Koleksi buku elektronik dari Amacom

No. Judul ISBN Penulis Tahun
1 10 step to sale succreess: The proven system that can shorten the selling cycle, double your close ratio, and significantly increase your income 9780814471654 Breithaupt, TIm 2003
2 101 boardroom problems and how to solve them 9780814410585 Mina, Eli 2009
3 101 strategies for recruiting success : Where, when, and how to find the right people every time 9780814474075 Pritchard, Christopher W. 2007
4 2600 phrases for effective performance reviews: Ready-to-use words and phrases that really get results 9780814472828 Falcone, Paul 2005
5 30 days to a more powerful memory 9780814474457 Scott, Gini Graham 2007
6 30 reasons employees hate their managers: What your people may be thinking and what you can do about it 9780814409152 Katcher, Bruce L.;Snyder, Adam 2007
7 7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child 9780814400463 Steiner, Naomi J.;Hayes, Susan L. 2009
8 96 great interview questions to ask before you hire, Second edition 9780814413517 Falcone, Paul 2009
9 A Blueprint for Corporate Governance: Strategy, Accountability, and the Preservation of Shareholder Value 9780814405864 Kaen, Fred R. 2003
10 A Manager’s Guide to Coaching: Simple and Effective Ways to Get the Best out of Your Employees 9780814409824 Emerson, Brian;Loehr, Anne 2008
11 A Survival Guide for Selling a Home 9780814472743 Davis, Sid 2005
12 A Survival Guide for Working with Bad Bosses: Dealing with Bullies, Idiots, Back-Stabbers, and Other Managers from Hell 9780814472989 Scott, Gini Graham 2006
13 A Survival Guide for Working with Humans: Dealing with Whiners, Back-Stabbers, Know-It-Alls, and Other Difficult People 9780814472057 Scott, Gini Graham 2004
14 A class with drucker: The lost lessons of the world’s greatest management teacher 9780814409190 Cohen, William A. 2008
15 A manager’s guide to improving workplace performance 9780814474181 Chevalier, Roger 2007
16 A survival guide for project managers 9780814408773 Taylor, James 2006
17 A survival guide to managing employees from hell : Handling idiots, whiners, slackers, and other workplace demons 9780814474082 Scott, Gini Graham 2007
18 Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity 9780814407813 Johnson, Larry;Phillips,CBob 2003
19 Accounting Demystified 9780814407905 Haber, Jeffry R. 2004
20 Administrative assistant’s and secretary’s handbook, third edition 9786611271299 Stroman, James;wilson, Kevin;wauson, Jennifer 2008
21 Agile Project Management: How to Succeed in the Face of Changing Project Requirements 9780814471760 Chin, Gary 2004
22 Annual reports 101 : What the numbers and the fine print can reveal about the true health of a company 9780814473672 Thomsett, Michael C. 2007
23 Award-winning customer service : 101 ways to guarantee great performance 9780814474549 Evenson, Renee 2007
24 Be a Recruiting Superstar: The Fast Track to Network Marketing Millions 9780814401637 Christensen, Mary 2008
25 Be a network marketing superstar:The one book you need to make more money than you ever thought possible 9780814474310 Christensen, Mary;Christensen, Wayne 2007
26 Becoming an extraordinary manager:The 5 essentials for success 9780814480656 Sandler, Len 2008
27 Bench strength: Developing the depth and versatility of your organization’s leadership talent 9780814408841 Barner, Robert 2006
28 Beyond buzz : The next generation of word-of-mouth marketing 9780814473832 Kelly, Lois 2007
29 Beyond training and development, second edition 9780814407967 Rothwell, William J. 2005
30 Billy, Alfred, and General Motors: The Story of Two Unique Men, a Legendary Company, and a Remarkable Time in American History 9780814408698 Pelfrey, William 2006
31 Black belt negotiating : Become a master negotiator using powerful lessons from the martial arts 9780814474617 Lee, Michael Soon;Tabuchi, Grant 2007
