E-book dari Cambridge

No. Title ISBN Author
1 Advances in Irrigation Agronomy: Fruit Crops 9781139584012 M. K. V. Carr
2 Advances in Irrigation Agronomy: Plantation Crops 9780511998263 M. K. V. Carr, With contributions by Rob Lockwood, Jerry Knox
3 Animal Communication Theory: Information and Influence 9781139003551 Edited by Ulrich E. Stegmann
4 Animal Contests 9781139051248 Edited by Ian C. W. Hardy, Mark Briffa
5 Anthropological Perspectives on Tooth Morphology: Genetics, Evolution, Variation 9780511984464 Edited by G. Richard Scott, Joel D. Irish
6 Bacterial Genomics: Genome Organization and Gene Expression Tools 9781139942225 Aswin Sai Narain Seshasayee
7 Bioarchaeology: Interpreting Behavior from the Human Skeleton 9781139020398 Clark Spencer Larsen
8 Biodiversity in Agriculture: Domestication, Evolution, and Sustainability 9781139019514 Edited by Paul Gepts, Thomas R. Famula, Robert L. Bettinger, Stephen B. Brush, Ardeshir B. Damania, Patrick E. McGuire, Calvin O. Qualset
9 Biophysics: A Physiological Approach 9781139035002 Patrick F. Dillon
10 Biosocial Becomings: Integrating Social and Biological Anthropology 9781139198394 Edited by Tim Ingold, Gisli Palsson
11 Biotic Evolution and Environmental Change in Southeast Asia 9780511735882 Edited by David Gower, Kenneth Johnson, James Richardson, Brian Rosen, Lukas Rüber, Suzanne Williams
12 Bird Life and Bird Lore: With Illustrations 9781139506816 Reginald Bosworth Smith
13 Birds and Habitat: Relationships in Changing Landscapes 9781139021654 Edited by Robert J. Fuller
14 The Boreal Owl: Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation of a Forest‐Dwelling Predator 9780511844164 Erkki Korpimäki, Harri Hakkarainen
15 The Circuitry of the Human Spinal Cord: Spinal and Corticospinal Mechanisms of Movement 9781139026727 Emmanuel Pierrot‐Deseilligny, David Burke
16 Coastal Conservation 9781139137089 Edited by Brooke Maslo, Julie L. Lockwood
17 Conflicts in Conservation: Navigating Towards Solutions 9781139084574 Edited by Stephen M. Redpath, Ralph J. Gutiérrez, Kevin A. Wood, Juliette C. Young
18 Consanguinity in Context 9781139015844 Alan H. Bittles
19 Control of Crop Diseases 9781139176644 W. R. Carlile, A. Coules
20 Conversations on Vegetable Physiology: Comprehending the Elements of Botany, with their Application to Agriculture Vol I 9781107375079 Jane Haldimand Marcet
21 Conversations on Vegetable Physiology: Comprehending the Elements of Botany, with their Application to Agriculture Vol II 9781107375086 Jane Haldimand Marcet
22 Craniofacial Identification 9781139049566 Edited by Caroline Wilkinson, Christopher Rynn
23 Descriptive Taxonomy: The Foundation of Biodiversity Research 9781139028004 Edited by Mark F. Watson, Chris Lyal, Colin Pendry
24 The Design and Statistical Analysis of Animal Experiments 9781139344319 Simon T. Bate, Robin A. Clark
25 Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs 9781316105412 Edited by Camilo Mora
26 The Ecology of Plant Secondary Metabolites: From Genes to Global Processes 9780511675751 Edited by Glenn R. Iason, Marcel Dicke, Susan E. Hartley
27 Ecosystem Services: From Concept to Practice 9781107477612 Edited by Jetske A. Bouma, Pieter J. H. van Beukering
28 Elements of Botany: Structural, Physiological, Systematical, and Medical 9781107741850 John Lindley
29 Epigenomics: From Chromatin Biology to Therapeutics 9780511777271 Edited by Krishnarao Appasani
30 Evolving Human Nutrition: Implications for Public Health 9781139046794 Stanley J. Ulijaszek, Neil Mann, Sarah Elton
31 Forests and Global Change 9781107323506 Edited by David A. Coomes, David F. R. P. Burslem, William D. Simonson
32 From Clone to Bone: The Synergy of Morphological and Molecular Tools in Palaeobiology 9780511760174 Edited by Robert J. Asher, Johannes Müller
33 Fungal Biology in the Origin and Emergence of Life 9781139524049 David Moore
34 How to Prepare a Scientific Doctoral Dissertation Based on Research Articles 9781139151252 Björn Gustavii
35 Human Evolution: Genes, Genealogies and Phylogenies 9781139627092 Graeme Finlay
