Retreatment; Non-vital Teeth; Painful Teeth; Periapical Surgery; Root Canal Treatment
Contemporary Demographic Transformations in China, India and Indonesia2016978-3-319-24783-0 Asia's population dynamics; Demographic Redistribution from Rural Areas; Demographic chance in China; India and Indonesia; Mortality; fertility; migration; Population and housing censuses; Urbanization; education aging
Contemporary Issues and Development in the Global Halal Industry2017978-981-10-1452-9Quality of life; Quality of Life Research; Market research; Market Research/Competitive Intelligence; Religion; Religious Studies, general
Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets: Theories, Practices and Cases2014978-3-642-44955-0Corporate Governance; Financial markets; Governance theory; Rapid growth
COVID-19: Paving the Way for a More Sustainable World2021978-3-030-69284-1COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020- Economic aspects; Economics; Sustainable development
Cultural Perspectives in a Global Marketplace2016978-3-319-18696-2 Academy of Marketing Science; Cultural Perspectives in Marketing; Customer Behavior; Developments in Marketing Science; Marketing Research; Marketing Strategy
Current Laboratory Methods in Neuroscience Research2014978-1-4614-8794-4Animal behavior; Autoradiography; Bioimaging; Immunohistochemistry; In vitro preparations; Leukocyte isolation; Nano-drug delivery; Neuroelectrophysiology; Neurohistological techniques
Customer Value Generation in Banking: The Zurich Model of Customer-Centricity2016978-3-319-19938-2Banking innovation, Banking strategy, Business models, Change management, Customer value, Financial innovation
Daily Routine in Cosmetic Dermatology2017978-3-319-20250-1Dermatology; Surgery; Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical technology
Data Mining2015978-3-319-14142-8 Cluster analysis; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data applications; Data mining; Data streams; Frequent pattern mining; Graph mining; Outlier analysis; Privacy-preserving data mining; Sequence mining; Social networks; Spatial data mining; Text mining; Time-series analysis; Web mining
Dentine Hypersensitivity: Advances in Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment2015978-3-319-14577-8Aetiology; Desensitizing Agents; Diagnosis; In Vitro Testing; Product Development; Teeth Sensitivity
Design, User Experience, and Usability: User Experience2014978-3-319-07635-5 Accessibility, Augmented reality, Creativity, Education, Emotions
A Developer's Guide to the Semantic Web2014978-3-662-43796-4 FOAF; Linked Open Data; OWL; Ontologies; RDB2RDF; RDF; Rich Snippets; SPARQL; Search Monkey; Semantic Markup; Semantic Web; Social Networks; Web Development; schema.org
Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering/Wörterbuch Geotechnik2014978-3-642-41714-6 Dictionary Geotechnical; Dictionary Mining; Exploration Geology; Foundation Engineering; Geosciences Reference; Hydrogeology Dictionary; Mineral Deposits
Digital Imaging Primer2016978-3-540-85619-1 Computer; Digital; Fourier; Graphics; Imaging
Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia2017978-3-319-54466-3Business and Economics Infrastructure; Emergency management; Emergency management Indonesia; Indonesia; Social Science General
Domestic Violence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Protection, Prevention and Intervention2016978-1-137-52452-2Socio-legal studies, Law and society, Criminology, Victimology, Survivors, Victims, Voluntary Sector, Policing, Gender studies, Social work, Domestic Abuse, Domestic violence policy, Multi-agency working, human rights, community, probation
Educational Data Mining2014978-3-319-02738-8 Computational Intelligence; Data Mining; EDM Applications; EDM Methods; EDM Models; EDM Tasks; Educational Data Mining
The Emergence of Digital Libraries -- Research and Practices2014978-3-319-12823-8 Data classification; Data extraction; Data management; Digital archives; Digital books; Digital libraries; Human-computer interaction; Information packaging; Information retrieval; Information sharing; Institutional repositories; Knowledge sharing; Linked open data; Metadata; Ontology; recommender systems; Scholarly community; Search methods; Social image search; Web application
Encyclopedia of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks2003978-1-4020-3609-5Encyclopedia; Sedimentary rocks; Sedimentary rocks Encyclopedias; Sediments (Geology); Sediments (Geology) Encyclopedias; encyclopedias
Engineering the Web in the Big Data Era2015978-3-319-19890-3 Browsers; Cloud computing; Content ranking; Crowdsource; Crowdsourcing; Data extraction and integration; Electronic commerce; Mashups; Model-driven development; Personalization; QoS; Restful Web services; Semantic Web description languages; Service discovery and interfaces; Site wrapping; Social networks; Social recommendation; User modeling; Web crawling; Web services
Enterprise as an Instrument of Civilization2016978-4-431-54916-1 Anthropology of Business Administration; Cultural Perspective in Business; Interpretative (Hermeneutic) Approaches; Multidisciplinary Approaches; Qualitative Research Methods
Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2011: 10th International Conference, ICEC 2011, Vancouver, Canada, October 5-8, 2011. Proceedings2011978-3-642-24500-8Geospatial data; Model-driven game development; Social networks; User-centered interface design; Visualization
Entrepreneurship and Management in an Islamic Context2017978-3-319-39679-8Entrepreneurship Religious aspects Islam; Management Religious aspects Islam; Religion Islam General
