Koleksi buku elektronik terbaru dari Ebsco

Title Author(s) ISBN Product ID
Administrative LawRonald A. Cass97814548485852647502
Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and ApplicationsAboul-Ella Hassanien97830306971742802398
Advanced Methods for Processing and Visualizing the Renewable EnergySamsul Ariffin Abdul Karim97898115860642657486
Advances in Biomedical Engineering and TechnologyAlbert A. Rizvanov97898115632942637145
Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 165Leon V. Berhardt97815361829412505412
Advances in Preservation and Processing Technologies of Fruits and VegetablesRajarathnam, S.97893512439081103129
Advances in Tourism, Technology and SystemsJoão Vidal de Carvalho97898133425692681378
The Next Age of DisruptionMIT Sloan Management Review97802623626272483439
Agri-food and Forestry Sectors for Sustainable DevelopmentFrancesco Meneguzzo97830306628442759082
Analytical Techniques in Forensic ScienceRosalind Wolstenholme97811190338132660316
Animal Models in Cancer Drug DiscoveryAsfar Azmi97801281470541929698
Arms ControlLawrence Freedman97810001990242574618
Artificial Intelligence and the LawDennis J. Baker97810002105212574037
Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0Alexiei Dingli97830306104562762031
Automated Software Engineering: A Deep Learning-Based ApproachSuresh Chandra Satapathy97830303800692350258
Biointenstive Integreated Pest Management for Horticultural CropsKumar, Anil97881948495682655657
Biopolitics for BeginnersOttavio Marzocca97888697733722761869
Broiler ChickensJoy Mench97817891814182898108
Build Your Cultural AgilityPaula Caligiuri97817896666012755251
Business Revolution in a Digital EraAlina Mihaela Dima97830305997202719353
Business With Purpose: Advancing Social EnterpriseMelodena Stephens Balakrishnan97898112040982432703
CDT 2021 Coding CompanionAmerican Dental Association97816844706792689350
Chemical PhotocatalysisBurkhard König97831105766412435813
A Citizen’s Guide to the Rule of LawDr. Adis Merdzanovic97838382754132895975
Climate Change and Resilient Food SystemsVinaya Kumar Hebsale Mallappa97898133453862746151
Climate Change Impact on Environmental Variability in the ForestLeonel Jorge Ribeiro Nunes97830303441772292255
Colonialism, Independence, and the Construction of Nation-StatesForrest D. Colburn97830305471652637609
Consumer Behaviour and Social Network SitesSarah Zaraket97810003276012659651
Cultural InternationalismGuo Shuyong97810003839282685790
Cybersecurity FundamentalsKutub Thakur97810000595712461506
Darwin's PsychologyBen Bradley97801910178962581646
Data Science for MathematiciansNathan Carter97804296756762568302
Developing Mathematical Literacy in the Context of the Fourth Industrial RevolutionEdgar Oliver Cardoso Espinosa97817998386922769178
Digital Technology and Democratic TheoryLucy Bernholz97802267486032593809
Discovery Engineering in BiologyHite, Rebecca97816814061522324974
Drug Discovery and Development, Third EditionJames J. O'Donnell97813516251352322847
Drug Repurposing in Cancer TherapyKenneth K.W. To97801281990392431919
Economics and Governance of Vocational and Professional Education and Training (including Apprenticeship) (E-Book)Uschi Backes-Gellner97830355167842509044
The Economics of Farm Animal WelfareBouda Vosough Ahmadi97817863923292524222
The Economic and Legal Foundations of Managing Innovative Development in Modern Economic SystemsElena G. Popkova97831106399022658359
An Education in JudgmentD. N. Rodowick97802267803512735770
Effects of Engagement and Resources on Learning Outcomes in Vocational CollegesMalechwanzi, Joseph Muthiani97815225925252227883
Environmental Data AnalysisCarsten Dormann97830305502022737781
ERS Monograph 91: Lung Stem Cells in Development, Health and DiseaseNikolic, Marko Z.97818498413442913969
How to Use Evidence-Based Dental Practices to Improve Clinical Decision-MakingAmerican Dental Association97816844706242328506
Failure ManagementWilliam B. Rouse97801926443432729578
Farm Animal Management: Principles and PracticesSingh, Rana Ranjit97893513058111103292
Farm Machinery and PowerPowar & Aware97893512447141103293
Fishery Ecosystem DynamicsMichael J. Fogarty97801910816062532385
Fragile but Resilient?Ali Carkoglu97804721286792757911
Fundamentals of Ecology and Environmental BiologySantra, S. C.97816428781582239619
The Future of Think Tanks and Policy Advice Around the WorldJames McGann97830306037932730881
Geographical ModelingDenise Pumain97811196872692335256
Ginkgo Biloba, Leek, Peganum Harmala, and Smilax China: Power of Medicinal Plants for Organic LifeWenli Sun97815361927112749221
Habitat Ecology and AnalysisJoseph A. Veech97801925647402756954
Handbook of Research on the Conservation and Restoration of Tropical Dry ForestsBhadouria, Rahul97817998001632290009
HBR's 10 Must Reads for Sales and Marketing Collection (5 Books)Harvard Business Review97816336993662205047
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Leadership 2-Volume CollectionHarvard Business Review Press.97816336993802205053
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing People 2-Volume CollectionHarvard Business Review Press.97816336992672202043
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing People, Vol. 2 (with Bonus Article “The Feedback Fallacy” by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall)Harvard Business Review97816336991442201521
