Koleksi e-book Emerald

Title Author(s) ISBN Subject
Advanced Issues in the Economics of Emerging MarketsEditor: Bruno S. Sergi9781789735789Mathematical/quantitative economics; Econometrics
Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research: Volume 26Editor: Khondkar E. Karim9781804557983Behavioural accounting
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure: Volume 15Editor: Joseph S. Chen9781838679569Sport, recreation & leisure; Leisure travel
Advances in Islamic Finance, Marketing, and ManagementAuthor: Dilip Mutum9781786358998Financial management/structure; Financial analysis/forecasting
Advances in Management Accounting: Volume 28Editor: Mary A. Malina9781787145290Accounting methods/systems
Advances in Management Accounting: Volume 34Editor: Chris Akroyd9781803820316Financial modelling/forecasting
Advances in Taxation: Volume 26Editor: John Hasseldine9781789732948Accounting/accountancy; Accounting methods/systems
African Economic DevelopmentEdited by Emmanuel Nnadozie9781787437845Development economics; Regional development
The Age of Entrepreneurship Education Research: Evolution and Future: Volume 23Editor: Andrew C. Corbett, Louis D. Marino, and Gry A. Alsos9781837530564Entrepreneurial skills
Agile Business Leadership Methods for Industry 4.0Editor: Dr. Bülent Akkaya9781800433816Management science/operations research; operational research
Agile Management and VUCA-RR: Opportunities and Threats in Industry 4.0 towards Society 5.0Editor: Dr Bülent Akkaya9781802623260Operations/process management; Operations strategy
Artisan EntrepreneurshipEditor: Vanessa Ratten9781802620788Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial skills
Auditing Practices in Local Governments: An International ComparisonEditor: Laurence Ferry9781801170864Public finance/economics; Taxation/public revenue
Bend the Knee or Seize the Throne: Leadership Lessons from the Seven KingdomsAuthors: Nathan Tong and Michael J. Urick9781802626476Leadership styles
The Branding of Tourist DestinationsEditor: Mark Anthony Camilleri9781787693746Tourism & hospitality management/marketing; Brand image in tourism
Chinese Families: Tradition, Modernisation, and ChangeEditor: Sampson Lee Blair9781800711570Sociology of the family;
Conflict Management in Digital Business Editor: Fahri Özsungur9781802627749Management history/theory; Management theory
Contemporary Issues in Financial Economics: Evidence from Emerging Economies: Volume 37Editor: Rita Biswas and Michael Michaelides9781801178389Financial analysis/forecasting
Contemporary Issues in Public Sector Accounting and AuditingEditor: Simon Grima9781839095092Accounting/accountancy; International accounting
Contemporary Studies of Risks in Emerging Technology, Part BEditors: Simon Grima, Kiran Sood and Ercan Özen9781804555668Risk management/analysis
Contested BelongingEditor: Dr Kathy Davis9781787432079Race & ethnic studies; Minorities
Contributions to Economic AnalysisEditor: B.H. Baltagi, E. Sadka9780857247216Economic history & thought; Economic systems
Corporate Fraud Exposed: A Comprehensive and Holistic ApproachEditor: H. Kent Baker9781789734188Corporate culture; Corporate values/philosophy
Cross-Cultural Social Media Marketing: Bridging Across Cultural Differences Author: Emi Moriuchi9781838671761Market research/consumer behaviour; Market research & methods
Death, Culture & Leisure: Playing DeadEditor: Matt Coward-Gibbs9781839090387Sociology of the family; Death/dying
Decision-Making in International Entrepreneurship: Unveiling Cognitive Implications Towards Entrepreneurial InternationalisationEditor: Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi and Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji9781804555668Entrepreneurial skills
Digital Transformation, Strategic Resilience, Cyber Security and Risk Management: Volume 111BEditor: Simon Grima, Eleftherios Thalassinos, Graţiela Georgiana Noja, Theodore V. Stamataopoulos, Tatjana Vasiljeva, and Tatjana Volkova9781804552612Risk management/analysis
Disaster Management in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policies, Institutions and ProcessesEditor: Roland Azibo Balgah9781802628180Environmental management; Disaster risk management
Diversity in ActionEditor: Marina Latukha9781801172271Global HRM; Cross-cultural management
E-services Adoption: Processes by Firms in Developing NationsBVolume editor Mohammed Quaddus9781785607097International marketing; International branding
Education Strategy in the Developing World: Revising the World Bank's Education PolicyEditor: Christopher S. Collins9781780522760Global & comparative education; Global education
The Emerald Handbook of Computer-Mediated Communication and Social MediaEditor: Jeremy Harris Lipschultz9781800715981Information & communications technology; Internet
The Emerald Handbook of Destination Recovery in Tourism and HospitalityEditor: Priyakrushna Mohanty, Anukrati Sharma, James Kennell, and Azizul Hassan9781802620733Destination management/marketing