Environmental Indicators2015978-94-017-9499-2 Environmental Indicators; Environmental Thermodynamics; Environmental and Land Degradation; Environmental; Air; and Water Pollution; Intensive Farming; Soil and Land Use
Environmental Software Systems. Frameworks of eEnvironment: 9th IFIP WG 5.11 International Symposium, ISESS 2011, Brno, Czech Republic, June 27-29, 2011. Proceedings2011978-3-642-22285-6Climat model; data mining; Decision support systems; Geographical information systems; Semantic Web
Essential Software Architecture2011978-3-642-19176-3Aspect-Oriented Software Development; Component-Based Software; Middleware; Model-Driven Architecture; Semantic Web; Service-Oriented Architecture; Software Architecture; Software Product Line; Software Quality
Euglena: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology2017978-3-319-54910-1Biochemical engineering; Biological Factors; Biotechnology; Botany and plant sciences; Cellular biology (cytology); Ecological science, the Biosphere; Euglena Composition; Euglena chemistry; Euglena genetics; Molecular Biology; Molecular Biology methods; Science Life Sciences Biology; Science Life Sciences Microbiology; Zoology and animal sciences; bioengineering; molecular biology
European Yearbook of International Economic Law 20162016978-3-319-29215-1Critique of international economic law; WTO; International investment law; TTIP; TPP
Evolution of Destination Planning and Strategy: The Rise of Tourism in Croatia2017978-3-319-42246-6Tourism planning; Tourism vision; destination management; tourism policy; Destination image; Tourism attractions; Croatia; Adriatic; Mediterranean; destination identity; Tourism satellite account; Sustainability; National parks; Nature protected area; Island tourism; Longitudinal research; Carrying capacity; Gastronomy tourism; Destination Competitiveness
Excipient Applications in Formulation Design and Drug Delivery2015978-3-319-20206-8Amorphous drugs; Drug delivery; Excipients; Generics impurities
Food Analysis2010978-1-4419-1478-1Absorption; Fluor; Magnetic Resonance; Vitamin; color; enzymes; food industry; nuclear magnetic resonance; spectroscopy
Food Analysis2017978-3-319-45776-5Chemical engineering; Food-Biotechnology; Food Science; Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering; Spectroscopy; Spectroscopy/Spectrometry
Food Analysis Laboratory Manual2017978-3-319-44127-6Chemical engineering; Food-Biotechnology; Food Science; Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering; Spectroscopy; Spectroscopy/Spectrometry
Foundations and Applications of Intelligent Systems2014978-3-642-37829-4 Artificial Intelligence; IEEE International Conference on Intelligent; ISKE 2012; Intelligent Information Processing; Intelligent Systems; Systems and Knowledge Engineering
Friction Material Composites: Copper-/Metal-Free Material Design Perspective2015978-3-319-14069-8Advanced Polymers; Brake Friction Material Composite; Coefficiency of Friction; Copper-/Metalfree Design; Friction Material Composites; Friction Material Laws and Rules; Frictional Torque; Material for Brakes; Automobile and Rails; Nonlinear Material
Gastrointestinal Surgery2015978-1-4939-2223-9 Conduit ischemia; Hepatic ischemia; Necrotizing fasciitis; Pelvic sepsis; Rectovaginal septum; Tracheo-esophageal fistula
Geopedology: An Integration of Geomorphology and Pedology for Soil and Landscape Studies2016978-3-319-19159-1Environmental management; Geomorphology; Landscape and regional planning; Remote sensing; Soil science and conservation
GIS Landslide2017978-4-431-54391-6Geographical information systems; Geographical Information Systems/Cartography; Environmental sciences; Environmental Science and Engineering; Natural disasters; Natural Hazards
Gratitude and the Good Life2014978-94-007-7253-3 Beauty of Gratitude; Death; Deprivations and Gratitude; Development of Gratitude; Emotional Health; Gender and Gratitude; Grateful Reframing; Gratitude and Appreciation; Gratitude and Enhancing Positive Memories; Gratitude and Enhancing Relationships; Gratitude and Happiness; Gratitude and Physical Well-Being; Gratitude and Positive Psychology; Gratitude and Well-Being; Measuring Gratitude; Memory and Happiness; Positive Emotion in the Coping Process; Positive Psychology; Recognitions of Gratitude; Science of Gratitude; Social Emotion and Gratitude; The Social-Cognitive Model of Gratitude; Understanding the Character of Grateful People; Well-Being and Relationships
Green Engineering for Campus Sustainability2020978-981-13-7260-5Bioengineering, Biotechnology; Campus planning Environmental aspects; Chemical engineering; Environmental education; Sustainable development; Sustainable engineering
Guide to Computer Network Security2015978-1-4471-6654-2 Biometrics; Mobile Systems; Network Security; Privacy; Wireless Networks
Gut Microbiota, Immunity, and Health in Production Animals2022978-3-030-90303-9Livestock Diseases; Veterinary gastroenterology
Handbook for Azospirillum2015978-3-319-06542-7 Inoculants and Azospirillum; Inoculants and Rhizobacteria; PGPR and Azospirillum; Phytohormones and Azospirillum; Plant growth promotion and Azospirillum
Handbook of Adolescent Behavioral Problems2015978-1-4899-7497-6 ADHD in adolescents; Adolescents and self-inflicted harm; Autism in adolescents; Biological and genetic influences on adolescent development; Bipolar disorder in adolescents; Bullying during adolescence; CD in adolescents; Communication and learning challenges in adolescents; DSM-V and adolescent behavioral problems; Depression in adolescents; Eating disorders in adolescents; Emotional abuse and neglect during adolescence; Evidence-based interventions for adolescent behavioral problems; Family influences on adolescent development; Intellectual disabilities in adolescents; ODD in adolescents; Obesity during adolescence; PTSD in adolescents; Schizophrenia in adolescents; Treatment and prevention of adolescent behavioral problems
Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology2014978-1-4614-9608-3 ADHD; ASD; Adolescence; Aggression; Anxiety disorders; Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; Autism spectrum disorders; Behavioral genetics; Depression; Disruptive behavior disorder; Dissociative disorders; Eating disorders; Gender identity disorder; Mental retardation; OCD; Obsessive-compulsive disorder; PTSD; Pervasive developmental disorders; Substance abuse; Suicide
Handbook of Disaster Research2018978-3-319-63254-4Demography; Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning; Political Science; Public Health; Regional planning; Sociology, general; Urban planning
Handbook of Environmental Psychology and Quality of Life Research2017978-3-319-31416-7Psychology and Well-Being; Quality of Life and Environment; Quality of Life within Dailiy Living Spaces; Social and Environmental Psychology; Well-Being of Individuals and Communities; Well-Being og Environmental Nuisances and Threats; People-Environment Relations; Environmental Quality and Well-Being; Work and Institutional Environments; Quality of Life and Environmental Threats
Handbook of Gynecology2017978-3-319-17002-2Gynecologic cancers; Gynecologic office procedures; Gynecologic pathology; Gynecology; hysterectomy; Reproductive health
Handbook of Intelligence: Evolutionary Theory, Historical Perspective, and Current Concepts2015978-1-4939-1562-0A.R. Luria and neuropsychological construct; Alan Kaufman and cognitive processing; Alfred Binet and the Children of Paris; Assessment of intellectual ability; Assessment of intellectual knowledge; Carol Dweck and malleable construct
Handbook of Lasers in Dermatology2014978-1-4471-5322-1Intense Pulse Light Therapy; Lasers in skin cancer; Photodynamic therapy; Phototherapy; Treatment of pigmented lesions
Handbook of Practical Immunohistochemistry: Frequently Asked Questions2015978-1-4939-1578-1Health & Fitness--Diseases--General; Immunohistochemistry; Immunohistochemistry--Handbooks, manuals, etc; Immunohistochemistry--methods; Medical--Clinical Medicine; Medical--Diseases; Medical--Evidence-Based Medicine; Medical--Internal Medicine; Medicine; Medicine (General); Pathology; Public health
Handbook of Qualitative Health Research for Evidence-based2016978-1-4939-2920-7 Evidence-based health practice; Limitations of quantitative research; Psychosocial health interventions; Qualitative health evidence; Qualitative health research; Qualitative methodologies
Handbook on Loss Reserving2016978-3-319-30056-6Loss reserving; Actuarial methods of loss reserving; Bornhuetter-Ferguson principle; Actuarial mathematics; Applied statistics
Harmony Search Algorithm2016978-3-662-47926-1 Ant Colony Optimization; Cuckoo Search; Evolutionary computing Strategies; Firefly Algorithm; Genetic Algorithm; Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA); Hybrid and multi-objective HSA variants; ICHSA 2015 Proceedings; Particle Swarm Optimization; Simulated Annealing; Soft computing techniques
Healthcare Information Management Systems2016978-3-319-20765-0 Big Data; Clinical Decision Support; EHR; Health Information; Meaningful use; Patient Generated Health Data; Personalized Healthcare; Telehealth; Wearable Health Technology; electronic health record; interoperability
How to Write a Better Thesis2014978-3-319-04286-2 Dissertation writing; Mechanics of writing; Research writing; Thesis structure; Thesis writing
Human Interface and the Management of Information. Information and Knowledge Design : 17th International Conference, HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2-7, 2015, Proceedings, Part I2015978-3-319-20612-7Collaborative interaction; Decision support systems; e-learning; Educational engineering; Elderly; Emotion recognition; Graphical user interface; Image processing; Information retrieval; Knowledge management; Learning support system; Linked open data; Multimodal interaction; natural language processing; recommender systems; social networks; user centered design; virtual reality; visualization; wearable computing
Hydrogeological and Environmental Investigations in Karst2015978-3-642-17435-3 International Hydrological Program; Sustainable water management; UNESCO; Water protection ; Water resources
ICoSI 20142017978-981-287-661-4Biotechnology; Engineering Design; Environmental engineering; Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology; Industrial management; Innovation/Technology Management; Management; Sustainable Development; Water Industry/Water Technologies; Water-supply
Indonesia's Ascent2015978-1-137-39741-6Diplomatic relations; Indonesia; Indonesia Foreign relations; Indonesia Politics and government 21st century; International relations Indonesia; Political Science Government International; Political Science International Relations General; Political leadership; Political leadership Indonesia; Politics and government; Power (Social sciences); Power (Social sciences) Indonesia; Regional government policies Indonesia; Regional local state government policies Indonesia; Regionalism; Regionalism Indonesia
Indonesian Primates2010978-1-4419-1560-3Hotspot; Wallace; behavior; behavioral ecology; biodiversity; ecology; predator; primates; vegetation