36 Human Identity and Identification 9781139029988 Rebecca Gowland, Tim Thompson
37 An Introduction to Neuroendocrinology 9781139045803 Michael Wilkinson, Richard E. Brown
38 Introduction to the Senses: From Biology to Computer Science 9781139016001 Terry R. J. Bossomaier
39 Landslide Ecology 9780511978685 Lawrence R. Walker, Aaron B. Shiels
40 A Life Scientist’s Guide to Physical Chemistry 9781139017480 Marc R. Roussel
41 Marine Ecosystems: Human Impacts on Biodiversity, Functioning and Services 9781139794763 Tasman P. Crowe, Christopher L. J. Frid
42 Materials for the Study of Variation: Treated with Especial Regard to Discontinuity in the Origin of Species 9781139382069 William Bateson
43 Methodologies for Metabolomics: Experimental Strategies and Techniques 9780511996634 Edited by Norbert W. Lutz, Jonathan V. Sweedler, Ron A. Wevers
44 Methods of Molecular Analysis in the Life Sciences 9781107045224 Andreas Hofmann, With contributions by Anne Simon, Tanja Grkovic, Malcolm Jones
45 The Natural History of the Tea‐Tree: With Observations on the Medical Qualities of Tea, and Effects of Tea‐Drinking 9781316036198 John Coakley Lettsom
46 Nature’s Wealth: The Economics of Ecosystem Services and Poverty 9781139225311 Edited by Pieter J. H. van Beukering, Elissaios Papyrakis, Jetske Bouma, Roy Brouwer
47 Oxytocin, Vasopressin and Related Peptides in the Regulation of Behavior 9781139017855 Edited by Elena Choleris, Donald W. Pfaff, Martin Kavaliers
48 Parasite Diversity and Diversification: Evolutionary Ecology Meets Phylogenetics 9781139794749 Edited by Serge Morand, Boris R. Krasnov, D. Timothy J. Littlewood
49 Pharmacologia: Or, The History of Medicinal Substances 9781107256422 John Ayrton Paris
50 A Primer of Botanical Latin with Vocabulary 9781139525268 Emma Short, Alex George
51 Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social‐Ecological Systems 9781316014240 Edited by Reinette Biggs, Maja Schlüter, Michael L. Schoon
52 Principles of Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics 9781139051194 Edited by Russ B. Altman, David Flockhart, David B. Goldstein
53 Problems of Genetics 9781139382021 William Bateson
54 Python Programming for Biology: Bioinformatics and Beyond 9780511843556 Tim J. Stevens, Wayne Boucher
55 Recent Progress in the Study of Variation, Heredity, and Evolution 9781139582995 Robert Heath Lock
56 Regenerative Pharmacology 9781139047357 Edited by George J. Christ, Karl‐Erik Andersson
57 Resilience and the Cultural Landscape: Understanding and Managing Change in Human‐Shaped Environments 9781139107778 Edited by Tobias Plieninger, Claudia Bieling
58 Restoration and Reclamation of Boreal Ecosystems: Attaining Sustainable Development 9781139059152 Edited by Dale Vitt, Jagtar Bhatti
59 The Role of Biotechnology in a Sustainable Food Supply 9781139026710 Edited by Jennie S. Popp, Molly M. Jahn, Marty D. Matlock, Nathan P. Kemper
60 Scientific Method in Brief 9781139095082 Hugh G. Gauch, Jr
61 Seaweed Ecology and Physiology 9781139192637 Catriona L. Hurd, Paul J. Harrison, Kai Bischof, Christopher S. Lobban
62 Sorghum: An Emerging Cash Crop 9789384463083 B. Dayakar Rao
63 Spatial Analysis: A Guide For Ecologists 9780511978913 Mark R. T. Dale, Marie‐Josée Fortin
64 Statistics for Anthropology 9781139022699 Lorena Madrigal
65 Successful Agricultural Innovation in Emerging Economies: New Genetic Technologies for Global Food Production 9781139208475 Edited by David J. Bennett, Richard C. Jennings
66 Systems Biology of Cancer 9780511979811 Edited by Sam Thiagalingam
67 Tropical Nature and Other Essays 9781139382076 Alfred Russel Wallace
68 Urban Ecosystems: Ecological Principles for the Built Environment 9780511981050 Frederick R. Adler, Colby J. Tanner
69 The Vegetable Kingdom: Or, the Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants Illustrated upon the Natural System 9781139878654 John Lindley
70 World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders 9781139567657 Edited by Amareswar Galla