32 Blissful data: Wisdom and strategies for providing meaningful, useful, and accessible data for all employees 9780814407806 Chu, Margaret Y. 2004
33 Blog Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policy, Public Relations, and Legal Issues 9780814473559 Flynn, Nancy 2006
34 Blueprint for Project Recovery-: A Project Management Guide: The Complete Process for Getting Derailed Projects Back on Track 9780814407660 Cagle, Ronald B. 2003
35 Boom : Marketing to the ultimate power consumer-the baby boomer woman 9780814473900 Brown, Mary;Orsborn, Carol 2006
36 Brain tattoos: Creating unique brands that stick in your customers’ minds 9780814472347 Post, Karen 2005
37 Branding Unbound: The Future of Advertising, Sales, and the Brand Experience in the Wireless Age 9780814472873 Mathieson, Rick 2005
38 Building Project Management Centers of Excellence 9780814407172 Bolles, Dennis 2002
39 Building on the Promise of Diversity: How We Can Move to the Next Level in Our Workplaces, Our Communities, and Our Society 9780814408629 Thomas, R. Roosevelt 2006
40 Building, Leading, and Managing Strategic Alliances: How to Work Effectively and Profitably with Partner Companies 9780814474716 Kuglin, Fred A. 2002
41 Business Under Fire: How Israeli Companies are Succeeding in the Face of Terror- and What We Can Learn from Them 9780814408391 Carrison, Dan 2005
42 Buzz : How to create it and win with it 9780814474624 Koch, Edward I.;Heady, Christy 2007
43 Career match : Connecting who you are with what you’ll love to do 9780814473641 Zichy, Shoya;Bidou, Ann 2007
44 Celebration of Fools: An Inside Look at the Rise and Fall of JCPenney 9780814471593 Hare, Bill 2004
45 Coaching for emotional intelligence: The secret to developing the star potential in your employees 9780814408902 Wall, Bob 2007
46 Coaching, counseling & mentoring : How to choose & use the right technique to boost employee performance,second edition 9780814473856 Stone, Florence M. 2007
47 Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment: How to Create a Supply Chain Advantage 9780814471821 Seifert, Dirk 2003
48 Compensating New Sales Roles: How to Design Rewards That Work in Today’s Selling Environment, Second Edition 9780814471067 Colletti, Jerome A.;Fiss, Mary S. 2001
49 Consultative closing : Simple steps that build relationships and win even the toughest sale 9780814473993 Bennett, Greg 2007
50 Consultative selling: The hanan formula for high-margin sales at high levels, Seventh edition 9780814403037 Hanan, Mack 1999
51 Coolhunting : Chasing down the next big thing 9780814473863 Gloor, Peter;Cooper, Scott 2007
52 Corporate Conversations: A Guide to Crafting Effective and Appropriate Internal Communications 9780814407707 Holtz, Shel 2004
53 Corporate agility: A revolutionary new model for competing in a flat world 9780814409114 Grantham, Charles E.;Ware, James P.;Williamson, Cory 2007
54 Cracking the Corporate Code: The Revealing Success Stories of 32 African-American Executives 9780814407714 Cobbs, Price M.;Turnock, Judith L. 2003
55 Crunch point : The 21 secrets to succeeding when it matters most 9780814473719 Tracy, Brian 2007
56 Customer service training 101 : Quick and easy techniques that get great results 9780814472903 Evenson, Renee 2005
57 Deadline!: How Premier Organizations Win the Race Against Time 9780814407264 Carrison, Dan 2003
58 Defending the Brand: Aggressive Strategies for Protecting Your Brand in the Online Arena 9780814407547 Murray, Brian H. 2004
59 Delivering knock your socks off service 9780814473658 Associates, Performance Research 2007
60 Demystifying Six Sigma: A Company-Wide Approach to Continuous Improvement 9780814471845 Larson, Alan 2003
61 Designing Dynamic Organizations: A Hands-On Guide for Leaders at All Levels 9780814471197 Galbraith, Jay;Downey, Diane;Kates, Amy 2002
62 Disagreements, disputes, and all-out war : 3 simple steps for dealing with any kind of conflict 9780814480632 Scott, Gini Graham 2008