"HBR's 10 Must Reads on Organizational Resilience (with Bonus Article ""Organizational Grit"" by Thomas H. Lee and Angela L. Duckworth)Harvard Business Review97816478206952506928
HBR's Year in Business and Technology: 2021 (2 Books)Harvard Business Review97816478202372493316
Human Rights and Drug ControlMelissa L. Bone97813153101902275028
Imperial NatureJim Endersby97802267739952482080
Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Greenhouse CropsMaria Lodovica Gullino97830302230452397702
Intelligence and WisdomBing Song97898116230973030173
International Law and Global GovernanceAlexandra R. Harrington97810003736772761975
International Trade in Forest ProductsG Cornelis van Kooten97817892482412700850
Internet of Things Integrated Augmented RealityGitanjali Rahul Shinde97898115637442506136
An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods 3eBarbra Teater97803352482092753458
Introduction to Bioinformatics with REdward Curry97813510152952568305
Introduction to Cybersemiotics: A Transdisciplinary PerspectiveCarlos Vidales97830305274642913166
An Introduction to PsychologySusan S. Brierley97804296203242144421
Introductory AgroforestryA K Patra97893899929532395828
How Judges JudgeBrian M. Barry97804296574982622524
Judicial Objectivity:Lidia Rodak97836317112242800991
The Law of Emergency PowersAbhishek Singhvi97898115299792662716
Management of Insect Pests in Vegetable CropsRamanuj Vishwakarma97810005869922453583
Map of the WorldVermeer, Martin97804295565002234278
Mathematics and ComputationAvi Wigderson97806911925431914920
Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs Affecting the Nervous SystemM. O., Faruk Khan97898114540732649039
Modern Industrial IoT, Big Data and Supply ChainVictor Chang97898133614162902422
Nanocarriers: Drug Delivery SystemNirmal Shah97898133449762734777
NanocosmeticsJean Cornier97830301657342162419
NanophytomedicineSarwar Beg97898115490902554812
New Models for Technical and Vocational Education and TrainingMoses Makgato97817998260882700439
Nutrition and Dietetics in New MediaZehra Batu97836318491322939229
Oxford Handbook of Clinical DentistryBethany Rushworth97801925684102653457
The Oxford Handbook of CyberpsychologyAlison Attrill-Smith97801925409662661857
Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine 4eStephen J Chapman97801925740532928482
Pandemics, Politics, and SocietyGerard Delanty97831107133502756432
Pharmacogenomics: Foundations, Competencies, and the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process David F. Kisor97815821233872318797
Philosophy of Law As an Integral Part of PhilosophyThomas Bustamante97815099338912693924
The Political Economy of Southeast AsiaToby Carroll97830302825542388318
Political Participation on Social MediaElizabeth Anne Bailey97830306522102750457
Polyphagous Pests of CropsOmkar97898115807582720223
Populism Versus the New GlobalizationBarrie Axford97815297365262574539
The Principles of EndodonticsShanon Patel97801925402872320564
Predicting, Monitoring, and Assessing Forest Fire Dangers and RisksBaranovskiy, Nikolay Viktorovich.97817998186942284569
Principles Of Meat Technology: 2nd Revised And Expanded Ed.Singh V.P. & Neelam Sachan97893900836572640934
The Psychology of GroupsCraig D. Parks97814338318982580876
Pulmonary RehabilitationClaudio Donner97813510155782552020
Pulmonary Vascular DisordersRoberto G. Carbone97815361955382907038
Quality Milk Production And Processing TechnologyThompkinson, D.K. & Latha Sabikhi97893900837632640937
Regionalizing Global Human Rights Norms in Southeast AsiaDwi Ardhanariswari Sundrijo97830305479812648713
Religion, Law and the Politics of Ethical DiversityClaude Proeschel97810003725262664904
Reporting Quantitative Research in PsychologyHarris M. Cooper97814338334272361951
Research Anthology on Food Waste Reduction and Alternative Diets for Food and Nutrition SecurityInformation Resources Management Association97817998535582693709
Respiratory Biology of AnimalsSteven F. Perry97801925592032249746
Risk Assessment in Oral HealthIain L.C. Chapple97830303864742405067
Safety And Quality Assurance In Food Supply Chain: Emerging Technologies & ChallengesSudheer, K.P. & Bindu Lakshmanan97893512438541103122
Socio-Economic Perspectives on Vocational Skill DevelopmentZamanian, Mostafa97815225414622291135
Spatial Analysis for Radar Remote Sensing of Tropical ForestsGianfranco D. De Grandi97804292906572789364
Stem Cells, 2nd EditionEvelyn B. Kelly97814408659782178631
Strength, Permability and Void Content on Pervious Concrete with Varying Sizes of AggregatesShaik Chandini97833461503182449601
Stress and Animal WelfareDonald M. Broom97830303215362318287
Sucking Pests of CropsOmkar97898115614982651645
Sustainability in Ruminant LivestockPramod Kumar Rout97898133434362732880
Sustainable Management of Non-Timber Forest Products. The Role of a Market Price Information SystemRana Bahadur Rawal97833462735362658706
Sustainable Remediation of Contaminated Soil and GroundwaterDeyi Hou97801281798332099985
A Theory of Legal PunishmentMatthew C. Altman97810003793032685807
Vertebrate and Invertebrate Respiratory Proteins, Lipoproteins and Other Body Fluid ProteinsUlrich Hoeger97830304176972397696
Wound RegenerationHiranmoy Das97810716084562571447
Writing Dissertations and Theses in PsychologyStephen N. Haynes97810002926192680862