The Emerald Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Travel and HospitalityEditor: Professor Marios Sotiriadis9781787435308Tourism development & planning; Tourism planning & policy
The Emerald Handbook of Group and Team Communication ResearchEditor: Stephenson J. Beck9781800435018Corporate culture; Employee communications
The Emerald Handbook of ICT in Tourism and HospitalityEditor: Azizul Hassan9781839826894Information & communications technology; Communications technology
The Emerald Handbook of Multi-Stakeholder Communication: Emerging Issues for Corporate Identity, Branding and ReputationEditor: Pantea Foroudi, Bang Nguyen, and T. C. Melewar9781800718975Corporate image
The Emerald Handbook of Public–Private Partnerships in Developing and Emerging EconomiesEditor: Dr João Leitão9781787144941Development economics; Economic development
The Emerald Handbook of Women and Entrepreneurship in Developing EconomiesEditor: Shahamak Rezaei9781800713277Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial skills
The Emerald Handbook of Work, Workplaces and Disruptive Issues in HRMEditor: Peter Holland9781800717800Management styles/techniques; Management techniques
Empirical Research in Banking and Corporate FinanceEditor: Stephen P. Ferris9781789733983Financial investment/markets; Financial markets
Employer Branding for the Hospitality and Tourism IndustryAuthor: Sjoerd Gehrels9781789730708Tourism & hospitality management/marketing; Tourist facilities management
Enhancing Competences for Competitive AdvantageEditor: Aimé Heene9781848558762International business; Multinationals
Enterprise Risk Management in EuropeEditors: Marco Maffei9781838672461Corporate strategy; Strategic management/planning
Entrepreneurship and Post-Pandemic FutureEditor: Anthony Abiodun Eniola9781801179034Entrepreneurship; Small businesses
Environmental Sustainability and Agenda 2030Editor: Venancio Tauringana9781802628807Social & environmental accounting; Environmental management accounting
Environmental, Social, and Governance Perspectives on Economic Development in Asia, Volume 29BEditor: Bruno S. Sergi9781801178952Mathematical/quantitative economics; Econometrics
Exploring the Latest Trends in Management Literature: Volume 1Editor: Sudhir Rana, Sakshi And Jagroop Singh9781802623574Quantitative techniques
Non-Financial Disclosure and Integrated Reporting: Practices and Critical IssuesEditor: Lucrezia Songini9781838679644Accounting/accountancy; Behavioural accounting
Games in Everyday LifeAuthors: Nathan Hulsey9781838679385Sociology of culture, media, sport & communication; Media/mass media
Gender and Food: From Production to Consumption and AfterEdited by Marcia Texler Segal9781786350541Gender studies; Femininity & masculinity
Global Historical Sociology of Race and RacismEditor: Alexandre I.R. White9781801172196Comparative & historical studies; Global sociology/global empires
Global Migration, Entrepreneurship and SocietyEditor: Natalia Vershinina9781839820977Entrepreneurship;
Global Talent Retention: Understanding Employee Turnover Around the WorldEditors: David G. Allen and James M. Vardaman9781839092947Leadership; Talent management
Governance and SustainabilityEditor: Shahla Seifi9781800431522Corporate culture; Organizational politics
The Handbook of Managing and Marketing Tourism ExperiencesVolume editor Marios Sotiriadis9781786352903Tourism & hospitality management/marketing; Destination management/marketing
Impact of Industry 4.0 on Sustainable Tourism: Perspectives, Challenges and FutureEditor: Zuzana Tučková, Sandeep Kumar Dey, Hoc Huynh Thai and Sinh Duc Hoang9781804551578Tourism applications & systems
Industry 4.0 and Global Businesses Editor: Enis Yakut9781801173278International business; Globalization
International Financial Reporting Standards Implementation: A Global ExperienceAuthor: Mohammad Nurunnabi9781801174411Financial reporting; Financial statements/company reports
International Perspectives on Gender and Higher Education: Student Access and SuccessEditor: Christine Fontanini9781839098871Health education; Disease prevention
International Perspectives on Sustainability Reporting Author: Amina Mohamed Buallay9781801178570Business ethics; Sustainability
Leadership and Public Sector Reform in AsiaEdited by Evan Berman9781787433106Politics; Regulatory policy
Learning Gain in Higher EducationEditor: Christina Hughes9781838672805Higher education; Learning/teaching in higher education
Macroeconomic Risk and Growth in the Southeast Asian Countries: Insight from SEA: Volume 33BEditor: William A. Barnett, Bruno S. Sergi9781837972845Economic systems
Management and Administration of Higher Education Institutions at Times of ChangeEditor: Anna Visvizi9781789736281Higher education; Higher education governance
Management of Islamic Finance: Principle, Practice, and PerformanceEdited by M. Kabir Hassan9781787564046Accounting/accountancy; Accounting research/theory
Marketing Management in TurkeyEditor: Selcen Ozturkcan9781787145580International marketing; Global marketing strategy