63 Discipline Without Punishment: The Proven Strategy That Turns Problem Employees Into Superior Performers, Second Edition 9780814473306 Grote, Dick 2006
64 DoCoMo: Japan’s Wireless Tsunami: How One Mobile Telecom Created a New Market and Became a Global Force 9780814407530 Beck, John;Wade, Mitchell 2003
65 Don’t Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy- and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market 9780814408155 Johnson, Lisa;Learned, Andrea 2004
66 EBay business the smart way : Maximize your profits on the web’s #1 auction site , third edition 9780814473948 Sinclair, Joseph T. 2007
67 Early Warning: Using Competitive Intelligence to Anticipate Market Shifts, Control Risk, and Create Powerful Strategies 9780814407868 Gilad, Ben 2004
68 Ebay Global the Smart Way: Buying and Selling Internationally on the World’S #1 Auction Site 9780814472415 Sinclair, Joseph T.;Ubels, Ron 2004
69 Ebay Inventory the Smart Way: How to Find Great Sources and Manage Your Merchandise to Maximize Profits on the world’s #1 Auction Site 9780814473597 Sinclair, Joseph T.;Hanks, Jeremy 2006
70 Ebay Photography the Smart Way: Creating Great Product Pictures That Will Attract Higher Bids and Sell Your Items Faster 9780814472934 Sinclair, Joseph T.;Livingston, Stanley 2005
71 Effective IT Project Management: Using Teams to Get Projects Completed on Time and Under Budget 9780814408124 Rosen, Anita 2004
72 Effective executive compensation: Creating a total rewards strategy for executives 9780814410127 Graham, Michael Dennis;Roth, Thomas A.;Dugan, Dawn 2008
73 Emotional intelligence for project managers : The people skills you need to achieve outstanding results 9780814474167 Mersino, Anthony C. 2007
74 Enjoy!: 101 little ways to add fun to your work every day 9780814409855 Scott, Gini Graham 2008
75 Enlightened office politics: Understanding, coping with, and winning the game – without losing your soul 9780814426043 Dobson, Michael;Dobson, Deborah 2001
76 Ensuring fairness in health care coverage : An employer’s guide to making good decisions on tough issues 9780814473849 Wynia, Matthew K.;Schwab, Abraham P. 2007
77 Enterprise knowledge portals: Next-generation portal solutions for dynamic information access, better decision making, and maximum results 9780814407080 Collins, Heidi 2003
78 Essentials of Inventory Management 9780814407516 Muller, Max 2003
79 Export/import procedures and documentation, fourth edition 9786611770266 Johnson, Thomas E. 2002
80 Extending the Supply Chain: How Cutting-Edge Companies Bridge the Critical Last Mile into Customers’ Homes 9780814408360 Boyer, Kenneth Karel;Frohlich, Markham T.;Hult,G. Tomas M. 2005
81 FACE IT: Recognizing and conquering the hidden fear that drives all conflict at work 9780814408353 Horn, Art 2004
82 Fair, Square & Legal: Safe Hiring, Managing & Firing Practices to Keep You & Your Company Out of Court, Fourthe Dition 9780814408131 Weiss, Donald H. 2004
83 Finding & Keeping Great Employees 9780814400364 Harris, Jim 1999
84 First in thirst : How gatorade turned the science of sweat into a cultural phenomenon 9780814472996 Rovell, Darren 2006
85 Focal Point: A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity, and Achieve All Your Goals 9780814471296 Tracy, Brian 2002
86 Food fray: Inside the controversy over genetically modified food 9780814401644 Weasel, Lisa H. 2009
87 Franchising & Licensing: Two Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business in Any Economy, Third Edition 9780814472224 Sherman, Andrew J. 2004
88 From difficult to disturbed: Understanding and managing dysfunctional employees 9780814409220 Miller, Laurence 2008
89 Fundamentals of project management 9780814408797 Lewis, James P. 2007
90 Fundamentals of salesmanagement for the newly appointed sales manager 9780814408735 Schwartz, Matthew 2006
91 Furnace of creation cradle of destruction: A journey to the birthplace of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis 9780814409206 Chester, Roy 2008