Industrial Engineering, Management Science and Applications 20152015978-3-662-47200-2 Decision Analysis and Methods; E-Business and E-Commerce; Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis; Engineering Education and Training; Finance and Risk Management; Global Manufacturing and Management; Green Technology and Productivity; Healthcare Systems and Management; Human Factors; ICIMSA2015 Proceedings; Information Processing and Engineering; Intelligent Systems; Manufacturing Systems; Marketing Science; Operations Research; Production Planning and Control; Project Management; Quality Control and Management; Reliability and Maintenance Engineering; Revenue Management
Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 20152015978-3-319-14343-9 Big data analytics; Context aware systems; Mobile recommender system; Online review; Smart tourism; Social media marketing; Social network and interaction; Travellers' behaviour; Website evaluation
Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2017: Proceedings of the International Conference in Rome, Italy, January 24-26, 20172017978-3-319-51168-9eTourism; ICT in tourism; digital economy; digital marketing; ENTER 2017; IFITT; travel and tourism; mobile services; travel information search; social media strategies; mobile computing; eTourism Conference
Information and Communication Technology2014978-3-642-55032-4 MapReduce algorithm; cloud computing; data mining; e-government; intrusion detection systems; location based services; machine learning; public key encryption; reliability; semantic Web
Information System Development2014978-3-319-07215-9 Computer Science; Information Systems; Software Engineering
Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 20152016978-3-319-23024-5 Biomarkers; Gene Therapy Sensors; Innovation in Regenerative Medicine; Intelligent Systems; Medical Diagnostics; Smart Medical Systems; Smart medical Devices
Innovations in Knowledge Management2016978-3-662-47827-1 Cloud Computing; Computational Intelligence; Intelligent Systems; Knowledge Management; Multiagent Systems; Semantic Web; Social Media
Insect Hearing2016978-3-319-28890-1Entomology; Otorhinolaryngology; Neurosciences
Intelligent Computation in Big Data Era2015978-3-662-46248-5 Algorithms; Artificial intelligence; Big data; Machine learning; Natural language processing
Intelligent Information and Database Systems: Recent Developments2020978-3-030-14132-5Computational Intelligence; Data Engineering; Database Management
Interactive Storytelling: 9th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2016, Los Angeles, CA, USA, November 15–18, 2016, Proceedings2016978-3-319-48279-8Computational creativity; Digital storytelling, User modeling; Augmented reality; Crowdsourcing; Drama management, Game design; Interactive fiction; Machine learning; Mixed reality, Narratology, Text generation; Interactive television; Human-computer interaction
Introduction to Wind Turbine Aerodynamics2014978-3-642-36409-9Aerodynamics; Betz Vortex Sheets; Blade Design; Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines HAWT; Inflow Coditions; Joukovski Vortex Lines; Wind Turbine Blades
Islamic Perspectives Relating to Business, Arts, Culture2015978-981-287-429-0 Islamic art; Islamic business; Islamic communication; Islamic culture; Islamic language; Islamic religion; Malay art; Malay business; Malay communication; Malay culture; Malay language; Muslim religion
Karl Jaspers’ Philosophy and Psychopathology2014978-1-4614-8878-1Hermeneutical and dialectical thinking, Karl Jaspers; Phenomenological intuitionism, Ronald N. Giere; Anthropological and phenomenological psychiatry; Biological existentialism, delusional experiences of schizophrenics; Hermeneutic and dialectic thinking, intersubjectivity; Methodological pluralism; Nosology; Phenomenological psychiatry; Phenomenological psychopathology; Phenomenological psychotherapy; Psychopathology and the Modern Age; Self and other
Knowledge, Politics and Policymaking in Indonesia2018978-981-13-0167-4Development Policy; Economic policy; Governance and Government; Knowledge-Discourse; Political science; Public Policy; Sociology
Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management: 9th International Conference, KSEM 2016, Passau, Germany, October 5-7, 2016, Proceedings2016978-3-319-47650-6Enterprise ontologies; Formal semantics; Knowledge representation and reasoning; Katural language processing; Web and social media search; Artificial intelligence; Description logics; Enterprise knowledge; Information extraction; Knowledge management; Knowledge retrieval; Knowledge systems; Knowledge visualization; lexical semantics; Mapreduce algorithms; Ontology engineering; reasoning about belief and knowledge; Taxonomies and vocabularies; Text mining; Vagueness and fuzzy logic
Landscape Dynamics, Soils and Hydrological Processes in Varied Climates2016978-3-319-18787-7 Hydrological Processes; Landscape and Land Dynamics; Modelling; Soil and Sediment; Tillage and Land Management
Landslide Dynamics: ISDR-ICL Landslide Interactive Teaching Tools 2018978-3-319-57777-7Environmental monitoring; Geomorphology; Geotechnical engineering; Geotechnical Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences; Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences; Mathematical physics; Monitoring/Environmental Analysis; Natural disasters; Natural Hazards; Remote sensing; Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry
LaTeX in 24 Hours2017978-3-319-47831-9LaTeX; Learning LaTeX; Document Preparation; Slide preparation; LaTeX user guide
Learning and Intelligent Optimization: 5th International Conference, LION 5, Rome, Italy, January 17-21, 2011. Selected Papers2011978-3-642-25566-3Adaptive genetic algorithms; Evolutionary computation; Meta-heuristics; Multi-objective optimization; Vehicle routing problem
Lectures on the Nearest Neighbor Method2015978-3-319-25388-6Density Estimation; Nearest Neighbor Method; Order Statistics; Regression Estimation; Stone's Theorem