Measurement in Public Sector Financial Reporting: Theoretical Basis and Empirical EvidenceEditor: Josette Caruana, Marco Bisogno, and Mariafrancesca Sicilia9781801171618Government accounting
The Mindful Tourist: The Power of Presence in TourismEditor: Uglješa Stankov, Ulrike Gretzel, and Viachaslau Filimonau9781801176361Tourist culture & behaviour
Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary IndonesiaEditor: Bruno S. Sergi9781802624328Development economics; Economic growth
New Developments in Islamic Economics Editor: Asmak Ab Rahman9781787562844Economic history & thought; Economic systems
The New Digital Era: Digitalisation, Emerging Risks and OpportunitiesEditor: Simon Grima9781803829807Financial risk/company failure; Risk management/analysis
The New Generation Z in Asia: Dynamics, Differences, DigitalizationEditor: Oren Ergas9781800432215Employee behaviour; Employee attitudes
New Perspectives on Critical Marketing and Consumer SocietyEditor: Elaine L. Ritch9781839095573Market research/consumer behaviour; Consumer behaviour
New Ways of Studying Emotions in OrganizationsEditor: Charmine E. J. Härtel9781785602214Corporate culture; Organizational psychology
Online Reputation Management in Destination and Hospitality: What We Know, What We Need to KnowEditor: Riccardo Rialti, Zuzana Kvítková, and Tomáš Makovník9781803823751Destination management/marketing
Pioneering New Perspectives in the Fashion Industry: Disruption, Diversity and Sustainable InnovationEditor: Elaine L. Ritch, Catherine Canning, and Julie McColl9781803823454Brand management/equity
Public Procurement FundamentalsAuthor: Naushad Khan9781787546080Financial management/structure; Financing/borrowing
Public Value Management, Measurement and ReportingEditor: James Guthrie9781784410117Politics; Public adminstration & management
Quantitative Analysis of Social and Financial Market Development: Volume 30Editor: William A. Barnett, and Bruno S. Sergi9781801179201Economic development
Recent Developments in Asian Economics International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics Editor: Bruno S. Sergi9781838673604Mathematical/quantitative economics; Econometrics
Research in Corporate and Shari’ah Governance in the Muslim World: Theory and PracticeEdited by Toseef Azid9781789730081Corporate governance; Business law
Research in Organizational Change and DevelopmentEditor: Debra A. Noumair9781787563520Organizational structure/dynamics; Organizational change/development
Research in Personnel and Human Resources ManagementEditor: M. Ronald Buckley9781801174312Human resource policy; Patterns of working
Research in Personnel and Human Resources ManagementEditor: M. Ronald Buckley9781786352644Human resource policy; Conditions of employment
Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management: Volume 41Editor: M. Ronald Buckley, Anthony R. Wheeler, John E. Baur, and Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben9781837533886Management techniques
Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in AccountingEditor: Charles Richard Baker9781838676704Accounting/accountancy; Accounting standards
Smart Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Performance Management in a Global Digitalised Economy: Volume 110AEditor: Pallavi Tyagi, Simon Grima, Kiran Sood, B. Balamurugan, Ercan Özen, and Thalassinos Eleftherios9781803825557Technology management/strategy
Social Conflict and Harmony: Tourism in China’s Multi-Ethnic CommunitiesAuthor: Jingjing Yang9781784413569Tourism development & planning; Tourism planning & policy
Strategic Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Business Model InnovationEditor: Vanessa Ratten9781803821382Entrepreneurship; Business climate/policy
Strategic Marketing Management in AsiaAuthor: Syed Saad Andaleeb9781786357465International marketing; Global marketing strategy
The Sustainability DebateEditor: Martina Topić9781800437791Corporate culture;
Sustaining Competitive Advantage Via Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, and System DynamicsBVolume editor Mohammed Quaddus9781785607073International marketing; International branding
Symbolic Interactionist Takes on MusicEditor: Norman K. Denzin9781786350480Work, economy & organizations; Work & family
Tourism in the Mediterranean SeaEditor: Filippo Grasso9781800439016Agricultural/environmental economics; Ecological economics
Tourism Research Paradigms: Critical and Emergent KnowledgesEditor: Ana Maria Munar9781783509294Tourism development & planning; Tourism planning & policy
Tourism Risk: Crisis and Recovery ManagementEditor: Marco Valeri9781801177092Tourism development & planning; Disaster management in tourism
Women in Leadership 2nd Edition: Contextual Dynamics and Boundaries Editor: Karin Klenke9781787430648Leadership; Leadership styles
Women’s Football in a Global, Professional EraEditor: Alex Culvin and Ali Bowes9781800710528Femininity & masculinity
Worlds of RankingsEditor: Leopold Ringel9781801171069Work, economy & organizations;