92 Future savvy: Identifying trends to make better decisions, manage uncertainty, and profit from change 9780814409121 Gordon, Adam 2009
93 Future, inc.:How businesses can anticipate and profit from what’s next 9780814408971 Garland, Eric 2007
94 Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters in your Workplace 9780814404805 Zemke, Ron;Raines, Claire;Filipczak, Bob 2000
95 Get clients now!TM : A 28-day marketing program for professionals, consultants, and coaches 9780814473740 Hayden, C. J. 2007
96 Getting to innovation: How asking the right questions generates the great ideas your company needs 9780814408988 Vangundy, Arthur B. 2007
97 Getting your way every day : Mastering the lost art of pure persuasion 9780814473351 Axelrod, Alan 2007
98 Girls’ guide to building a million-dollar business 9780814474198 Solovic, Susan Wilson 2008
99 Global sourcing logistics: How to manage risk and gain competitive advantage in a worldwide marketplace 9780814408926 Cook, Thomas A. 2007
100 Go Google : 20 ways to reach more customers and build revenue with Google business tools 9780814480595 Holden, Greg 2008
101 Goal Setting: How to Create an Action Plan and Achieve Your Goals, Second Edition 9780814401699 Wilson, Susan B.;Dobson, Michael S. 2008
102 Going Lean: How the best companies apply lean manufacturing principles to shatter uncertainty, drive innovation, and maximize profits 9780814410578 Ruffa, Stephen A. 2008
103 Golf and the Game of Leadership: An 18-Hole Guide for Success in Business and in Life 9780814408377 McHugh, Donald E. 2004
104 Good governance for nonprofits : Developing principles and policies for an effective board 9780814474525 Laughlin, Fredric L.;Andringa, Robert C. 2007
105 Great Customer Connections: Simple Psychological Techniques That Guarantee Exceptional Service 9780814473085 Gallagher, Richard S. 2006
106 Growing Your Company’s Leaders How Great Organizations Use Succession Management to Sustain Competitive Advantage 9780814407677 Fulmer, Robert M.;Conger, Jay A. 2004
107 HR from the Heart: Inspiring Stories and Strategies for Building the People Side of Great Business 9780814407561 Sartain, Libby;Finney, Martha I. 2003
108 Help, I’m knee-deep in clutter!:Conquer the chaos and get organized once and for all 9780814474204 Anderson, Joyce I. 2007
109 High-impact interview questions : 701 behavior-based questions to find the right person for every job 9780814473016 Hoevemeyer, Victoria A. 2006
110 Hiring the best and the brightest: A roadmap to MBA recruiting 9780814406359 Taguchi, Sherrie Gong 2002
111 Hope or Hype: The Obsession With Medical Advances and the High Cost of False Promises 9780814408452 Deyo, Richard A.;Patrick, Donald L. 2005
112 How To Negotiate Like a Child: Unleash the Little Monster Within to Get Everything You Want 9780814472941 Adler, Bill 2006
113 How the paper fish learned to swim: A fable about inspiring creativity and bringing new ideas to life 9780814408889 Flaum, Jonathon A. 2007
114 How to Become a Better Negotiator, Second Edition 9780814400470 Luecke, Richard A.;Patterson, James G. 2008
115 How to Manage Training: A Guide to Design and Delivery for High Performance, Third Edition 9780814427170 Nilson, Carolyn 2003
116 How to Negotiate Anything With Anyone Anywhere Around the World,Third Edition 9780814480663 Acuff, Frank L. 2008
117 How to become an expert on anything in two hours 9780814409923 Hartley, Gregory;Karinch, Maryann 2008
118 How to prepare, stage, and deliver winning presentations, Third edition 9780814472316 Leech, Thomas 2004
119 How to recognize & reward employees : 150 ways to inspire peak performance,second edition 9780814473313 Deeprose, Donna 2007
120 How to succeed in business using linkedin: Making connections and capturing opportunities on the web’s #1 business networking site 9780814410745 Butow, Eric;Taylor, Kathleen 2009