Management of Water, Energy and Bio-resources in the Era of Climate Change: Emerging Issues and Challenges2015978-3-319-05969-3 Biodiversity; Ecology; Energy Resources; Environment; Water Resources
Mangrove Ecosystems of Asia: Status, Challenges and Management Strategies2014978-1-4614-8582-7Conservation; Ecosystem; Ethnobiology; Mangrove forest
Map Projections2014978-3-642-36494-5 Cartography; Ellipsoid; Hyperboloid; Map projections; Paraboloid; Sphere; Surfaces of type plane
Marketing Horizons: a 1980's Perspectie2015978-3-319-10966-4 Academy of Marketing Science; Customer Behavior; Industrial Marketing; International Marketing; Marketing Management; Marketing Research
Mathematical Models of Electrical Network Systems: Theory and Applications -- An Introduction2017978-3-319-52178-7Electrical Engineering; Electrical Network Systems; Kirchhoff’s Laws; Optimizing Power Grids; Power Grid Control; Power System Networks
Mathematical Problem Posing: From Research to Effective Practice2015978-1-4614-6258-3Data Modeling for problem posing; Digital technology and mathematical problem posing; Mathematical problem posing and computers; Pre-service teachers and problem posing; Problem Posing in Mathematics Education; Problem solving and creativity in Mathematics Education
Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers: Fundamentals and Interactive Study Guide2014978-3-642-54124-7E-learning Physics; Textbook Algebra Physics; Textbook Differential Calculus Physics; Textbook Laplace Transforms; Textbook Math Engineering; Textbook Math Physics; Textbook Mathematical Physics; Textbook Mathematics Engineering; Textbook Mathematics Physics; Textbook Weltner
Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention -- MICCAI 2016: 19th International Conference, Athens, Greece, October 17-21, 2016, Proceedings, Part II2016978-3-319-46726-9biomechanical simulation; Computer aided diagnosis; Brain network analysis, robot intervention; Surgical simulation; Augmented reality; Classification; Clustering; Computational anatomy; Computational geometry, deep neural networks; Image analysis, intervention planning; Medical imaging; Navigation; Normalization; Statistical atlases; Support vector machines, Visualization, X-ray imaging
Medical Therapy of Ulcerative Colitis2014978-1-4939-1677-1 Antiimetabolite therapy; Cyclosporine; Oral mesalamine; Parenteral corticosteroids; Topical mesalamine
Medicinal Orchids of Asia2016978-3-319-24274-3TCM; Ethnobotany; Ethnopharmacology; Medicinal plants; Orchid taxonomy; Secondary plant metabolites; Traditional Chinese Medicine
Methodological Advances in Research on Emotion and Education2016978-3-319-29049-2Academic emotions; Biographical narratives; Circumplex model of affect; Critical emotional literacy; Critical race theory; Emotions in learning; Emotions in teaching; Epistemic Emotion Scales; Experience sampling methods; Feminist theory; Measuring emotions; Post-structural participant ethnography; Research methods education; Research methods emotion; Researching emotion; Self report measurement; Storytelling methodology; Studying affect; Studying emotion; Teacher emotion
Migration, Diaspora and Identity2014978-94-007-7211-3 Cultural difference; Diaspora and migration; Diaspora effects on identity issues; Ethnic background; Family reunification; Japanese dispora racialization and sexualization in Australia; Living multiple belongings; Marriage and family; Masculinity transformations; Multicultural Melbourne; Multiple cultures; Muslim women; Negotiating indentites through family; work and education; Racism; dislocation and alienation; Recent migration of Poles to the United Kingdom; Refugee women; Remaking of the globalized world; Rights across borders; Self authorship; Shifting gender roles; Shifting power relations; Spatial politics of beloning
Modeling Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport2010978-1-4020-6682-5Matrix; contaminants; groundwater; linear optimization; model; modeling; optimization
Nanomaterial2014978-94-017-8739-0 Cell biology; cytotoxicity; Drug delivery; Epithelial cells; Nanomaterials; Nanotoxicology; Stem cells
Noise and Vibration Mitigation for Rail Transportation2015978-3-662-44832-8 Aerodynamic noise; CHARMEC; Curve squeal; Environmental impact of railway systems; Ground borne noise; Noise and vibration transmission; Noise regulations; Perception of noise Rail and wheel dampers; Rolling noise; Turbulence modelling; Vehicle interior noise; Wheel squeal
Non-Timber Forest Products in the Global Context2011978-3-642-17983-9Forest products; Livelihoods; Non-timber forest products; Small-scale forest enterprises; Sustainable forest management
The Notion of Activity in Chemistry2017978-3-319-46401-5Chemical activity; Chemical thermodynamics; Classical thermodynamics; Debye-Huckel; Kirkwood-Buff; McMillan-Mayer; Statistical thermodynamics
Novel Measurement and Assessment Tools for Monitoring and Management of Land and Water Resources in Agricultural Landscapes of Central Asia2014978-3-319-01017-5 Agriculture; Central Asia; Land; Resource Management; Water
Object-Oriented Design with ABAP2017978-1-4842-2838-8ABAP; SAP; ABAP programming; ABAP design; ABAP maintenance; Object-oriented design; Object-oriented; ABAP Design patterns with ABAP; Programming
OSPF: A Network Routing Protocol2015978-1-4842-1410-7Router; OSI Model; Network Address; Internet Protocol; Enterprise Network; OSPF; Dijkstra’s Algorithm
The Palgrave Handbook of the Anthropology of Technology2022978-981-16-7084-8Anthropology; Anthropology Research; Electronic books; Science Social aspects; Sciences Aspect social; Technology Anthropological aspects