121 I’ve Seen a Lot of Famous People Naked, and They’ve Got Nothing on You!: Business Secrets from the Ultimate Street-Smart Entrepreneur 9780814408605 Steinfeld, Jake;Spielberg, Steven 2006
122 Identifying and managing project risk: Essential tools for failure-proofing your project 9780814407615 Kendrick, Tom 2003
123 Improving Employee Performance: Through Appraisal and Coaching, Second Edition 9780814416006 Kirkpatrick, Donald L.;Grote, Dick 2006
124 Improving your project management skills 9780814408759 Richman, Larry 2006
125 In the Land of Difficult People: 24 Timeless Tales Reveal How to Tame Beasts at Work 9780814400296 Gargiulo, Terrence L.;Scott, Gini Graham 2008
126 India arriving : How this economic powerhouse is redefining global business 9780814474242 Dossani, Rafiq 2008
127 Instant Messaging Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for Safe IM Communication 9780814472538 Flynn, Nancy 2004
128 Instant appeal: The 8 primal factors that create blockbuster success 9780814409466 Kunkel, Vicki 2009
129 International Logistics, Second Edition 9780814406663 Wood, Donald F.;Barone, Anthony P.;Murphy, Paul R.;Wardlow, Daniel L. 2002
130 Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires 9780814473566 Fox, Scott C. 2006
131 Into the unknown:Leadership lessons from lewis & clark’s daring westward adventure 9780814408162 Uldrich, Jack 2004
132 Investing in a Sustainable World: Why Green is the New Color of Money on Wall Street 9780814410929 Kiernan, Matthew J. 2009
133 Investing in your company’s human capital: Strategies to avoid spending too little-or too much 9780814408537 Phillips, Jack J. 2005
134 Jewish Wisdom for business success: Lessons from the torah and other ancient texts 9780814412749 Brackman, Rabbi Levi;Jaffe, Sam 2008
135 John F. Kennedy on Leadership : The Lessons and Legacy of a President 9780814474556 Barnes, John A. 2005
136 Kanban Made Simple: Demystifying and Applying Toyota’s Legendary Manufacturing Process 9780814407639 Gross, John M.;McInnis, Kenneth R. 2003
137 Keeping employees accountable for results : Quick tips for busy managers 9780814473207 Miller, Brian Cole 2006
138 Keeping the People who keep you in Business: 24 Ways to Hang on to Yourmost Valuable Talent 9780814425381 Branham, Leigh 2001
139 Knightfall: Knight Ridder and How the Erosion of Newspaper Journalism Is Putting Democracy at Risk 9780814408544 Merritt, Davis 2005
140 Knock your socks off prospecting: How to cold call, get qualified leads, and make more money 9780814472859 Miller, William “Skip”, Zemke, Ron 2005
141 Lead by example: 50 ways great leaders inspire results 9780814412947 Baldoni, John 2009
142 Leading at the edge: Leadership lessons from the extraordinary saga of shackleton’s antarctic expedition 9780814405437 Perkins, Dennis N.T.;Holtman, Margaret P.;Kessler, Paul R.;McCarthy, Catherine 2000
143 Leading leaders: How to manage smart, talented, rich, and powerful people 9780814408551 Salacuse, Jeswald W. 2006
144 Leading with Kindness: How Good People Consistently Get Superior Results 9780814401569 Baker, William F.;O’Malley, Michael 2008
145 Lean Manufacturing That Works: Powerful Tools for Dramatically Reducing Waste and Maximizing Profits 9780814472378 Carreira, Bill 2005
146 Lean six sigma that works : A powerful action plan for dramatically improving quality, increasing speed, and reducing waste 9780814473474 Carreira, Bill;Trudell, Bill 2006
147 Learning unplugged: Using mobile technologies for organizational training and performance improvement 9780814471456 Gayeski, Diane 2002
148 Lee & Grant: Profiles in Leadership from the Battlefields of Virginia 9780814408193 Bowery, Major Charles R. 2005
149 Leverage : How to get it and how to keep it in any negotiation 9780814473269 Volkema, Roger 2006
150 Leveraging web services: Planning, building, and integration for maximum impact 9780814471951 Edwards, John 2004
151 Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined 9780814480540 Patzer, Gordon L. 2008
152 Magnetic selling: Develop the charm and charisma that attract customers and maximize sales 9780814472811 Bly, Robert W. 2006
153 Make Million$ Selling Real Estate: Earning Secrets of Top Agents 9780814472927 Remley, Jim 2005
154 Make your contacts count : Networking know-how for business and career success , second edition 9780814474020 Baber, Anne;Waymon, Lynne 2007
155 Management 9780814434192 Tracy, Brian 2014
156 Management skills for new managers 9780814408308 Ellis, Carol W. 2005
157 Managing Online Forums: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Run Successful Community Discussion Boards 9780814401972 O’Keefe, Patrick 2008
158 Managing brand you: 7 seven steps to creating your most successful self 9780814410684 Wilson, Jerry S .;Blumenthal, Ira 2008
159 Managing government employees: How to motivate your people, deal with difficult issues, and achieve tangible results 9780814408872 Liff, Stewart 2007
160 Managing information technology projects:Applying project management strategies to software, hardware, and integration initiatives 9780814408117 Taylor, James 2004
161 Managing knock your socks off service 9780814473689 Bell, Chip R.;Zemke, Ron 2007
162 Managing workplace negativity 9780814405826 Topchik, Gary S. 2001
163 Maximizing project value : Defining, managing, and measuring for optimal return 9780814473825 Berman, Jeff 2007
164 Maximum influence: The 12 universal laws of power persuasion 9780814472583 Mortensen, Kurt W. 2004
165 Measuring the value of partnering: How to use metrics to plan, develop, and implement successful alliances 9780814407783 Segil, Larraine 2004
166 Mergers & acquisitions from A to Z, second edition 9786611126520 Sherman, Andrew J.;Hart, Milledge A. 2006
167 Microbe: Are We Ready for the Next Plague? 9780814428832 Zelicoff, Alan P.;Bellomo, Michael 2005
168 Modern project management: Successfully integrating project management knowledge areas and processes 9780814406328 Howes, Norman R. 2001
169 More quick team-building activities for busy managers : 50 new exercises that get results in just 15 minutes 9780814473788 Miller, Brian Cole 2007
170 NO!: How one simple word can transform your life 9780814472309 Kemp, Jana 2005
171 Nanocosm: Nanotechnology and the big changes coming from the inconceivably small 9780814472774 Atkinson, William Illsey 2003
172 New Product Development and Delivery: Ensuring Successful Products Through Integrated Process Management 9780814407134 Brethauer, Dale 2002
173 New directions in supply-chain management: Technology, strategy, and implementation 9780814406373 Tonya Boone;Ram Ganeshan 2002
174 No limit : The Texas hold’em guide to winning in business 9780814480649 Krause, Donald G.;Carter, Jeff 2008
175 On cloud nine: Weathering the challenge of many generations in the workplace 9780814408780 Wendover, Robert W.;Gargiulo, Terrence L. 2006
176 One foot out the door : How to combat the psychological recession that’s alienating employees and hurting American business 9780814480588 Bardwick, Judith M. 2008
177 Operation excellence: Succeeding in business and life- the u.s. military way 9780814408223 Bender, Mark 2004
178 Outsourcing America: What’s Behind Our National Crisis and How We Can Reclaim American Jobs 9780814408681 Hira, Ron;Hira, Anil 2005
179 Outsourcing for radical change: A bold approach to enterprise transformation 9780814472187 Linder, Jane C. 2004
180 Partnering: The new face of leadership 9780814407578 Segil, Larraine;Goldsmith, Marshall;Belasco, James 2003
181 Personal brilliance: Mastering the everyday habits that create a lifetime of success 9780814408384 Canterucci, Jim 2005
182 Persuasion IQ: The 10 skills you need to get exactly what you want 9780814409930 Mortensen, Kurt W. 2008
183 Persuasive business proposals: Writing to win more customers, clients, and contracts 9780814471531 Sant, Tom 2004