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis2015978-3-319-19390-8 Adaptive filtering; Classification; Clustering; Computational geometry; Computer vision; Data mining; Document analysis; Feature extraction; Genetic algorithm; Image analysis Image and signal processing; Machine learning; Object recognition; Optimization Pattern recognition; Segmentation; Speech recognition; Statistical pattern recognition; Structural pattern recognition; Topic modeling
Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 20122014978-3-319-02447-9 Computer mathematics; Applied mathematics; Engineering mathematics; Civil engineering; Numerical analysis; Computer simulation; Operations research; Decision making; Computational Science and Engineering; Mathematical and Computational Engineering; Civil Engineering; Numeric Computing; Simulation and Modeling; Operations Research/Decision Theory
Pediatric Endodontics: Current Concepts in Pulp Therapy for Primary and Young Permanent Teeth2016978-3-319-27553-6Indirect Pulp Treatment; Pediatric Cariology; Pediatric Dentistry; Primary Pulp; Primary Teeth; Pulp Treatment in Children
Pediatric Surgery2014978-3-319-04340-1 Diagnosis; Management of Children's Diseases; Pediatric Surgery; Surgical Disease
Perspectives on the Intersection of Multiculturalism and Positive Psychology2014978-94-017-8654-6Affective Well-Being; Culture Context in Positive Psychology; Definitions of Culture in Positive Psychology; Disability and Positive Psychology; Diversity Management in the Workplace; Exploring Strenghts Among Chinese Adults; Gender and Positive Psychology; LGBTQ Populations; Multicultural Condiderations in Measurement; Multicultural Population; Multiculturalism School Settings; Positive Developments and Strenghts; Positive Psychology Movement; Race and Ethnicity; Race and Positive Psychology; Religion and Positive Psychology; Social Class Mobility; Spirituality and Positive Psychology; Understanding the Influence of Culture
Pharmacological Management of Headaches2016978-3-319-19911-5 Cephalic pain treatment; Cluster headache; Facial pain; Headache guidelines; Headache pharmacotherapy; Medication-overuse headache; Migraine; Neuralgia; Placebo and nocebo effects; Primary headache; Secondary headache
Planning Support Systems and Smart Cities2015978-3-319-18368-8CUPUM; CUPUM 2015; Geo-Information Science; Planning Support Systems (PSS); Smart Cities; Spatial Planning; Urban Analytics
Plant Omics: Trends and Applications2016978-3-319-31703-8Next generation sequencing; Plant stress physiology; QTL analysis; Transcriptomics; Proteomics; Genomics; Metabolomics; Interactomics
Playback and Studies of Animal Communication1992978-1-4757-6203-7Animal communication--Congresses; Animal behavior--Research--Methodology--Congresses; Animal sounds--Recording and reproducing--Congresses
The Politics of Citizenship in Indonesia2022978-981-16-7955-1Citizenship; Citizenship Indonesia; Indonesia; Indonesia Politics and government; Politics and government
Practical Gas Chromatography2014978-3-642-54640-2 Biomarker and Metabolomic Research; Comprehensive Two-Dimensional GC; Enantiomers; Flavours; Fragrances
Preventive Nutrition2015978-3-319-22431-2 Cancer prevention; Cardiovascular disease; Diabetes and obesity; Diet quality; Maternal nutrition; Prevention of major disabilities
Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy2006978-0-387-46312-4Analytical Chemistry; Biochemistry, general; Biological and Medical Physics, Biophysics; Biotechnology; Chemistry; Chemistry and Materials Science; Fluorescence spectroscopy; Mass Spectrometry; Physical Chemistry
Proceeding of the 1st International Conference on Tropical Agriculture2017978-3-319-60363-6Agricultural economics; Sustainable development; Environmental management; Agriculture; Agricultural Economics; Sustainable Development; Environmental Management
Proceeding of the 2nd International Conference on Tropical Agriculture2018978-3-319-97553-5Agriculture; Agricultural Economics; Food--Biotechnology; Food Science; Forestry; Veterinary medicine; Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Science
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Electronics, Biomedical Engineering, and Health Informatics2021978-981-33-6926-9Biomedical engineering-Congresses; Electronics-Congresses; Medical informatics-Congresses
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Rehabilitation and Maintenance in Civil Engineering2023978-981-16-9348-9Civil engineering; Civil engineering Congresses; Conference papers and proceedings; Electronic books; Entretien Congrès; Maintenance; Maintenance Congresses
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Civil Engineering Structures and Construction Materials2022978-981-16-7924-7Civil engineering; Civil engineering Congresses; Conference papers and proceedings; Congress; Sustainable construction; Sustainable construction Congresses; Sustainable engineering; Sustainable engineering Congresses
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Sustainable Energy and Advanced Materials2020978-981-15-4481-1Energy; Energy systems; Materials science; Force and energy; Technology and Engineering--Material Science; Technology and Engineering--Power Resources--General; Energy technology and engineering; Engineering--Materials
Public Health Informatics and Information Systems2014978-1-4471-4237-9 Health Informatics
Python For ArcGIS2015978-3-319-18398-5ArcGIS; ArcPy; Batch processing; Computer programming; GIS; Geographic information science; Geoprocessing; Geospatial analysis; Geospatial data processing; Geospatial information science; Python; Scripting; Streamline workflow