184 Power house marketing plans: 14 outstanding real-life plans and what you can learn from them to supercharge your own campaigns 9780814472194 Johnson, Winslow “Bud” 2004
185 Power points! : How to design and deliver presentations that sizzle and sell 9780814474693 Mills, Harry 2007
186 Powerful proposals: How to give your business the winning edge 9780814472323 Pugh, David G.;Bacon, Terry R. 2005
187 Preparing for the project management professional (PMP) certification exam, third edition 9780814408599 Newell, Michael W. 2005
188 ProActive selling : control the process, win the sale 9780814407646 Miller, William “Skip” 2003
189 Productive performance appraisals 9780814474228 Falcone, Paul;Sachs, Randi 2007
190 Profit-focused supplier management: How to identify risks and recognize opportunities 9780814409985 Ostring, Pirkko 2004
191 Project Management That Works: Real-World Advice on Communicating, Problem Solving, and Everything Else You Need to Know to Get the Job Done 9780814409886 Morris, Rick A. 2008
192 Project management step-by-step 9780814407271 Richman, Larry 2002
193 Publishing confidential: The insider’s guide to what it really takes to land a nonfiction book deal 9780814472262 Brown, Paul B. 2004
194 Questions that sell : The powerful process for discovering what your customer really wants 9780814473399 Cherry, Paul 2006
195 Quick Meeting Openers for Busy Managers: More Than 50 Icebreakers, Energizers, and Other Creative Activities That Get Results 9780814409336 Miller, Brian Cole 2008
196 Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results in Just 15 Minutes 9780814472019 Miller, Brian Cole 2004
197 Quick emotional intelligence activities for busy managers: 50 team exercises that get results in just 15 minutes 9780814408957 Lynn, Adele B. 2007
198 Raising Capital: Get the Money You Need to Grow Your Business, Second Edition 9780814408568 Sherman, Andrew J. 2005
199 Re-thinking the network economy: The true forces that drive the digital marketplace 9780814406496 Liebowitz, Stan J. 2002
200 Real estate presentations that make millions 9780814474013 Remley, Jim 2007
201 Real-World Time Management, Second Edition 9780814401705 Alexander, Roy;Dobson, Michael S. 2009
202 Rebuilding Brand America: What We Must do to Restore Our Reputation and Safeguard the Future of American Business Abroad 9780814473337 Martin, Dick 2007
203 Reclaiming the sky: 9/11 and the untold story of the men and womenwho kept america flying 9780814409091 Murphy, Tom 2007
204 Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees, Fourth Edition 9780814408612 Arthur, Diane 2006
205 Red-Hot Cold Call Selling: Prospecting Techniques That Really Pay Off, Second Edition 9780814473481 Goldner, Paul S. 2006
206 Red-hot sales negotiation : Everything you need to know to close deals, build relationships, and create win-win outcomes 9780814473542 Paul S. Goldner 2007
207 Resilience at Work: How to Succeed No Matter What Life Throws at You 9780814472606 Maddi, Salvatore R.;Khoshaba, Deborah M. 2005
208 Resolving conflicts on the job 9780814474136 Withers, Bill;Wisinski, Jerry 2007
209 Results without authority : Controlling a project when the team doesn’t report to you 9780814473436 Kendrick, Tom 2006
210 Roadmap to Strategic HR: Turning a Great Idea into a Business Reality 9780814408674 Christensen, Ralph 2006
211 Sales scripts that sell 9780814474211 Gamble, Teri;Gamble, Michael 2007
212 Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service 9780814471715 DiJulius III, John R. 2003
213 Secrets of Special Ops Leadership: Dare the Impossible- Achieve the Extraordinary 9780814408407 Cohen, William A. 2006
214 Seeing is believing: How the new art of visual management can boost performance throughout your organization 9780814400357 Liff, Stewart;Posey, Pamela A. 2004
215 Sell your business your way: Getting out , getting rich , and getting on with your life 9780814408964 Rickertsen, Rick;Gunther, Robert 2006
216 Selling beyond eBay : Foolproof ways to reach more customers and make big money on rival online marketplaces 9780814473498 Holden, Greg 2006
217 Selling to anyone over the phone 9780814472842 Walkup, Renee P.;McKee, Sandra 2006
218 Semper Fi: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way 9780814423707 Carrison, Dan;Walsh, Rod 2005
219 Seven secrets for negotiating with government: How to deal with local, state, national, or foreign governments – and come out ahead 9780814409084 Salacuse, Jeswald W. 2008
220 Shaping the future: A dynamic process for creating and achieving your company’s strategic vision 9780814407776 Belgard, William P.;Rayner, Steven R. 2004
221 Show Biz Training: Fun and Effective Business Training Techniques from the Worlds of Stage, Screen, and Song 9780814471579 Millbower, Lenn 2003
222 Signs of success : The remarkable power of business astrology 9780814474419 Weiss, Steven Mark 2008
223 Smart financial management: The essential reference for the successful small business 9780814407899 Sihler, William W.;Crawford, Richard D.;Davis, Henry A. 2004
224 Smarts:Are we hardwired for success? 9780814409060 Martin, Chuck;Dawson, Peq;Guare, Richard 2007
225 Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: Leadership Lessons from George C. Marshall 9780814408575 Uldrich, Jack 2005
226 Solving the corporate value enigma: A system to unlock shareholder value 9780814406922 Manganelli, Raymond L.;Hagen, Brian W. 2003
227 Something really new: Three simple steps to creating truly innovative products 9780814400326 Hauptly, Denis J. 2008
228 Speak to win: How to present with power in any situation 9780814401576 Tracy, Brian 2008
229 Speed to Market : Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops, Second Edition 9780814406946 Bozzone, Vincent 2002
230 Spiral up: and other management secrets behind wildly successful initiatives 9780814409176 Linder, Jane C. 2008
231 Strategic staffing: A comprehensive system for effective workforce planning, Second edition 9786611271312 Bechet, Thomas P. 2008
232 Strategic staffing: A practical toolkit for workforce planning 9780814407288 Bechet, Thomas P. 2002
233 Successful Local Broadcast Sales 9780814480533 Weyland, Paul 2008
234 Suite Success: The Psychologist from the Apprentice Reveals What It Really Takes to Excel- in the Boardroom and in Life 9780814473603 Siegel, Liza 2006
235 Supply chain cost management : The aim & drive process for achieving extraordinary results 9780814474754 Anklesaria, Jimmy 2008
236 Supply chain excellence: A handbook for dramatic improvement using the SCOR model, Second edition 9780814409268 Bolstorff, Peter;Rosenbaum, Robert 2007
237 Take no prisoners : A no-holds-barred approach to corporate excellence 9780814480601 Davis, Marvin A. 2008
238 Telebomb: The Truth Behind the $500-Billion Telecom Bust and What the Industry Must do to Recover 9780814408339 Handley, John 2005
239 The 100-Mile Walk: A Father and Son on a Quest to Find the Essence of leadership 9780814408636 Flaum, Sander A.;Flaum, Jonathon A.;Glenn, John 2006
240 The 108 Skills of Natural Born Leaders 9780814406465 Blank, Warren 2001
241 The 7 hidden reasons employees leave: How to recognize the subtle signs and act before it’s too late 9780814408513 Branham, Leigh 2005
242 The AMA Guide to Management Development 9780814408995 Tobin, Daniel R.;Pettingell, Margaret S. 2008
243 The AMA Handbook of Business Letters 9780814406656 Seglin, Jeffrey L.;Coleman, Edward 2002
244 The AMA Handbook of E-Learning: Effective Design, Implementation, and Technology Solutions 9780814407219 Piskurich, George M. 2003
245 The AMA Trainers’ Activity Book: A Selection of the Best Learning Exercises from the World’s Premiere Training Organization 9780814408148 Nilson, Carolyn 2004
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