Recent Advances in Modeling Landslides and Debris Flows2015978-3-319-11053-0Analysis of Landslides and Debris Flow; Analysis; Monitoring and Forecast; Debris Flow; Geoengineering; Geomechanics; Landslide Conference; Landslides; Landslides and Debris Flow
Recommender Systems: The Textbook2016978-3-319-29659-3Collaborative filtering; Data mining; Recommender systems; Social network analysis; Social tagging; Graph based methods; Personalization; Social networks; Machine learning; Industrial systems; Mobile recommender systems; Knowledge based recommender systems; Clustering and neighborhood-based methods; Item-oriented and user-oriented methods; Link prediction methods
Religion and Regulation in Indonesia2017978-981-10-2827-4Contemporary development of religion in Southeast Asia; Religious freedom in Asia; Regulation of religion; Agama in Indonesian culture; State-religion relationship in modern Indonesia; Political compromise and the concept of Ketuhanan Yang Esa; State policies on religion from the Sukarno period; Government and religion in the New Order era; Religious life in the post-1998 Reformasi period; Indonesian Vilification Law or Blasphemy Law
Religious Rules, State Law, and Normative Pluralism -- A Comparative Overview2016978-3-319-28335-7Anthropology on religious pluralism; Christian Churches and of the States; Comparative approach to religious pluralism; Comparative law; De-centralization of national States; Freedom to run their lives; Human rights provisions; Law and religion; Legal theory of religious pluralism; Religious Rules According To The Law Of The State; Religious pluralism and human rights; Religious rules; Roman Catholic Canon law; Sociological and religious pluralism; State independence in economic issues; State sovereignty
Removable Partial Dentures: A Practitioners’ Manual2016978-3-319-20556-4Edentulism; Esthetic; Implant; Occlusion; Precision Attachment
Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses2014978-3-319-11379-1 Anomaly detection; Malware mitigation; Mobile security; Network security; Security and privacy; Security services; Software and application security; Systems security; Vulnerability management; Wireless security
Rivers – Physical, Fluvial and Environmental Processes2015978-3-319-17719-9Environmental Hydraulics; Fluvial Processes; Physics of Rivers; Rivers Modeling; Sediment and Pollution Transport in Rivers
Robotics Research2018978-3-319-60916-4Robotics future; Robotics Research; ISRR 2015 proceedings; ISER 2015; International Symposium on Robotics Research
SAP Project Management Pitfalls: How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of an SAP Solution2016978-1-4842-1389-6SAP; SAP Enterprise; SAP Implementation; Release Management; SAP Enterprise Portal; SAP HANA; SAP Transport Management; SAP Governance; SAP Project Manager; SAP Pitfalls Management
Seafood Processing By-products2014978-1-4614-9590-1 Bioactive functional ingredients; Health benefit; Industrial application; Seafood processing by-products
Security, Democracy, and Society in Bali2021978-981-15-5848-1Bali Island (Indonesia) Politics and government; Indonesia Bali Island; Politics and government
Seeing Cities Through Big Data: Research, Methods and Applications in Urban Informatics2017978-3-319-40902-3Big Data; Urban Informatics; Urban Science; Urban Big Data; Urban Data Management; Data Democracy; Big Data Workshop; Urban Planning; Open Urban Data
Seismic Data Interpretation and Evaluation for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production2016978-3-319-26491-2 Seismic interpretation; Seismic attributes; Rock physics; Seismo-tectonics; Seismic stratigraphy; Geophysical prospect appraisal; Petroleum system modelling; Seismic dynamic reservoir characterization; Seismic reservoir monitoring; Seismic inversion; Evaluation of seismic data; Hydrocarbon exploration and production; limitations and pitfalls; Evaluation of data for hydrocarbon production; Rock physics and petroleum geology; Seismic evaluation for hydrocarbon exploration; Stratigraphy and petroleum geology; Tectonics and applied geophysics
SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering2016978-1-4939-2565-0 Best practices; Configuration factors; Conversion factors; Fire alarms; Fire dynamics; Fire load density; Fire protection engineering; Fire risk analysis; Fuel properties and combustion data; Hazard calculation; Human behavior in fire; Modeling; Performance-based fire safety; Piping properties; Sprinklers; System selection and design; Thermophysical property data; Vehicular tunnels; Wildland fires
Silviculture in the Tropics2011978-3-642-19986-8Forstwirtschaft; Tropen; Waldbau; Waldnutzer; forest ecology; forest user; forestry; silviculture; tropics; Ökologie der Wälder
Soft Computing in Data Science2019978-981-15-0399-3Artificial Intelligence; Computer Science; Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery; Image Processing and Computer Vision; Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)
Somatic Embryogenesis: Fundamental Aspects and Applications2016978-3-319-33705-0Plant embryo; Totipotency; Plant transformation; In vitro culture;; Plant growth regulators Mass propagation; Plant breeding; Genetic transformation; Micropropagation; Temporary immersion bioreactors
Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods1993978-0-387-85764-0Electronic books; Families; Families Research; Familles; Familles Recherche; Nuclear families
Springer Handbook of Computational Intelligence2015978-3-662-43505-2 Computational Intelligence; Evolutionary Computing; Fuzzy Sets; Hybrid Computational Intelligence; Neural Networks; Rough Sets; Swarm Intelligence
Springer handbook of marine biotechnology2015978-3-642-53971-8Biomedical Application of Marine Biotechnology; Industrial Application of Marine Biotechnology; Marine Algal Technology; Marine Bioenergy and Biofuels; Marine Biomaterials; Marine Derived Metabolites; Marine Microbiology; Marine Natural Products; Marine Pharmaceuticals; Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals; Tools and Methods in Marine Biotechnology
The Structural Geology Contribution to the Africa-Eurasia Geology: Basement and Reservoir Structure, Ore Mineralisation and Tectonic Modelling2019978-3-030-01455-1Geology, Structural; Geology, Structural Congresses; Science Earth Sciences Geography; Science Earth Sciences Geology
Studying Vibrational Communication2014978-3-662-43607-3Animal anatomy; Animal Anatomy/Morphology/Histology; Behavioral sciences; Evolutionary biology
Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences2010978-90-481-3071-9Hazard; Mass movements; Sediment; Submarine landslide; Tsunami; Tsunamis; Turbidite; Marine
Surgical Anatomy and Technique2014978-1-4614-8563-6 General Surgery; Medicine; Medicine & Public Health; Surgery
Sustainable Aviation: Energy and Environmental Issues2016978-3-319-34181-1Aerospace vehicles; Green aircraft; Green airports; Sustainable aircraft; Sustainable aviation
Sustainable Finance, Digitalization and the Role of Technology2023978-3-031-08084-5Business Technological innovations; Business Technological innovations Congresses; Conference papers and proceedings; Electronic books
The Teaching and Learning of Statistics: International Perspectives2016978-3-319-23470-0International statistics education; Statistics education; Statistics teaching and learning; Technology in mathematics education; Technology in statistics education
Teaching and Measuring Cognitive Readiness2014978-1-4614-7579-8 Adaptability and cognitive readiness; Adaptive expertise; Adaptive problem solving; Analogical transfer measures and cognitive readiness; Application of cognitive readiness; Assessing cognitive readiness; Cognitive readiness and teams; Cognitive readiness in education; Cognitive readiness in the military; Communications and cognitive readiness; Creativity and cognitive readiness; Critical thinking and cognitive readiness; Decision making and cognitive readiness; Math prerequisitions for cognitive readiness; Military applications; Naturalistic decision making and cognitive readiness; Neurophysiological bases of cognitive readiness; Role of cognitive readiness in simulation; Simulation assessment of cognitive readiness; Situational awareness and cognitive readiness; Software support for cognitive readiness
Textbook of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition2016978-3-319-17169-2 Budd Chiari Syndrome; Congenital Disorders; Diseases of the Esophagus; Malabsorption Syndromes; Neoplastic Disorders; Neurogastroenterology
Thematic Cartography for the Society2014978-3-319-08180-9 Cartographic Visualization; Cartography; Disaster Management; Map Design; Web Cartography
Thermal Spray Fundamentals2014978-0-387-68991-3 Combustion flame; Environmental and thermal barrier coatings; Industrial applications; Material processing technology; Metallic and nonmetallic materials; Plasma jet; Resistant coatings; Surfacing technology; Thermal spray; Thermal spray technology
Through-life Engineering Services: Motivation, Theory, and Practice2015978-3-319-12111-6Asset Management; Design and Manufacturing Engineering; MRO; Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul; PLM; Product Life-cycle Management; TLES; Through-life Engineering Services
Topics and Trends in Current Science Education2014978-94-007-7281-6 Classroom practices; Learning science; PCK; Pedagogical content knowledge; Pro-service teacher education; Science education; Scientific literacy; Socio-scientific issues; Teacher professional development; Teaching resources; Teaching science
Traffic and Granular Flow '132015978-3-319-10629-8 Biological transport; Granular materials; Networks; Pedestrian dynamics; Vehicular traffic
Trapping and the Detection, Control, and Regulation of Tephritid Fruit Flies2014978-94-017-9193-9Agricultural economics; Agriculture; Ecology; Entomology; Sustainable development
Tree and Forest Measurement2015978-3-319-14708-6Biomass measurement; Carbon storage; Forest inventory; Forest measurement; Remote sensing
Trends in Sustainable Chocolate Production2022978-3-030-90169-1Chocolate industry Environmental aspects; Chocolate processing Environmental aspects
Tropical Agroforestry2014978-94-007-7723-1 Agroforestry research; Technology innovation and adoption; Agroforestry systems sustainability; Tropical agroforestry
Tropical Peatland Eco-management2021978-981-33-4654-3Peatland ecology; Peatland management
Tropical Peatland Ecosystems2016978-4-431-55681-7Biodiversity in Peatland; Carbon Sequestrations and Carbon Flux; Climate Change and Global Warming; Measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV); REDD+; Water Dynamics
Unexplained Infertility: Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Treatment2015978-1-4939-2140-9Assisted reproductive techniques; Endometrial receptivity; Expectant management; Fertility; Gonadotoxin; Gonadotropin; Hormonal manipulation therapy; Idiopathic infertility; Immunological infertility; In vitro fertilization; Male factor infertility; Oxidative stress; Unexplained infertility
Urban Acupuncture2014978-1-61091-584-7Architecture; City life; Place-making; Sustainability; Urbanism
Wind Energy--impact of Turbulence2014978-3-642-54696-9 Green Energy; Turbulence; Wind; Wind Energy
X-ray Lasers 20142016978-3-319-19521-6 14th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers; Applications of Soft X-ray Lasers; Coherent X-rays; EUV Lithography; ICXRL 2013 Proceedings; Inertial Confinement Fusion; Plasma-based X-ray Lasers